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  1. [2019-10-13 18:57] *Vanadasse Habristiel  was a woman of status, that much was for sure, so when the bratty cat decided to start barking orders at her, there was nothing but a soft stare in return. The Queen had a four foot height difference on the little Allison, so her knees had to bend slightly for them to be even remotely eye to eye. Those spider appendages of hers dug into the ground and bent to give her the look of sitting in a chair, and her lower right arm gently laid itself upon Alison's shoulder, "Now, little kitten. You will listen, and you will listen close. I find you are more than familiar with the little wolf Suzu. Bring her to me, and I'll [b]satisfy[/b] every craving you have~" She may have let those eyes of hers glow, ake her words sem more enticing, appealing to the mind like subtle hypnotism.
  3. [2019-10-13 19:01] Alison Duchat: [sub]Gonna play not-exactly-canon Alison, so she can be lewd without any help[/sub]
  4. [2019-10-13 19:03] Vanadasse Habristiel: [sub]Go with what you think is best~[/sub]
  6. [2019-10-13 19:05] *Alison Duchat  swallowed quietly as Vana bent down to look her in the eyes and put a hand on her shoulder, she had been in a playful mood and didn't think think much notice would be paid to her, much less achieving the results she had hope for but was now a little hesitant about. "Oh you know Suzu too? I'll go get her so!" She said with a blush, trying not to think too much about what Vana was promising her. Taking a few steps backward she stayed facing Vana until she figured she was out of snatching range and then turned to hurry off and find the tuffwuff. It took a little time but eventually the two arrived, both clad in their usual, traditional outfits. Suzu gave Alison a light slap on the arm, as rough as she ever deemed fit for her friend, and scowled. "You didn't say it was her who wanted me!" The wuff growled, suddenly the feeling of that plug in her ass and the collar she had engraved around her neck came to the forefront of her mind and making her blush.
  8. [2019-10-13 19:14] *Vanadasse Habristiel  kept that stare on Alison for the entire moment she was moving away, it was more so turning into a strong glare the more she kept on with not abiding by her orders. Her being out of snatching range hardly mattered, but when she ran off the Queen did nothing more than create herself a little web hammock. It was more so in the corner of the quaint room, angled down so it was more so like a couch than a standard issue hammock. By the time the two returned she was placing pillows to use for comfy seatings, and slowly turned her head to look at the two of them. Her tongue dragged over her lips, and she turned completely to face them. Her arms opened in a wide sweeping gesture as her rear was panted down in her makeshift seat, "Welcome you two lovely dearies... Come-come, we have all day to play~" She held out her right arms and motioned for Suzu, "My little tuff-wuff, you should know that when I call, you answer, the messenger does not answer." Her left arms opened up, for Allison to come into it, "As for you... Oh  have heard and seen so much, come here, little kitten."
  10. [2019-10-13 19:20] *Alison Duchat  winced at the slap to the arm reflexively and gave a nervous chuckle. "But you came right away so I thought you knew already!" She said softly, turning her attention to Vana as the woman spoke and opened her arms. Suzu turned a light shade of red at Vana's words and stepped closer without hesitation, for unlike Alison, Suzu knew that keeping Vana waiting was not a smart move. The wuff moved to Vana's right and let those arms take hold of her with a little shiver, something was telling her this wasn't a tea party! Alison was a little hesitant but seemed confident in following Suzu's lead, sheepishly making her way to the Queen's side and blushing just as deep as Suzu if not for different reasons.
  12. [2019-10-13 19:23] *Alison Duchat  winced at the slap to the arm reflexively and gave a nervous chuckle. "But you came right away so I thought you knew already!" She said softly, turning her attention to Vana as the woman spoke and opened her arms. Suzu turned a light shade of red at Vana's words and stepped closer without hesitation, for unlike Alison, Suzu knew that keeping Vana waiting was not a smart move. The wuff moved to Vana's right and let those arms take hold of her with a little shiver, something was telling her this wasn't a tea party! Alison was a little hesitant but seemed confident in following Suzu's lead, sheepishly making her way to the Queen's side and blushing just as deep as Suzu if not for different reasons.
  14. [2019-10-13 19:35] *Vanadasse Habristiel  had all eight of her eyes open as the two of them approached, her slender fingers slowly wrapping around Suzu's hip and slowly tugging her closer. Her upper arm moved further up to feel on the edge of her breast, giving it a slight squeeze as she whispered into her ear, "You're going to have to show Alison how to be a good girl, okay~?" Now, as Alison approached, she gave a little kiss to Suzu's ear, and began to straighten up a little bit more. Her arms were still extended, and just like she did with the tuff wuff, her hands rested on her waist. Both of the girls were tugged until their hips were touching, and it was then that her lower pair of hands began to travel lower. The cusp of their cheeks were given a very soft squeeze. Suzu got treated to the hand going right for the money, sliding into the crevice of her ass and giving that tug a gentle pull, while Alison got the wonderful feeling of the base of her tail being scratched, "Now-now... Should I get you something special to be matching with Suzu, Alison~?"
  16. [2019-10-13 19:47] *Alison Duchat  Suzu let out a quiet huff as Vana took hold of her and whispered into her ear, nodding at Vana's orders. She didn't want to make her friend do anything she wasn't okay with, but knew that at least her guidance would make things less troubling for the sweet little feline. The kiss to her ear made it flick and she pursed her lips, looking toward Alison as she approached. The feline smiled sweetly, having no idea of what might be coming as Vana's arms went around her waist and blushed still. The catgirl squeaked as she was pushed together with Suzu but relaxed quickly as Vana scratched at the base of her tail. Suzu's blush worsened as she was pressed against Alison and definitely wasn't helped by Vana teasing the plug that kept her ass stretched, her eyes widening at the Queen's question toward her friend. "To match Suzu?" Alison asked, cocking her head to the side curiously.
  18. [2019-10-13 19:55] *Vanadasse Habristiel  contained the smile that tried to stretch its way across her lips, and so her upper right arm began to release the wuff's breast, and slowly made its way up higher. The gently trail of words that adorned her collar, her fore-finger followed the rough etching until it came upon the tiny heart at the end. Now her upper left went to Allison's neck, making a long, nice line by dragging one of her clawed fingers across the beautifully pale flesh  as she spoke in a soft tone, "Yes~, Collared and treated like a good little girl, just Like Suzu is." She cupped the wuff's chin, making her head twist this way and that so Alison could get a wonderful look at the collar. Then her stance shifted as she sat up more, towering over the two to looked won upon them. Middle finger and fore-finger pressed together, and pressed down on the edge of her plug. Making it shift and move about in slow circles, and began to wrap her fingers around it. The soft, diamond encrusted toy was beginning to be pulled out, the trained rim of her anal hole made to stretch once more from the massive size that the plug nestled into her. "Suzu, turn around, and show her what good girl's get... [b]pull it out, and show her.[/b]" She released the plug now, and her lower left hand began to slide further down, into the crevice of Alison's cheeks. Giving her tail hole nothing more then a gentle prod from her middle finger. That sphincter was trailed, the little trenches felt and teased, letting the very tip of her finger follow the dark outline, before a testing prod to push in her finger to the first knuckle.
  20. [2019-10-13 20:11] *Alison Duchat  Suzu 's cheeks stained dark red as she was put on display for her friend, trying not to meet Alison's gaze as the feline watched with curiousity and confusion. Suzu hated collars the therapy cat thought... The canine whined as the plug was started to get to stirred around inside her ass, the poor hole so stretched by now she only felt the plug when it moved. Suzu huffed and tried to fight back the pleasure she felt as her tailhole was stretched around it. Her ears flattened at her command, whimpering as the now-released plug sank back into her ass. Alison watched Vana toying lewdly with her friend and blushed even deeper, unable to take her eyes off her. The offer Vana made echoing in her head. Thankfully her canon was different here and she didn't have to worry about her contract, but did have to worry about Mike. "I-I would like...I would." She swallowed softly. "But I don't think I can take a collar, I don't wanna make people sad!" She murmured as Vana's hand sank down, Alison watching Suzu turn around and spread her asshole around the fat plug as she pulled it around, arching her back as Vana teased her own pucker. A soft groan rose from her lips as a finger pushed into her ass, shivering and watching Suzu's gaped hole as the canine showed off the plug, still not meeting Alison's eyes.
  22. [2019-10-13 20:28] Vanadasse Habristiel: /me had watched Suzu for the most part, seeing her pull out that fat plug had something stir from deep within, the genital slit that adorned her pelvis opened up slightly, that prehensile length slowly emerging until Vana forced it to halt with a bit of sheer willpower. Her upper right hand reached as far as it could go, and two of her fingers began to push against Suzu's lips. Her middle finger stretched across, threatening to enter her mouth before sliding right past and pressing down onto her cheek instead. But once it was there, it was a slow drag back until her finger got to the edge of her lips, a soft press in and the finger made its way inside. The second was soon to follow, and with that grip she made Suzu look back at the two of them, "Now, Suzu, I want to you to tell Alison how much you enjoy this... Let her know the amount of excitement you get from being treated like a personal [b]pet[/b], and I'll play with your special little hole... The one you're so shameful about, and your ass too~"
  24. As for Alison, she got a different kind of teasing. The lower arm was of course pushing the finger in a bit further now with her back arching. But she was not one to go in completely dry, so instead now that slim digit pulled itself right back out. Her finger raised and began to press into Alison's cheek. Her upper arm slowly curled each finger around her neck, and her lower left hand pushed every single finger into Alison's mouth that she could. Making it so that she could openly play with her tongue to the point of damn near forcing drool to come down the edges of her lips, "You won't make anyone sad little kitty, you'll simply wear the collar whenever you're around me, or when I call for you. Simple~" At this point she was damn near fucking her mouth with each of her digits. Forefinger and middle finger caressing the top and bottom of her tongue, while her other fingers hooked onto her teeth and forced her mouth open, until every single finger was absolutely drenched in saliva. Only then did she pull out, releasing her neck... And sliding her upper arm down to her chest. Fingers on either side of the cloth and simply squeezing, causing her breasts to be freed from their silken confines. "Look at how Happy it makes Suzu Kitten, wouldn't you want that too~?"
  25. [2019-10-13 20:41] *Alison Duchat  Suzu blushed as Vana's hand crept across her face, convinced it was going to push into her mouth, until it didn't. Just as she relaxed Vana then slipped the slender digit into her mouth along with another and fishhooked her into looking at her and Alison. Vana's orders were Vana's orders, she had the rules firmly implanted in her despite her initial resistance, her and Mike currently sharing ownership of her. "I-It's the best Alison, y-you get to cum so much, and they train you're whole body to feel pleasure! No matter your desires!" She bit her bottom lip and fidgeted, the excitable canine instincts taking over and making the pup so excited she nearly wet herself.
  27. Her eyes widened slowly as she watched Suzu moaning her heart out while that gaping pucker was still on display. A little bit of panic set in as fingers curled around her neck, after all she didn't know Vana and seeing what the woman had done to Suzu had her scared, but aroused at the same time. The feline gasped sharply as fingers were suddenly forced into her mouth, unable to offer any resistance as it was too late before she could react. The titty kitty squirmed as Vana played with her tongue and basically forced her to drool on herself. Big, scared eyes looked up at the Queen from a blushing face as her mouth was pried open but thankfully she was soon released. She did look back to Suzu and the wagging tail on her usually grumpy friend, almost ignoring the fact that her fat tits had been freed, hanging from her chest with their weight.
  29. [2019-10-13 21:07] *Vanadasse Habristiel  above all else, treasured the submissiveness of Suzu above all else. But considering the fact that Alison still seemed on the fence about it all... Vana decided to do something special. Her upper hand made its way around the kitten's torso, making it so her hand could grope her breast, forefinger sliding and pressing in against her nipple, but actually tugging her forward. Making her get closer to the exposed, frantically tail wagging Suzu. But at the same time, she was being bent over as well, making her ass stick up in the air as those slick fingers made their way to her rear once more. The Queen barely had to look as her fingers slid between the wonderful cheeks, giving each one a small flick to draw her attention away for but a second, and make the approach all the more noticeable. Like a well true anal fanatic, she pressed three fingers to Alison's ass at once. In a triangular shape to slowly force that pucker to spread, and once it was she slowly parted her fingers. Letting the kitten feel what it was like to get stretched out, before her wrist began to rotate clockwise and counter clockwise. Hooking onto the rim of her ass, she pulled in each and every direction, making her ass stretch out on every little side. Her puffy hole was being turned into a trained doughnut by those skilled hands, and just as they were in they got yanked right back out. She let that pucker pulse and squeeze on nothing for a few moments, then stuck her fingers right back in, but this time it was down to the very last knuckle. Her fingers squirmed and pressed against her inner walls, and once more her hand turned to make sure every inch was caressed and loved upon. "Now, Alison... watch what happens when you're a good girl..."
  31. Her spider appendage on her left side curled around her waist, making sure she was kept in place and made to watch what she was about to do to Suzu. "See her? She is a well trained little thing, I make sure every single need and want she has, is fulfilled. I make sure that Suzu feels loved, cared for, that she isn't hurt. But most importantly I make sure that Suzu is happy. Me and Mike let her choose to have that collar on, but everything else that we may force upon her, we make sure is okay. So now, for her being so good, I am going to reward her with exactly what she wants..." Her upper right hand smacked Suzu right on the rear, and pressed further upwards to her shoulder blades. Making her lower a bit and her ass to raise a bit more in the air. Her hand slid back and began to slowly steal that plug away from Suzu, and with a soft flow of movement she pressed the plug against the entrance of her gaping hole. A jut of her hand, a tiny bit of force, and that plug was forced right back in. Her tongue dragged over her lips and her lower right hand began to move. Just like she promised, her middle finger flicked her clitoris, once... twice... three times. Teasing the cute little button before pinching it and giving it a slight pull, trying to overwhelm her with both pleasure and pain. As now she pulled that plug out and pushed it back in, using it as a dildo to just ram into her ass hard enough to make her entire body ripple from the force. "Come now little wuff, show her what good girls can do~!" If nothing else was enough, that spider appendage on her right side bent and pressed directly to her clitoris. Circling around it so her finger could now press lower and begin to ply at the entrance of her urethra. "Should I give this a little plug too Suzu?" She said off handily, but without missing a beat her finger began to push in. Wrist twisting back and forth to stir up her bladder with that long, slender digit. "[b]Cum, like the wonderfully good girl you are.[/b]" It should be known that she let Suzu ride out every single moment of her orgasm, until her body just could not take it anymore, and she lost control~
  33. [2019-10-13 21:30] *Alison Duchat  groaned gently as her chest was toyed with and gently encouraged her to leans forward, starting to smell Suzu's lust as her own ass raised gently, even her tail started to lift as though her body knew what was coming and invited it. Her hips shook gently as three fingers pressed to her tailhole and started to push inside of her, her back arching gently as they were slowly spread apart in order to stretch her tight pucker wider. She gasped at the sensation of being stretched out, she'd done anal a few times, but it was different when you were this wide open with only a few fingers filling you! The therapy cat mewled and whimpered as her tight ring was pulled at and tugged, she felt Vana work over every inch of her quivering hole before suddenly slipping free, the feline's back arching sharper as her butthole clenched tightly before being spread around those fingers again, deeper this time. Alison was panting, the teasing and the sight of Suzu was combining to be too much for her to resist! Then she did as she was told and just watched, rolling her hips against the Queen's hand.
  35. Suzu was already quivering with shame and pleasure as she stood before Alison, her true self revealed. She let out a yelp as he ass was smacked, her skin turning red and stinging gently before she was made to bend over. The explanation to Allison made her cheeks burn but she was happy, and they did treat her mostly well. She huffed gently as the plug was taken from her and placed back at her tailhole, the now well-trained pucker clenching and 'winking' with excitement over being stuffed again. Her head snapped up with a ragged grunt as that fat plug just shoved right back into her ass roughly! A squeal followed at the torment of her clit. the wuff doing everything she could to keep it together as she shook her hips from side to side. The plug starting to roughly fuck her ass brought a proper scream of pleasure, the force overwhelming as it shook her body! It reminded her of one of Astra's knot-fuckings! Suzu rose up on her tip-toes with a long, whining moan as Vana pushed a finger into her slutty pisshole, her hips jerking as she felt it reach all the way to her bladder before it starting twisting around! Almost immediately when Vana commanded it the tuffwuff came, her ass and urethra tensing tightly around their respective invaders as her whole body shook and her eyes rolled back in her head!
  37. [2019-10-13 21:45] *Vanadasse Habristiel  was not going to let Suzu off the hook just as easily as earlier, instead all she did was continue to press her finger against the wuff's bladder. "Come now... Be a good girl and show your Mistress how primal you can be. How good will it feel if you were to just release all over my hand, hmm? That tingling sensation of your oversensitive body, how pleasurable will it be when you wet yourself? Dirty little wuff, go on, stain my fucking hand~" Those prehensile lengths could not properly be contained anymore, just as she was beginning to be a bit more rough with Suzu, pulling that plug until it could shift in and out of her ass with little to no resistance... her finger pressed directly into her bladder, and just pulled right out to the very edge of her urethra. That finger did not plug her completely, and once she was properly letting go... she decided to make Alison lean in just a tad closer to accept the welcoming gift into the circle of pets.
  39. "Drink." Was the only word she said, making sure that she was leaned in properly over her lap with her mouth hovering just below Suzu's slit. Her fingers kept on pushing and plying, curving and pulling on her inner walls. Her palm smacked against her rear for every single push inside, "You can only cum if you admit to being a good girl Alison..." She was not going to play fair, as the spider appendage around her waist delved right between her legs, the appendage itself pressed harder between her legs and began to curl against her clitoris. Just like Suzu there was no mercy spared, the focus was entirely on her pleasure zones, but once the cat seemed anywhere near close she stopped teasing her clitoris and simply fingered her ass until her release. Letting her feel what it was like to cum just from her ass alone. It was true, she was planning to work the both of them to cumming over, and over again until the both of them passed out from the pleasure.
  41. [2019-10-13 22:03] *Alison Duchat  Suzu squealed as she came but that finger just kept toying with her tightest passage, her hips shaking with the need to release but unable to with it completely stuffed! The poor wuff was drooling as her ass was loosened to a point of the plug simply rubbing her walls, no longer pulling and shoving her tight ring abusively. Her whole frame shuddered as Vana's finger started to pull free, just enough to give the shaking pup the release she needed. With a lewd, desperate cry she let go, unable to hold back even if she wanted to. Hot, musky piss started to squirt from her abused hole, right into the suddenly waiting face of her friend that she had no idea was there!
  43. The therapy cat was squirming and whining as Vana's fingers roughly fucked her asshole and stretched it roughly, her fat cheeks jiggling each time Vana thrusted those fingers inside of her! A squeal of protest rose from her lips as she was given a close up view of Suzu's pisshole being fingered and was suddenly sprayed with the pups piss! Her ass clenched and hips pushed back as she tried to escape the hot flow she was forced to be showered with but Vana's grip was firm! The lewd toying with her asshole and sudden addition of pleasure from her clit being tormented overwhelmed her and in spite of herself she obeyed Vana's orders, her lips parting to let her friend piss into her mouth, gulping lewdly as her mouth filled and wrinkling her nose at the taste. Lust and her hidden desire to be controlled drove her on, growing closer to Suzu's crotch and letting the wuff wet herself all over over own face and swallowed what filled her mouth.  The drinking stopped shortly before Suzu's flow as pleasure overcame the cat and she came hard, feeling only those slender digits that worked her ass~
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