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  1. |===============|
  3. |===============|
  5. T SIDE
  7. Defaults
  8.     DEFAULT { - Floater player, take picks dependant on spawn.
  9.     ANTI-ECO { - Take mid control, end chair watching catwalk.
  10.     MID CONTROL { - Get top mid, flash con, hold catwalk, work chair. Re-smoke window. Can flash cat for lurk.
  11. Pistol strats
  12.     APPLE - A EXEC { - SMOKE STAIRS, early flash for ticket, deep flash for ct. Ramp afterplant.
  13.     BANANA - A EXEC { - (1x Smoke) LEFT WALL SMOKE, clear under, peak right side firebox. Fire box after plant.
  14.     ONION - B EXEC { - (2x Flash, 1x Smoke) SMOKE MARKET WINDOW, flash deep site x2, drop and play cat.
  15. A Executes
  16.     WORKSHOP { - (1x Flash 1x Molly) Go palace, molly under, flash under, watch jungle/stairs.
  17.     SPLIFF { - (2x Flash, 1x Smoke, 1x Molly) SMOKE STAIRS, late flash x2, right side molly benches, watch ticket. Ramp after plant.
  18.     PYTHON { - (2x Flash, 1x Smoke) SMOKE UNDER BALCONY, flash out of apps, HOLD stairs. Palace after plant.
  19.     RATTLESNAKE { - (2x Flash, 1x Smoke) SMOKE UNDER BALCONY, first flash when flashes called, work around smokes towards jungle/stairs. Palace after plant.
  20.     FLYING SCOUTSMAN { - (Scout/awp) Hide B apps, once hit begins, go catwalk, play bomb triple.
  21. B Executes
  22.     TRIPLETS { - (1x Smoke) SMOKE MARKET WINDOW, hold wide van, hold window smoke push. Apps after plant.
  23.     4 CORNERS { - (1x Smoke) SMOKE MARKET WINDOW, swing wide holding van. Apps after plant.
  24. ---------------------------------  
  25. CT SIDE
  27. Pistol Setup { - (Armour) Hold off angle short from window. If A, hold site cross from deep jungle. If B, go underpass flank apps.
  29. 2-1-2 Setups
  30.     ALPHA (agg. ramp) { - (2x Flash, 1x HE) From jungle, nade stack ramp, flash ramp/deep ramp. Play for information mid.
  31.     BRAVO (agg. palace) { - Potential ramp pick crossing to connector. Smoke bottom connector, pick underpass, fall back to mid holding short. (underpass pick)
  32.     CHARLIE (crossfire b) { - Potential ramp pick, mid pick from connector stairs, peak underpass, hold short. (connector pick)
  33.     DELTA (neutral hold) { -Window pick (3 varied picks/one-way smokes) hold short, play off angle if only have a rifle. (window pick)
  34.     ECHO (agg. b apps) { - Window pick/ jungle, hold palace. If rifle, hold connector/underpass. Ask for flashes to peak.
  35.     FOXTROT (3-2 hold) { - CT ticket watching ramp.
  37. 1-3-1 Setups
  38.     1-3-1 Neutral { - Window (3 varied picks/one-way smokes/switching mid-round with anchors).
  39.     1-3-1 Aggressive Mid { - smoke palace from jungle, hold top mid from connector (on lower stairs if only have a rifle). Flash team mates top mid then check underpass.
  40.     1-3-1 Underpass { -  window, hold top mid with AWP or off-angle with rifle.
  41.     }
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