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Aug 5th, 2012
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  1. 16:52:07 <Kilgore> just wondering...
  2. 16:52:13 <Kilgore> you're trying to provoke a reaction here?
  3. 16:52:46 <Kilgore> you think i won't be able to sleep if i send you packing along with your friends?
  4. 16:57:23 <LordBritish> wut
  5. 17:41:03 <Kilgore> i see.. so you're saying you don't understand the problem
  6. 17:41:44 <Kilgore> you will claim you don't know that alexmax is out of here?
  7. 17:42:05 <LordBritish> i dunno, i don't really get into the whole politics thing
  8. 17:42:14 <LordBritish> alex asked that question and i figured someone in here would know
  9. 17:42:23 <LordBritish> i ended up getting the answer i wanted and everything was gravy
  10. 17:42:30 <Kilgore> what was the answer?
  11. 17:42:39 <LordBritish> it stretches it
  12. 17:42:39 <Kilgore> the answer is.. there is no widescreen in zdaemon
  13. 17:42:42 <Kilgore> fov = 90
  14. 17:42:49 <Kilgore> anything above it, is a cheat
  15. 17:43:08 <Kilgore> ports that stretch it are simply not useful for multiplayer
  16. 17:43:25 <LordBritish> i would agree
  17. 17:43:32 <LordBritish> it gives someone with a different monitor an advantage
  18. 17:43:34 <Kilgore> right. and we're proud to have it locked
  19. 17:43:46 <Kilgore> there was some talk about this years ago on the forum
  20. 17:43:55 <LordBritish> yeah i got linked to that and read it
  21. 17:44:12 <Kilgore> anyway.. it's totally unrelated to the question at hand
  22. 17:44:25 <Kilgore> you could be asking about the weather and i'd say the same things
  23. 17:44:55 <Kilgore> if you act like a conduit for people that are not welcome here, then it doesnt' take much imagination to figure out that it's not a welcome thing
  24. 17:45:14 <Kilgore> and well.. i'm not in a foul mood today, so it's ok
  25. 17:45:44 <Kilgore> i can't guarantee what happens if this thing happens again though
  26. 17:45:53 <LordBritish> what if i send you 3 baskets of potatoes
  27. 17:45:58 <LordBritish> will that make it all good?
  28. 17:46:32 <Kilgore> interesting humor
  29. 17:46:41 <Kilgore> i see i'm wasting my time here
  30. 17:46:45 <Kilgore> have a good day
  31. 17:47:03 <LordBritish> pz
  32. 17:48:51 <- LordBritish was killed by Kilgore (Good bye)
  33. 17:48:51 * Disconnected (Killed by Kilgore (Good bye))
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