little story and a little dox about "Anna"

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  1. little story about a girl called "Anna" and a little dox
  2. The story why im doing this.
  3. So back in October 2016 me and this "girl" became friends ("she" also became friends to some of my friends)
  4. but on June the 2nd of 2017 i found out that "she" was telling lies
  5. (we would talk almost everyday!)
  6. but "she" never said that "she" was telling lies, I FOUND OUT MYSELF!
  7. so on June 2nd 2017 i found out that it wasn't a girl is was a guy!
  8. this boy made fake accounts and has been saying his name is Anna for over 2 years almost 3 years!
  9. He didn't just lie to me he lied to over 200 PEOPLE!!
  10. He also tried to be me / saying to people that hes pro modz LOL
  11. so its time for payback you fucked up kid
  12. i might make a new post with the full story but im not sure yet
  13. so guys, keep reading because your going to like this :D
  14. this is what happens when you lie to your boy Pro Modz (AKA Steven) :)
  16. "Anna" Dox
  17. Dox by Steven,Elliott and Shannon
  18. Edited on the 6th of June 2017
  19. #GTAProModzArmy
  21. Real name: Rasmus Mensing Klausen
  22. Age: 15
  23. Born on November 16,2001
  24. Facebook Profile: cant get it because he blacked me hahaha
  25. Picture of his real Facebook:
  26. His fake facebook profile:
  27. His phone number: +45 53 27 53 20
  28. His xbox gamertag (that is mine now :D) xBaby Girl 64x
  29. His old xbox gamertag: FaZe Prixor
  30. His email:
  31. Video of him haha: (school project)
  32. His IP address:
  33. His City: Roskilde
  34. His home address: (not giving it out just yet)
  35. His password: Kanin556
  36. His Skype: (that is mine now :D) rasmusmensing
  37. Fake kik account / profile: Girly_Anna
  38. Picture of the fake account:
  39. His Instagram: (he deleted it)
  40. He owns a IPhone 7
  41. Country: Denmark
  42. Postal: 2300
  43. IP Currency Danish krone (DKK)
  44. His Internet Broadband that hes with: AS3292 Tele Danmark
  45. Picture of him:
  46. Another picture of him:
  47. Funny picture of him:
  48. His shitty YouTube channel: (Music) Thousand Nights
  49. Link to it: Link:
  50. Ill give out his G email info sometime this week, i need to do some testing first
  51. Him calling me cute #GAY BOY:  
  52. He has 2 dogs
  53. Picture of the first dog:
  54. Picture of the second dog:
  55. His GTA V socialclub:
  56. His GTA V socialclub name: xBaby Girl 169x
  57. His Steam name: solozyt
  58. We renamed his steam account name  to IM A LIAR LOL
  59. Link to his steam account:
  60. Picture of proof that we got into it:
  61. We might give out his steam info (not sure yet)
  62. His real Facebook info
  63. Email:
  64. Password: Kanin556
  65. Im not giving out his email and password to his Microsoft account right now because we are using it
  66. But when we are done with it we will give it out
  68. Some  info about his family
  70. His sister name: Nikita Mensing Klausen
  71. Age: 21
  72. Her Facebook profile:
  73. Phone number: (not giving it out as she did nothing wrong)
  74. Picture of her:
  75. Another picture of her:
  77. His bother: Oliver Klausen
  78. Age: 9
  79. His Facebook profile: (doesn't have one)
  80. His phone number: (not giving it out as he did nothing wrong)
  81. His Skype: Oliver Klausen
  82. He owns a IPhone
  83. Im not showing any pictures of him as he is only 9 years old
  84. His xbox one gamertag: FairBiscuit4037
  86. Emails
  90. His Recent purchases
  91. 5/8/2017
  92. 4/29/2017
  93. 3/19/2016
  94. 3/19/2016
  96. Dox by Steven,Elliott and Shannon
  97. Edited on the 6th of June 2017
  98. I might add more in the next week or 2
  99. #GTAProModzArmy
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