Jewish Control of NBC

Aug 8th, 2017
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  1. INTRODUCTION: This pastebin is organized into eight sections. The first seven sections detail the extent of Jewish influence at Comcast and NBC Universal, particularly within NBC's News Division. The final section catalogs each of the citations used to support the assertions made throughout the text. This pastebin is accessible at https://pastebin.com/cqDiq3P4. An archived version of this pastebin is also accessible via https://archive.fo/DxsGs. Feel free to copy, build upon, or otherwise repost the information in this pastebin on your own website. To see a similar list for the New York Times, visit: https://pastebin.com/syWNwnMP. To see a similar list for CBS News, visit: https://pastebin.com/U7QYbUry.
  5. SECTION 1: Comcast/NBC Universal Executives
  6. SECTION 2: NBC Universal Chairman & Presidents
  7. SECTION 3: NBC Universal Sub-Division Presidents
  8. SECTION 4: NBC Universal Vice Presidents
  9. SECTION 5: NBC Executive Producers
  10. SECTION 6: MSNBC/NBC News Hosts
  11. SECTION 7: MSNBC/NBC News Correspondents, Analysts & Contributors
  12. SECTION 8: Works Cited
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  15. **SECTION 1: Comcast/NBC Universal**
  17. Brian L. Roberts – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Comcast Corporation
  18. Brian Roberts is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Comcast Corporation. [1]. Brian Roberts is Jewish. According to The Forward, a Jewish publication, Roberts is the “son of a Philadelphia Jewish entrepreneur,” Roberts hosted a bar mitzvah for his son, and Roberts has a commitment to religion and Jewish causes that “is extremely personal and low-profile,” such that Roberts Jewish identity “should not be doubted.” [2].
  20. David Cohen - Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Lobbyist, Comcast Corporation
  21. David Cohen is Senior Executive Vice President and the Chief Lobbyist for Comcast Corporation. [3]. David Cohen is Jewish. According to The Forward, a Jewish publication, Cohen is Jewish, and he is “a board member of the Philadelphia Jewish federation and a donor to many local and national Jewish causes.” [4]. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Barbara Cohen, “the mother of Comcast Corp. executive David L. Cohen… was active as a volunteer for the Jewish Federation and her synagogue.” [5].
  23. Arthur Block – Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, Comcast Corporation
  24. Arthur Block is Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Comcast. [6]. Arthur Block is Jewish. Block discussed his Jewish upbringing in an interview with the Columbus Jewish Historical Society, describing how his family “always had the Kiddush in the shul” when hosting his or his brother’s bar mitzvah. [7]. The Forward, a Jewish publication, has also referred to Arthur Block as “Another key Jewish officer in the Comcast empire.” [8].
  26. Ron Meyer - Vice Chairman, NBC Universal
  27. Ron Meyer is Vice Chairman of NBC Universal. [9]. Ron Meyer is Jewish. The Jewish publication, The Forward, states that “Universal’s Jeff Shell and Ron Meyer” are among the “Jewish A-Listers” that fueled a 98% Hollywood donation landslide for Hillary Clinton (vis-à-vis Donald Trump). [10].
  29. Adam Miller - Executive Vice President, NBC universal
  30. Adam Miller is Executive Vice President at NBC Universal. [11]. Adam Miller is Jewish. Miller was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Balfour Brickner. [12].
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  33. **SECTION 2: NBC Universal Chairman & Presidents**
  35. Andrew Lack – Chairman, NBC Universal News Group
  36. Andrew Lack is the Chairman of NBC News. [13]. Andrew Lack is Jewish. Lack confirmed that he was Jewish in a speech at Boston University, stating, “Just like in ancient Egypt, it comes down to an unknown Jewish fellow to do the heavy lifting.” [14]. Lack has been honored by the United Jewish Appeal (UJA)-Federation of New York’s Broadcast, Cable & Film Division. [15]. Lack has stated that the Bronx House Jewish Community Center performs “vital work” during his visits to the Center. [16]. Jewish journalist Jeffrey Blankfort [17] has also stated that Lack is Jewish, in his publication entitled, “Stunning Jewish Success Dominates American Media.” [18]. Lack’s daughter, Joanna [19], was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Will Berkovitz. [20].
  38. Bonnie Hammer – Chairman, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment (Cable Group)
  39. Bonnie Hammer is the Chairman of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. [21]. Bonnie Hammer is Jewish. Hammer was featured by the Jerusalem Post (“JPost”), an Israeli-based publication, in its article on the Jewish women that were included in the Forbes' 2012 list of world’s most powerful women. [22]. JPost referred to Hammer as “one of the most powerful women in television.” [23]. Bonnie also discussed her Russian-Jewish heritage in a 2008 speech to the Anti-Defamation League, according to Variety. [24].
  41. Robert Gleenblatt – Chairman, NBC Universal Television Entertainment (Television Group)
  42. Robert Greenblatt is the Chairman of NBC Television Group (Telvision Group). [25]. Robert Greenblatt is Jewish. The Times of Israel featured Greenblatt in its article entitled, “Who said Jews run Hollywood,” which discussed who among the Hollywood Reporter’s list of the 100 most prominent players in the show business are Jewish. [26].
  44. Jeff Shell – Chairman, Universal Filmed Entertainment Group
  45. Jeff Shell is the Chairman of the Universal Filmed Entertainment Group. [27]. Jeff Shell is Jewish. The Jewish publication, The Forward, states that “Universal’s Jeff Shell” takes a place among the “Jewish A-Listers” that fueled a 98% Hollywood donation landslide for Hillary Clinton (vis-à-vis Donald Trump). [28].
  47. Mark Lazarus - Chairman, NBC Sports Group
  48. Mark Lazarus is Chairman of NBC Broadcasting & Sports. [29]. Mark Lazarus is Jewish. Media Village has written about Lazarus’ “self-deprecating humor” about being Jewish, including Lazarus’ quip that he attended Vanderbilt University, “where the number of Jews is like the Nielsen sample, very small.” [30]. Mark is son of John Lazarus, a vice president for sales and advertising at ABC Sports. [31]. The Lazarus family has been honored by the United Jewish Appeal (UJA)-Federation of New York [32], and Jewish Voice reports that Mark Lazarus has attended UJA luncheons in the past. [33].
  50. Noah Oppenheim – President, NBC News
  51. Noah Oppenheim is the President of NBC News. [34]. Noah Oppenheim is Jewish. Oppenheim was featured in the American Israelite’s December 2016’s edition of Jews in the Newz, which described how Oppenhim “wrote sometimes on Jewish issues” while studying at Harvard and later went on to produce political talk shows. [35]. Noah is married to Allison Oppenheim. [36]. Noah and Allison were mentioned in the obituary for Noah’s grandmother, Elaine Nussbaum, who resided in the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania and was buried in the Dalton Jewish Cemetery. [37].
  53. Phil Griffin – President, MSNBC
  54. Phil Griffin is President of MSNBC. [38]. Phil Griffin’s wife, Kory Apton, is Jewish. Due to their interfaith differences, Phil and Kory were married in a non-denominational ceremony. [39]. Kory is the daughter of Erna Apton, whose funeral took place at the Frank Campbell Funeral Home [40], which the Times of Israel states is a Jewish funeral home [41], and whose husband was a plastic surgeon at the predominantly Jewish Mount Sinai Hospital (original known as the “Jews’ Hospital”). [42]. Phil and Kory’s daughter, Riley [43], has enrolled in and spoken about courses taken at Duke’s Center for Jewish Studies. [44]. Keith Apton, Kory’s brother [45], has donated to Temple Beth Shalom. [46].
  56. Mark Hoffman – Chairman & President, CNBC
  57. Mark Hoffman is Chairman & President of CNBC. Mark Hoffman is Jewish. CNBC staffers were buzzing about the video that Mark Hoffman had commissioned for his son’s bar mitzvah, according to IMDB. [47]. According to Tablet Mag, a Jewish news publication, Mark Hoffman “arranged for a blockbuster bar mitzvah video for his son.” [48]. Gawker repoted that Hoffman produced a video for his son’s bar mitzvah that included Jim Cramer and Derek Jeter. [49].
  59. Jimmy Horowitz – President, Universal Pictures (Filmed Entertainment Group)
  60. Jimmy Horowitz is President of Universal Pictures. [50]. Jimmy Horowitz is Jewish. In Volume 14 of From Shtetl to Stardom: Jews and Hollywood: The Jewish Role in American Life, authors Vincent Brooks and Michael Renov write, “Comcast, which recently acquired Universal and NBC from GE, is run by Jewish Brian Roberts, with Jews Adam Fogelson and Jimmy Horowitz in charge of Universal and Robert Greenblatt of NBC.” [51].
  62. Jeff Wachtel - President, Universal Cable Productions & Wilshire Studios; Chief Content Officer, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment.
  63. Jeff Wachtel is Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, and President, Universal Cable Productions & Wilshire Studios. [52]. Jeff Wachtel is Jewish. Wachtel has put on a bat mitzvah for his daughter. [53].
  65. Jennifer Salke – President, NBC Entertainment (NBC Universal Television Entertainment Group)
  66. Jennifer Salke is the President of NBC Entertainment (NBC Universal Television Entertainment Group). [54]. Jennifer Salke is Jewish. The Times of Israel featured Salke in its article entitled, “Who said Jews run Hollywood,” which discussed who among the Hollywood Reporter’s list of the 100 most prominent players in the show business are Jewish. [55].
  68. John Litner – President, NBC Sports Group
  69. John Litner is the President of NBC Sports Group. [56]. John Litner was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Richard Rheins. [57]. John Litner is the son of Dr. Conrad Litner of Peabody, MA. [58]. Jewish funeral services were held at Congregation Shirat Hayam, Beth El Section, for Conrad Litner upon his death. [59].
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  72. **SECTION 3: NBC Universal Sub-Division Presidents**
  74. Jeff Bader - President, Program Planning, Strategy and Research, NBC Entertainment (Television Entertainment Group)
  75. Jeff Bader is President of Program Planning and Strategy and Research for NBC Entertainment (Television Group). [60]. Jeff Bader is Jewish. Jeff and his wife Michelle Kleinert Bader were featured in a Jewish Journal story covering Jewish couples that married after age 40, which discussed how Michelle “started dating Jeff” and the two “signed their ketubbah on Jan. 18, 2009.” [61]. Jeff and Michelle honeymooned in New Zealand that same year. [62].
  77. Meredith Ahr - President, Universal Television Alternative Studio, NBC Entertainment (Television Entertainment Group)
  78. Meredith Ahr is President of the Universal Television Alternative Studio. [63]. Meredith Ahr’s husband is Jewish. Meredith is married to Greg Goldman [64], whose parents, Steve and Sally Goldman, own the Weymouth Club [65], where Greg’s brother Marshall is the head swim coach. [66]. Marshall Goldman has celebrated his family’s Judaism [67] and has also made trips to Israel [68] as part of his job as swim coach for the USA team of the 20th annual Maccabiah Games [69], an Israeli-hosted Olympics for Jewish athletes aimed “to bring Jewish people of all ages closer to Judaism and Israel.” [70]. The obituary for Greg Goldman’s grandfather, Dr. Joseph Goldman, lists Steve and Sally as his children and Mischa, Marshall, Greg, and Leah as his grandchildren, and it also makes clear that Goldman is Jewish—the obituary was issued by Levine Chapel and states that funeral services were held at Temple Beth El. [71].
  80. Alan Wurtzel - President, Research and Media Development, NBCUniversal
  81. Alan Wurtzel is the President of Research and Media Development for NBCUniversal. [72]. Alan Wurtzel is Jewish. As is evident from the obituaries (which mention Alan and his wife Susan by name) for Alan’s mother, Bernice Wurtzel [73], and Alan’s father, Sam Wurtzel [74], Alan’s only sibling is his brother, Gary Wurtzel. Gary is a designer for Jake TV, an independent television channel for “Jewish Arts, Knowledge, and Education.” [75]. It is evident that the Gary Wurtzel who desgins Jake TV is in fact the Gary Wurtzel that is brothers with Alan Wurtzel, since Yisrael Wurtzel, who is the son or nephew of Alan [76], youtube account ‘likes’ Jake TV. [77]. Gary’s wife, Aviva Wurtzel (i.e, Alan’s brother-in-law), is also a teacher at Ezra Academy [78], a “Jewish day school.” [79].
  83. Jon Miller - President, Programming, NBC Sports
  84. Jon Miller is President of Programming for NBC Sports and for NBC Sports Network. [80]. Jon Miller is Jewish. Miller is married to Jan Tannenbaum, with whom he has two sons, Jeff and Robby. [81]. Elaine Tenenbaum, the grandmother of Robby and Jeff, was a member of Temple Israel, Hadassah, and the Canton Jewish Community Center, and she was honored in a Jewish funeral ceremony officiated by Rabbi John Spitzer. [82]. Jon’s son, Jeff Miller, has made trips to Israel in the past. [83].
  86. Gary Zenkel - President, Operations & Strategies, NBC Sports Group; President, NBC Olympics
  87. Gary Zenkely is the President of Operations and Strategies for NBC Sports Group and the President of NBC Olympics. [84]. Gary Zenkel is Jewish. Zenkel was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbis Jack Stern Jr. and David Stern. [85]. A graduate of the University of Michigan [86], Zenkel and his wife Suzanne are “Patrons” for the University of Michigan Hillel. [87].
  89. Josh Goldstine – President, Worldwide Marketing, Universal Pictures
  90. Josh Goldstine is President of Worldwide Marketing for Universal Pictures. [88]. Josh Goldstine is Jewish. Josh, who earlier in his career worked for the Columbia TriStar Marketing Group [89], is married to Stephanie Goldstine and has a son named Theo Goldstine. [90]. Goldstine and his wife Stephanie have given donations to the Wilshire Boulevard Temple, the oldest Jewish congregation in Los Angeles, on behalf of Rabbi David Eshel and Cantor Seth Ettinger. [91].
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  93. **SECTION 4: NBC Universal Vice Presidents**
  95. Cheryl Rosenbloom – Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity Outreach, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group
  96. Cheryl Rosenbloom is Executive Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity Outreach for the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group. [92]. Cheryl Rosenbloom is Jewish. Rosenbloom was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi William Gershon, according to the Cleveland Jewish Times. [93]. During her honeymoon in Europe, Rosenbloom paid visits to synagogues [94] and visited monuments dedicated to the history of Jews in Europe. [95].
  98. Bradley Melnick – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, NBC Entertainment (Television Group)
  99. Bradley Melnick is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for NBC Entertainment (Television Entertainment Group). [96]. Bradley Melnick is Jewish. Bradley was married to the late Lauren Green Melnick, with whom he had a daughter, Allison Melnick. [97]. Jewish funeral services were held for Bradley’s late wife, Lauren Green Melnick, at the Kamenir Chapel at Mount Sinai Simi Valley [98], the “only synagogue-owned Jewish cemetery in Ventura County.” [99]. Bradley’s daughter, Allison, had her bat mitzvah in 2013 at Temple Aliyah. [100]].
  101. James Lichtman - Executive Vice President and General Counsel, NBCUniversal Television Entertainment
  102. James Lichtman is Executive Vice President and General Counsel for NBCUniversal Television Entertainment. [101]. James Lichtman is Jewish. Lichtman’s wife is name Jennifer, and his children’s names are Spencer and Miranda. [102]. James’ wife Jennifer (née Ann Teplitzky) is the daughter of Marvin D. Teplitzky [103], whose obituary was published in the Connecticut Jewish Ledger and referenced each of James, Jennifer, Spencer, and Miranda. [104]. James Litchtman has been a featured speaker at the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative. [105].
  104. Jim Ackerman - Executive Vice President, Primetime Alternative, CNCB
  105. Jim Ackerman is Executive Vice President of Primetime Alternative for CNBC. [106]. Jim Ackerman is Jewish. Ackerman lives in Montclair, N.J., with his wife, Nina, and he has two children, Sam and Natalie. [107]. His daughter, Natalie, was formerly a volunteer for Friendship Circle (where she received the Jerry Weintraub Fellowship award) [108], whose mission is to provide “all individuals with disabilities an inclusive Jewish community through shared experiences enjoyed together with friends.” [109]. Natalie Ackerman attended Tulane for college [110], and her mother, Nina Rosenstein, is a member of the Tulane Hillel Parent Network. [111]. Jim Ackerman is also a fan of חי בלילה - נדב בורנשטיין (Nadav Bornstein Live). [112].
  107. Elena Nachmanoff – Senior Vice President, MSNBC/NBC News Talent Development; Chief Spokesman for NBC News.
  108. Elena Nachmanoff is Senior Vice President, MSNBC/NBC News Talent Development, and she is the Chief Spokesman for NBC News. [113]. Elena Nachmanoff is Jewish. Nachmanoff was married to Saul Shapiro in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Aaron M. Petuchowski. [114].
  110. Ted Linhart - Senior Vice President, Research and Strategy, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment
  111. Ted Linhart is Senior Vice President, Research and Strategy, for NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. [115]. Ted Linhart is Jewish. Ted Linhart is the daughter of Barbara Linhart, who is Jewish. [116]. Mail Order Executive Modie Spiegel, whose brother, Edward Spiegel of Winnetka, Ill [117], is Ted Linhart’s uncle [118], and who himself is Barbara Linhart’s mother [119] and Ted Linhart’s grandfather, is Jewish— Polly Spiegel, Modie’s sister who was also involved in the mail-order catalogue business, has described her upbringing in a “Jewish immigrant family” whose parents “were always a part of the Jewish community.” [120].
  113. Michael Rubin – Senior Vice President, Longform Programming and Production, MSNBC
  114. Michael Rubin is Senior Vice President, Longform Programming and Production and oversees all MSNBC documentaries. [121]. Michael Rubin is Jewish. In an article written for the American Enterprise Institute, Rubin concedes that he is Jewish in responding to Alan Wolfe’s claims about illiberalism in certain “prominent Jews like Michael Rubin.” [122].
  116. Sharon Otterman – Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, MSNBC/NBC news
  117. Sharon Otterman is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, MSNBC/NBC news. [123]. Sharon Otterman is Jewish. Otterman describes herself as the “daughter of a Holocaust survivor.” [124].
  119. Cara Stein - Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer, NBC Universal
  120. Cara Stein is the Senior Vice President, Chief Talent Officer for NBCUniversal. [125]. Cara Stein is Jewish. Stein is married to Dr. Barry Rosenfeld [126], with whom she has two daughters, Kate and Jane. [127]. Jane has worked at Camp Scatico [128], and Kate has been a camper at Camp Scatico [129], which is a Jewish summer camp. [130].
  122. Mark Kornblau – Senior Vice President, Communications, NBCUniversal News Group
  123. Mark Kornblau is Senior Vice President, Communications, NBCUniversal News Group. [131]. Mark Kornblau is Jewish. Kornblau was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Tom Weiner [132]. According to Jewish World Review, while serving as U.S. Spokesman at the UN, Kornblau raised issues about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s alleged “anti-semitism” at the United Nations. [133]. J Weekly, a Jewish publication in Northern California, detailed how Kornblau fielded questions about John Kerry’s stance on Israel while he worked for Kerry. [134].
  125. Jonathan Wald – Senior Vice President, Programming and Development, MSNBC
  126. Jonathan Wald is Senior Vice President, Programming and Development, at MSNBC. [135]. Jonathan Wald is Jewish. Wald was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Jeffrey Seigelman. [136].
  128. Ali Zelenko – Senior Vice President, Communications - NBC News
  129. Ali Zelenko is Senior Vice President, Communications, NBC News. [137]. Ali Zelenko is Jewish. Zelenko’s full name is Ali Weisberg Zelenko. [138]. The death of Zelenko’s grandmother, Betty Anne Lister Salner, was published by the Connecticut Jewish Ledger, in an obituary listing Ali Weisberg Zelenko among the deceased’s grandchildren. [139].
  131. Mark Lukasiewicz - Senior Vice President, NBC News Specials & Executive-in-Charge, News Transformation
  132. Mark Lukasiewicz is Senior Vice President of NBC News Specials and the Executive-in-Charge for News Transformation. [140]. Mark Lukasiewicz is Jewish. Lukasiewicz is married to Lori Harris, and the funeral service for Mark’s mother-in-law, Doris Harris, was held at the Riverside Memorial Chapel [141], which is a Jewish funeral home and “a symbol of Jewish tradition” since 1897. [142]. Mark Lukasiewicz has three children, Halle, Ben, and Julia Lukasiewicz. [143]. Mark is raising his children Jewish, and his daughter, Halle Lukasiewicz, is a member of Hillel at Northwestern University. [144].
  134. Rob Spodek – Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment
  135. Rob Spodek is Chief Financial Officer, Entertainment Networks for NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. [145]. Rob Spodek is Jewish. Rob Spodek has “chanted the Shira” his synagogue, the Wayne Conservative Congregation [146], and Rob and his son, Josh Spodek, have both red the Torah at the Congregation. [147]. Rob’s cousin, Ilana Graf [148], also lives in Israel. [149].
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  139. **SECTION 5: Executive Producers**
  141. John Reiss - Executive Producer of Political Programming, MSNBC; Executive Producer of Hardball with Chris Matthews; Executive Producer of Meet the Press
  142. John Reiss is the Executive Producer of MSNBC’s Political Programming as well as the Executive Producer of Hardball with Chris Matthew and Meet the Press. [150]. John Reiss is Jewish. Reiss is married to Elisabeth Wilner [151], whose family is Jewish. [152].
  144. Sam Singal – Executive Proucer, Nightly News
  145. Sam Singal is Executive Producer of Nightly News. [153]. Sam Singal is Jewish. The obituary for Sam Singal’s grandmother, Clara Striar, which mentions Sam and Lori by name, makes clear that the family is Jewish—Clara “was a member of Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue and Sisterhood and a member of Hadassah Women’s Study Group,” and her funeral was officiated by Rabbi Fred Nebel at Bangor, Maine’s Jewish Funeral Chapel. [154]. Lori is also Jewish and her mother was awarded the Aishes Chayil Award by the Congregation Bais Torah, in an announcement that mentions Lori and Sam Singal by name. [155].
  147. Daniel Arnall – Executive Producer of Nightly News Weekend
  148. Daniel Arnall is the Executive Producer of Nightly News Weekend. [156]. Daniel Arnall is Jewish. Arnall was married to Jill Rackmill in a wedding ceremony officiated by Cantor Daniel Rous [157], who only officiates weddings involving Jewish partners. [158].
  150. David Corvo - Executive Producer, Primetime News, NBC News; Exective Producer, Dateline NBC
  151. David Corvo is NBC News’ Senior Executive Producer for Primetime News and the Executive Producer for Dateline NBC. [159]. David Corvo’s wife is Jewish. Corvo is married to the writer, Michelle Willens [160], who is Jewish and has written, “I have always prided myself on being a Jew.” [161].
  153. Jeff Kepnes – Executive Producer, Special Events
  154. Jeff Kepnes is the Senior Executive Producer of Special Events at MSNBC. [162]. Jeff Kepnes is Jewish. Kepnes was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Jacob Pressman. [163]. The Cleveland Jewish Times reported that Kepnes’ wife, Elizabeth Kate Claman, was “grateful for the way the [Cleveland’s] Jewish community welcomed her.” [164].
  156. Shirley Zilberstein – Executive Producer, MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin
  157. Shirley Zilberstein is Executive Producer, MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin. [165]. Shirley Zilberstein is Jewish. Zilberstein is married to John Fischer, and their new membership to the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale was announced in the Sept. 12-19, 2014, edition of the Bayitt Bulletin. [166]. Zilberstein can be celebrating Chanukah in photos she has posted online. [167].
  159. Alex Korson – Executive Producer, Morning Joe
  160. Alex Korson is Executive Producer, Morning Joe. [168]. Alex Korson is Jewish. Alex Korson is married to Allison Jupiter. [169]. The Beta chapter of the Alpha Epsilon Pi (“AEPi”) fraternity, a Jewish fraternity [170], of which Korson was a member in college, wished “Mazel tov” to “Korson '99 on his engagement to longtime girlfriend Allison Jupiter.” [171]. Korson and Jupiter’s wedding was planned by Linzi Events [172], an event planning service that specializes in planning Jewish weddings and bar mitzvahs. [173].
  162. Jackie Levin – Executive Producer of Megyn Kelly Today
  163. Jackie Levin is the Executive Producer of Megyn Kelly Today. [174]. Jackie Levin is Jewish. Levin was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Rolly Matalon. [175]. Levin was a member of the Alpha Epsilon Phi (“AEPhi”) sorority at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (“UIUC”) [176], which is a Jewish sorority house at UIUC. [177]. Levin has incorporated her Judaism into some of her journalistic work, including the user of Yiddish phrases in articles she has published. [178].
  165. Jason Gewirtz – Executive Producer, CNBC’s Power Lunch
  166. Jason Gewirtz is the Executive Producer of CNBC’s Halftime Report (a/k/a, “Power Lunch”). [179]. Jason Gewirtz is Jewish. Gewirtz is a published author whose work has been recommended by the Jewish Book Council. [180]. Gewirtz is a former soldier in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and has given talks at Jewish community centers. [181].
  168. Andrew Lassner – Executive Producer, The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  169. Andrew Lassner is the Executive Producer of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. [182]. Andrew Lassner is Jewish. The Algemeir, a Jewish newspaper, has stated that Lassner is Jewish and has quoted him as saying he attended “Jewish [summer] camp” while growing up. [183]. Lassner has joked on Twitter that he should be a Pope for the Jews. [184].
  171. Beth Gerstenbluth - Executive Producer, First Look
  172. Beth Gerstenbluth is Executive Producer of NBC’s First Look. [185]. Beth Gerstenbluth is Jewish. Beth’s parents, Phyllis & Chet Gerstenbluth, are members of the Midway Jewish Center, which has wished “mazal tov” to the couple on the birth of their grandchildren. [186].
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  176. **SECTION 6: MSNBC/NBC News Hosts**
  178. Chuck Todd - Moderator of Meet the Press; Host of MTP Daily; National Political Director, NBC News
  179. Chuck Todd is NBC’s News’ National Political Director, and he is also the moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press MSNBC’s MTP Daily. [187]. Chuck Todd is Jewish. Todd “was raised Jewish,” according to J Weekly, a Jewish publication based in Northern California. [188]. The Israeli publication Haaretz referred to Todd as “a reform Jew,” in discussing Todd replacing the former host of Meet the Press, David Gregory, who is also Jewish. [189]. Todd stated in an interview with Washington Jewish Week that his children are “raised fully as Jewish” and he sends them “to Hebrew School twice a week.” [190].
  181. Andrea Mitchell – Host of Andrea Mitchell Reports; Chief Foreign Correspondent, NBC News
  182. Andrea Mitchell is host of Andrea Mitchell Reports and is the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News. [191]. Andrea Mitchell is Jewish. Mitchell confirmed that she is Jewish in her interview with Jewish Women International Magazine (“JWI”). [192]. In addition, Broad Street Review, an arts and culture commentary, referred to Andrea in the early 1970’s as a "young Jewish woman barely out of college.” [193]. Mitchell is married to Allen Greenspan [194], the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006, who is also Jewish. [195].
  184. Ari Melber – Host of The Beat with Ari Melber; Host of The Point; MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent
  185. Ari Melber is host of The Point [196], and is also the host of The Beat with Ari Melber and the Chief Legal Correspondent for MSNBC. [197]. Ari Melber is Jewish. Earlier in his career, Ari was a deputy political director for John Kerry’s presidential campaign [198], where Melber was “responsible for Jewish outreach.” [199]. Ari’s parents, Daniel and Barbara Melber [200], are donors to the Seattle Hebrew Academy [201], a Jewish day school. [202]. Several Jewish publications, including Jewish Business News and The Forward, provided coverage of Melber as he was promoted to take over Greta Van Susternan’s timeslot on the network. [203]. Melber’s wife, Drew Grant, is also Jewish. [204]. The Forward, a Jewish publication, employed Ari Melber up until March of 2006. [205]
  187. Katy Tur – Host of MSNBC Live
  188. Katy Tur is Host of MSNBC Live. Katy Tur is Jewish. Katy is the daughter of broadcast reporter Zoey Tur [206], who stated in an interview with Hollywood Reporter that he and his family are Jewish. [207].
  190. Matt Lauer – Co-Host of Today Show (1st block)
  191. Matt Lauer is Co-host of the day’s first block of NBC News’ Today Show. [208] Matt Lauer is Jewish. The Israeli publication Haaretz has stated that Matt Lauer’s “father was of Romanian Jewish heritage, as seen on the Today Show's "Finding Our Roots.” [209]. In addition, J Weekly, a Jewish news publication based in Northern California, has stated that Matt Lauer “father is Jewish.” [210]. Lauer confirmed in an interview with Jeffrey Zaslow that his father was Jewish. [211].
  193. Savannah Guthrie – Co-host of Today Show (1st block)
  194. Savannah Guthrie is Co-host of the day’s second block of NBC News’ Today Show. [212]. Savannah Guthrie is married to Michael Feldman, who is Jewish. [213].
  196. Kathy Lee Gifford – Co-host of Today Show (2nd block)
  197. Kathy Lee Gifford is Co-host of the day’s second block of NBC News’ Today Show. Kathy Lee Gifford is Jewish. In an interview with Larry King, Gifford stated, “I was raised with many Jewish traditions and raised to be very grateful for my Jewish heritage.” [214]. Kathy further described herself as “a Russian-Jewish peasant” and stated that her “father's Jewish by birth and by race and blood.” [215]. Kathy described her grandfather, Meyer Epstein, as “a Russian Jew.” [216]. Gifford was born as Kathy Lee Epstein, and her grandfather Meyer has been described as “a snake-charmer and carnival barker.” [217].
  199. Hoda Kotb – Cohost of Today Show (2nd block)
  200. Kota Kotb is Co-host of the day’s second block of NBC News’ Today Show. [218]. Hoda Kotb’s partner, Joel Schiffman, is Jewish. In a Bravo TV segment entitled Hoda on Her Jewish Gentleman, Kotb stated that she met Schiffman in 2012. [219]. As of August 2017, Kotb is still with Schiffman. [220].
  202. JJ Ramberg – Host of MSNBC’s Your Business
  203. JJ Ramberg is host of MSNBC’s Your Business. [221]. JJ Ramberg is Jewish. In 2009, Ramberg was awarded the “Women to Watch” award by Jewish Women International (JWI). [222]. According to JWI, in a video uploaded by JWI of Ramberg giving a speech to JWI, the award is reserved for “exceptional Jewish women leaders from across the United States.” [223]. JWI also states on its website that the Women to Watch award is reserved for Jewish women. [224].
  205. Jim Cramer - Host of Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer; Co-Anchor of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street
  206. Jim Cramer is the Host of Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer and the Co-Anchor of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street. [225]. Jim Cramer is Jewish. Living Jewish has reported on Cramer’s trip to Israel for Jewish Passover and stated that Cramer “grew up Jewish in Philadelphia where his parents attended a Conservative synagogue.” [226]. Ranker.com includes Cramer on its list of famous Jewish TV hosts. [227]. Cramer has donated to Jewish causes and organizations, including Hebrew University’s First Star Academy. [228].
  208. David Faber – Co-host of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street; Anchor and Co-producer of CNBC's acclaimed original documentaries and long-form programming.
  209. David Faber is Co-host of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street and Anchor and Co-producer of CNBC's acclaimed original documentaries and long-form programming. David Faber is Jewish. Faber has described himself as “a Jewish boy from Queens.” [229]. Faber was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Judith Lewis. [230]. David’s mother, Belle B. Faber, was an associate director of the American Jewish Congress. [231].
  211. Sara Eisen – Co-Host of Worldwide Exchange; Co-Host, Squawk on the Street
  212. Sara Eisenis the Co-host of WorldWide Exchange and the Co-host of Squawk on the Street. [232]. Sara Eisen is Jewish. Eisen was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Gavriel Bellino. [233].
  214. Rachel Maddow – Host of The Rachel Maddow Show
  215. Rachel Maddow is the host of The Rachel Maddow Show. [234]. Rachel Maddow is part-Jewish. Rachel’s last name is an Anglicization of the “original [Jewish] surname…Medwedof,” according to Jewish publication The Forward [235], and Rachel grew up in a family that “had both protestant and Jewish cultural blend.” [236]. Huffington Post reports that a “quarter of [Rachel’s] ancestors were Jewish.” [237].
  217. Richard Engel – Host of On Assignment & NBC Chief Foreign Correspondent
  218. Richard Engel is Host of MSNBC’s On Assignment and the Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC. [238]. Richard Engel is Jewish. The Tampa Jewish Community Centers & Federation included Engel in its December 2012 edition of “Jews in the News,” noting that Engel told the Washington Post that he was Jewish in 2008. [239]. Likewise, The Algemeiner, a Jewish newspaper, has stated that Engel “is Jewish.” [240]. Engel has also, in his own writings, confirmed that he is Jewish. [241]
  220. Jeff Rossen – Host of Rossen Reports
  221. Jeff Rossen is an investigative journalist and host of Rossen Reports. [242]. Jeff Rossen in Jewish. Rossen has joked that if Jews were to vote “for a Jewish pope,” he would cast his vote in favor of colleague Andy Lassner [243], the executive producer of the Ellen DeGeneres show, who—according to Jewish publication The Algemeiner— is also Jewish. [244]. Jeff Rossen is married to ABC News senior producer Danielle Baum Rossenn. [245]. The funeral for Jeff’s father-in-law, Rubin Baum, was held at the Riverside Memorial Chapel [246], which is a Jewish funeral home and a “a symbol of Jewish tradition” since 1897. [247].
  223. Karen Finerman – Panelist, CNBC’s Fast Money
  224. Karen Finerman is a panelist on CNBC’s Fast Money. Karen Finerman is Jewish. The Publication Jewish Week, owned by Times of Israeli, reported on Finerman and described her as “a traditional Jew.” [248]. Faber has described herself as a “Jewish tiger mom.” [249]. Finerman was also featured in Jewish Week’s article entitled Jewish Girls and Money. [250].
  226. Andrew Ross Sorkin – Co-host of CNBC’s Squawk Box.
  227. Andrew Ross Sorkin is co-host of CNBC’s Squawk Box. [251]. Andrew Ross Sorkin is Jewish. Sorkin appeared on United Jewish Appeal (UJA)-Federation of New York’s 2013 list of 40 under 40 top “movers and shakers” in the Jewish community. [252]. With regard to his Judiasm, Sorkin stated as follows: “I am [Jewish]! A Christmas loving Jew! We did Chanukah last night and we will again tonight and the night after….” [253].
  229. Seth Meyers – Host of Late Night with Seth Meyers
  230. Seth Meyers is host of NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. [254]. Seth Meyers is Jewish. Seth’s paternal grandfather was Jewish and Seth’s wife is Jewish. The Algemeiner, a Jewish newspaper, reported that Seth, “who said his paternal grandfather was Jewish, is married to a Jew, Alexia Ashe.” [255]. Meyers, who jokes that he is “proudly Jew-ish,” was married to Ashe “in a Jewish ceremony in the summer of 2013 that included a chuppah and yarmulka clad guests.” [256].
  231. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  233. **SECTION 7: MSNBC/NBC News Correspondents, Analysts & Contributors**
  235. Peter Alexander - National News Correspondent, MSNBC/NBC News
  236. Peter Alexander is a National News Correspondent for MSNBC/NBC News and the former NBC News White House Correspondent. [257]. Peter Alexander is Jewish. Peter is the brother of notable author Rebecca Alexander [258], who has stated that she grew up in a Jewish household that was active in the local synagogue. [259]. Rebecca remains active in the Jewish community to this day. [260].
  238. Jacob Soboroff – Anchor & Correspondent, MSNBC/NBC News
  239. Jacon Soboroff is an Anchor and Correspondent for MSNBC and NBC News. [261]. Jacob Soboroff is Jewish. Jewish author and writer Warren Blumfeld has reported on Soboroff and has stated unequivocally that “Jacob Soboroff is of Jewish heritage.” [262]. Soboroff has moderated events hosted by the University of Florida’s Jewish Student Union. [263].
  241. Josh Mankiewicz – Correspondent & Reporter, Dateline NBC
  242. Josh Mankiewicz is a Correspondent and Reporter for Dateline NBC. [264]. Josh Mankiewicz is Jewish. Josh is the son of journalist Frank Fabian Mankiewicz II, who according to People Magzine, was Jewish. [265]. Speaking to the New York Times, Josh stated, “My dad is from a successful Jewish family.” [266].
  244. Howard Fineman - Analyst, MSNBC/NBC News
  245. Howard Fineman is an Analyst for MSNBC/NBC News. [267]. Howard Fineman is Jewish. According to J Weekly, a Jewish publication based in Northern California, “[Howard’s] parents, both teachers, also taught Sunday school at the local synagogue where Fineman was bar mitzvahed. He attended a predominantly Jewish high school before moving on to Colgate University." [268].
  247. Jeremy Bash – Senior National Security Analyst, MSNBC/NBC News
  248. Bash is a Senior National Security Analyst for MSNBC and NBC News. [269]. Jeremy Bash is Jewish. According to Jewish Standard, the New Jersey arm of Times of Israel, Jeremy Bash is "the son of a Conservative rabbi, and is related to many modern Orthodox Jews." [270]. Jeremy’s first marriage was with Jewish CNN Reporter Dana Bash, who stated that her "Jewish identity and [her] Jewish knowledge grew immensely through being married to [Jeremy].” [271]. Jeremy Bash graduated from the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School. [272].
  250. Jack H. Jacobs - Military Analyst, MSNBC/NBC News
  251. Jack Jacobs is a Military Analyst for MSNBC and NBC News. [273]. Jack Jacobs is Jewish. Seymour Brody, a Jewish historian and author, includes Jacobs amongst his list of Jewish military veterans. Seymour states that “[t]housands of Jews responded to America's call to arms to fight in Vietnam. Jack H. Jacobs was one of them.” [274].
  253. Mark Halperin – Senior Political Analyst, MSNBC/NBC News
  254. Mark Halperin is a Senior Political Analyst for MSNBC and NBC News. [275]. Mark Halperin is Jewish. The Forward, a Jewish publication, has referred to Halperin’s “Jewish background” and stated that “Halperin became a bar mitzvah at Bethesda’s Conservative Congregation Beth El.” [276]. Mark is the son of Morton Halperin [277], who is Jewish. [278]. Following his parent’s divorce, Mark’s mother Ina Weinstein Halperin married Dr. Joseph L. Young in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi William Rudolph. [279].
  256. Lisa Bloom – Legal Analyst, MSNBC/NBC News
  257. Lisa Bloom is a Legal Analyst for MSNBC and NBC News. [280]. Lisa Bloom is Jewish. Bloom has stated on Twitter, “I am Jewish.” [281]. Lisa Bloom is daughter of civil rights figure Gloria Allred. [282]. Gloria Allred is Jewish, according to Tablet Mag, a Jewish news publication. [283].
  259. Bret Stephens – Political Contributor, MSNBC/NBC News
  260. Bret Stephens is a Political Contributor for MSNBC and NBC News. [284]. Bret Stephens is Jewish. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, a Jewish news publication, previously reported on Stephens hiring at the New York Times in its article, “4 things to know about Bret Stephens, the latest Jewish New York Times columnist.” [285].
  262. Ezra Klein - Contributor, MSNBC & NBC Nightly News
  263. Ezra Klein is a Contributor for MSNBC and NBC Nightly News. [286]. Ezra Klein is Jewish. In an interview with Moment Magazine, a Jewish publication, Ezra Klein stated, “I was born Jewish, and I plan to die Jewish.” [287].
  265. Gabriel Sherman – Contributor, MSNBC/NBC News
  266. Gabriel Sherman is a Contributor for MSNBC and NBC News. [288]. Gabriel Sherman is Jewish. Sherman was married to Jennifer Lynne Stahl in a wedding ceremony officiated by Cantor Daniel Rous [289], who only officiates weddings involving Jewish partners. [290].
  268. Jonathan Dienst – National Correspondent, NBC News; Chief Investigator Reporter, NBC 4 New York
  269. Jonathan Dienst is a National Correspondent for NBC News and the Chief Investigative Reporter for NBC 4 New York. [291]. Jonathan Dienst is Jewish. Dienst was married to Victoria Jean Winter in a wedding ceremony officiated by Cantor Daniel Rous [292], who only officiates weddings involving Jewish partners. [293]. Jonathan is the son of Linda and Richard Dienst of New York. [294]. Linda was raised Jewish, as is made clear from the obituary for her brother, Paul Dickstein. [295]. Richard Deinst is the nephew of Norma Bernstein. [296].
  271. Martin Fletcher – Special Correspondent, MSNBC/NBC News
  272. Martin Fletcher is a Special Correspondent for MSNBC and NBC News. [297]. Martin Fletcher is Jewish. Fletcher’s 2013 book, Jacob’s Oath, has been featured by the Jewish Book Council [298], and one of Fletcher’s other books, Walking Israel: A Personal Search for the Soul of a Nation, won the American National Jewish Book Award. [299]. Fletcher is listed as an English Jew on his Wikipedia page. [300]. Fletcher is married to Masada Siegel, according to the Dayton Jewish Observer [301], with whom he lived in Israel for more than 30 years. [302].
  274. Richard Wolffe – Political Analyst, MSNBC
  275. Richard Wolffe is a Political Analyst for MSNBC. [303]. Richard Wolffe is Jewish. Wolffe stated unequivocally that he is Jewish in his book, Renegade: The Making of a President. [304].
  277. Madelyn Fernstrom – Health Expert, NBC News
  278. Madelyn Fernstrom is a Health Expert for NBC News. [305]. Madelyn Fernstrom is Jewish. Madelyn (Hirsch) Fernstrom on Facebook [306] likes Chabad [307] and her son ‘likes’ Birthright Israel [308] and has also made trips to Israel. [309]. Madelyn’s brother and Facebook friend Alan Hirsch also ‘likes’ Jewish family Serivces of Northern NJ, the BIRD Foundation - Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial R&D, Rohr Chabad Student Network of Ottawa, and Lubavitch on the Palisades Tenafly. [310].
  280. Josh Barro – Contributor, MSNBC
  281. Josh Barro is a Contributor for MSNBC. [311]. Josh Barro is Jewish. The Atlantic has stated that Josh Barro is the son of prominent orthodox-Jewish economist Robert Barro. [312]. Jinfo, a Jewish organization aimed at highlighting Jewish cultural, scientific, and technological contributions to civilization [313], has likewise confirmed that Robert Barro is Jewish. [314]. Josh, who was raised Jewish, has stated alluded to his Judaism on Twitter. [315].
  283. Lawrence Kudlow - Lead Contributor, CNBC
  284. Lawrence “Larry” Kudlow is the Senior Contributor for CNBC and the former host of The Kudlow Report. [316]. Lawrence Kudlow is Jewish. Tablet Mag, a Jewish news publication, stated that “television personality Lawrence Kudlow” was “born Jewish.” [317]. Kudlow is a former contributor for Jewish World Review. [318]. Entertainment website The Richest has also reported that Kudlow was born into a Jewish household. [319].
  286. Jared Bernstein – Contributor, CNCB
  287. Jared Bernstein is a Contributor for CNBC. [320]. Jared Bernstein is Jewish. The Jewish Virtual Library, an organization dedicated to strengthening “the U.S.-Israel relationship” [321], has confirmed that Bernstein is Jewish. [322].
  289. Scott Cohn – Lead Investigative Reporter & Special Correspondent, CNBC
  290. Scott Cohn is a Special Correspondent and the Lead Investigative Reporter for CNBC. [323]. Scott Cohn is Jewish. The obituary for Scott’s mother, Lillian Cohn-Sharon, describes Lillian as “a Holocaust survivor,” and her funeral service was held at Weinstein & Piser Funeral Home [324], a funeral home for Jewish funeral services. [325]. Allen Cohn is Jessica Cohn’s brother-in-law [326], so Jessica must be Scott’s wife (as is confirmed by Lillian Cohn-Sharon’s obituary), particularly as Scott is Allen’s only other sibling. [327]. Allan Cohn has wished “Shana Tova” to his friends for the Jewish New Year. [328]. Allan’s wife is Lisa Wax Cohn, whose relative, Adam Wax, has visited the Western Wall wearing a Tefillin. [329].
  292. Steve Liesman - Lead Economics Reporter, CNBC
  293. Steve Liesman is the Lead Economics Reporter for CNBC. [330]. Steve Liesman is Jewish. A former business writer for St. Petersburg Times, Steve Liesman married Karen Dukess in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Jon R. Haddon. [331]. Steve’s mother is Bernice Liesman. [332]. The Pelham Jewish Center, of which Steve and Karen are members, has issued yahrzeit announcements on behalf of Karen and Steve in remembrance of Bernice. [333]. Liesman has given donations or issued grants to the Hillel - Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. [334].
  295. Josh Lipton - Lead Technology Correspondent, CNBC
  296. Josh Lipton is the Lead Technology Correspondent for CNBC. [335]. Josh Lipton is Jewish. Lipton has joked about his “Jewish mother” watching him on TV while he is at the gym. [336].
  298. Julia Boorstin – Senior Media & Entertainment Correspondent, CNBC
  299. Boorstin is a Senior Media & Entertainment Correspondent for CNBC. [337]. Julia Boorstin is Jewish. Boorstin was married in a Jewish wedding ceremony performed by Rabbi Jonathan Klein. [338]. Julia Boorstin is the daughter or author Sharon Boorstin [339], who writes for the Jewish Journal. [340]
  302. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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