Moonlight Rules

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  1. Welcome to The Moonlight Community Server!
  3. Join our Discord to get more info and be updated within the server!
  5. Server Rules
  7. Respect all staff.
  8. Hacking is not tolerated and will result in being yeeted!
  9. Do not mic spam.
  10. Glitching or abusing "unreachable" spots will result in a Warning leading to a kick and then a 1 day ban
  11. Do not deliberately delay the round by hiding.
  12. Allowed teams:
  13. SCP with Chaos
  14. SCP with D-Class
  15. (Teams can be made for mutual gain but after that you must break off)
  16. Killing teammates is a no-go excluding D-class shooting D-Class
  17. Killing disarmed people results in a teamkill offense which will lead to punishment.
  18. Playing music is allowed, but if someone asks you to stop please do so (or you might get muted).
  19. Have Fun!
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