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  1. Stranger: hey
  2. You: Hello
  3. Stranger: asl?
  4. You: You first
  5. Stranger: 16 m usa
  6. You: Know what?
  7. Stranger: ?
  8. You: The asl for me is not too different 21 f usa
  9. You: Rules of the universe are so strange like that
  10. You: And isn't it amazing?
  11. Stranger: mm.... yeah i know....
  12. Stranger: its crazzzzzzy
  13. You: So tell me more
  14. You: Do you go to school?
  15. Stranger: yes
  16. You: I have just finished college myself
  17. Stranger: well thats good :)
  18. You: A really nice college as well
  19. Stranger: where?
  20. You: Full course, in Trolling CA
  21. You: Commitment is what you need
  22. Stranger: sweeet say... do you have skype?
  23. You: What else can I say
  24. You: I'm not sure what Skype is
  25. You: Thinking about it I do :D
  26. You: Of course, look.at.the.first.word is my name
  27. You: You will have to look
  28. You: Wouldn't get this if you didn't
  29. You: Get it yet?
  30. Stranger: what are you talking about
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