SurfboardPotato's guide to prostate orgasms

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  5. randomlewdanon asked:
  6. I have an aneros but have never been able to get off with it completely hands-free. Do you have any tips in using it? Do you find yourself needing to avoid ejaculating for some time before doing it?
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  9. There’s a lot of questions about prostate play that deserve answering, and I’m going to share what I have experienced. I assume by “get off completely”, you mean a ‘wet’/ejaculating orgasm (like the ones in my videos). This is not really what the Aneros is designed for, but I’ve found I can achieve it by humping the bed while face-down (as in one of my videos).
  11. There’s essentially 2 types of prostate orgasm; with or without ejaculation. The most straightforward one, the ‘wet’ orgasm, happens when you massage the prostate with deep, hard, strokes to force precum out of it. With enough volume, your body is “tricked” into having an orgasm. This is a lot like a regular penis orgasm in many ways, though the sensations are felt internally. As fucking hot as it is to fuck someone until they involuntarily squirt everywhere, it’s not a great way to masturbate.
  13. A ‘dry’ orgasm is a very unique experience, and many people experience it without considering it to be a ‘real’ orgasm. The mechanism of a dry orgasm (from what I understand), involves filling the prostate with as much precum as it can handle. When you go without ejaculating, precum can build up in the prostate. This pressure is often felt as horniness, or a need to cum. When you’re horny, the prostate fills with blood any is ready to produce precum. By getting really horny and lightly tapping on the prostate, it produces precum without actually being drained.
  15. Imagine you have a plastic water bottle with a dent in it. You close the lid and squeeze the middle section, forcing the dent to pop out. You have to be gentle, or else you’ll just make another dent (or in this analogy, sqeeze air right out of the bottle). A similar principle applies here, where you ‘trick’ the prostate into making more fluid than what’s slowly draining out of it.
  17. When you do this for a while, something fucky happens, and you essentially experience a continuous orgasm (if you’re lucky/practiced). It has a lot in common with the female orgasm, in that you can go for multiple climaxes and it can cause full body spasms and moaning. This is, imo, the holy grail of prostate play.
  19. The first thing most people get wrong, is that they’re not “in the mood”. As a guy, you can just grab your dick any time and jerk off. But with a dry prostate orgasm, the prostate doesn’t work properly unless you can get really, psychologically horny to trick your prostate into swelling up. A good shortcut is to go a few weeks without cumming, but there’s also a lot of relaxing and fantasizing that can be very important. Often if a toy requires you to hold it (or you’re just using your fingers), this can break your concentration and ruin your mood. Vibrators can be too violent for a dry orgasm, but something that uses muscle contractions without being uncomfortable (like humping the bed, or an aneros), lets you gently massage it at the pace that feels right to you. I use either an Aneros, the Njoy pure wand, or a plug. Being stimulated by someone else is great, but isn’t an option for most people.
  21. If you’re not feeling anything from prostate stimulation, odds are you haven’t practiced enough to identify what it feels like. While you’re really relaxed and horny, gently poke around and just think about what you’re feeling. You’ve probably looked up diagrams of where your prostate is, but your prostate can easily be off centre or in a slightly different position to the norm. It usually manifests as a light tingling feeling inside your tummy. Sometimes it’s like having an itch you can’t scratch, and if it feels like this it’s of utmost importance to not change what you’re doing. If you’re not feeling anything, don’t start pounding away.
  23. Finally, I cannot stress enough that there is no ‘end goal’ in prostate play. Many people start because they want to experience a wet orgasm, without realizing that it’s not the best part of prostate play, or even attainable for many people. Prostate play is about experimenting, finding what feels nice, and more experimenting. The best sessions are the ones where I don’t cum, but just keep trying different things are discovering new ways to feel good.
  25. Of course, if your goal is simply to get the cum fucked out of you, that’s simple. Lie down on your front, sandwich your prostate between the mattress and something hard, and squeeze the motherfucker until you squirt.
  27. Have Fun
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