Mr. Osven Goes to Crossing

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  1. Demon Hunter Osven just arrived.
  2. >
  3. >
  4. You see Demon Hunter Osven, a Human.
  5. Osven has a square-jawed face, jade eyes and a classical nose.  His dark brown hair is short and straight.  He has tanned skin and an athletic build.
  6. He is a bit over average height for a Human.
  7. He appears to be mature.
  8. He has some light stubble on his face.
  9. He is in good shape.
  11. He is wearing a cowl-like hood, a lever-drawn light crossbow, a small crusty barkhide shield sealed with protective wax, a rugged backpack, a damite chain hauberk, a small steel skinning knife with a leather-wrapped hilt, an Ilithian cedar parry stick, some faded pants, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern and a pair of forest green boots caked in dried mud.
  12. >
  13. You gaze at Osven.
  14. >
  15. Osven asks, "Rubicante, how are you?"
  16. >
  17. Rubicante nods slightly, maintaining eye contact.
  18. >
  19. You say, "I am well."
  20. >
  21. You are Rubicante Hargrave, Wraith of Velaka, a Human.
  22. You have an angular face, wine-red eyes and a crooked nose.  Your cinereous hair is long and thick, and is worn pulled back in a ponytail.  You have weathered skin and a stocky build.
  23. You are alarmingly tall for a Human.
  24. You are in your prime.
  25. You have a thin sparse mustache on your upper lip and a thin patchy beard.
  26. Your face has a tattoo of the upper half of a white, fanged skull.  The skull contrasts with matte black ink, which covers the rest of the body, and a black tear which streams from the right eye socket..
  28. You are wearing a brazen mask with narrow eye slits, some segmented leathers with a form-fitting underlay of cloth wrappings, a large tattered and frayed rag that is loosely wound around the head and neck, a desert shroud and some weathered leather sandals with burnished brass buckles.
  29. >
  30. Osven asks, "I trust Divult spread word of my efforts?"
  31. >
  32. You adjust the folds of your rag, your face hidden but for a narrow strip of skin around your eyes.
  33. >
  34. Osven says, "I'm wondering how much I need to explain."
  35. >
  36. You say, "I am not well acquainted with Divult, but I have heard...things."
  37. >
  38. Osven sighs.
  39. >
  40. Osven asks, "Do you know who I am?"
  41. >
  42. Rubicante tilts his head to the side.
  43. >
  44. You ask, "Should I?"
  45. >
  46. Osven says, "I'd have assumed the title spoke of my works.  I suppose not though."
  47. >
  48. You say, "Men go by many titles, not all of them indicative of their works."
  49. >
  50. Osven says, "My name is Osven.  Zamidren has given me fairly free range to continue my pursuits, and I have been most successful."
  51. >
  52. You think to yourself, "Interesting."
  53. >
  54. You look around, trying to appear nonchalant.
  55. [Northeast Wilds, Outside Northeast Gate]
  56. You are before the Northeast Gate of the Crossing.  Above, guardsmen stare down from the thick stone wall that encloses the city, wary for hostile visitors.  Whether they travel to destinations in town or farther west, or to the north and east, they all appear to be seeking something beyond themselves.
  57. You also see the Stone Clan Militia company, a miniature bard, a leaning weathered roadsign, a bucket of viscous gloop, a narrow footpath, a large firepit, a hardened woven basket with a sturdy lid, a smooth timber bench, a small bench that is low to the ground, a very long bench and a tall bench.
  58. Also here: Demon Hunter Osven.
  59. Obvious paths: north, east, southeast.
  60. >
  61. Osven asks, "A student of Aether gave a lecture some time ago, on the nature of the planes?"
  62. >
  63. You say, "Yes, I had heard of such a lecture, though the topic did not interest me directly."
  64. >
  65. Osven nods.
  66. >
  67. Osven says, "It was a little academic."
  68. >
  69. You say, "I'm a bit more...hands on."
  70. >
  71. Osven nods.
  72. >
  73. A nervous tic starts up around your eye.
  74. >
  75. Osven says, "We tend to be."
  76. >
  77. You ask, "So, tell me.  What brings you to Crossing?"
  78. >
  79. Osven says, "His lecture was of interest to me because of the nature of the demonic and their influence on our plane."
  80. >
  81. You chuckle.
  82. >
  83. Osven says, "Particularly his theories around mending damage, sealing incursion."
  84. >
  85. You say, "Ah yes, I'd wager a great deal of discussion of the one squirreled away in her hidey hole to the North."
  86. >
  87. Osven says, "The very same, though she doesn't appear to be entirely holed up anymore."
  88. >
  89. Osven says, "She's been extending her reach, which uniquely exposes her."
  90. >
  91. You arch your eyebrow.
  92. >
  93. You say, "That would be news to me."
  94. >
  95. Osven says, "Cultists have been wandering, erupting into spheres and spreading her influence."
  96. >
  97. You say, "She never struck me as one seeking to spread her influence.  I'd be curious to know what sparked such a change."
  98. >
  99. Osven raises an eyebrow.
  100. >
  101. Osven says, "She's never been content to idly remain.  She's always reached for more.  But now she truly reaches.  Her Cultists are being consumed, as she eats her seedstock."
  102. >
  103. Osven says, "I'm not even sure of your leanings or goals.  I don't entirely care, honestly.  I've created a device that I believe has a chance of kicking her back, hard, and sealing the entryway caused by those idiot Elementalists."
  104. >
  105. You say, "Now that would be something to see."
  106. >
  107. Osven nods.
  108. >
  109. Osven says, "It sure is.  I'll be doing a demonstration in the next few days.  Please spread the word."
  110. >
  111. You ask, "To what extent could such a device be used?  Indulge me, for the sake of 'academics'. Could such a device be used on say, non-demonic extra-planar entities?"
  112. >
  113. You think to yourself, "Very useful, indeed."
  114. >
  115. Osven says, "In theory yes, but the research that went into the design of this one was exhaustive, and it is specifically built to be anti-Maelshyvean."
  116. >
  117. You give a slight nod.
  118. >
  119. Osven says, "Making another that was specific to another entity would require going back to first principals."
  120. >
  121. You say, "Of course.  One threat at a time."
  122. >
  123. Osven says, "Indeed."
  124. >
  125. Osven says, "I'll be doing the demonstration in a few days time to showcase the efficacy of a prototype, but the finished device is nearly fully assembled."
  126. >
  127. Osven says, "I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word and alert interested parties.  Of note, the device utilizes feral mana.  It may offend some."
  128. >
  129. You snort, loudly.
  130. >
  131. You say, "I've no concern for the delicate sensitivities of the others.  I will alert those that need to know."
  132. >
  133. Osven nods.
  134. >
  135. Osven says, "Good.  When this begins, it will move quickly."
  136. >
  137. Osven says, "And likely get very, very strange."
  138. >
  139. You say, "I might notify a few expendable people as well, then."
  140. >
  141. Osven smirks.
  142. >
  143. Osven says, "Whatever it takes to deal with her."
  144. >
  145. Osven nods.
  146. >
  147. You give a slight nod.
  148. >
  149. Osven asks, "I'm trying to think of a good place to carry out the demonstration.  Do you have any suggestions for somewhere far from the Fortress and Moor alike?"
  150. >
  151. Rubicante leans back, hand on chin.
  152. >
  153. You say, "Hrm."
  154. >
  155. You say, "I would wager that a private corner, somewhere in Fang Cove would be the most accommodating."
  156. >
  157. You say, "Though I'm sure the others would be willing to travel for such an occasion."
  158. >
  159. Osven says, "Away from the prying eyes of the law.  Maybe the inn in Acenamacra Village?  Or..."
  160. >
  161. You say, "There is always Forisaad, to the West."
  162. >
  163. Osven asks, "The Deserted Village west of the Lake of Dreams?"
  164. >
  165. Osven nods.
  166. >
  167. You say, "Few venture there."
  168. >
  169. Osven says, "Boar Clan may be sufficiently far as well."
  170. >
  171. You say, "It's hard to say where her influence has spread, if she has indeed decided to venture forth from the swamp."
  172. >
  173. Osven says, "Her points of entry are the Moor and the Swamp."
  174. >
  175. Vekihata came through the Northeast Gate.
  176. >
  177. Vekihata runs north.
  178. >
  179. You give a slight nod.
  180. >
  181. Osven says, "Alright.  Spread word.  Find a place.  I'll be in touch in a few days."
  182. >
  183. Osven nods.
  184. >
  185. You say, "I believe the village to the West is sufficiently secluded, though I differ to your judgement, as you know more specifically what accommodations will be required."
  186. >
  187. Osven nods.
  188. >
  189. Osven says, "Village to the west then.  It's central and shielded by the Crossing's noise, but out of sight of the law."
  190. >
  191. Osven nods.
  192. >
  193. Osven says, "Spread word."
  194. >
  195. You give a slight nod.
  196. >
  197. Osven nods.
  198. >
  199. Osven waves.
  200. >
  201. Demon Hunter Osven goes north.
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