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  1. Kevin - Fuck off Lecco. That homeless guy is just loving life on the streets isn't he. He knows it's a free ride so he likes to sleep on concrete in his own filth. I'm sure he planned his whole life to ask strangers for food. It was his life's dream. You have something terribly wrong with you. Jesus would be fucking ashamed of you if he actually existed.
  3. Me - Oh boy.  And to be fair, Jesus DOES exist. I sold him a car
  5. Kevin - The same people who say they are ~pro life~ and then support sending kids to pointless wars to their death and don't care if the mentally ill on the street live or die. Then profess to be "Christians". Do they REALLY think the Jesus (capital H) of the Bible meant for them to act like THAT? Statistics show most homeless people are mentally ill due to a health care system that abandoned them. Veterans are five times more likely to be homeless, so it's quite likely that Sam was feeding someone who risked his life for him to be able to buy the food he was getting from McDonald's in the first place. We owe those people a lot and we have let them down badly in so many ways. I hope you choke on your next fucking burger Richard I'm sick of your horrible view of the world.
  7. Lecco - Which is why I punted you off my FB page months ago. I got really sick of you making the assertion that atheists are more thoughtful and reasonable than those who have a heartfelt belief in something bigger than themselves. As usual, the liberal socialist in you is more concerned about making sure that homeless guy gets fed from the scraps off other people's tables and learning to be 300% dependent on the charity of others than you are in helping him to depend on himself to pick himself up off the street and become a constructive member of society. Teaching him that he CAN depend on passersby feeding him leftovers for his survival is sub-human (but 100% in agreement with liberal philosophy). Instead of complaining about my view of the world, how about you get your happy atheistic ass over to McDonald's, pick that guy up, get him to a sanitarium, and PAY for his recovery? Sounds more constructive to me, but I'll bet money you won't do it. Which, of course, makes YOU worse than ME. P.S.: Even with all my flaws, Jesus loves me anyway. Only atheists like you would think that Jesus has even an ounce of hatred in His Body.
  9. Me - Good to see facebook is good for something other than spying on people and complaining. A good debate is always welcome.
  11. Kevin - Which makes you NOTHING like Jesus. I am more Christian than you and I am an atheist. You are FULL of hate. Homosexuals, homeless people, anybody who needs help in the world is despicable to you. I want to help all those people like the homeless guy Sam fed. I want to pay taxes. I'll pay MORE taxes to help those people. I vote for people to STOP wars so we can invest in helping our own people. I vote for people who will set up a healthcare system that leaves nobody behind no matter what misfortune falls upon them. We really don't have a socialist option in this country but if we did I would vote for it because I give a shit about what happens to people. I can't imagine having such a cold heart as people like you do. You unfriended me because I call you out on your hateful bigoted comments on my posts and others. It's ok, I understand it's difficult to justify your position when its based on hate and selfishness. It's easier to just delete me.
  13. Lecco - The moral of the Good Samaritan story is that the measure of someone's humanity does not come from who that person is, but from what they do. Btw, the story itself isn't about helping a homeless person, it's about helping someone in desperate need of it.....the typical Samaritan in Biblical times would never have helped the person, while those who passed him by SHOULD have done so, but didn't.
  15. Kevin - The parable of the Good Republican:
  17. Jesus was on the road to Damascus and came across a mentally ill veteran that risked his life so Jesus could ride his donkey side straddled the way he likes.
  19. Peter said to Jesus
  21. "Look Jesus, this man is sick and hungry. He has no place to stay. Shall we help him as you have taught us?"
  23. "No" said Jesus "Don't you see his entitled face through the dirt and grime? If we help him by feeding him he will only expect more help on our trip back when his conditions will be the exact same as they were now. There are no government programs in place to help him because we don't give a fuck about other people, just our own money. Let him starve to death and blame people poorer than us for not being successful in keeping hypocritical assholes like us from buying politicians in Congress."
  25. Lecco - You didn't call me out on jack shit. If you love socialism so much, move back to England and enjoy THEIR health care system and leave the American way of life alone. (Btw, the LAW says emergency rooms cannot turn away an incoming patient, so don't even fantasize about handing me that bullshit about a health care system that "leaves people behind". Just more evidence that you have no idea what you're talking about.) If you REALLY want to help all those people (which I seriously doubt), then help them YOURSELF instead of hiring politicians to steal money from my (and everyone else's) pocket to do it for you.
  27. P.S.: In case anyone hasn't noticed, Kevin's been spending more time calling me names (like bigot, for example) than he is logically and philosophically explaining his arguments. I have yet to call him ANYTHING (except dead-ass wrong, that is).
  29. Me - For the record, there is no God - only a made up, figment of some peoples' imagination brought about to control a fledgling society thousands of years ago. Carry on.
  31. Lecco - Hope you don't find out otherwise when you die, or you're gonna have a LOT of explaining to do!
  33. More Lecco - FOR THE RECORD, there is no proof either way. However, in order to believe there is no God, you have to accept that the reason you had to feed a homeless guy at Mickey D's is because of a freak one-in-a-trillion chemical reaction that took place a gazillion years ago that evolved into what we are today. Way too many coincidences in my book.....and I do NOT believe in coincidence!
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