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Zmajk0 Feb 17th, 2019 57 Never
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  1. C:\Users\Georgije\Desktop\VMOGC~1\pawno\include\Pawn.CMD.inc(56) : error 025: function heading differs from prototype
  2. C:\Users\Georgije\Desktop\VMOGC~1\pawno\include\Pawn.CMD.inc(60) : error 025: function heading differs from prototype
  3. C:\Users\Georgije\Desktop\VM OGC\gamemodes\VMAMX.pwn(2963) : error 017: undefined symbol "Command_AddAltNamed"
  4. C:\Users\Georgije\Desktop\VM OGC\gamemodes\VMAMX.pwn(2964) : error 017: undefined symbol "Command_AddAltNamed"
  5. C:\Users\Georgije\Desktop\VM OGC\gamemodes\VMAMX.pwn(2965) : error 017: undefined symbol "Command_AddAltNamed"
  6. C:\Users\Georgije\Desktop\VM OGC\gamemodes\VMAMX.pwn(2966) : error 017: undefined symbol "Command_AddAltNamed"
  7. C:\Users\Georgije\Desktop\VM OGC\gamemodes\VMAMX.pwn(2967) : error 017: undefined symbol "Command_AddAltNamed"
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