holy shit

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  1. in this picture we see that two friends are conversing with one another and at one point in the conversation, one individual reveals to another person in what appears to be a cropped off conversation that they were broken up with by their girlfriend; now imagine the heartbreak this person may feel. left alone and potentially without wonder, the friend is left in a position to console their friend and provide a sense of comradary and understanding. the friend realizes that consoling a friend is necessary as they were reached out to for support and this is a kind thing to do and so to console our friend we do what we do best. we meme it out. to help best support a friend, this person looks up a picture that can only be described as: in the heavenly sky guided by the white clouds radiating in the background, a turd so heavenly vicious and evil only describable as a emoji that young mothers in their twenties would use nonstop to represent a feeling of dread, hilarity or simply calling someone a piece of shit floats in the sky with a smile so sinister its comparable to an evil white bitch after getting her way and nobody wanted to stop her, that stupid ass fucking smile that smiles so bright like a pedophile on crack cocaine running at you at the speed of sound because they are tripping on a mix of cocaine, acid and maybe some mdma, but that smile has such a psychopathic look you can only imagine of of those because who would be crazy enough to use all three of those at once? THIS crazy piece of shit, thats who. as if the smile wasn't bad enough its those eyes, those god damn eyes. those eyes that are just so violently large that they initimidate anyone who gazes into them, so soulless Lucifer himself wouldn't fuck with this shit. so unholy its almost as if heaven itself wanted to curse you by showing you this heartless and plastic eyes, shaped like ovals with gigantic large pupils taking up a huge percentage of facial real estate by approximately seventy-five percent, accompanied in this freakish smile and dead pan eyes is the god damn shape of this literal shits swirl. its a pretty artificial swirl too like maybe its one of those swirls that you can intentionally have if your swirling ice cream out of an actual soft serve type machine but i dont imagine shit is probably gonna fall into this nice of a swirl while your taking a shit unless your actually using your body as a mechanism to swirl the ice cream out which if you're doing that on the toilet theres probably a lot of better things you could be doing, such as commenting on the horrifying shape of those god damn wings accompanying this smiling swirly poop. the shape of the wings resemble the shape of angels from biblical legend, from generic anime tiddy with wings and maybe even edgelords like sephiroth, just kinda draped out there, featherhy but artificially crafted as if its suppose to represent that its a made by a holy figure or just some dude with a pencil and too much time. but what does shit shit also have? a god damn halo. you know who else had a fuckin halo? goku. thats right bitch, goku. this motherfucker is comparable to goku. you know who else smiled and had angel wings? angel. fucking. goku. a heavenly ascended figure that could destroy worlds with a wink looks at you menacingly staring you down is about to vaccum, thats right, vaccum. you want to know about this vaccum? its not even holy. its a basic bitch ass yard sale budget looking vaccum that is about to suck you up. to add insult to injury, you aren't worth destroying with its horrifying stench or ungodly gaze, it sucks the soul out of YOU, a human being wearing a suck. this isn't even just a regular suit, this looks like a nice form fitted almost as if photoshopped with how fitting it works on this individual. to have this level of suit fit so perfectly one would have to find an old traditional tailor, meaning you would have to work a job suitable enough to pay for all of your expenses to even buy or require a suit. once you found this tailor and had the suit, it would mean you have to pay for so many services such as the labor of the worker, the materials for the worker, replacement suit to have in the meantime, it means you are a person who actually has the potential to have their shit together because you're even able to be in this position. everything about you is being sucked and thats unfortunate. the friend sends the picture and the recipient is shocked, left confused by his friends picture with just so much going on he is left perplexed, one must assume that this person is having difficulty comprehending the heavenly yet unholy but so profound picture, he is left speechless and is only left able to ask the simple question "what?" to which his friend simply replys "holy shit that sucks man". which goes to show that an individuals comprehension of a situation depends on their view of life, to the unengaged one may not understand the biblical references but by expanding ones point of views by utilizing simple lines, shapes and colors to transcribe the true meaning of holy shit, that when things go so crazy in life the first thing you yearn for is for something holy to represent your struggles as if to help you deal with those situations. this shows you that even in the clear bright sky when things should look fine, a day as bright and blue, vibrant as possible it can still show you that while some may be smiling there are those who endure misery and are dealt a horrible hand by dealing with holy shit.
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