Resources Script (v2.0) for Age of Conan

May 7th, 2017
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  1. <FONT COLOR='#ffff00'>Resources:</FONT><a style="text-decoration:underline" href="text:// <br><center><font color=ORANGE face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>=========== ALCHEMICALs ===========</font></center> <FONT FACE='HYBORIANsmall' COLOR=ORANGE> <br> <FONT COLOR=x>====</FONT> health <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> stamina <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> mana </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L40 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#f22b60'>wolf meat</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#23c120'>scorpion oil</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>yohimbe bark</FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L50 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#f22b60'>red magnesite</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#23c120'>black sulfur</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>asafoetida</FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L60 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#f22b60'>wild dagga</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#23c120'>betel nuts</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>mandrake juice</FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L70 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#f22b60'>cinnabar</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>====</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#23c120'>sourmetal salt</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>henbane</FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L75 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#f22b60'>wintermist</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#23c120'>sardonyx</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>====</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>nightblack sage</FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L80 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#f22b60'>beguiler blood</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#23c120'>nushadir salt</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> <FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>harmala</FONT> <br> <FONT FACE='HYBORIANsmall' COLOR=ORANGE> <br> <FONT COLOR=x>====</FONT> 60 sec pots </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L40 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> + feral blood <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L50 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> + ground hematite <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> L60 </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> + chill crawler bile <br> <br><u><FONT COLOR=yellow>FOOD/DRINK</u></FONT> (1hr or 4hr) need: <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> <u>main ingredient</u> (listed above)+ <u>purchaseable</u>* <br> <FONT FACE='SMALL' COLOR='#8c8c8c'> ex. 10 Sharphowler steak (4hr L40 green health food): <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> 2 wolf meat + 1 horseradish (tradeskill vendor) </FONT> <br><u><FONT COLOR=yellow>POT</u></FONT> (60 sec) need: <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> <u>main ingredient</u> (listed above)+ <u>purchaseable</u> <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> + <u>60 sec pot ingredient</u> (listed above)* <br> <FONT FACE='SMALL' COLOR='#8c8c8c'> ex. 10 Willspiced Infusion (60 sec L50 green mana pot) need: <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> 1 asafoetida + 1 hematite + 1 nutmeg (tradeskill vendor) <BR> *NOTE: this is for the base alchemy recipes taught by trainer </FONT> <br><center><font color=ORANGE face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>= ARMOR/WEAPONS =</font></center> <FONT FACE='HYBORIANsmall' COLOR=ORANGE> <br> <FONT COLOR=x>=======</FONT> L 40/50 <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> L 60/70 <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> L 75/80 </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> A (fabric) </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>=.</FONT> cotton <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> silk <FONT COLOR=x>=====</FONT> ironsilk <br> <FONT COLOR=green> <FONT COLOR=x>================</FONT> tussah <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> gossamer </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> B (leather) </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> rough <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> calloused <FONT COLOR=x>=.</FONT> gnarled <br> <FONT COLOR=green> <FONT COLOR=x>================</FONT> grained <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> whorled </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> C (metals) </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> copper <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> iron <FONT COLOR=x>====.</FONT> duskmetal <br> <FONT COLOR=green> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> tin <FONT COLOR=x>=====.</FONT> auricalc <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> blue iron </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> D (precious) </FONT> silver <FONT COLOR=x>====</FONT> electrum <FONT COLOR=x>=.</FONT> gold <br> <FONT COLOR=green> <FONT COLOR=x>================</FONT> illustrium <FONT COLOR=x>=.</FONT> platinum </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> E (wood) </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> ash <FONT COLOR=x>=====</FONT> yew <FONT COLOR=x>====.</FONT> oak <br> <FONT COLOR=green> <FONT COLOR=x>================</FONT> amberwood soul wood </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> F (stone) </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> sandstone <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> granite <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> basalt <br> <br><u><FONT COLOR=yellow>ARMOR</u></FONT>: aside from <u>purchaseable</u> diff armors need: <br><FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> CLOTH <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT>- A (green A) <br><FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> LIGHT <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT>- B (green B) <br><FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> MEDIUM <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT>- B + C + D (green B) <br><FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> HEAVY <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT>- C + D (green D) <br><FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> FULL PLATE - C + D (green D) <br><FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> SHIELD <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT>- C + E + F (green E)* <FONT FACE='SMALL' COLOR='#8c8c8c'> <br> ex. sunsteel studded cap (L60 blue medium head gear): <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> calloused (B) + iron (C) + electrum (D) + basic armor kit <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> + grained (green B) <br> *NOTE: this is for the base armor recipes taught by trainer </FONT> <br><u><FONT COLOR=yellow>WEAPONS (MELEE)</u></FONT> -including thrown weapons, need: <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> C + D + <u>purchaseable</u> (<FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>blue item</FONT> add green C)** <FONT FACE='SMALL' COLOR='#8c8c8c'> <br> ex. bloodsilver broadsword (L50 green 1HE): <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> copper (C) + silver (D) + plain hilt piece (tradeskill vendor) <br> ex. swiftsilver broadsword (L50 blue 1HE): <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> copper (C) + silver (D) + plain hilt piece (tradeskill vendor) <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> + tin (green C) </FONT> <br><u><FONT COLOR=yellow>WEAPONS (RANGED)</u></FONT> -bows & crossbows, need: <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> C + D + E + <u>purchaseable</u> (<FONT COLOR='#2e79f2'>blue item</FONT> add green C)** <FONT FACE='SMALL' COLOR='#8c8c8c'> <br> ex. swiftsilver flat bow (L50 blue bow): <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> copper (C) + silver (D) + ash (E) + bowstring fiber <br> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> + tin (green C) <br> **NOTE: this is for the base weapon recipes taught by trainer </FONT> <br><center><font color=ORANGE face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>= RESOURCE GATHERING =</font></center> <FONT FACE='HYBORIANsmall' COLOR=ORANGE> <br> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> Tier 1 <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> Tier 2 <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> Tier 3 </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> Miner </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>====</FONT> Copper <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> Iron <FONT COLOR=x>=====.</FONT> Duskmetal <br><FONT COLOR=GREEN> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> Tin <FONT COLOR=x>=====.</FONT> Auricalchum <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> Blue Iron </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> Prospector </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> Silver <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> Electrum <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> Gold <br><FONT COLOR=GREEN> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> Blk Silver <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> Illustrium <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> Platinum </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> Weaver </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> Cotton <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> Silk <FONT COLOR=x>======</FONT> Ironsilk <br><FONT COLOR=GREEN> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> Cottonwisp <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> Tussah <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> Gossamer </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> Stonecutter </FONT><FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> Sandstone <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> Granite <FONT COLOR=x>===.</FONT> Basalt <br><FONT COLOR=GREEN> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> Clr Quartz <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> Feldspar <FONT COLOR=x>==.</FONT> Adamantium </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> Woodcutter </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x></FONT> Ash <FONT COLOR=x>=====</FONT> Yew <FONT COLOR=x>=====.</FONT> Oak <br><FONT COLOR=GREEN> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> Black Ash <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> Amberwood <FONT COLOR=x>.</FONT> Soulwood </FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=ORANGE> Skinner </FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==,</FONT> Rough <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> Calloused <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> Gnarled <br><FONT COLOR=GREEN> <FONT COLOR=x>========</FONT> Brindled <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> Grained <FONT COLOR=x>===</FONT> Whorled </FONT> <br><center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>________________</font></center> <br>Resources v.2.0 by Aesghuld ">[ Click Here ]</a>
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