Got To Get Into Shape TG (Wii Fit Trainer TG)

May 20th, 2019
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  1. What a great day it is. Yep. Nothing beats getting your face dragged against the walls. The nice feeling of my flesh slowly tearing off really lets me know how wonderful life is at times. The feeling of having a big sweaty hand grab the back of my head as if he was trying to crush a golf ball. I wish my brain can always feel this positive, but none of my thoughts were in that category. The snickering of low life’s who think their lives are so shit that the only option to make themselves feel better is to make others feel even worse.
  3. “Hey guys! Someone is coming! We better get out of here!” I could only hear him, but I assumed he was the lookout in our little chat.
  5. I felt the hand leave behind some sweat as it was detached from my scalp letting my face slowly drag down the wall onto the paved floor. I could hear the leader yell, “Smell ya later loser! Sorry about putting you on EDge!”
  7. I could hear the laughter as it became fainter and fainter until I was left to hear the sound of quiet footsteps and my thoughts. Who even says ‘smell ya later’ anymore in this day and age? They are so stupid that I can’t help but let out a tear in amusement. I am also going to assume that the tear is from what I thought was funny and not painful, because I’m used to this. Who cries over something that happens so often?
  9. I’ve only been treated like this for my entire time at elementary and secondary school. So there is nothing to be worried about. I just have to tough it out until high school is done, and live a better life and future form university onwards.
  11. I slowly pushed myself up when I heard a loud gasp. I turn around to barely see a silhouette in my bloody vision. “Ed…what happened to you? Why are you all beat up?”
  13. I tried to crack a smile. “It’s nothing. I just tripped into the wall is all. I’m fine see?”
  15. She ran towards me. “You are so definitely not fine! Who did this to you? Oh, I know! It was that son of a bitch Chad again, wasn’t it?” I tried to keep a straight face, but failed. “This is the last straw! I’m going to go over and bust this guys balls open if it’s the last thing I do!”
  17. I reached out to her. “Wait!”
  19. She looked back at me. “What?”
  21. “There must be another way to resolve this other than making him dysfunctional for the rest of his life.”
  23. She looked at me with a face swirling with a myriad of emotions. “So that he can have the time to make yours dysfunctional? No! I can’t stand seeing you in pain!”
  25. “I said I’m fine!” She backed away from my sudden outburst. I took a deep breathe before continuing. “Sorry about that. Look Vivian, can you please promise me to not make anything worse. This is only for two more months.”
  27. She looked down in sorrow. “But that’s two more months of pain.” Tears started to form in her eyes. “I don’t want to see you in pain! I don’t want to see that fake and self pity smile of yours. I want to see you happy and really smile!”
  29. I kept my gaze on her. “I’m sorry, but this is what life is. I’m a loser after all. Can’t do anything about–”
  31. “Don’t call yourself a loser!” I was cut off with the sudden lash. “You are such an amazing person! Your always there when I’m down and you always put up with any stupid shenanigans that come your way!” With her eyes staring deep into me, I was able to make out the trail of tears falling down her delicate cheeks.
  33. “Again, I’m sorry. Sorry for making you worry and sorry for being such a weak loser.” I started to tread my way past her.
  35. I felt her grab my arm. “Fine! I will not castrate Chad, but I’m going to help you in the second best way I can!”
  37. I sighed and looked at her. “What is your idea for how to help me?”
  39. She only said a single word. “Exercise!”
  41. “Goodbye Vivian. See you tomorrow.”
  43. She yanked on my arm tighter with her deceptively strong arms. “Don’t just brush of idea like it’s nothing! I am being totally serious! From this day onwards, I will be training you to become stronger mentally and physically so that you can start to stand up for yourself!”
  45. Oh boy. I really don’t want to do this. “How about we talk about this first.”
  47. She let go of my arm and jumped in front of me. “Less talking, more doing! We are starting now! We are going to your house to start your new regime!”
  49. I weakly raised a hand. “Do I have any say in this?”
  51. She giggled. “Nope! Come on!”
  53. I groaned as she pulled me. “I thought so…”
  55. So we worked throughout the weeks. She made me run about five kilometers early every morning before school. She made me workout with her using weights and doing any other muscle working exercises for about half an hour to a full hour everyday. Even if I said I was not feeling it, or I was too exhausted, she wouldn’t accept any of it and would say something like ‘It must become a habit because one day of slacking turns into two, then three…’ and so forth.
  57. I will admit I did start to feel a bit different. Not much though since it takes a lot of time, but I definitely felt some sort of a change. I could tell that I have a bit more endurance now than how I much I had when I started about 4 weeks prior. We still ran around the same distance, but I was stopping less so there is some progress there. I thought I was doing well, but Vivian would argue with that.
  59. She felt like I should be able to run the full distance without any stops or lift as much as she can. In the last few weeks, I’ve increased my load by about ten to fifteen pounds which I fell is pretty solid progress. Let me just say that her body is a tad unorthodox since her muscles develop multiple times faster than the average human. You wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance with how thin her arms are, but she can lift a hundred and fifty pounds. How many people at her age can life that much? Not much I’d say. I started off at around seventy-five pounds and she already expects me to lift more than her. I also know she isn’t taking any sort of drugs so her unbelievable strength and endurance will I guess always be a mystery.
  61. One day, she brought something over to my house. “Hey Ed! How are you doing on this fine morning?”
  63. I answered back. “I’m doing good. How are you today Vivian?”
  65. “Great! I actually got a surprise for you!”
  67. I looked to see her arms were stretched behind her back. “Let me guess…is it whatever you are holding behind your back?”
  69. She nodded a confirmation. “Here!” She pulled to her front what looked like a game and a board.
  71. I already knew what the board was, but I looked at the games title to make sure it was what I was thinking of, and sure enough it was. “Wii Fit U?”
  73. She smiled. “Yup! Today as a special treat, we will be using this on your Wii U!”
  75. “Um…sure. Why not?”
  77. “Good! Just know that this here Wii fit balance board is special. I just bought it off of EBay, but it’s said to magically improve every major muscle that you work per exercise.”
  79. “Yeah sure. You mean to say that I will change for the better if I continue to practice and practice everyday right?”
  81. She looked at me with seriousness in her eyes. “No really. Look here.” She brought it up close to my face. “It says ‘WARNING! WILL CAUSE PERMANENT PHYSICAL EFFECTS TO THE BODY! USE AT RISK! No mental changes will happen.’ right in the corner. It seems stupid, but this is Nintendo we are talking about. They almost never joke around.”
  83. She was right. They almost always wrote something down when it was the truth. Even with those guys who admitted online to having illegal copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon early and Nintendo permanently banned them from any online service. “I will take a crack at it. I doubt it, but if anything happens to me, I will just have to deal with it. No matter the change.”
  85. She looked at me with worry. “You sure? I can always return it.”
  87. I nodded. “I’m as positive as can be. They even said I would stay the same mentally so that helps…a bit.”
  89. She giggled. “Well then. Lets get stated!”
  91. “Give me a moment. I need to set up.” I went to my room and quickly cleaned up. I made sure there was enough space to do some basic exercises.
  93. When I was done, I called up her up. She said, “You got way to many video games. With how much you workout and do homework, where do you find the time to play games?”
  95. I shrugged. “I just do.”
  97. I could tell she was unsatisfied with my answer, but she tossed it aside. She placed the board on the ground and calibrated it to the console. When connected, she plopped the game in and got it started.
  99. I scrolled through the options for the exercises. “So…which one should I start with?”
  101. She thought for a second and decided upon one. She pointed at the screen. “That one.”
  103. I looked at it and agreed. “Yeah. I guess it would be good to start with Deep Breathing.”
  105. I clicked on it and watched the trainer on the screen. She said to slowly breathe in and out and I followed along. I noticed that midway through the exercise, my voice started to change. Almost like that of a girl. Wait a second…it does sound like a girl’s voice, someone who I actually was listening to right now. I would usually panic in this state, but my mind stayed relaxed and I waited until I was done the exercise.
  107. I touched my neck to feel it being softer and thinner than usual. My Adam’s apple even disappeared or at least was much MUCH smaller. I looked towards Vivian. “Why does my voice sound like a girl’s, specifically the female Wii Fit Trainer’s voice?”
  109. She was awfully off put by the sudden change. “How am I supposed to know? Maybe this is a change that was talked about on the box? Try doing the same exercise again, but with the male trainer.”
  111. I tried it, but noticing happened. I still had the voice of the female trainer. “I will try another exercise and see what happens from there.”
  113. She looked nervous. “Okay.”
  115. I walked off the board towards her and patted her head. “Don’t worry. No matter what happens, I will still be the same. At least mentally.”
  117. After thinking about it, I chose the Cobra to work on next. I listened to the game and lied on my front and pushed my back off the ground. I felt and heard a loud crack happen, but made sure to finish the exercise before checking what else, if anything has changed.
  119. Sure enough, I changed again. This time was my back, which arched and curved my back. “I know this may be a bit early, but with how this is going, I think I may be changing into a girl, specifically the Wii Fit Trainer.”
  121. “How can you tell it’s her?”
  123. “Because of the voice. Doesn’t mean I will change into her, but it’s very likely.”
  125. “Are you sure you are okay with this?”
  127. I thought about it. “I don’t know. I would usually be freaking out at this point, but I’m not. Also, I said no mater what happens, I will accept it all.”
  129. She looked down. “But I don’t want you to turn into a girl…”
  131. I couldn’t hear her. “Sorry. I missed what you said. Mind repeating what you said?”
  133. She raged and stuttered. “N-no! Your fault for not listening properly you i-idiot!”
  135. “What did I do?”
  137. She pushed me. “Just get back to exercising!”
  139. “Fine. Jeez.”
  141. Next, I chose Downward-Facing Dog. I have no idea what change this exercise will do, but I’ll see. I copied the instructor and stuck my butt in the air and kept my head facing the floor at a diagonal letting all the blood rush there. I’ve never been good at maintaining balance of any kind when the blood builds up in my head, but I was starting to feel more used to the exercise. I started to notice that something long started to grow in front of my face and distort my vision. What was usually my short brown hair was now growing longer and turning black as it tumbled on the floor.
  143. When done, I moved the hair out of my face, stood up and looked at Vivian. She was already at a lost for words. “Y-your face…it’s completely different.”
  145. I walked to the washroom and stared at myself. From the shoulders down, I was male. From the neck up, I was female. My face lacked any facial hair and was shaped to look like a female’s. My eyes were also slightly bigger with silver irises and my lips were plumped to make them more kissable. My hair was down to my butt and pitch black. “I guess there’s no turning back.”
  147. I walked back to see my friend still in shock. If this made her look like that, I’m afraid of what will happen to her if she sees me change even more.
  149. Onto the Shoulder Stand exercise. As I did the exercise, it almost felt like that gravity was too strong for a single moment that it pushed me downwards forcing my shoulders to push inwards along with my entire body shrinking a few inches.
  151. Next I did the Plank. In the process, all my skin became smooth and soft leaving me without any hair except on my head. My skin also paled, and when I said paled, I mean it. It was unnaturally paler than the normal human.
  153. Next I did the Half-Moon. In the process while stretching my body to the left and right, my waist lost any remaining fat on it and caved inwards leaving it nice and slim.
  155. Next I did the Sun Salutation. In the process of stretching my arms out, they slimed greatly. My hands followed along and my fingers elongated at the same time making them flexible. To add, my arms gained a lot of muscle and strength. The muscle wasn’t that noticeable since is extremely compacted.
  157. Next I did the bridge. The change here was a big one. In the process of pushing my hips in the air, I felt a slight jolt in my crotch for a moment. When done, I slowly put my hand there to feel it missing. I guess that makes me a girl now.
  159. Next I did the Warrior. In the process when inching my hips to the side, they slowly widened giving my new womanhood more meaning with my new child bearing proportions. Also my butt increased in size during this exercise as well.
  161. Next I did the Standing Knee. In the process when picking up each leg individually, my thighs gained some fat and became much softer and toned as well. It wasn’t noticeable, but I could feel one again that huge amount of extremely dense muscle come making my quadriceps deceptively powerful.
  163. Next I did the Chair. This exercise always hurts a lot. In the process of having my legs feel the burn, they slimmed down as well as strengthen. My feet followed suit just like my hands did and shrank while also slimming out with my toes elongating.
  165. Next I did the Push-Ups. In the process while going up and down, my chest started developing to mounds. I also noticed that I was able to do far more push-ups with my much better endurance that has increased along with my transformation. They continued to grow until I had to C-Cup breasts, but I also found that they didn’t get in the way of my exercising surprisingly.
  167. Last but not least, I ended with doing the Tree. I don’t know how, but in the process, my clothes changed into the same blue top and black tights that the Wii Fit Trainer wears.
  169. In my new voice, I said, “That was a good sweat.” I was practically raining all over the ground.
  171. I looked over at Vivian to see that she has fainted on my bed. I also noticed that there were leftover markings from the tears on her face. I whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. I am still me on the inside. I guess this is one of the other reasons I fell in love with you. If you heard me say that right now, you would probably beat me up, reject me, and then beat me up again." I giggled. I guess my sexual desires stayed the same along with my mentality. I left my room to go take a quick shower unbeknownst to me that the girl lying in my bed was actually still awake.
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