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  1. Proof for anyone who still thinks the G2 has a "restore" mechanism, and a middle finger to T-Mobile for lying and actually going along with this story. It's really the same thing as the "NAND lock" on other recent phones, with a bug. It sucks, but it's nothing crazy like many websites would have you believe.
  3. Right now, I'm (temp) rooted.
  5. # cd /system
  6. # ls
  7. fonts
  8. usr
  9. lib
  10. framework
  11. media
  12. tts
  13. build.prop
  14. bin
  15. etc
  16. xbin
  17. app
  18. # mkdir lol
  19. # cd lol
  20. # echo "HI!" > sup.txt
  21. # cat sup.txt
  22. HI!
  24. OK, we have a file on /system/lol/sup.txt. Now lets flush Linux's caches.
  26. # echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
  27. # ls
  28. ash: ls: not found
  30. OH NOES, Busybox is gone! There's no built in ls command, but we can do this:
  32. # echo *
  33. *
  35. Nada. It's all gone. The controller is buggy, and is lying to Linux about actually writing the data (it's actually write protected the same way every other one of HTC's recent phones have been, which have all been cracked).
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