/ksg/ creative events w/optional themes

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  1. /ksg/ creative events w/optional themes + submission dates:
  3. Spring (1st January to 31st March)
  4. Summer (1st April to 30th June)
  5. Autumn (1st July to 30th September)
  6. Winter (1st October to 31st December)
  8. Submissions require a pastebin/image-hosting link and an ID, if the submitter wants to be credited and possibly rewarded e.g. Anon -
  10. Ideally, the previous winner of an event goes on to host the next. Hosting requires organising the submissions, promoting the event, responding to entries with feedback and selecting a winner/prizes.
  11. No one can be completely unbiased but choosing a low quality sketch over a fanfic route just because the sketch has your waifu in and the route does not is something we should all avoid.
  13. Providing a detailed theme/direction may help some creators.
  16. Previous Events:
  18. /ksg/ 2019 Spring Event (host: AnotherAnon) - cqYH0Cqm
  19. /ksg/ Winter Event (host: FWAT) - frGa8P88
  20. /ksg/ Autumn Event! (host: Mren) - 8q5JHxfH
  21. /ksg/ Summer Contest! (host: Pomf) - k3evZ2UY
  22. SpRINg 2018 (host: WJ) - serUjMDS
  23. Skynet's Christmas 2017 Competition (host: Skynet): LL1pSL0J
  24. Halloween 2017 Community Competition (host: /ksg/): rcU3M8G7
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