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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 38: Northern Blues (Part 21)

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  1. [2013-05-29 13:25:02] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara's shots tear through the sniper, the last one piercing her heart.  She is dead before she drops the sniper rifle.  The sniper rifle drops down almost four feet, landing in a flower planter hanging beneath a broken attic window.
  2. [2013-05-29 13:25:09] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara lets out a breath and flumps back against the rock, touching a talon to his bleeding flank. "So...uhm...."
  3. [2013-05-29 13:25:15] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright gets up, spitting out dust. "Well, that was unpleasant..."
  4. [2013-05-29 13:25:22] <Little_Gloom> 3"-o suck Nightmare Moon's left hind teat in hell, you worthless puddle of bog snot!" Kid's finally coming to an end to her string as all that pain started to numb out.
  5. [2013-05-29 13:25:29] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright cocks an eyebrow at Kid. "Are you done now, or are you just taking a breather?"
  6. [2013-05-29 13:25:39] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid 's lungs are heaving air in and out. "Yeah." Gasp. "Ah think ah'm done." Gasp again.  "Got me right-" Gasp once more "-right in the cheek. Not right."
  7. [2013-05-29 13:25:59] <Little_Gloom> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Thirty-Eight: Northern Blues (Part Twenty-One) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  8. [2013-05-29 13:26:06] <Little_Gloom> 3--- Session Begins ---
  9. [2013-05-29 13:29:47] * Noble_Heart frowns as the pony falls from the building, her attention turning quickly back towards Kid. She approached the filly cautiously as her shield fell. "Can you heal her?" Her attention turned to Bookwright briefly.
  10. [2013-05-29 13:31:20] * CopyCat looks around tentatively, still inside her bubble. "Is... is it safe?" she said, worried as much about another verbal avalanche from Kid as she was about additional snipers.
  11. [2013-05-29 13:31:58] * Mitzi looks down at Kid and pouts. "Dat looks like eet hurt."
  12. [2013-05-29 13:33:44] * Kid whimpers a little as she tries to get up. Ow. Oww. Ow. Getting shot sucks! "My flank hurts." She sniffled a little.
  13. [2013-05-29 13:34:55] * Bookwright stands up, wincing from his own wounds. "Alright already, quit'cher whining. Lemme take a look at it."
  14. [2013-05-29 13:35:05] * Mitzi pats Kid on the head with a paw, "Yu tough leetle mare. Yu can take eet."
  15. [2013-05-29 13:35:46] * CopyCat lets the shield around herself and Kid drop and offers the small pony another potion. "I still have a couple of these left if you want them."
  16. [2013-05-29 13:36:30] * Noble_Heart looked back briefly as her horn glowed, pulling a roll of bandages from her pack. "We have packed for the occasion as well." She offers them to Bookwright.
  17. [2013-05-29 13:36:44] * Bookwright casts an amber spell. Actually, all his spells are amber. Bookwright casts cure light wounds on the whining baby.
  18. [2013-05-29 13:38:02] * Kid hobbles around. This is stupid. She was showing her flank off to a stallion. She needed an adult.
  19. [2013-05-29 13:39:08] * Shatara clumsily digs a healing potion out of his bag, squinting at the label.
  20. [2013-05-29 13:39:10] * Noble_Heart frowns at Kid's issues walking. "We will carry you if you will let Us. It is safer with Us if We are attacked again in any case."
  21. [2013-05-29 13:40:54] * CopyCat looks between Kid and Bookwright. "Um, I can assure you he's thinking nothing of the sort..."
  22. [2013-05-29 13:42:05] * Mitzi is an adult
  23. [2013-05-29 13:50:15] <Little_Gloom> 3Mitzi's ears perk.  She, Shatara and CopyCat all hear a low voice not too distant.  "Fuck.  Shootin's stopped.  Figure Fatality left anything fer us?"  
  24. [2013-05-29 13:51:03] * Mitzi stands up and motions with a claw in the direction of the voice, "More."
  25. [2013-05-29 13:52:06] * Bookwright "Huh?"
  26. [2013-05-29 13:52:45] <Little_Gloom> 3Another voice, raspy but feminine, answers, "Your own fault you're the longest pisser ever.  If I've missed out on another good haul..."
  27. [2013-05-29 13:52:55] * Mitzi whispers a repeat of what she heard
  28. [2013-05-29 13:52:57] * Shatara blinks and hastily ulps his healing potion, realizing with horror that it was an empty bottle. Why did he keep this again?
  29. [2013-05-29 13:53:11] * Mitzi frowns, "More like shooteen heartless."
  30. [2013-05-29 13:53:25] * Bookwright "Oh..."
  31. [2013-05-29 13:53:35] * Bookwright sighs. Readies Pew-Pew.
  32. [2013-05-29 13:54:08] * CopyCat let's her ears droop. "Oh, I don't want there to be more fighting." She tries to calm herself and casts a spell.
  33. [2013-05-29 13:54:45] * Mitzi motions with her claws, "Uh'll deal with dem." She checks the consistency of the ground to see if she can burrow over to the voices and take care of them without putting her friends in further danger.
  34. [2013-05-29 13:55:03] * Noble_Heart looks up with a frown, casting her shield around herself as she stowed the bandagaes again. Healing would have to wait.
  35. [2013-05-29 13:55:12] * Shatara whimpers a little and shakily reloads his rifle, wiping blood from his eye again.
  36. [2013-05-29 13:56:05] * CopyCat passes Shatara one of her potions, since Kid didn't want another.
  37. [2013-05-29 13:56:31] <Little_Gloom> 3Away from the road, the space between houses here is packed dirt.  Mitzi should be able to dig without trouble.  However, she'll have to navigate around or under foundations.
  38. [2013-05-29 13:57:31] * Mitzi may not be very clever, but she can dig no nopony's business. She quickly and, hopefully quietly, burrows into the dirt.
  39. [2013-05-29 13:57:58] * Kid moves up a little, hobbling her back leg. Shit. No moving it. The bone must have healed wrong. Shiiiit. "Galdurnit." She mumbled, moving up as much as her bummed leg would take her. Hell if she's going to spend this fight cursing in a bubble.
  40. [2013-05-29 13:58:09] * Shatara takes CopyCat's potion, drinking it down quickly, relaxing as some of the pain fades.
  41. [2013-05-29 14:04:40] * Bookwright decides he's going to use some more of his crappy bulk ammo. Changes mags.
  42. [2013-05-29 14:06:09] <Little_Gloom> 3Mitzi moves around to where the two Heartless are approaching the party.  "If we're lucky, one of 'em's just wounded.  We can have some... hey, did you feel that?"
  43. [2013-05-29 14:06:41] * Shatara glances around, his mind a little clearer with the pain dulled, and notices a hole in the ground where a tank-sized canine used to be. He squawks softly in alarm, looking around for a good vantage point with cover towards where the voices are coming from.
  44. [2013-05-29 14:07:41] * Mitzi bursts out of the ground, towering over the pair of Heartless, "No un hurts Ur friends." She then goes to town on the male with her claws.
  45. [2013-05-29 14:09:41] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara spots a billboard ("GOOD PONY: EVERYTHING YOU'LL EVER NEED FROM THOSE WHO TREAT YOU LIKE FAMILY!") not too far away.  The billboard sign is badly faded, and has several holes, but will make good, elevated cover.
  46. [2013-05-29 14:11:56] * Shatara hears the commencement of violence as he spots the billboard, wasting little time taking to the air and dashing for it.
  47. [2013-05-29 14:15:34] <Little_Gloom> 3The Heartless' eyes go wide in panic.  The male crystal pony tries to scurry back on legs adorned with Solaris Hooves.  He slips and falls before Mitzi's claws, carved into disassembled crystal parts.
  48. [2013-05-29 14:16:08] <Little_Gloom> 3The other Heartless is a large-framed, rust-colored female wielding a massive, makeshift sword that looks like it was fashioned from a splintered street lamp.  She attacks as Mitzi comes out of the ground, but the heavy blade fails to find its target.
  49. [2013-05-29 14:16:37] * Mitzi turns to glower at the female crystal pony, "Run."
  50. [2013-05-29 14:22:40] * Kid attempts to hobble closer to the building, gripping her shotgun tightly.
  51. [2013-05-29 14:31:16] * Shatara sees the melee mare swing, deciding he doesn't need further invitation to put two rounds downrange.
  52. [2013-05-29 14:39:04] <Little_Gloom> 3The Heartless' hide cracks as Shatara places two expert shots, one into her torso, the other into her right foreleg.  She stumbles back.
  53. [2013-05-29 14:41:10] * Mitzi cracks her knuckles threateningly.
  54. [2013-05-29 14:45:50] * Bookwright follows the peculiar sound of the carving of crystal ponies. Like a mixture between tearing paper, nails on chalkboard, and crunching gravel.
  55. [2013-05-29 14:47:43] * Bookwright brings his sprint down to a fast run as he rounds the corner, firing a shot as he does so.
  56. [2013-05-29 14:49:38] * Kid hobbles to the right and starts hitting the mare in the window with some bean bag rounds. Shit, she forgot she had those loaded.
  57. [2013-05-29 14:50:40] <Little_Gloom> 3The beam from Pew Pew arcs through the Heartless, exiting harmlessly at an odd angle.
  58. [2013-05-29 14:55:44] * CopyCat hesitates. Usually bad things were happening to her friends by now so she isn't sure who she should help. She readies a Shield spell just in case.
  59. [2013-05-29 15:02:13] <Little_Gloom> 3The Heartless is rocked by several solid hits from Kid's bean bags, one to the breast and the other nearly sweeping her right hingleg out from under her.
  60. [2013-05-29 15:15:23] * Noble_Heart paused only briefly as the chaos of battle began. The sound of shattering glass, and Kid's insistance of going to fight, brought her attentions to what was going on. She spread her wings and levitated the lance from her pack rushing forwards through the air towards the pony target, weapon brought to bare with full speed.
  61. [2013-05-29 15:20:46] <Little_Gloom> 3The Heartless strikes out with her massive sword, hitting Noble_Heart with a powerful blow before being sent flying back into the crumbling crystal wall of the house beside her.  The mare hits the wall then crumples to the ground, unconscious and near death.
  62. [2013-05-29 15:22:53] * Noble_Heart lets out a whinny of surprise as she's sliced along the shoulder, landing a moment later with a frown and a glare. "She shall not trouble Us again."
  63. [2013-05-29 15:24:10] * Kid hobbles closer to the building in question, spotting Noble's brand new, rather deep, gash. "Ya'll alright?"
  64. [2013-05-29 15:24:49] * CopyCat looks around nervously. "Is... is it over?"
  65. [2013-05-29 15:25:20] * Noble_Heart looks down at the injury. "We will live. We have been worse." She looks to Kid worriedly. "Are you well?"
  66. [2013-05-29 15:28:05] * Mitzi looks over to the cracked and chipped heartless. "So much fur helpeen ponies here. Are dere anee not crazy ur statues?"
  67. [2013-05-29 15:28:24] * Shatara looks around, for any remaining threats before gliding down to the sniper-pony's position.
  68. [2013-05-29 15:29:33] * Get_Lost takes a look at kid "you shouldn't go around with a half cutout leg, you know..."
  69. [2013-05-29 15:29:45] * CopyCat flaps over to Mitzi and shakes her head. "Not that we've seen. The crazy ones even want to break the statue ones."
  70. [2013-05-29 15:29:51] * Noble_Heart looks up to Mitzi. "The Zebras here are sane and well. We intend to help them. And perhaps those who are statues as best We can." She levitates the sword from the ground and secures it to her saddlebags on the opposite side from the lance.
  71. [2013-05-29 15:31:15] * Kid frowns. "Sniper shot me in the flank!" She shouted. "Get, could you get my leg goin' again? No offense Bookie, but it's kinda feels weird fer you to go around touchin' my flank."
  72. [2013-05-29 15:31:27] * Mitzi totally doesn't hear faint signs of life from the totally 100% dead crystal pony.
  73. [2013-05-29 15:31:47] * Get_Lost nodnods "sure, let me take a look at it...."
  74. [2013-05-29 15:31:51] * Bookwright blanches and looks away. "Hey, I don't like what you're insinuating! It feels weird for me to do it!"
  75. [2013-05-29 15:33:59] * Mitzi doesn't quite get why Kid was awkward. Ponies walked around naked all the time, as did Hellhounds for the most part.
  76. [2013-05-29 15:34:02] * Get_Lost "i think that it is just normal than a healthy stallion is interested in touching a nice filly's flank, of you want my opinion..."
  77. [2013-05-29 15:34:17] <Get_Lost> *if
  78. [2013-05-29 15:34:31] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara perches at the sniper pony's roost and keeps a look-out for other signs of danger.  Mercifully, for now, the wasteland of the Crystal Empire seems quiet.  The sun is beginning to go down, painting the clouds with pretty colors.
  79. [2013-05-29 15:34:50] * Shatara blushes at the...odd conversation of the others as he rummages for ammo.
  80. [2013-05-29 15:35:44] * Kid gives an awkward chuckle. Get_Lost, why do you have to make things so awkward? "Look, it just feels weird, alright?"
  81. [2013-05-29 15:35:51] * Bookwright shakes his head. "I'm /not/ interested, jeez. Can we just let this drop
  82. [2013-05-29 15:35:53] <Bookwright> ?"
  83. [2013-05-29 15:36:22] * Kid sticks her tongue out a little at Bookie.
  84. [2013-05-29 15:37:09] * Mitzi looks to Get_Lost, "SHe's kinda young though. No point before she can have puppies."
  85. [2013-05-29 15:37:20] * Get_Lost "well, just wait the heat season and we will tell...."
  86. [2013-05-29 15:37:47] * Shatara shifts his wings uncomfortably.
  87. [2013-05-29 15:38:17] * Get_Lost finishes bandaging kid's leg and vlocking it with a stick "here you go. don't break it again, okay?"
  88. [2013-05-29 15:39:04] * Bookwright whistles a desperate tune off-key. "Not listening to youuuuu...."
  89. [2013-05-29 15:39:42] * Little_Gloom 3finds rules.  Yes, Medicine check is requires to fix a crippled limb.
  90. [2013-05-29 15:40:33] <Little_Gloom> 3Get_Lost's perk means that no Doctor's Bag is needed/consumed in the process.
  91. [2013-05-29 15:40:52] * CopyCat seems quite happy to join in the ribbing. "Oh dear. What will Bookie do until then?"
  92. [2013-05-29 15:40:54] <Get_Lost> yush!
  93. [2013-05-29 15:41:45] * Get_Lost "oh well, tthere is always masturbation, or dolls...."
  94. [2013-05-29 15:42:26] * Shatara 's wings wrest themselves from his control, spreading wide as he tries to hide himself behind the ledge.
  95. [2013-05-29 15:42:39] * Kid moves her leg and looks around the room. "My. We jus' fragged some folk and now we're on this subject. In th' room that we fragged 'em in."
  96. [2013-05-29 15:43:31] * Bookwright is suddenly fascinated a piece of rubble. Would you just /look/ at that fracturing, it's practically conchoidal! Seems this piece of rubble came from something made of glass, and not true crystal.
  97. [2013-05-29 15:45:25] * Noble_Heart looks up towards the sky, then back and forth. "We recommend finding a safe place to bed down for the night soon. We do not think traveling at night would be wise in this place..."
  98. [2013-05-29 15:45:28] * Kid looks around for some loot out of these ponies. Maybe if we take away their stuff, they'd be less inclined to ambush folks. Besides, after we're done, hopefully they'll be back in their minds again so they won't have to use 'em as much.
  99. [2013-05-29 15:49:06] <Little_Gloom> 3Kid searches the two Heartless, finding the male's pair of Solaris Hooves, a half-eaten Fancy Lad's snack cake, a bottle of pure water...
  100. [2013-05-29 15:49:20] <Little_Gloom> 3...and from the mare's saddlebags, a dose of Flash.
  101. [2013-05-29 15:51:33] * Kid blinks. Flash. Drugs. Her mind went off back home to some of the raider addicts that populated her home. They didn't tend to last long when their initial supply dried up and they decided to try to raid some folk that don't take kindly to having things taken from them. She looked at the ponies in question. "... How th' hell did they even inject this shit?"
  102. [2013-05-29 15:52:41] * Shatara grumbles softly in suppressed frustration as he tries to limber his wings again as he pockets the ammunition.
  103. [2013-05-29 15:54:01] * Bookwright "I think they inhale it, Kid."
  104. [2013-05-29 15:54:57] * Kid examines it. "So they do. Shows what I know about this shit."
  105. [2013-05-29 15:59:44] * Bookwright "Right... Look, I want to get to the Stable-Tec building before sundown, and maybe camp in the lobby or something. Uncovering Sparkle Shine's memories really took a lot out of me, but I've got enough juice to heal you folks with repeated applications."
  106. [2013-05-29 16:00:36] * Noble_Heart nods her head to Bookwright. "Yes. We agree. Moving there would be most advantageous."
  107. [2013-05-29 16:01:03] * CopyCat nods along. "Bookie is right. We should keep moving."
  108. [2013-05-29 16:01:47] * Kid limbers up a little bit. "Right. Let's get movin', then." She breaks off the bit part of the Fancy Lad's snack cake and ate it. No point letting good food go to waste.
  109. [2013-05-29 16:01:48] * Shatara glides down from the perch, picking up the rifle before moving to the others, his wings still shifting uncomfortably.
  110. [2013-05-29 16:03:56] * Noble_Heart nods her head, looking to the sky. "We would recommend traveling as quickly as possible, however. The sun is nearly down. And the lights in the building are on. We suspect something is still living there."
  111. [2013-05-29 16:04:02] * Bookwright "In fact, I'll do some right now. Noble Heart, please hold still for a moment."
  112. [2013-05-29 16:04:18] * CopyCat tilts her head at Shatara curiously. "If you are feeling... frustrated then perhaps you and Bookwright should spend some time together."
  113. [2013-05-29 16:04:25] * Noble_Heart blinks and frowns, looking down to Bookwright, though staying where she was.
  114. [2013-05-29 16:05:24] * Bookwright conjures a pair of flickering spheres of light that sink into Noble_Heart and knit some of her wounds.
  115. [2013-05-29 16:05:51] * Shatara squawkblinks at CopyCat. "I...w-what?"
  116. [2013-05-29 16:06:40] * Bookwright looks away. "I... uh. Ahem. Let's get going, shall we?"
  117. [2013-05-29 16:07:38] * Kid blushes. "Yes! Let's go off and do somethin' anywhere else." She said, looting the sword and hoofing it over to Noble first before heading off.
  118. [2013-05-29 16:08:40] * Noble_Heart had already secured the sword, from where it had fallen when she launched the crystal pony. "We agree." She smiled to Bookwright. "Thank you for your help. We shall do Our best to support you as well."
  119. [2013-05-29 16:09:21] * CopyCat returns Shatara's gaze innocently. "It's just that he seems to be a little distracted as well and I thought you might be able to help each other. Anyway, you can do that later, I think we're heading off."
  120. [2013-05-29 16:10:20] * Bookwright turns to Shatara. "And for you, O wing'd one. Hold still a moment."
  121. [2013-05-29 16:11:25] * Bookwright calms and focuses briefly. A jolt of dusk lightning leaps from his horn and into Shatara, healing the latter.
  122. [2013-05-29 16:11:33] * CopyCat shrugs. "Or I guess you could do it now. Be quick or you'll have to catch up."
  123. [2013-05-29 16:11:49] * Bookwright "That will have to do for the moment. We really must get moving."
  124. [2013-05-29 16:12:16] * Shatara squawks, scurrying back and tripping over some crystal rubble. "W-wait! I'm not like tha...! Oh...Uuuh..." He sheepishly curls into his wings as his wounds mend futher.
  125. [2013-05-29 16:17:20] * CopyCat follows Noble and Kid at a brisk trot, giving the two lovebirds some alone time.
  126. [2013-05-29 16:17:51] * Noble_Heart stretches her foreleg a few moments, before beginning to head in the direction of Stable-Tec.
  127. [2013-05-29 16:21:28] * Bookwright smartly marches behind Noble_Heart.
  128. [2013-05-29 16:26:11] * Shatara takes off and glides over the others, putting most of the party between himself and Bookwright.
  129. [2013-05-29 16:28:21] * CopyCat nudges Kid. "Aww, I think Shatara is shy."
  130. [2013-05-29 16:29:30] * Kid blinks. "Maybe. Ah feel as if yer tryin' t' stick a square peg in a round hole, though."
  131. [2013-05-29 16:30:55] * Bookwright blushes. "Can we not talk about sticking things in holes, please?"
  132. [2013-05-29 16:32:51] * CopyCat ponders. "But they were acting so strangely around each other... ah, you're probably right. I just thought it would be nice for them."
  133. [2013-05-29 16:32:51] * Noble_Heart nickers but doesn't actually comment.
  134. [2013-05-29 16:33:38] * Kid tilts her head towards Bookwright. "Oh, c'mon. I ain't even tryin' t' fuck wit'cha that time."
  135. [2013-05-29 16:34:48] * Bookwright starts walking even faster, opening a gap between himself and Kid. Frantically, he starts looking around for something to take his mind off of the topic of conversation.
  136. [2013-05-29 16:42:52] * CopyCat feels it is her duty to cheer up Bookwright. She approaches and pats him with a wing. "There there. I understand. Perhaps we can find you somepony with fewer feathers?"
  137. [2013-05-29 16:54:07] <Little_Gloom> Bookwright's wandering eye spots something of interest.  A reflection of the setting sun off of something brilliantly red and chrome, barely visible between the broken houses.  Could be nothing... could be interesting.
  138. [2013-05-29 16:56:01] * Bookwright , grateful for the opportunity to change the subject, interjects, "Hey! I think I just spotted something interesting!" Breaking into a quick trot, he approaches the thing he spotted hastily with weapon drawn, eager for the distraction.
  139. [2013-05-29 16:57:31] * Noble_Heart paused briefly, watching as Bookwright heads in that direction, following after him.
  140. [2013-05-29 16:57:56] * Kid brushes the hair out of her organic eye and places her hoof over her eyes. "What is that thing?" She says, approaching the... Thing.
  141. [2013-05-29 16:58:30] * Shatara covers the sky, keeping up with the others as they investigate the...thing.
  142. [2013-05-29 16:58:32] * CopyCat follows Bookwright. He seemed much happier now. Clearly she was very good at cheering ponies up. "Ooo, what is it?"
  143. [2013-05-29 16:59:24] * Bookwright "I don't know, but it's shiny and red and it has nothing to do with the last topic of conversation!"
  144. [2013-05-29 17:05:47] <Little_Gloom> Shatara can easily discern what the party is heading towards.  The others weave through rubble, first coming upon a crudely painted sign, tattered and faded with age, pinned to a free-standing wall of what was once a market.  The sign proclaims: "Get Clean with the Squirts!  (one block)"
  145. [2013-05-29 17:06:02] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara can easily discern what the party is heading towards.  The others weave through rubble, first coming upon a crudely painted sign, tattered and faded with age, pinned to a free-standing wall of what was once a market.  The sign proclaims: "Get Clean with the Squirts!  (one block)"
  146. [2013-05-29 17:06:48] * Kid blinks. "Wut."
  147. [2013-05-29 17:07:07] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We are not certain We want to know what that means..."
  148. [2013-05-29 17:08:46] * Kid frowns. "I... Really don' wanna know, but ah think it's somethin' t' look int' on our way back. Stripey folk back at th' base might appreciate some water."
  149. [2013-05-29 17:08:52] <Little_Gloom> 3Coming around the edge of the wall, Bookwright and CopyCat see before them a crystal lot strewn with motorwagons.  A large, torn banner is strung up, proclaiming to nopony: "Crystal Empire Squirts 32 Annual Wagon Wash!"
  150. [2013-05-29 17:09:19] * Kid blinks. Waitaminute.
  151. [2013-05-29 17:09:53] * Shatara continues gliding towards the various wagons, looking over them with quiet interest.
  152. [2013-05-29 17:11:12] * Kid took a moment to let two and two go together. Wagon wash. Wagons. Ride. Not having to walk. Letting some weight off of her still-sore hind leg. "We should totally get ourselves some wheels!" She said, quite enthusiastically.
  153. [2013-05-29 17:11:52] <Little_Gloom> 3The lot is dotted with wagons, pony-powered and motorwagon alike, all in extreme disrepair.  The most intact-looking is a vehicle of red an chrome, bearing ladders and a huge pump.  Stenciled in the colors of Cadance's mane are the words "Crystal Firehouse Engine 3".
  154. [2013-05-29 17:12:31] * CopyCat quickly shares in Kid's excitement. "Woohoo! We should get a red one. They go faster."
  155. [2013-05-29 17:12:31] * Bookwright reads, "'Thirty-second annual wagon wash', huh? I wonder where the Squirts themselves went... Anyways, I bet that fire engine wagon still goes. Time to investigate!"
  156. [2013-05-29 17:13:23] * Bookwright holsters his weapon and goes to inspect the fire engine.
  157. [2013-05-29 17:13:29] * Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side as she looks over the crystaline wagons. "We have seen many wagons, but these are most impressive." She trots towards the fire-engine, curiously walking around it.
  158. [2013-05-29 17:13:50] * Shatara lands atop the firewagon, looking over its mechanisms.
  159. [2013-05-29 17:13:55] <Little_Gloom> 3Scattered about between the wagons are barrels, rotting hoses, small fungal patches centered around what used to be spunges... and the remains of the dead.
  160. [2013-05-29 17:15:10] * CopyCat 's exhuberance quickly drains. "Ohh... right."
  161. [2013-05-29 17:15:17] * Kid looks at the motor wagon. Firehouse engine. Water. This... Might just be jackpot. Kid takes a look at the waterline, and then tried to identify the fungal patches, and then tried to find some glorious loot!
  162. [2013-05-29 17:19:31] <Little_Gloom> 3The lot holds the first noteworthy concentration of dead, not counting the occasional shattered ponies around the crystal tower.  Several of the remains are skeletal... not crystal ponies, but Equestrian ones.
  163. [2013-05-29 17:20:22] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks down at the skeletons. "They must have come from beyond this place to work here." She sighs quietly and shakes her head. "We should give them a proper burial."
  164. [2013-05-29 17:20:31] <Little_Gloom> 3The firehouse engine's water tank is reading about a third full, which is still a sizeable amount of pure water.
  165. [2013-05-29 17:22:51] * Bookwright nods in agreement with Noble_Heart. "Yes. They deserve it. Does anypony have a... shovel, or a pick, or something?"
  166. [2013-05-29 17:23:25] * Shatara takes a moment from his examinification to dig out his shovel.
  167. [2013-05-29 17:23:36] * Noble_Heart looks up towards the Hellhound. "WHat use have We of a shovel when We have one who can burrow through the stone which makes up the Canterlot Mountains?"
  168. [2013-05-29 17:25:50] * Shatara looks at his shovel...and looks at Mitzi...and looks at his shovel...
  169. [2013-05-29 17:26:56] <Little_Gloom> 3Shatara notes that while most wagons are in extreme disrepair, many have worthwhile parts that can be scavanged.  The firehouse engine is an Equestrian design meant to be pegasus-flown, but has been refitted for use by earth-bound crystal ponies.  A few of the right parts, and it could be made to fly again.
  170. [2013-05-29 17:29:24] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwright comes to a similar conclusion.  While the engine lacks the matrix that would allow a single pegasus to pull this through the air, there is a clear place for it to be installed.
  171. [2013-05-29 17:30:50] * Bookwright stands back from the fire engine. "So... it looks like this wagon won't fly. But we can fix that. We'll need a matrix from a flying wagon to get it flying again, plus some other things probably."
  172. [2013-05-29 17:31:11] * Noble_Heart looks up in surprise as Shatara produces an actual shovel. "We did not think any of Our companions actually had a shovel." She carefully wrapped it in her magic to levitate. "Do you mind if We borrow this to assist? It is the least We can do as Our presence here was far too late to help."
  173. [2013-05-29 17:32:17] * Shatara mrfs and nods in agreement, letting the alicorn claim the tool as he looks over more of the mechanical devices, glancing over the other carts for anything that might make for good spares.
  174. [2013-05-29 17:37:33] <Little_Gloom> 3Noble_Heart's attention turns to the earthen area just beyond the lot.  Soft hills of grass, spotted by the skeletal forms of park benches and picnic tables.
  175. [2013-05-29 17:42:22] <Little_Gloom> 3The fungus Kid is investigating has grown around decomposing washrags and sponges.  She's never seen this exact species of growth before.
  176. [2013-05-29 17:43:05] * Kid blinks. "Ey'. Bookie. Come take a look at this."
  177. [2013-05-29 17:43:37] * Bookwright looks up. "Eh? What've you found?" He meanders over to Kid.
  178. [2013-05-29 17:44:21] * Kid shrugs. "I 'unno. Never seen this weird fungus before. Thought you'd be able t' make heads 'r tails o' it."
  179. [2013-05-29 17:46:59] <Little_Gloom> 3The torn banner ripples in the wind with the sound of whipping canvas.
  180. [2013-05-29 17:47:28] * Bookwright "Uh... Okay. I've never seen it before either..."
  181. [2013-05-29 17:51:46] * Kid blinks. "Well, shit. Do we got any bags? Let's take some along and see if the stripey folk got any clues."
  182. [2013-05-29 17:53:31] <Little_Gloom> 3The fungus seems noteworthy primarily for its heartiness and the way it found purchase in the crystal after the sponges themselves had decayed almost entirely away.  The latter is at least slightly reminiscent of the punga plants in Gaia Valley, but the similarity ends there.  
  183. [2013-05-29 17:53:57] * Noble_Heart moves to the soft hill, carefully beginning to dig graves. Starting with small ones, for the smallest skeletons. The foals. Though she does her best to hide it, anyone watching her closely coud see the tears on her cheeks.
  184. [2013-05-29 17:57:55] <Little_Gloom> 3The fungus is dirty gray.  Moss-like with small, off-white nodules.  With both Kid and Bookwright unfamiliar with this particular fungus, it seems highly likely to Bookwright that the species was introduced from the zebra lands.
  185. [2013-05-29 17:59:36] * Kid huffs. "Well, I'm plenty familiar with all kinds of fungus, but it ain't anything I read or seen in Equestria. Must be a Crystal Empire thing."
  186. [2013-05-29 18:00:25] * Bookwright cocks his head. "Weird. It reminds me a little bit of Punga, but it's clearly not. It's also definitely foreign. Maybe from the Zebra lands? I don't advise eating it, but if we can find a soda bottle or something to put it in, I'll take a sample with me."
  187. [2013-05-29 18:06:08] * Kid nods. "Yeah. Might jus' be able t' cook somethin' up with it." Kid drinks the bottle of pure water that she got from the ponies that ambushed them. With a little left, she gave the bottle to Bookie. "'ere you go. Be sure t' poke some holes in th' cap. Stuff like this gotta breathe.
  188. [2013-05-29 18:08:05] <Little_Gloom> 3--- End of Session ---
  189. [2013-05-29 18:08:30] * Bookwright nods, using a handy shard of crystal to scoop some into the bottle, then punches a nice hole in the lid before snapping it back on. "That'll have to do. Shatara, have you found any parts we can use to fix this thing up? I'm gonna see if there's a building around here we can shelter in overnight."
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