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  1. shit i got for my bday 2019
  3. Harry's Shaver, shaving gel, and bar of soap
  4. $200 in cash
  5. HAVIT RGB Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches
  6. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, JoyCons (gray pair), and screen protector
  7. Zelda: Link's Awakening and Minecraft for Switch
  8. TaoTronics wireless earbuds
  9. Audio-Technica M30xs (want to pawn that off and my DT-990 pros to get DT-770 pros)
  10. 3 shirts from 6DollarShirts
  11. $50 + $60 Amazon Gift card
  12. $20 Steam Gift Card
  15. Stuff I got with my Amazon/Cash stuff:
  16. $150 gaming chair
  17. Logitech MX Master Wireless Mouse
  18. Neewer NW-800 Mic + new XLR cables
  19. Neewer Mic Stand
  20. A bag of Skittles
  21. RTIC 40oz tumbler
  22. iPhone charging stand
  23. ORICO 2.5 enclosure (for my music collection)
  24. Sabernet rugged 2.5 enclosure (for my project files and other important music shit)
  26. Stuff I got with my Steam gift card:
  27. TRON 2.0
  28. Fallout: New Vegas
  29. Wallpaper Engine
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