Isaac's Reveal!

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  1. [22:15] He's late --- the demi-angel was still adjusting to his form, callaborating with their fortress of chaos, the Worldscape, in the same way that Nyphadora had to. When he finally appears, black feathers stretch out behind the Queen of Faes, two great wings that span out on either side, shimmering in a twist of depraved spatial magic.
  3. Isaac emerged from the portal, but he wasn't the same anymore.
  5. A burning halo of crimson floated above his hair. His eyes were curved, more bug-liked and cherubic, resembling a fae, and his ears were pointed just like their kind; he isn't nearly as insect-like as Nyphadora, but it's partial.
  7. When he arrives, as Nyphadora and her creations are fonding, he grins a grin that promised nothing good.
  9. They fade just as quickly -- pulled back into the portal, but it's not over yet. The Worldcape flashes a final time and blasts of blast magic, spirals of condensed energy, burn through the snow and destroy several houses, killing the people inside. No matter who they were. Hopefully most had evacuated by now.
  11. "If you think you're safe so high up on this mountain..."
  13. "...Scared, retreating from the rest of the world."
  15. "You're not."
  17. His voice echoes out in a buzz of telepathy.
  19. Then they are gone.
  21. Taken by the Worlscape.
  22. (Isaac Ingress)
  23. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  25. [22:16] {NARRATION} Destruction.
  27. There had come yet another blast of searing unlight which sought to cleave away both men and women alike. Snow being blasted to the sides as both Isaac and Nyphadora had stepped back into the depths of the worldscape.
  29. However...
  31. Amidst such chaos brought a single chance.
  33. One that the alliance members could find themselves able to take hold of.
  35. Given the chance to flee or rush towards what treasures had been scattered by Nyphadora.
  37. Facing any and all dangers that came with such.
  39. (Alliance members may flee anarchy mountain for free or go for the items! The choice is theirs. Otherwise, we'll begin rolling for the items after your rps)
  40. [22:16] Morteflame says, "I never wanted safety."
  41. [22:18] Elyon Hirai says, "...Frit, see me later on."
  42. [22:18] Oh, look, a surprise. At the last second, those are Tahl's favorite kinds! She's not one to really.. care about the reward, she came for the fun of fighting.. but, her job here is done. Isaac is Cali's dad, and Nyphadora is someone she enjoys the company of, she feels no need to fight against them.
  44. "Nah I'm out. See ya." she says as she bails.
  45. (Tahldrig)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. [22:19] Ah, this is interesting, isn't it?
  50. With the emergence of someone new, she would take a step backwards in distracted manner. Lips part a tad bit as she watches as the homes end up destroyed and more, a wide eyed stare offered as her burning gaze whips around.
  52. "Ahh, wow." She comments quietly, standing onwards as a small snicker is offered.
  54. How wild...
  55. (Natalya Avitus)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. [22:20] Danger? You mean, extra obstacles to buzz through? Hah! That book is too important to leave behind! She needed to know what was inside, and more importantly, she needed to know how to turn into a biggie like the other fae was.
  60. It was imperative in her plan for taking over the world.
  62. She buzzed right along, using as much of her magic as she could to propel herself faster.
  64. "Miiine!"
  65. (Etcetera)
  66. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  68. [22:20] The woman places a hand against her forehead, squeezing it tightly to alleviate the tension of Isaac's voice. Whatever monster he had become, it was at least as plain as day. None should deny the creature he has become, not even the Elisheva's. "This madness..." The woman comments, her eyes narrowing as the world seemed to vibrate around her.
  70. Something was not right with her head...
  72. What is..." As she looks up from the ground, their forms were already escaping through numerous portals. The woman looks to allies and enemies alike, all surging forward for objects left in the snow. Melody takes a gander, frowns and lurches forward against the feeling of something jabbing in her head.
  74. The ring looks of value. She would take it simply to deny those who have no right to be here.
  76. To think all of this was happening while she was inside the tower... Madness.
  78. (Melody Ultovex)
  79. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  81. [22:20] The fight that happened earlier seems to fade in everyone's including the boy's and all he cared about in this moment was not going home empty handed after everything that had happened.
  83. So with this mentality he charges the most interesting treasure, the book, as it could hold good information that could satisfy his curiosity.
  84. (Yol)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [22:20] More rubble to pile up among the rest of the ruins of Baukengard. No matter it seemed where she went, someone would come to burn it all to the ground.
  89. The vampire would always be the hunted, not the hunter. She shielded herself from the snow flying towards her with her arms raised up into an X before her while they planted their feet into the snow.
  91. But- The ring of the end was still there! It was time to snatch it during the chaos. He rvampiric speed kicked in along with her greed as she rushed ahead along with the horde of filthy looters.
  92. (Jennifer Ivanovich)
  93. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  95. [22:20] The Nethradin had experienced much from this battle it couldn't entirely be distraught with the knowledge it had pulled...Stronger Mourngale magic was at its finger tips it had witnessed as much from its battle with Zaruma, Able to create winds that sucked the souls from their victims, It was only a matter of time....Although
  97. Inanis wouldn't want to walk away empty handed, It would move to grab the ring that caught its eye, Nothing else seemingly as interesting as that, But had they failure instead they would've quickly turned their attention on any remaining alliance members that they could potentially absorb their lifeforce from.
  99. Either way they made the trek here they would suffer for it regardless of their aid in the battle. But for Now, Inanis focused on getting their hands on that ring! "My precocious !" The Demonic spirit spurted out almost as if it was a strange force of habit
  100. (Inanis)
  101. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  103. [22:20] Xeph went for the stone, perhaps he could have use of it. He might be able to make something to present to Nyphadora in the future. To perhaps cement a friendship, and be able to join them in whatever society it is they seek to create for themselves, if any at all. He ran for it, and if it would be taken from him he would flee.
  105. "Nyphadora, let us hope I may be able to meet you again in the future."
  106. (Xeph Remira)
  107. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. [22:20] Of course, the danger did not cause her any thought of hesitation. After all, these were her people... as misfit as she was. She'd still continue onward, reaching out to procure the Ring of the End, hoping to get to it before any other potential takers would make their descent.
  111. Its call was too much for her to pass on.
  112. (Ayasha)
  113. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  115. [22:21] Garrick raised an eye in marvel at the ascended form of Nyphadora, his interest retained upon the tome of knowledge that lay within the snow even as he hummed to himself in contemplation. Wasn't she...smaller before? The drake was quite certain last they had met, she was a fae. And yet, this ascendancy was not an unwelcome thing to take in. It was prove of the strength of evolution, of the burning ambition and potential that one could dredge forth from their heart.
  117. A beautiful sight indeed.
  119. The drake's eyes would briefly flick upon Isaac with a spark of fury, clacking his teeth together before taking a deep breath. There was a time and place for such things, this was a cause of celebration for the current evening. Pacing forth towards the tome, Garrick would see if his claws were fast enough to acquire the information within.
  120. (Garrick)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [22:21] Arlei looked over at the rift to the worldscape, her gaze narrowing. It shimmered vigorously, tearing the lifestream with its ferocity. Something was coming. Corruption that she'd not felt since Akasha himself roamed Agartha.
  125. And out of it, stepped Isaac Shimasu. Warped, changed, twisted into something new. Something disgusting. Quarter human, quarter Fae. Half. . condensed chaos.
  127. A fallen angel?
  129. The blast of energy from the worldscape rang out, tearing apart the houses of the few who had called the mountain their home. Fear overwhelmed her, and this time, she had a good reason to it. She felt a tug at her back. The paw of Cychreides had manifested once more, pulling her away. Both of them knew that this wasn't a fight she could win. A fight she could survive. He was telling her to run. To protect herself.
  131. Without even a single word, Arlei dashed towards the wayfinding portal Magdalen was opening and followed them allthrough. No amount of loot was worth this. It was time to plan.
  132. (Arlei Zanders)
  133. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  135. [22:21] There was a faint scratching at the base of their skull as they simply watched the desctruction upon the land. Oh well, Trees did fall after all.
  137. "Well...thats something. Lets pray the treasure was still for good."
  139. Who else would stop them from racing forward for the pendent..even if they did hope Natalya got their ring after all.
  140. (Oath)
  141. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  143. [22:21] Yasuyoshi whispers something.
  144. [22:21] Isaac's appearance triggers a pause. The Demon turns towards this new figure. The Demon pondered on the words for a few moments, but decided to shrug them off.
  146. Words could come later. For now, in the ensuing chaos of everyone rushing for their preferred loot, there would have to be focus.
  148. Enkelados resolved itself to going after the Book of Riftmancy, rushing out to grab it.
  150. Such a valuable tome would be too much to pass up on. The Demon moved with surprising speed, aiming to get it within its grubby paws.
  151. (Enkelados)
  152. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  154. [22:21] In his gaze, there is judgement. beliefs of the situation manufacture themselves quickly as the Whispering Eye is taken tightly in hand. The smiling face of the Demi-angel is seen and the worst expected as depravity and evil filled the air. The rattling chains surrounded him as he waited.
  156. Condensed magic flew from the worldscape, hitting several houses. There was little care for it from the Ultovexian. Instead he was all focused on one expectation.
  158. One second.
  160. Another.
  162. And then it passes. The buzz of telepathy was the last thing he heard before both the Ingress moved back towards the worldcsape. Teeth grit ever slightly.
  164. "Not this time. Likely ta b anotha then." An exhale among the chaos. A rift opens, attempting to displace himself closer to the amulet to take it.
  165. (Despair)
  166. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  168. [22:21] Sho Gwyn whispers something.
  169. [22:21] Oath whispers something.
  170. [22:21] Natalya Avitus whispers something.
  171. [22:22] ..It's Nyphadora who steps outside of the portal? How? What?
  173. No, it looks nothing like the fae Aurora knew for so many years. This was... Something else-- someone else. It had to be. Another shadow, perhaps? .. No. That wouldn't make sense either, as this wasn't someone people managed to recognize.
  175. Then what?
  177. What was this?
  179. Who was it?
  181. And through the very same portal, steps forth another person. Another figure-- one that Aurora does recognize, even if only a little. Her uncle. It was him. It was Isaac. His ears longer, his wings bigger and mightier - but the color of those bright ruby eyes belonged only to one man.
  183. Isaac Shimasu.
  185. "..Uncle?"
  187. Aurora is at disbelief-- and before she gets to ask anything else, he disappears. Just as Nyphadora did. Only after the duo are gone is Aurora reminded of the spoils left for the people to fight and squabble over-- and she intends to claim the amulet for herself, should she reach it first.
  188. (Aurora Cruor)
  189. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  191. [22:22] Yol whispers something.
  192. [22:22] Pointless. More rubble and destruction, it all felt so pointless to the Drakan-- Was it just a poor display of power...? Well, No matter. Syril made a made dash for the tome-...
  194. Had to help Garrick somehow, or keep it for himself-..
  195. (Syril)
  196. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  198. [22:22] Crow says, "..."
  199. [22:22] Yol whispers something.
  200. [22:22] As warned prior, Isaac voiced out to the numbers of pending death and destruction. This was the third warning, if anything, more than enough reason to flee. Though, he needed that relic...
  201. He -needed- the power...
  202. He -needed- the leverage that being here gave him right now...
  203. --and he had too many obstacles to deal with. Too many enemies, and now the world itself seemed determined to off him.
  205. He couldn't have I; he couldn't allow himself to falter just yet.
  206. He paused in his endeavor prior, for the vanishing of the two titans just prior had stirred the scene into absolute chaos.
  207. Some took to flight, to leave the mountain before the native forces could turn on them, whilst others ran for loot.
  209. The Jewel was all that mattered for the time being... From then onward? He could worry about those who would attempt to fight him for it... And finally, there was, his rival that sought out for his life.
  210. That, was the last priority to take careof here.
  211. (Ronan)
  212. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  214. [22:22] Feeling the echo of his telepathy flow throughout the area hearing the voice as Isaac finally disappeared into the world scape quickly lifting himself and vanishing slowly fading away.
  216. Her eyes were set on the that -Book- It looked like it held something good within it and perhaps she could even learn something from it as well.
  218. Leaping toward to reach for the book to grab it dashing to get the graps before anyone else could. It was an attempt and hopefully she succeeded in doing so. Was she quick enough?
  220. Though this made Saki wonder if people were going to be fighting over these scattered items now perhaps it was free for all who knows.
  221. (Saki Oshikawa)
  222. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  224. [22:22] There was a high amount of Magi in the area, all powerful. He didn't even know these people well, yet his desire to take that book masked his judgement. He not only decided to stay here, but he was going to run for that book before he left.
  226. The second individual was quite the sight, his appearance was a mixture of cool and scary.
  228. Yet his threats meant nothing since Ray didn't even live here. That in mind Ray's mind was set, and his flames got to work as he propelled himself forward reaching to snatch the tome!
  229. (Ray)
  230. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  232. [22:22] Yasuyoshi says, "I guess Sors was right...'even family will betray ya'"
  233. [22:22] Saul whistles loudly, swiveling on his heel to turn and watch the houses be torn asunder.
  235. "Well ain't that just something.."
  237. People were already scurrying off the mountain, scared for their lives. And yet, the Demonic-creature couldn't take his eyes off the goodies that had been scattered about. A light twitch of his fingers being given, ready to jump towards them at a moments notice.
  238. (Saul)
  239. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  241. [22:22] Crow places his fingers on the crow demons feathers.
  242. (Crow)
  243. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  245. [22:22] The girl stopped in her attempts to grasp the Jewel, collapsing to her knees instead and holding her head. Something- something was terribly wrong. It hurt, everything hurt. She looked ready to scream, but covered her mouth instead, leaning forward and squeezing her eyes shut.
  247. She felt like her insides were going to become her outsides, slamming a fist down and turning to stare at Isaac and Nyphadora, even as Isaac was fading,"Wait, what's..." She managed to murmur, a confused voice, something didn't make sense.
  249. Nothing made sense.
  250. (Joan Caelum)
  251. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  253. [22:22] Crow whispers something.
  254. [22:22] She had no reason to run away, even when Isaac reveals himself. Broad as ever, uncaring of things... Even using what power he had taken to blow up a house.
  256. ''I...Isaac?'' The project, she had seen them depart for a final time when she was released from the prison. But now, they were here again and as different as ever. Nyphadora? Not even a fairy anymore, more humanoid than most here.
  258. ...What was the purpose behind this, the goal? In the end, she can't help but let a silly smile spread across her face. Not safe on the mountain?
  260. So many people here... Would the Alliance members run for their life? Either way, as before Anastacia already planned to take something away from this experience. She moves forward, going for the ring again.
  262. She would have to find Isaac later since he already turned and walked back into the portal. Confusion... Mostly...
  264. ''Don't forget your promise, Nyphadora. I hope just because you have legs now, nothing has changed...'' She was going to greet the humanoid fae with those rubies next time.
  265. (Anastacia Loki)
  266. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  268. [22:22] Anastacia Loki whispers: That is my uncle... I don't even know what's going on.
  269. [22:23] Malphas whispers something.
  270. [22:23] Sho Gwyn whispers something.
  271. [22:23] Morteflame whispers something.
  272. [22:23] Anastacia Loki whispers: We will find a way to communicate... But would they even open their mind for me?
  273. [22:24] Isaac.
  275. The Tyrant of Huangzhou, turned into something new and horrifyingly worse. Less demi-angel, and more Fallen. Someone who Rain absolutely hated. All that power used for nothing but tormenting others, and causing suffering.
  277. He couldn't do anything before, and he wasn't quick enough to stop him now. No, he would continued for that Gem and grow with it. Become something greater than a mere undead, and spread that suffering to others.
  279. Others, like Isaac.
  280. (Rai Ieyasu)
  281. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  283. [22:24] Crow whispers something.
  284. [22:24] So this was the era they were moving into.
  286. One of ascension and betrayal, where no place was safe. Truth be told, it was about what Adonis expected.
  288. As the flames subside and the makers recede back into the Worldscape, Adonis continues forming a portal beneath the gem to pull it closer to himself. He needed a physical activity to keep him occupied while he tried to wrap his mind around the two transformations and what this might mean for the region going forward.
  290. " What a strange time to be alive... " And a hand runs through his hair, keeping his appearance tidy.
  291. (Adonis Lelhua)
  292. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  294. [22:24] He had done so much today, a sigh was heaved form the man. He was tired, and almost drained out of mana. But, he doesn't care anymore. Who would care if he died? Another sigh was heard, but he wanted the amulet. He would try his best not to die while getting it.
  296. The man watched the houses get torn apart, innocent people were dead. And he couldn't do nothing about it. "...I wonder if these rewards are really worth that much..."
  298. He wanted that amulet, and he was going get it.
  299. (Julian Sybil)
  300. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  302. [22:24] Siofra watched as an additional figure came out from the portal. Those Fae like features of Isaac intrigued her, when she knew quite fell that he wasn't a Fae. Or was he? In truth? Siofra wasn't entirely sure. However it was that blast of searing light that emerged caused the Fae to tumble backwards through the air.
  304. The Lifestream was screaming and she was left helpless to do anything about it. It was horrible. She curled up in on herself, shaking her head. Flowers fell from her hair, and for a good long while, she remained like that, sobbing. Had people died? She wasn't sure; but there was pain.
  306. Heartache.
  307. Confusion.
  308. Anger.
  310. She felt this and possibly more, from those upon the mountain. It was hel.
  311. (Siofra)
  312. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  314. [22:24] Ruby eyes watch her father step from the portal. Instantly connecting it all.
  316. That buzz of telepathy in her mind.
  318. As he would fade into the Worldscape she would scream again, a raw unfiltered sound of rage. The lifestream practically sunders around her.
  320. Famfrit had told her it would take killing the person she loved the most, or to slay the one she hated. Though that wasn't it, it never had been, not for her.
  322. Those houses exploding, those people screaming.
  324. Quickly she reached the end of that chain, what had bound her to this world. What bound her power. What kept her from her destiny.
  326. Then...
  328. the chain snapped.
  330. Her raw desire to destroy the man who had just abandoned her, her mother. All he had built, his family. It was enough, to awaken it all.
  332. "It's time for you to DIE!"
  334. One hand thrusts forward blasting with all she had, destroying the earth, crushing the stone, all carried by that ear piercing scream. The mountain below them would shake under the raw force.
  336. Though he was gone..
  338. Gone.
  340. Her eyes were blazing, carrying a light that bore nothing but the promise of destruction.
  342. "You have made your last mistake..."
  344. Her voice broke after all of the screaming... The lifestream tore where she stepped as she turned to walk away. Walking towards her Aunt, one of the few who could help her... Keep her sane.
  345. (Calista Shimasu)
  346. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  348. [22:24] That was unexpected. Isaaac Shimasu becoming more than just a Demi-Angel, as evident by the fact those wings no longer looked like they were summoned by mere magic.
  350. She could only wonder how Calista and Reito would feel about this.
  352. Immediately the dash for the ring was halted, Yin's form had exploded into numerous arcs of lightning that collected into a ball and zoomed with incredible speed to the side before immediately redirecting back towards the ring.
  354. Would that deviation stop them from getting what they wanted?
  355. (Yin Invidia)
  356. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  358. [22:24] Morteflame whispers something.
  359. [22:26] Crow whispers something.
  360. [22:26] In the middle of chaos and confusion after this long battle, maybe the loot was worth it in the end?
  362. She didn't know any of these two that came out from the portal, heck, they are strange enough for Malady.
  364. Yet, she was in doubt, Joan is acting strange but she is interested in the jewel.
  366. There was a lot of competition, she stared at that jewel for a few seconds before shaking her head. She ran to Joan, lowering herself near her.
  368. The blood magi placed a hand on their shoulder, looking down at her, kneeled next to the young girl.
  370. "Come on, what's wrong?" she asked, obviously worried with the holy magi.
  371. (Malady Oshikawa)
  372. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  374. [22:27] Morteflame whispers something.
  375. [22:27] Joan Caelum whispers something.
  376. [22:28] Morteflame whispers something.
  377. [22:28] Malady Oshikawa whispers something.
  378. [22:28] Joan Caelum whispers something.
  379. [22:28] Crow whispers something.
  380. [22:28] Crow whispers something.
  381. [22:28] The white-feathered finishes the circles, one after another. Evoking them carefully and slowly. She could create them quickly, but she's not sure how Interpolation feels about this Lifestream-damaged place.
  383. Still, there's obvious surprise as Isaac of all people is visible, with wings akin to Akasha, now. There's a grimace had, a shake of her head following. There's times when she feels like she's the only point of light in a continent that's so filled with darkness.
  385. Right now is a good example of those times.
  387. Disappointment had, the white-winged finishes the final few marks, Portal formed, a little less stable up here, as the Lifestream's connections are so beaten. Still, she gives an approving, relieved nod to Calista, motioning for her to come.
  389. "Joan, dear. Lets go."
  391. Motioning for the child to follow along with her and her little party, the High Artificer would disappear into that portal, followed by everyone else - including a very painfully arm-squeezing Quicksilver.
  393. Her group that moves through that portal explodes into sparks, funneling into the portal that would summarily close once everyone's through.
  394. (Magdalen Metzli)
  395. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  397. [22:28] Malady Oshikawa whispers something.
  398. [22:28] Arlei reached a hand out to Calista as the portal opened. Spirits knew she needed the company right now. .
  399. (Arlei Zanders)
  400. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  402. [22:28] Morteflame whispers something.
  403. [22:28] Zel tugs at Despair.
  404. (Zel)
  405. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  407. [22:28] Zel whispers something.
  408. [22:28] Despair whispers something.
  409. [22:28] Zel whispers something.
  410. [22:29] Chazlus would look and then see Saki going for the tome.
  412. "Saki no! Let it go." He would say with a gaze. He would look at the situation. He wanted that Jewel but something about this just felt off. Issac and Nyphadora.
  414. "You both. I don't know what the purpose of this is. But you have something going on in mind don't you?" Whatever the case Chazlus would refuse and just shake his head.
  416. "We are leaving Saki."
  417. (Chazlus Valerius)
  418. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  420. [22:29] Clouds of smoke roses out of her mouth at every single one of her sentences.
  421. (Morteflame)
  422. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  424. [22:29] Melody Ultovex whispers something.
  425. [22:29] Despair whispers something.
  426. [22:29] Rai Ieyasu whispers something.
  427. [22:29] A slight pat was given to Magdalen's shoulder... the panther had -no- want to be up here as the two came about.
  429. Where there was smoke, there was fire.. and something told him that this would be the cumulative focal point of the warnings he'd heard back when he was still Chieftain.
  431. There was nothing here for any of Gehenna, and those that still considered themselves decent at best.
  433. He may not have anything to do with the Alliance any longer, but this place rubbed him quite the wrong way. Undead, vampires and those that went bump in groups he'd not seen since Dawn still stood.
  435. "We had so many chances...."
  437. A morose look of a hunt unaccomplished would gloss over the man's face, his eyes would shift about to see those that would most likely become pawns to the new minted pair.
  439. "Enjoy your shackles."
  442. (Kabu Metzli)
  443. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  445. [22:29] Zel whispers something.
  446. [22:29] Isaac Ingress whispers something.
  447. [22:29] The girl slowly stood up, her legs shaking. Her senses were on a haywire, like she was trying to figure out everything at once and it wasn't working and- She grasped Malady's arm shakily, staring at the woman.
  449. "Le-let's go. Come on." She released, then, going to wobble after Magdalen while covering her mouth with a hand.
  451. She was absolutely ill to her stomach. The lifestream was tainted, and this place? This place was cursed. All of Agartha...?
  453. What was going to happen to it?
  454. (Joan Caelum)
  455. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  457. [22:31] Azarashi says, "Right."
  458. [22:31] Lands from his flying state, his satchel a little heavier with ore than it had been when he set off. Stretching his feathered wings, he'd slowly revert from his Half-shift form.
  459. (Zo)
  460. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  462. [22:31] Reggie rubs his shins
  463. (Reggie)
  464. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  466. [22:31] Azarashi says, "Dryads are humble workers who fight to keep the natural balance of the world. This means appeasing the spirits and subduing wraiths."
  467. [22:31] Kabu Metzli says, "Agartha at large....."
  468. [22:33] Exploding into existance in a flurry of brilliant motes, the white-feathered and her party appears! She'll need to go sit on a bench and take some deep breaths after this, shaking her head. Both gold-lined hands come to rest on either side of her skull as she gazes down at the stonework.
  470. "… That was a lot to take in."
  472. All the Angel-blooded has to say for a bit, images flashing through her dulled golden eyes.
  473. (Magdalen Metzli)
  474. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  476. [22:33] Ardith Hirai asks, "Huntin' party back?"
  477. [22:33] Ardith Hirai says, "How 'bout that."
  478. [22:33] Reggie says, "Hey, Kabu."
  479. [22:33] Azarashi says, "We are those who commune with nature and take care of it as well."
  480. [22:34] Aria says, "Spirits and wraiths."
  481. [22:34] Azarashi says, "Mhm."
  482. [22:34] Aria asks, "How do you appease them?"
  483. [22:34] Azarashi says, "For spirits, we apply the Golden Rule. Treat others the way you want to be treated."
  484. [22:34] Azarashi asks, "Simple, right?"
  485. [22:34] Azarashi says, "Wraiths are bit trickier."
  486. [22:35] Azarashi says, "We roll out the DDR mat."
  487. [22:35] Calista Shimasu says, "..."
  488. [22:35] The girl came sitting down upon the bench, holding her head with one hand. She still didn't understand what exactly happened- didn't think she could fully comprehend it in the first place. If Magdalen was having issues...
  490. She squeezed her eyes shut, laughing quietly and curling up on the bench, small like she originally was when she was getting out of the house. "I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm scared." She mumbled behind her arms, before lifting her head up and turning her head, staring at the demi-angel.
  492. "I don't know what to do. Magdalen, Keitaro got captured. Then this is all happening. Is it even worth it anymore? No... I can't think that way, but Keitaro-" She bit at her lip,"Keitaro got captured and he's going to get so hurt. Then those two..."
  493. (Joan Caelum)
  494. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  496. [22:36] Reggie stands up wobbly, walking over to Kabu.
  497. (Reggie)
  498. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  500. [22:36] Azarashi says, "--Oh my."
  501. [22:36] Gwendolyn Grimsbane says, "..."
  502. [22:36] Reggie whispers something.
  503. [22:36] Monkong stopped eating the insects that laid on him. His eyes would move towards the group that just entered the area, wondering what they were up to. Probably a hunting party of sorts.
  504. (Monkong)
  505. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  507. [22:37] Reggie says, ". . ."
  508. [22:38] Reggie wobbles back over to his bench. "Sure, Kabu. I didn't want to talk to you any damn way."
  509. (Reggie)
  510. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  512. [22:38] Sighs looking at the group from earlier hell she got her ass kicked by saul for not fighting because she hasn't fought before so she just avoids eye contact because tons saw it
  513. (Gwendolyn Grimsbane)
  514. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  516. [22:38] Zel whispers something.
  517. [22:39] Aria asks, "The DDR mat?"
  518. [22:39] Zel whispers something.
  519. [22:39] Aria says, "Imagine being a pad player.."
  520. [22:39] Zel whispers something.
  521. [22:39] Zel whispers something.
  522. [22:39] Kabu Metzli says, ".....I."
  523. [22:39] Kabu Metzli says, "You don't want to know, Reggie."
  524. [22:39] Kabu Metzli says, "You, really don't."
  525. [22:40] Aria asks, "Is something happening?"
  526. [22:40] Azarashi says, "There was an incident on Anarchy Mountain last I heard."
  527. [22:40] Azarashi says, "The details elude me."
  528. [22:40] Kabu seems mildly catatonic, he'd place a hand on Magdalen's shoulder ans simply stare off into the distance....attempting to think if he was even remotely dreaming.
  529. (Kabu Metzli)
  530. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  532. [22:40] Azarashi says, "But it's not something you should worry yourself about."
  533. [22:41] Reggie rolls his eyes before leaning forward to rub his shins. "Of couse I don't want to know anything. I just spent three years in near crazed solitude not knowing anything that's happening. I don't wanna know anything or talk to anyone. I'm just here to-" A small amount of electrical energy sparks around his body in anger before he shakes, letting out a small exhale and just looking off elsewhere to fume.
  534. (Reggie)
  535. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  537. [22:42] Zo says, "Hmm..."
  538. [22:42] Aria says, "I won't."
  539. [22:42] Aria asks, "So what about the spirits?"
  540. [22:43] Zo makes his way over to sit beside Reggie. Walking was... significantly more difficult with that bundle on his back than flying had seemed to be in his half-shifted form, using mana to propel himself on as he had.
  542. "Is oh-kay Reg-gee." He'd say softly, reaching up to pay he older man's shoulder without any indication the young boy suspected this might be at all dangerous. "Zo not know anything either."
  543. (Zo)
  544. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  546. [22:44] Azarashi says, "Right. Spirits are all around us. And...Forgive me I'm quite weary. "
  547. [22:44] Azarashi asks, "Give me a moment to collect my thoughts, won't you?"
  548. [22:45] Aria says, "Take your time."
  549. [22:45] Arlei appeared through the wayfinding portal, immediately taking her seat down on the bench, placing her head in her hands for a few moments. Her raging, spectral flames calmed themselves, the motes of light rising from the marks on her shoulders fading into nothingness.
  551. "Ryujin . ." was all she muttered as she gathered her thoughts.
  553. Wait.
  555. Calista.
  557. Her head snapped up, looking over to the black-winged angel. She opened her arms, just on the off opportunity that Calista wanted a hug right now. They'd spoken about something just like this earlier. A choice she'd have to make. 'If it came to it.'
  559. This night had been Hel.
  561. "Callie. .I'm so, so sorry. . " she whispered, biting down at her snakebitten lips. Arlei was many things, but cold was not one of them. Empathy in spades. .
  562. (Arlei Zanders)
  563. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  565. [22:45] The white-feathered High Artificer is quiet for a little while. When she does leave her little processing-daze, however, she'll reach an arm out, pull her grandkid close, and give her a gentle hug.
  567. "When Elyon gets back, you'll have to tell him, sweetie. Or Ashalle. She might be able to launch an attack to save him.
  569. I know exactly what's going to happen to him - and it's not good and very permanent."
  571. Maybe not something she should be telling a child, but she was there to witness a lot of other things she shouldn't have had on that mountain.
  573. Giving Kabu's hand a squeeze, her next target is Calista. She'll move over to her niece, her comforting, vague, physically numbing aura fully expressed as both hands come to her shoulders.
  575. "I understand."
  577. Gold-stained eyes looking into hers, her softened voice is spoken first. Then, she continues;
  579. "What he did to you - what he did to your mom... That's beyond wrong. I'm very proud of you for turning against him."
  581. Now, her focus is on Eiphraem, hands still on Calista's shoulders, even as her gold-stained eyes turn to gaze upon the white-cloaked Archon.
  583. "We should take you to get some medical attention. I'll try to remove the traces of my exorcist magic, so you'd be able to heal easier."
  584. (Magdalen Metzli)
  585. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  587. [22:46] The gentle hug was comforting to her, but even the most loving of hugs couldn't calm her mind. She was at an end of some road, unsure of which way to go. It split off into different places, but...
  589. Standing up slowly, she nodded her head and rubbed at her eyes,"I-I'll definitely tell the Chieftan, thank you... Keitaro is important, he has to be saved from the evil people." She mumbled, shifting and walking away from the bench, instead towards the fence, where she would sit and ruminate in her own thoughts.
  590. (Joan Caelum)
  591. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  593. [22:47] Monkong says, "Hm"
  594. [22:49] Azarashi whispers something.
  595. [22:50] Aria whispers something.
  596. [22:52] Gwendolyn Grimsbane says, "Delg o dod tun thgof nivi hgauht o tug ym sse dikcok "
  597. [22:52] She was shuddering, torn apart by an internal storm. How they had Wayfinded her without issue was a miracle, the lifestream was still tearing around her.
  599. Everyone around could feel what she did,
  601. Pain, betrayal,hate
  603. Emotions so strong they would threaten to overwhelm the weak-minded.
  605. She doesn't step into that hug, her Aunt's hands settling on her shoulders, finding her body to be one taut muscle almost.
  607. "I've never hated someone so much... Wanted to destroy something so singular..."
  609. She was crying again. Those tears dripping onto the stones below. He was who she had looked to as a child. Everyone always telling her she was her father's child.
  611. Now she knew otherwise.
  612. (Calista Shimasu)
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