Apartment Chapter 3

Apr 12th, 2018
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  1. Apartment Ch.3
  2. [Newly Married Couple 2]
  3. App.Base TL not accurate
  4. Chapter start Husband go back at their room after promising he will give her a food at midnight. Wife ask him Did you escort that girl back to her room? Husband goes Huh ah yeah I sent her back. Wife tell him Huu Well done then what a foolish woman right?living next to us don't even bother to greet us and suddenly comes here to beg for a food The only thing she got is her big breast. Husband laugh it off the word her Wife said. The Wife turned around and say Honey Lets go to bed now close the lights now so electricity wont be wasted. Husband called her "Um honey" and Wife ask him You don't want to? Husband scratch his head and laugh saying You go in first I will have a glass of water to drink. The Wife notice his erection and pointed it out saying Why is that swollen Husband looks at it and say Oh this this husband got into a WTF condition. wife kinda angry on him saying Did we just do it why that thing is like that again huh? Husband goes waving his hand saying Honey listen its a misunderstanding okay. Wife tell him Misunderstanding? just admit it you got excited seeing that
  5. girl next door she got a huge breast right you like it? Husband remember the thing happen between them saying Hahaha Impossible right? Wife go near him and hold his "D" and tell him So this is it?!Why is it so hard?Huh?? Tell me. Husband avoiding eye contact and go say this ah.Then the angry Wife goes What? say it? Husband tell his Wife It not about her its impossible its because of you. The Wife believe in his lie and blush and say Really? Husband embraces her and say Of course,Honey.This dress is so sexy.I think I'm going crazy.The wife tell him Hee Then do you want to do it again in our room? Husband say Huh really? then lets go while his about to cry.
  7. [Fucking scene all moaning sound] After fucking his Wife the Husband left and bring the promise foods to the girl next door He ring the doorbell and think What just happen to me The Fox lady opens her door saying Huh Why? your so late I'm so hungry The Husband laugh and say Sorry if your waited to much.The fox lady drags him inside and say Come here for a minute lets talk huh?  and they fuck.
  9. TBC
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