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  1.  The Dougherty Rant
  3.      Aidan, I was nervous in 7th grade about making these type of rants. But now, I’m not nervous anymore, because you’re an absolute phony, a bullshit artist if you will. You have said some regrettable shit over the years and I’m going to exploit your manipulative, lying, egotistical, douche-baggery. This is going to be great, Aidan. As you can tell, I can hardly contain myself, because today is the day when we get to EXPOSE Aidan.
  5. “I’ve Changed”
  7.       It bugs me a lot whenever you say this. The only people who have changed are Taylor, Nathan, Gooch, Shutts, myself, and a few others. You are still mostly the same prick since 6th grade from what I have heard from outside sources, of whom we’ll get to later. Actually, you’ve changed a lot, Aidan, now that I think about it. I mean, you haven’t left groups in a while, you haven’t been swearing more than you need to, and you still make good points and don’t get yourself into hot water like you did in 6th and 7th grade. Well, excluding the more recent events. I also remember the situation when you were making this big campaign of “I have changed, I won’t be like I was in 6th grade and you haven’t Bayar” which was absolutely unnecessary and it ruined your reputation a fair portion.
  9. Anger
  11.       Now, Aidan is the most sensitive kid in the world who wants to prove that he is, I guess, “better than everyone”, and, “isn’t afraid of you”, or something along those lines. Frankly, Aidan, slapping an innocent girl because of some other girl kicking your shin is a prime example of you being an absolute pussy. Not to mention pushing the same girl because she’s cutting in four square, aka a children’s game that should not be taken very seriously. That’s behavior you could expect from a 4th grader.
  12.       Along a similar point of unnecessary anger, how about the stuff you have done to Shutts and Nathan in elementary and middle school that still persists to this day (albeit, not towards Nathan now and less so to Shutts)? You have this hatred to people who oppose you and I would even say that you are a bigot. You will never listen to what other people have to say and try to throw shade my way my calling me a bigot. If you are calling me a bigot Aidan, better try again with proof, you lying ass.
  14. Deals It, Can’t Take It
  16. Tekkat: You guys are insulting
  17.   Tekkat: You have no fucking stopping point
  18.   Tekkat: Niether does Bayar
  19.   Rooskey: dude literally 20 minutes bayar roasted my ass off because of me when i was younger
  20.   Rooskey: and how i'm a little russian wannabe
  21.   Rooskey: we were talking about how nathan is retarded and cancer
  22.   Rooskey: and bayar is a stuckup little bitchboy
  23.   Rooskey: and we were laughing like shit
  24.   Tekkat: Roasting is like saying you got a gay ass hairline
  25.   Tekkat: Insulting is just putting people down
  26.   Tekkat: Which is what you do
  27.   Rooskey: nono, hairline jokes are just insulting
  28.   Tekkat: Are you dumb
  29.   Rooskey: roasting is talking shit about people and having it be tastefully funny
  30.   Rooskey: joking about hairlines makes you feel bad about your physical appearance
  31.   Tekkat: It's the other way around dumbass
  32.   Rooskey: talking about how retarded i was 3 years ago or how much of a russian wannabe is just joking about my weird traits
  33.   Rooskey: dont be a sensitive little bitch about it
  34.   Rooskey: i got roasted harder than you today, yesterday, and the day before
  35.   Rooskey: both by these friends and my school friends
  36.  Rooskey: and i laughed and enjoyed it because it was funny
  37.  Rooskey: the only things people said to 'put me down' were calling my haircut gay-looking, but not in a funny or tasteful way, like saying 'you look like you just got off chemo'
  39.  -and-
  41.    Tekkat: I'm done with you
  42.   Tekkat: Have fun when hero's face ends up on everything
  43.   Tekkat: I still have her photo
  44.   Rooskey: lol ok i dont actually care
  45.   Rooskey: we're just laughing at your quotes
  46.   Rooskey: it would have been better if you were in the call laughing too
  47.   Rooskey: quit dishing it out and not being able to take it
  48.   Rooskey: we all roast the fuck out of each other in chat
  49.   Tekkat: I can take it
  50.   Rooskey: dont be a baby
  51.   Rooskey: then why ARENT you taking it
  54.    There are two excellent example of Dougherty. All of his ‘roasts’ are just shitty insults with no substance to them that are solely intended to make you feel like shit, and aren’t even remotely funny. Saying that your hairline looks ‘gay-ass’ isn’t funny at all, despite him being convinced it is. And then, whether you’re roasting the right way or his way, he turns it back around on you and starts acting like he’s the victim in some terrible controversy. Fucking disgusting. He can’t take any of the insults or roasts we give him, yet he keeps doing it to us anyway and gets butthurt when we deal it back out to him.
  56. Manipulator
  58.       Aidan is a manipulator. Rather, when he gets in hot water, he pulls the victim card out of his sleeve. He also spouts out random bullshit to try to expose me or get back at me. “you spelled cuatro wrong.” You also pick on people's appearance like “______ doesn’t look good because of her acne” and “The way your hair is, is fascinating” and some people actually believe in that shit. I just now came up with the four steps or the “cycle of dougherty,” it is so true it’s scary.
  59. Step 1: Nitpick someone or make up bullshit
  60. Step 2: Continually harass or annoy them with the shit you came up with in step 1.
  61. Step 3: Continue until your bullying backfires, and finally,
  62. Step 4: Play victim: “You guys are insulting me”
  64.    The thing about the victim card manipulation is that it actually works sometimes. You are an absolute manipulator Aidan. I have lost most of my respect for you, and your intelligence. You're trying way too hard to be the top dog and the smartest kid in class. Well, guess what Aidan, I am smarter than you, and these next points are going to literally kill you.
  66. Marijuana
  68.      A few days ago, Aidan messaged a skype group chat saying that his friends were really high and were seeing polar bears. Sesker replied, “that’s not how this works”, and we started to expose Aidan’s lie. He keeps lying, hoping that the main lie will get washed away only to contradict another lie, and contradict that lie, and etc. He is an absolute fag. He keeps bringing out lies that include but are not limited to marijuana and blowjobs. Marijuana is an interesting drug because people love to lie about their experiences with it and make things up, like, “They saw polar bears” being one example of this. We kept on roasting him and proving him wrong and he went right went to insecure mode and blocked almost all communications from Sesker and I. What is even more interesting about the Marijuana situation is how many times he has contradicted every one of his points. It’s actually pretty sad now that I think about it. You clearly still wanted to be friends with me during the argument by trying to justify everything with lies upon lies upon lies. This is unbelievable, you are basically slandering someone by claiming illegal drug use. To be honest you with you Aidan, I don't want to associate with someone who would lie about someone else taking drugs because it is a cool story and it is edgy. Let’s run through the whole situation.
  70. -Hallucinations
  72.      This is the start of the whole situation, the first big hiccup of Aidan's lie. When you associate marijuana, you think of people who hallucinate correct? Well, that isn’t true. You cannot hallucinate from Marijuana according to a multitude of sources. Here is this short exchange that Aidan has with Sesker.
  74. Sesker: lol thats not how it works
  75. Sesker: whats next weed causes hallucinations lsd causes hyperactivity
  76. Aidan: Ya
  77. Sesker: you retard thats not how this shit works any of this shit
  78. Aidan: Weed does do that
  80. -Have you seen/smoked it?
  82.       Ok, this is the dumbest part. He is basically trying to make Sesker’s and I’s points invalid because we haven't smoked are seen the drug in a room. This is a pretty stupid argument, considering the fact that he hasn’t smoked weed. Actually, Aidan may have smoked weed, check out this quote where he insinuated illegal drug use. Although this may not be true, the fact that he is actually trying to be edgy is genuinely sad.
  84. Aidan: I ain’t gonna say yes or no if I did it
  86. -Evidence
  88.       When we ask for proof you didn't show is, he does this pathetic tactic where he says, basically, “Oh, they smoked it all.” Yeah right you cunt, why would you demand us to answer so you can show us the proof when right when we do you say the smoked it all. You are filled with horseshit at this point.
  90. -Contradictions
  92.         This one doesn’t need to be explained. Here is an example.
  94. Sesker: lol thats not how it works
  95. Sesker: whats next weed causes hallucinations lsd causes hyperactivity
  96. Aidan: Ya
  97. Sesker: you retard thats not how this shit works any of this shit
  98. Aidan: Weed does do that
  99. VS
  101. Aidan: No
  105. -Damage Control
  107.    When I kept on exposing his lies at school he quickly plays it off as me getting “Baited.” Nobody is this stupid Aidan, you even requested to move seats and started becoming an ass after I exposed you. He is getting this involved with education, nice attempt of damage control dipshit. This tactic is called a red herring, we have multiple clues that you have been lying but then you are trying to lie to hopefully throw us off the situation. Damage control to this extent is for absolute pussies who don't want some backlash for the shit he has done.
  109. Unfunny
  111.    Aidan is not all that funny, every now and then he does say something funny but most of the time it is just reusing the same old jokes to the point where it is too stale. Inside jokes get overused, “memes” get overused, other jokes are just plain bad. They are so bad, it literally ruins my taste in comedy. He is trying way too hard to be funny, if you have acne, or overweight, or any other feature that you have that differs he will try to make a joke. The worse offenders of these unfunny jokes are the edgy jokes, the jokes that are “cool “ just make him more of an asshole. They are just way to forced, please stop trying to be offensive Aidan.
  113. Disrespectful
  115.   Tekkat: Fuck you
  116.   Rooskey: sorry dude
  117.   Rooskey: we were laughing our asses off
  118.   Rooskey: and you got fucking roasted
  119.   Rooskey: lololololo rage harder
  120.   Tekkat: I wasn't wrong at all
  121.   Tekkat: You just wanted me to be wrong
  122.   Tekkat: So you could roast me
  123.   Tekkat: You can't get fucking 9s
  124.   Rooskey: you got roasted like a jew dude
  125.   Rooskey: like a fucking jew
  126.   Tekkat: All you get is fucking 3s
  127.   Rooskey: ahahahahahaha ur such a baby
  128.   Rooskey: i was lmao before
  129.   Tekkat: I got this girls number today
  130.   Rooskey: now youre just making it better
  131.   Rooskey: was she a 2
  132.   Tekkat: Nope
  133.   Rooskey: cross-eye fatass
  134.   Rooskey: with downs?
  135.   Tekkat: She was atleast a 7
  136.   Tekkat: I'm done with you
  137.   Tekkat: Have fun when hero's face ends up on everything
  138.   Tekkat: I still have her photo
  139.   Rooskey: lol ok i dont actually care
  140.   Rooskey: we're just laughing at your quotes
  141.   Rooskey: it would have been better if you were in the call laughing too
  142.   Rooskey: quit dishing it out and not being able to take it
  143.   Rooskey: we all roast the fuck out of each other in chat
  144.   Tekkat: I can take it
  145.   Rooskey: dont be a baby
  146.   Rooskey: then why ARENT you taking it
  148.    Appreciate this. Just read it once, and then again, and again, and laugh harder each time. He got angry at jokes that actually were tasteful and funny, and then later he comes by and messages me in Steam just to desperately DC. But you look at what he said and realize that, despite the fact that he won’t admit it, he is completely disrespectful to girls, both sarcastically and seriously, in person and not. While I agree with being an equal asshole to both genders, I do not agree with how he’s so socially awkward that all he knows to do with girls is be a dickhole with no substance. Completely unacceptable.
  150.    Also note that he mentions Hero. This is a bit of a controversy where he shopped a Hitler mustache onto Seskers first girlfriend’s face and tried to spread it around and dox her. He’s repeatedly tried to redo it, and each time everyone cares less and less. Embarassing that he even continues trying.  .
  152. Savage
  153.    Aidan is obviously a great savage, you know, some top notch roasts that totally don’t demean someone’s appearance or extend a joke beyond where it’s funny. You know, “you have some big red thing in your forehead” type of ordeal. An “I play with my computer” type of ordeal. Or you know, calling out their weight. You don't see the difference between insulting and roasting. Roasting is something like, “Sesker you are _____” or something along the lines of that. Here is an example of what you call roasting. Look at his dumb face, his face looks like a mentally handicapped turtle, look at his dumb retarded face. Actually, now that I think about it is a funny roast. It is one of those roasts where you have to repeat it a thousand times until it gets funny. You know, Dougherty style of comedy, repeat shit until you get twenty laughs from it or get called a fucking loser from a rant. Oh, it seems the latter just happened.
  155. What You’ve Done to Other People
  157.    If you think it's just me who thinks that I think you are a prick, well… these people don't really like you much either.
  159. -Ethan Shutts
  161.      Aidan, from the start of 6th grade, you and I were not the nicest people to Ethan. We made fun of him, pestered him, started arguments, etc. But I saw that he didn’t like it and actually tried to stop after a while. You just kept on insulting him. You took it way too far, and you took out all your anger on him when possible. You’ve shown no anger management, no self control, and you showed you just don’t know when to quit. He told me his life wasn’t the happiest back then. I can see why, having your best friend from kindergarten start harassing you without restraint. A couple of the things we can remember include the “Scratch is not programming” debate that you still haven’t totally dropped, the prank phone calls, the Alienware harassment that lasted over 4 months and really made him miserable, just being rude to him (in particular) and throwing him under the bus when you could.
  163. -Aydin Sesker
  165.    The only word I can describe this as, is sickening. Sesker’s dad has terminal cancer and might die soon, and here you are making fun of him and his dad for it. This is so disrespectful, and jokes like these go too far. You have said things in front of him like, “I don't care about your dads cancer”, “I don't care if he dies”, and, “He makes edgy jokes to try to get a laugh or someone to be shocked.” “Cheap laughs just makes you more cancer than Aydin Seskers dad.” You are genuinely a sick person, you are the ass in asshole, Aidan. The Hero situation absolutely didn’t need to happen. You tried to justify it with “well Sesker teased me,” and it is true that he did. But it is also true that you started the teasing and you just took it too far when the teasing comes back to bite you in the ass.
  167. -Taylor Griffeth
  169.    Aidan you obviously have mixed feelings for Taylor, one day you love him and the next day you hate him. You've always been shit talking him behind his back on Skype calls. “Taylor is just annoying” “I don't really like Taylor that much” “I don't want to talk to Taylor because he is annoying.” A more recent example, every time I add Taylor to these group chats you always refuse to want him in them because of the reason above. I get bandwagoning, but bandwagoning on hating a kid at school for no reason. Now you have gone way too low. My dude.
  171. -Nate Simon
  173.    “I don't know why but he just thinks that he's so much better than anyone for stupid meaningless reasons. And when you ask him to back it up he just uses the same f ing stuff about him being a genius and how he is the best person. He acts like he is a good guy but he is an ahole behind everyone's back. He can't support anything he says as to why he is so "cool". Most of the stuff he says anyway is manipulative lies but he still expects to be trusted, like wtf!” Quote from Nate Simon on Aidan Dougherty
  175. -Nathan King
  177. It’s about time i got truly involved, this has been happening for way too fucking long. The fact that someone can’t change after 4+ years is pathetic. Whenever i join something with
  178. Dougherty in it, I get either kicked out,or brutally insulted. all of the friends listed here Ethan Shutts, Nate simon, Bayar, Taylor, and even Nadia have 1: changed for the better and 2: are truly great friends that if i don’t like something they at least stop. Hell Nadia talks shit about me behind my back but on the front of it is at least nice to me when i’m there. Alright now let’s take some defects of me-
  179. about 10-20 pounds overweight
  180. small fucking nose
  181. greasy and sometimes unkempt hair
  182. small eyes
  183. very thick glasses and very bad eyes
  184. If i didn’t normally give a shit about these things then they would be a huge problem when you talk about them. Now think if this were a normal person imagine the mental and physical insecurity you would cause them,or what about when you talk about Nadia’s acne or say she is overweight(she is clearly not) or say Bayar is too short,or say anything bad about anyone else’s physical appearance or their way of life. Now think about when you say, i quote “I got the good genes” that is such a narcissistic thing to say,especially because it involves physical appearance. You got the good genes for running,but not much else,i got the good genes for football but not much else. Now you can say “But Nathan you always say you’re the coolest guy ever” I’m not wanting to put people down when i say that, what i’m doing is putting up a false social status that clearly doesn’t matter. Whatever,I’m fucking done with this bullshit. I hope you change but if not, get ready for the biggest punch in the face someday,not by me or anyone involved in this rant, but by someone who very fast will get tired of your bullshit.
  186. Conclusion
  188.    Aidan, you’re a lying, manipulative swine who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, or where the line is. You insult people, and pretend you’re the one being wronged when you get caught, and even get away with it sometimes. Not many people actually like you for who you are, because of how rude you are to them. You say you’ve changed, but we haven’t seen it happen at all. You are unfunny, repeating jokes many times in hopes of it being funny. You think you make “savage roasts” when you are just insulting. But there is one thing I didn’t mention and that is the shit you’ve done to me.
  190. P.S You’ve Done Some Shit to
  191.  Me Too and Here is Some Stuff I Hate You On
  193.    Here is my side of the story. Aidan is an absolute cunt towards me, he has no filter to what he says he just does. One week he is nice and another week he pukes up bullshit my way. We have had numerous arguments over the stupid stuff he does. While I was reading chat logs from a year ago to ensure I am 100% I stumbled upon the “It’s satire” thing. I also stumble on “I am really good at making people cry,” first of all that isn’t something you should be bragging about in the first place. Second, you don’t make people cry. The amount of back talk you have done against me isn’t very good for a supposed “victim of this shit.” Not to mention that is a “slight tease to make fun of someone's appearance.” There is a lot of dirt against you on Skype, like it is unreal. I have to categorize this section because of the amount of the stuff you did to me.
  195. -Slight Tease
  197.    This bugs me a lot. You call “Your arms while you run look likes a T-Rex running” is an insult while saying that “You are as healthy as Ethan” is a slight tease. That is bullshit Aidan, making fun of someone's physical attributes just make you a stuck up prick. You have indirectly insulted someone’s shape and put yourself on a pedestal. Not to mention that while I was saying this in 7th grade he resorts to violence via slapping me during Pi-Day. You do this all the time, you are using teasing a shield for all of your insults so you don’t get any backlash for it. This still persists to this day, I thought you’ve changed dip shit?
  199. -Baby
  201.    Honey, you need to chill. When I was playing a game I didn’t promote Aidan to an admin because I know that he will mess up the server. Once I do promote him to an admin he being Dougherty screwed everything up.
  203. Aidan: screw you bayar
  204. Bayar: do you want to me to make you admin
  205. Aidan: No
  206. Aidan: What you did is full out say that we don't trust you
  208.    That is just one scenario of this happening, there is more. Remember that dab Aidan over the summer? Oh yeah remember when on the first day of summer P.E. you got sad and mad at me over some retarded shit? Remember when you were adamant that your house in Terraria remain where it is even though it looked shitty and was right where we had already made plans to build something else, and you started throwing bombs in our house? More on that example, he got really mad at us, started insulting us, so we banned him (but it didn’t work.). Then, we remove his house to build the new boss arena where we had originally wanted to build it. He gets back, gets super pissed and starts throwing bombs in our house. This happened over Terraria’s chat, so we don’t have chat logs of it. “I got banned of Santos” Ohhhh boohoooo you shouldn't have lied about your age cunt.
  212. -Embarrassment
  214.    Before I go on for a whole page on my next section let’s talk about the embarrassing stuff Aidan has said. So Aidan, you like some DnD? Don’t you love it when you play and you get to rape a 16 year old while she is sleeping? I am so excited to play some DnD with you Aidan. Did you know that Aidan is also a sex wizard who can change their sexuality in an instant. He said he was asexual and yet he does the do with himself and then later says he isn’t asexual. Oh yeah the disstrack, if we get over twenty people to like this rant I will release his disstrack out in the public. I like tiny butts, that's pretty hot. How about the time when you impersonate Nick Zellich, failed by spelling his name wrong, and tried again as David Pham?
  216. -The Big One
  218.    Oh boy, I am excited for this one. Aidan you are an absolute dickweed always talking shit, always making fun of people, and always being a general ass to everyone he knows. The stuff he has said about me was way out of hand and started this whole debacle. All you had to do was behave like a normal child and don’t get yourself into this retardation. The things you have said about Sesker, the things you said about Ethan, Nathan, Nadia, Taylor, and so many more people just bugs the hell out of me. What you have done to me was also as horrible as what you have said to some of these people. You have made fun of my height too often, the way my hair is, and a lot more. It bugs the hell out of me the amount of hypocrisies, desperation, and lies so you can put your self up on a pedestal sickens me. Aidan, you are the scum of my boot and I am trying to get you off as much as possible.
  219.    Let’s run down all the bullshit you have done towards me. Now, for the hypocrisies. Every time I ask for examples for what I have done to you, you say “How am I supposed to know?” but then you ask the same question to Shutts? We can never have a month of peace because you always ruin it, causing arguments and fights you always never win. Every time I expose you for your lies, you act like a complete retard and play the victim card. One time I tested to see how you really feel about yourself, here are the results. I said that I was going to show the counselor all of the stuff you have done on Skype and you begged me not to.
  220.    Not to mention how desperate you are when it comes to the aftermath of these arguments. You go silent for a few hours and then try to win our respect like it never happened. To be honest it has worked a few times, but this time it hasn’t you manipulative cunt. You want to be friends with us, but you also want to be the best out of the group of friends by being as egotistical as possible.
  221.    Aidan has an abnormally large ego, he has the same shit every time we talk about height. “I have the good genes,” over, and over, and over again. When he got his score on his Algebra final he wouldn’t stop talking about it non-stop, and before you say “I only bring it up whenever people mention it to me,” this is just not true. You brought this up constantly and still do mention it every now and then, it makes me want to blow my brains out because of the stupidity that you’re arguments contain. Oh wait, I guess I’m the stupid one because I didn’t get a 100% on my final. You’re the smart one because you are very reasonable when it comes to pictures.
  223. -Actual Conclusion
  225.    In conclusion… I don’t like Aidan sometimes. He can be a cool guy but he can also be a massive asshole. Hey, at least he isn’t posting pictures of random people on the internet. If he wants to swing at me he can, I mean, he is a good writer like his rp character.
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