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  1.  - That font is really great if you don't want players to immediately recognise the word ABSORB
  2.  - Tiles turn white
  3.  - Controls feeling fluid so far
  4.  - Bucka Chucka sprite jitters when pressing right against a wall and jumping
  5.  - Found Smithen
  6.  - Was able to kill the bombs in the room after, trivialising the challenge posed
  7.  - Sometimes the jump doesn't behave as expected, meaning I pressed jump, expecting to jump, but stayed on the ground. To me it looked like I would have been able to jump when I pressed Space, but apparently the game didn't consider me back on the ground yet
  8.  - I like Munk's swinging mechanic, but I feel it would be more satisfying if the speed varied or one could accelerate by swinging
  9.  - Being able to climb walls with Munk was a surprise. It's not exactly obvious when one can do so however. So far it appears one can only climb when swinging against a wall, but even then I sometimes dropped down
  10.  - The first attack of candelombre always arcs to my rear. In a game that moves from left to right, this is near useless
  11.  - So far I often damage enemies by running into them and accepting the tradeoff
  12.  - Finding Smithen in level 2 is useless, there is no way to get him out of that corner without taking damage
  13.  - AI Greeces stay invisible after hitting me as Norm
  14.  - Norm's attack appears weaker than appropriate for the delay and big sprite
  15.  - Favourite enemies are Bucka Chucka for their attack and Munk for their movement
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