Dec 3rd, 2014
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  1. "Who... Who's there!?"
  2. >She calls out to the nothingness of the forest.
  3. >And yet the nothing doesn't call out back to her.
  4. "I know you're here! I can hear you moving in the trees!"
  5. >No she can't.
  6. >You're much too quiet.
  7. >What she hears is her imagination.
  8. >Unfortunately, the circumstances of fear don't matter.
  9. >All that matters is that she's frightened enough to start running from you.
  10. >Sigh.
  11. >Score one for instincts you suppose.
  12. >If you hope to have a chance at your meal, you'll have to engage her now.
  13. >How annoying.
  14. >Springing from the shadows of the trees, you land directly in front of the scared mare.
  15. >And before she can register your presence, you grab her mane with your teeth and sling her to the ground.
  16. >With a scared cry, she falls easily.
  17. "Ahhh! Wh-What's happening?!"
  18. >You straddle her body with yours, taking extra care to hold all her limbs in place.
  19. "Hush meat. You'll find out soon enough."
  20. >You smile.
  21. "Hasn't anyone ever told you: Never to go into the Everfree forest by yourself?"
  22. >Her eyes widen.
  23. "HELP! Please. I need he-"
  24. >You slap her.
  25. >Hard.
  26. "Be quiet. I worked hard for you and I don't want to have to protect my claim from others of the forest."
  27. >She blinks as tears form in her eyes.
  28. "I think I'm in trouble..."
  29. >You bend down and nuzzle her neck.
  30. "And I think that's an understatement."
  31. >Your body shudders as you inhale the strong scent of fear radiating off her body.
  32. >It's intoxicating.
  33. >Now you can't help yourself.
  34. >Red warmth feels your mouth as you pierce the crest of her neck.
  35. >If your prey was scared before.
  36. >Now she is terrified.
  37. "AAAAIIIIEEEE! NO! It hurts! It hurts!"
  38. >You release your fangs and lap at the leaking liquid before looking at the pone angrily.
  39. "I told you to hush! And I know you don't feel a thing since my bite contains a numbing agent. You aren't my first spoil."
  40. >She begins to openly cry.
  41. "You still bit me! I can feel the blood. Please just let me go!"
  42. >The angry smile fades.
  43. "No."
  44. ----------
  46. >Damn her.
  47. >There's no way she didn't alert every creature within 100 yards with that.
  48. >As if to confirm your fear, somewhere in the distance a vicious howl can be heard.
  49. >Time to move.
  50. >But first...
  51. >Without any warning, you reach down and close your clawed hand over the poor pone's neck, expertly shutting down all vital necessities to her brain.
  52. >The resulting look in her eyes is one of pure and utter terror.
  53. >It's a look you know well. She thinks you're going to end it.
  54. >Silly mare. How uncouth does she think you are?
  55. >You do have standards.
  56. >Having said that, you can't help but watch in morbid curiosity as she struggles in vain against the creeping blackness.
  57. >Her eyes beg for mercy, but you deliver none.
  58. >So she begins to buck her back, her entire body trashing against your strength.
  59. >She's using up the last of her energy in one last attempt at survival.
  60. >It's useless of course. But the show is entertaining.
  61. >Soon enough her arched back loosens and her eyes roll to the back of her head.
  62. >As the last bit of consciousness fleas her mind, you lean in and whisper in her ear.
  63. "Princess Celestia has no power here little one. You're in my domain."
  64. >Her pinpricked pupil looks at you with one final plea before fully submitting to the void.
  65. >And when you are absolutely sure she's out, you release your grip and press two clawed fingers to her neck..
  66. >...
  67. >Dhuk Dhuk .... Dhuk Dhuk ... Dhuk Dhuk
  68. >...
  69. >Good.
  70. >You remove your body from her limp form and pick the mare up, tossing her onto your back with ease.
  71. >Struggling pones are annoying to deal with.
  72. >So it's a good thing she isn't a pone right now.
  73. >She's nothing but a ragdoll.
  74. >And by contrast, a ragdoll is easy. Ragdolls don't fight back or try to flee.
  75. >They just sit and wait patiently for you to do with them what you will.
  76. >You shift the weight on your back and smile once more.
  77. >Nice and heavy.
  78. ----------
  79. >Back at your cabin, she wakes with a scream.
  80. >But finds that you've taken care of that little annoyance with a gag.
  81. >So all that she manages to produce is a whimpery mumble.
  82. >It's enough to alert you of her consciousness though.
  83. "Morning, meat. Have a nice nap?"
  84. >She doesn't reply.
  85. >From across the room, you hold up an oversized mushroom.
  86. "I found this in your pocket. So is this why you braved my woods?"
  87. >With a toothy chomp, you bite into the flesh, making sure she gets a good look at how your canines tear apart the supple flesh with ease."
  88. >She sees.
  89. >She sees well.
  90. >And now she's crying again.
  91. "Oh poor thing. I know you worked hard for it, but it's nothing to cry over. Here. Have one of mine. I've got plenty."
  92. >Reaching into a cupboard, you pull a plump fungus out and walk to her side.
  93. >When you reach your destination, you hold the mushroom to your nostrils and inhale deeply.
  94. "Though I suppose I can't blame you. They are delicious. And they just go so well with any meal."
  95. >You eye her hungrily as you say this.
  96. "Here meat, this is what you wanted right? Eat. I'll undo your gag."
  97. >You smile sweetly and reach for the ties that bind her mouth.
  98. >Before you loosen them however...
  99. "Just one thing though. I do ask that you don't scream. You see, it attracts predators and I like how I've hidden my house."
  100. >Your eyes narrow and the smile drops.
  101. "If you scream, I'll be forced to silence you. And not with a gag. Understood?"
  102. >She frantically nods up and down.
  103. >And the sickeningly sweet smile returns.
  104. "Good. You're a smart mare. Not all of them are as smart as you."
  105. >A trail of saliva follows the gag from her mouth as you release her from being mute.
  106. >True to her word, she keeps quiet.
  107. >Good girl.
  108. >You hand her the mushroom.
  109. >And for the first time since she awoke she notices she can't move her hooves.
  110. >She looks at you in wild panic, a scream forming on her lips.
  111. "Don't you dare. We had a deal remember?"
  112. >Her mouth immediately clams shut.
  113. ----------
  114. "I told you before meat, my bite contains anesthesia. And that itself has a multitude of uses."
  115. >You grab her right hoof and show it to her, the limp appendage hanging uselessly in your hand."
  116. "The feeling will come back in a few hours. If you're good, maybe it'll even have something to come back too."
  117. >Understanding mars with confusion over your words.
  118. >But you don't give her too much time to think on it.
  119. >Holding up the mushroom, you delicately place the meal between her lips.
  120. >When she doesn't open her mouth, you get a bit annoyed.
  121. "Either you eat, or I eat. And I'm a bit burnt out on mushrooms."
  122. >Her mouth pops open and she eagerly takes the fungus inside.
  123. >Despite her horrible situation, she seems to actually be savoring the flavor.
  124. >They are quite good.
  125. >And expensive.
  126. >A single mushroom can fetch upwards of nearly 500 bits.
  127. >Pft, why pay for something that you can dig up yourself though?
  128. >Still, the trade does keep you well... supplied.
  129. >So you can't damn the business too much.
  130. >You rub the mare's mane lovingly as she takes her time chewing her meal.
  131. >When she's done, she looks at you wantingly.
  132. "No no. I'm afraid one is all you get. The flavor is so potent, if you add too much it tends to... overtake any meal."
  133. >Realization of where she is comes crashing back to her.
  134. >Her mouth quivers before opening.
  135. "P-Please. I won't tell anypone about this. Ju... Just let me go."
  136. >One of your nails digs a bit too deep into her scalp and she gives a small yelp.
  137. "Tell anyone? Why would I care if you told anyone? All that would mean is I have more meat than I know what to do with."
  138. >You release her hair and grab her chin.
  139. "In fact, if you really want my attention you should be offering to tell the world."
  140. >Her body trembles in your light touch.
  141. "No? Alright then, you'll just have to do then."
  142. >In one swift motion, you're on top of her pinning her lifeless form firm against the bed with your own.
  143. >That intoxicating fear is back.
  144. >She's making you drunk.
  145. ----------
  146. >She tries to call out, but you silence her scream with a kiss.
  147. >The action taking her completely by surprise.
  148. >Forcing your tongue inside her mouth, you take a moment to savor her own sweet flavor mixed with the aftertaste of her gourmet meal.
  149. >When you've had your fill, you break the kiss.
  150. "My mother always said never to play with my food, but..."
  151. >You look around.
  152. "She isn't here right now. So lets play."
  153. >Unable to offer any resistance, she can only watch helplessly as you explore her body with your tongue.
  154. >You begin with her lips, nibbling on the soft folds carefully so as not to puncture them.
  155. >Her every quiver can be felt inside your mouth as you do.
  156. >Trailing downward, your next stop is her neck.
  157. >And what a lovely neck it is.
  158. >The bite from earlier has long since clotted,but you give it a light tease with your tongue anyway.
  159. >It's been a few hours, so the injured flesh must be tender by now.
  160. >A small yelp confirms your suspension.
  161. >In apology, you gently rub your cheek against the area.
  162. >Only a few moments pass like this, but her breathing is a lot more steady.
  163. >Letting the area be, you snake your way to outer extremities.
  164. >These are still numb, so she can't feel the more than gentle bites you're giving.
  165. >But she can see them.
  166. >And that's enough.
  167. " *whimper* "
  168. >Such a good girl, still yielding to that 'no screaming,' rule even now.
  169. >Usually at this point they're screaming for Celestia again.
  170. >In reward for her continued compliance, you move downward.
  171. >She gasps.
  172. >Not a frightened gasp either.
  173. >Expertly, you work the mound of flesh with your tongue.
  174. >The sharp tang from her wetness creates a stark contrast to the sweetness of her saliva.
  175. >But it isn't unpleasant.
  176. >And so you drink it down.
  177. "Aaaa~h"
  178. >She lets out a particularly loud moan and you bend up to look her in the eye.
  179. >A flush creeps across her face as she realizes what she did.
  180. "I... I don't know what came over me."
  181. >You smirk but don't answer.
  182. ----------
  183. >Taking a finger, you trace from the outer thigh, into the inner thigh, and then... just in.
  184. >She lets out a squeal of delight.
  185. >As your digits work her hole with expertise, your body extends upward to her neck.
  186. >And you go for the wound from earlier.
  187. >She must think you're going to nuzzle her again, because she kind of cranes her neck away, giving you perfect access.
  188. >Instead you bite.
  189. >Hard.
  190. >She gasps.
  191. "No~ You were being so nice. You were... Oh~"
  192. >Her thoughts trail off as you renew your efforts on her nethers.
  193. >Body and mind are at war with each now.
  194. >One screams danger and the other screams pleasure.
  195. >And she probably isn't even aware which voice belongs to who.
  196. >She shakes. She moans.
  197. >She trembles. She giggles.
  198. >She whimpers. She sighs.
  199. >All the while, you enjoy every drop of her that you can.
  200. >Four different flavors you've experienced of her and she has 100 more she can offer.
  201. >After several minutes of working her body in all different ways, she convulses and arches her back, ripping her neck from your mouth.
  202. >To be honest, you're too impressed to complain.
  203. >It takes some muscle spasm for a body to be able to that under anesthesia.
  204. >When she comes back down, she looks away in shame.
  205. >Not wanting to bloody her face, you wipe your hand on the bedsheets before grabbing her jaw and forcing her to look at you.
  206. "Ashamed are you, my little snack?"
  207. >Tears fill her eyes as she nods.
  208. "Shhh, it's alright. Just enjoy the moment. There's still more to come."
  209. >In emphasis, you prod your manhood at the base of her hole.
  210. "Oh."
  211. >That's the only word she can utter before you thrust inside her.
  212. >If she thought she was conflicted before...
  213. >She had a reference guide compared to now.
  214. >Her body is switching between full on twitching to quivering in your embrace.
  215. >There is a difference. And it isn't subtle.
  216. >You don't even have to bite her this time.
  217. >After a particularly violent twitch, followed by a particularly hard quiver, you feel yourself reach your peak.
  218. ----------
  219. >Speeding up your thrusts, you bend down to intertwine your lips with hers once more.
  220. >Though, you'd be lying if you didn't say it had nothing to do with tasting her sweetness again.
  221. >Whatever the case, she accepts you willingly.
  222. >Having long since given up on trying to fight her body into one particular emotional state.
  223. >Let her body war it out, her mind is just along for the ride.
  224. >And she's loving every minute of it.
  225. >When you're fully spent, you pull out with a small 'pop.'
  226. >Allowing transparent whiteness to dribble onto the once fresh sheets.
  227. >Oh well, it can keep the small amount of crimson from her neck company.
  228. >After a few moments, she comes down from her high and realizes what just happened.
  229. >And what's about to happen.
  230. >Tears gather in her eyes as she meets your gaze.
  231. >You lift a finger and wipe them away.
  232. "Shh, it's alright. It'll be over soon enough."
  233. >She nods and looks away as you clasp a hand down onto her throat, exactly as you did the first time.
  234. >Except this time, she doesn't try to fight.
  235. >Her eyes don't plead and her limbs don't flail.
  236. >She just closes her eyes and allows her mind to drift off into a deep sleep.
  237. >...
  238. >Dhuk Dhuk .... Dhuk Dhuk ... Dhuk Dhuk
  239. >...
  240. >When you've verified her heart beat is still strong, you lift the motionless ragdoll onto your back and make your way into the forest.
  241. >It's several, several hours from your cabin to the edge of the forest, but it isn't a wasted trip.
  242. >Along the way you discover a family of mushrooms growing alongside a rotted tree.
  243. >Making a mental note of where to find them, you lick your lips.
  244. >They really are the best thing a vegetarian such as yourself could ask for right now.
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