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  1. Acer
  3. Status: Connected
  5.  Thank you for contacting Acer. Please help us improve our customer experience by completing a quick survey at the conclusion of this chat. Note: For your security, please do not provide any credit card information during this conversation.
  6. You: 0x0000000e error on boot
  7. 10 minutes agoRoseny M.: Hello, my name is Roseny M. and I will be happy to help you.
  8. 10 minutes agoRoseny M.: Hello
  9. 10 minutes agoYou: Sorry
  10. 10 minutes agoYou: I accidentally closed the page
  11. 10 minutes agoRoseny M.: No problem sir, can you please provide the SNID or serial number of the computer?
  12. 10 minutes agoYou: 92001515026
  13. 10 minutes agoRoseny M.: Thank you very much
  14. 9 minutes agoRoseny M.: I understand that the unit is not booting due to that error code and a blue screen, the BISO reset did not work, and you were trying to see if you can install the OS in the second SSD in the computer, correct?
  15. 9 minutes agoRoseny M.: HIOS*
  16. 9 minutes agoRoseny M.: BIOS**
  17. 9 minutes agoYou: Yes
  18. 9 minutes agoRoseny M.: Thank you for confirming, sorry, normal procedure.
  19. 8 minutes ago File attachment upload has started.
  20.  The file 15760826346934716359423768595543.jpg (2568.73KB) was received.
  21. Roseny M.: About the question, is possible for sure, I can provide the normal instructions to install the OS, but not offer more support in regards of that since it will affect teh software warranty.
  22. 8 minutes agoRoseny M.: If the process suggested does not work, and you are unable to install the OS in the Original SSD, then the other option is to have the computer in for repair.
  23. 8 minutes agoYou: Is the original Windows license kept or do I have to buy another one?
  24. 6 minutes agoYou: If I do a clean install
  25. 6 minutes agoRoseny M.: The License is encrypted into the BIOS so there should be no problem in that.
  26. 5 minutes agoYou: Ok
  27. 5 minutes agoYou: And do I still have Acer warranty if I do that?
  28. 4 minutes agoRoseny M.: I am afraid that if you install a clean version of the OS in the computer that will void the Software warranty
  29. 3 minutes agoYou: What do that mean?
  30. 3 minutes agoRoseny M.: That we might not have drivers compatible with that, we do not provide support on the process to installing that clean version.
  31. 3 minutes agoRoseny M.: Some Acer applications will not be available for that and so on.
  32. 2 minutes agoYou: Ok I understand
  33. 2 minutes agoYou: So it's better to do a recovery
  34. 2 minutes agoRoseny M.: It will be the best option in this case, using the Alt+F10 procedure that was suggested, if that does not work, I think that the best option is to have the unit checked.
  35. 1 minute agoYou: Thank you for the help
  36. 60 seconds agoRoseny M.: Not a problem sir, anything else that I can help you with?
  37. 30 seconds agoYou: No
  38. 20 seconds agoRoseny M.: Thank you for contacting Acer and for allowing me to assist you. This is your Case number CAUS19234593. If there is nothing else I can assist you with, I remind you that upon closing this session, a window will open where you will have the opportunity to rate the support that I have provided you with today. Thank you very much and have a nice day.
  39. Just now
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