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  1. Introduction
  2. I have recently completed six months as a Junior Software Developer at Sector Labs, and in this report I would like to take the opportunity to provide feedback on the first steps of my career path.
  4. My first server-side enhancement
  5. In the beggining I did not really understand the project because of its complexity. I had to browse through many pages of documentation to understand how the Lazy Loading of images work. Luckly, all this research was not in vain, as I was able to decrease the page loading time by 11% with the help of a new compression method. Not only this improvement reduced our costs by $7000 a month, but also boosted our website's place on Google PageRank.
  7. Outdated function calls
  8. I also tried to alleviate the problem with the memory consumption that appears on some pages' comment section. I tought about an algorithm which uses balanced binary trees as a data structure instead of the normal tree that I believed we were using. It turned out that the Controller already contained an implementation of my idea, but, for some reason, it was not in use.
  10. Suggestions
  11. In light of the issue highlighted above, I would suggest a refactoring of our codebase, an update to the reference guides and 2 more weeks of training time with a Senior Engineer that knows the underlying functionalities. Had I known from the start that we were actually using the better method it would have saved me 3 weeks of work.
  13. Conclusion
  14. Overall, I am pleased with my achievements and I am looking forward to continue working with such exceptional colleagues.
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