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Interview (Prt 1)

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Dec 6th, 2019
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  1. Peaddle Bows her head in respect.~ "Greetings A/all. My name is Pea, I am an unowned 36 year old female submissive seeking a Dom/me in the lifestyle in real life as well as online. I am Protected by and member of The DarFury Family. May I please enter if it does not displease A/any within this Room/Home?
  2. Lotharium pokes peadde's bubble
  3. Lotharium: oh wait nvm xD
  4. ZaharaRain: Holy shit a proper sub
  5. Lotharium: ^
  6. Lotharium: yep.
  7. Lotharium tilting his head to the side, as he watches a submissive approach the room. He watches her every movements, sitting on the sidelines. He was wondering how she would act inside a room. He was rather suprised on how well behaved she was or how she had followed the room rules. He'd smiled as she did what was expected of her. It impressed him as he lets out a soft smile on his lips.
  8. ZaharaRain: No worries dear one
  9. Lotharium: (sure take yourtime)
  10. ZaharaRain: Oh look what a cute bunny tail she has
  11. Lotharium: she has a cute outfit.
  12. Peaddle Looks to the male named Lotharium Smiles softly and wiggles her fingers.~ Hello! Nice to meets you.
  13. Lotharium he smiles as he nods his head, sitting with his left legs crossed on his right " Its nice to meet you too. " His eyes now gazing upon every inch of what it appears to be her soft-like skin.
  14. Lotharium He'd looks at her, tilting his head to the side, hearing her words, what she liked and such and it intrigued him.
  15. Lotharium: It feels like its time to whip out my pen and paper.
  16. JessBroo has left the chat
  17. ZaharaRain: What are you going to do write the girl a love letter?
  18. Kreature: lol
  19. Lotharium: Nahh
  20. Lotharium: who writes love letters anymore XD
  21. ZaharaRain: Interview her fro christ sakes
  22. ZaharaRain: Pea we know what you are looking for but could you tell us the type of Dom that would interest you more
  23. Lotharium He looks towards the female kneeling on the floor. He was outright curious about her as he looks towards her. He starts to speak up "So how long have you been in this lifestyle? how did you come about to this lifestyle?"
  24. Lotharium: yeah okay you can answer her first.
  25. Peaddle Mumbles ~ A real one I mean Sure Miss. -giggles softly- "I'd like a Dom/me who truly understands the dynamics of the Lifestyle. One who can tend to my needs as a submissive as I tend to His or Hers. One who follows SSC as it's a dangerous road if SSC is not a guideline in the D/s relationship. One who will not force Themselves into the relationship between U/us two. One who is not a collector and understands that a submissives submission to Them is a gift and should be of high value to Them. I am a firm believer that the submissive has the last word which is Yes Sir/Miss. One who has the same interest as I do and respects my Hard limits. I'm very much into Gore Play and looooved to be cut and all bloody, it's a huge turn-on for me. I will not have multi Owners at the same time, I will only serve one Dom/me as I believe being faithful is one of three keys to a strong D/s relationship. If they own more then one submissive that is fine I just would expect Them not to put more then one on trial at a time, take time to get to know one submissive before hopping to the next, I have been in the Lifestyle since a young age, How I got into it is personal and something I only talk about with T/those I trust.
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  27. Guest_HillBillyCletus: Wow there is a lot I did not understand but I’m new I guess so yeah
  28. Guest_HillBillyCletus: But I should 🤭 no
  29. Guest_HillBillyCletus: *now
  30. ZaharaRain: Very good and detailed anser
  31. Lotharium: Yep.
  32. Lotharium: Like ive mentioned this a thousand times, I firmly beleive that respect is the base of every relationship, whether D/S lifestyle or your normal relationships. I myself is new to this scene, compared to the both of you, im probably squeaky new, roughly 2-3 years. I like those interest of yours as it matches mine perfectly. For SSC, ive not yet read the code, though i understand it briefly.
  33. Lotharium: believe*
  34. Lotharium: It seems ive been following it in a way. I always take any kind/form of relationship seriously. Im more or less a nuturing kind of dom, that will happily take care for her, in such a way , she is respected, protected and safe.
  35. Lotharium: Id like to question, whats the best part / hardest part of being a sub?
  36. Peaddle: I'd say the Best part of being a sub is being able to find the One who I'd give my last breath for. And can't think of anything else but to serve Him/Her. the worst part is dealing with the fake Dom/mes that think they are better then us subs because of there title and yet to realize without us subs they would not have that title.
  37. Lotharium: I agree to that sentence of yours. I believe that a dom is only "powerful" as his submissive allows him to be.
  38. Lotharium: is only as powerful*
  39. Peaddle: But it goes both ways too. A sub would not have there title if not for the Dom/me's
  40. Lotharium: yeah.
  41. Lotharium: Is there anything you're curious about me?
  42. Peaddle: Well, just answer the same questions You asked me, Sir? xD
  43. Lotharium: Cheeky
  44. Lotharium: but sure
  45. Lotharium: Before i answer that, I got interested in this lifestyle 2-3 yrs back. It intrigued me because it was different, at first i thought it was sexual, but the more i read, the more it opened me up to a whole entire new world. Troughout my period of being a dom, I learnt how to respect, to have empathy, kindness, politeness. What i think about as a best part of being a dom is the initmacy between a dom and his sub. She becomes his weakness and he becomes her armor. Its the purity of that that why ive become interested in it. WHat i dont like about being a Dom is hurting my partner. I never like to hurt them and it upsets me but sometimes you just have to do it.
  46. Peaddle Nods
  47. Lotharium: (my meaning of hurting is doing things that will hurt her in any such way, that excludes (the kink interest)
  48. Peaddle: I am not allowed to accept any friend request until T/they meet Sir Nix, as He is my protector and head Alpha in The DarkFury Family.
  49. Lotharium: okay. sure.
  50. Lotharium: No worries to that.
  51. Peaddle: :)) Good to hear that Sir
  52. Lotharium: For me, im one who is bad with interviewss, im the kind that likes to get to know a submissive by talking and getting to know her personality.
  53. Peaddle Nods
  54. Lotharium: Perhaps, i can say, so far, i like what has been discussed or mentioned.
  55. Peaddle: Well thank You Sir
  56. Peaddle: One second please
  57. Lotharium: Tke your time.
  58. Lotharium: Ive actually got one interesting question for you when you're back. Id normally ask this to submissives.
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