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Aug 20th, 2019
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  1. Welcome to Spiral's Secret Laboratory Server! The information below is our official rules.
  3. 1. You are not permitted to micspam, unless it's actually funny.
  4. 2. We request that you pay attention to moderator instruction, as this is essential for both you and your fellow players to properly enjoy the game.
  5. 3. The following sub-rules are respective to teaming in this game.
  6. 3a. Guards are to terminate Class-D personnel unless detainment is an option.
  7. 3b. Guards/Nine Tails must always terminate Chaos Insurgency.
  8. 3c. Class-D personnel are permitted to team with scientists.
  9. 3d. SCPs may team with Class-D personnel, (and scientists if they are teamed with the Class-Ds.)
  10. 4. Team kill is strictly prohibited unless it's for a joke.
  12. You can join our discord server at
  13. (Moderator applications are available here.)
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