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  1. Singing Stories in the Void says
  2. Meanwhile, in another convo, this little bit of crack is happening
  3. > listen to "When I Think About You I Touch Myself"
  4.  > Lysander gets hammered and tries to teach Jacob to sing it. By singing it himself
  5. Singing Stories in the Void says:
  6.  ...ahahahhahaha
  7.  Jacob: .....O_______________O
  8. Lysander says:
  9.  XDD
  10.  Lysander; H-Here...ya just gotta be confident! Sing it to that dragon o yours, it'll tell her what she needs to know...*hick*
  11.  hic*
  13. Lysander: ...Fucking hell, you need to get drunk. C'mere, trust me, it'll make it seem piss easy to do. *says in tune to the song*
  14.  then they both get drunk, sing it at the local pub and rake in the money. IDK
  15. Singing Stories in the Void says:
  16.  Jacob: *now completely drunk* I DUN' WAN'... *hic* ANNYBO-Y ELSE *hic* WEN I THEENK ABOUT YA *hic* I TOUCH MAHSELF...
  18. Zora Smith says
  19. ....
  20. Katanna Clark says
  21. ..xDD
  22. Zora Smith says
  23. *ded*
  24. Singing Stories in the Void says
  26. Dusk Chinchilla says
  27. IT DOES
  28. Zora Smith says
  29. SHOW
  30. Singing Stories in the Void says
  31. Lysander: That's it!! *laughing, slings an arm around his shoulders and joins in the loud singing*
  32. Jacob: *takes his top off, swinging his shirt and swinging it over his head* N-NOW!! *hic* WHO... WHO WANTS MA LICORICE STICK, HUH?
  34. Katanna Clark says
  36. /dyyying
  37. Singing Stories in the Void says
  38. :3c
  39. Lysander: *starts to sing, Dya Think I'm Sexy, getting onto a table. He holds out a hand to pull Jacob up too*
  40. Singing Stories in the Void says:
  41.  Jacob: *gets up on the table and starts dancing*
  42. Lysander says:
  43.  Lysander: *also dances, still singing*
  45. SO YEAH
  46. Dusk Chinchilla says
  47. ...rad bromance 8D
  48. Zora Smith says
  49. ...I love you and that needs to happen in-canon.
  50. Dusk Chinchilla says
  51. pfffffffft
  52. just imagining how Reva would react to Lysander getting Jacob drunk and then half naked, drunken singing and dancing ensues
  53. Zora Smith says
  54. Yeah I am too
  55. She has the most amusing expression on her face
  56. Singing Stories in the Void says
  57. Oh, yes
  58. Dusk Chinchilla says
  59. X33
  60. hey, if they do it somewhere public, the girls could try and make money off their shenanigans. "COME N SEE HALF NAKED DANCING MORONS"
  61. Singing Stories in the Void says
  62. ...Anya would try
  63. ...Azzy too
  64. Reva, she would just facepalm
  65. Zora Smith says
  66. Oh yes.
  67. Singing Stories in the Void says
  68. I dunno... both the boys got high charisma. You could make a lotta money off them
  69. Dusk Chinchilla says
  70. true true
  71. Zora Smith says
  72. ...We're doing it.
  73. We're running outta money. This needs to happen
  74. Dusk Chinchilla says
  75. ...well, looks like if the adventuring thing falls through, the boys have a career path open to them
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