Faggot wars greentext

Jul 21st, 2015
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  1. >It always sucks moving
  2. >Leaving behind friends
  3. >And allies
  4. >Those are pretty important for now getting raped daily
  5. >Sure it's fun for a while, but it all gets so tedious
  6. >At least avoiding it is a fun game
  7. >But now you have to start from scratch
  8. >And the MGs get more desperate as graduation approaches
  9. >For you, that's two years from how
  10. >Late enough the girls are getting rather aggressive
  11. >But not late enough most have a boyfriend
  12. >The worst part is the most picky ones are often the last to pick guys
  13. >You do admit, any man that can avoid being in a relationship in a mixed school that long is a good catch for the pickier ones
  14. >You're no olympian but you can certainly take care of yourself
  15. >To a degree
  16. >It's the first day in your new school, and the scent of fresh meat is stirring the halls into a bit of a frenzy
  17. >Like chumming the waters
  18. >You were left alone until first break
  19. >The tension was palpable
  20. >Your spidey sense is giving off all sorts of alarms
  21. >A Jabberwock is approaching with handfuls of poems
  22. >Three onis are walking down the hall the other way and blocking escape that way
  23. >And a minotaur is coming from the same direction as the scale-less dragon
  24. >You need to think fast
  25. >What was it that you were supposed to do?
  26. >Assert dominance
  27. >Doesn't matter with what, if they see you domming something they should leave you alone
  28. >A look around you doesn't have any obvious targets like cyclops or mice
  29. >But what you thought was a short haired dark elf with black hair has some small horns and a spade tail
  30. >And it's wearing boyish clothing as if it's in denial about being an alp
  31. >Target acquired
  32. >You walk up behind the five foot alp and grab that sensitive spade tail
  33. >Wait, there was supposed to be a yelp
  34. >Where is the yelp
  35. >She turns her head towards you
  36. >A pissed off scowl with red eyes glares up at you
  37. "The fuck you doing faggot?!"
  38. >This isn't going according to plan
  39. >You can still salvage this
  40. >You attempt the headlock maneuver
  41. >Never fails
  42. >It fails
  43. >The alp punches you in the stomach
  44. >Jesus fuck that hurt like an oni
  45. >But it's too late to retreat
  46. >There is a half circle in the hall waiting to see how it plays out
  47. >Fail this and you'll be a school cumpump
  48. >Not on your watch
  49. >You go for the shirt lift
  50. >Jesus fuck that uppercut hurt like a brick
  51. "Ya wanna go faggot?!"
  52. >This will require advanced bullying procedures
  53. >The hair ruffle!
  54. >Goodbye testicles, see you in spring
  55. >Once you've doubled over in excruciating pain your head meets locker
  56. >Things go black
  57. >Shit
  58. >Several hours later
  59. >You're waking up in the nurse's office
  60. >Not sure which hurts more, your dignity or your skull
  61. >Did an Alp just kick your ass?
  62. >Maybe it was a succub-hahaha
  63. >No succubus is that alpish
  64. >With a groan you sit up
  65. >The alp is sitting beside your bed, still scowling
  66. >She's distracted and tapping away at her phone though
  67. >You try to catch a peek
  68. >She's just flipping through dick pics
  69. >Why does she have so many cocks in her phone?
  70. "Oh, you're awake Anon! Don't worry, you don't have a concussion or anything."
  71. >You look up to see it who that was
  72. >Just the were-sheep nurse
  73. >She still walks over and checks you over, putting the ice pack back on your head
  74. >The alp just keeps playing with her phone
  75. >She's definitely a girl, but her short hair and clothes would look better on a guy
  76. >Especially that muscle shirt
  77. >You can make out the toned muscles on her body seeing her from the front
  78. "Toni, don't you have anything to say to Anon?" The nurse asks.
  79. >Toni rolls her eyes and stands up, putting her phone away
  80. "Sorry you got your ass beat faggot, don't start shit you can't finish."
  81. "Toni!"
  82. "Fucking fine. Sorry for kicking your ass. Can I go now?"
  83. >God you just want to slap this fucking slut
  84. >The nurse just sighs and lets her go
  85. >Even under those shorts you can tell the ass is fine
  86. >If only it weren't attached to a bitch
  87. >Once you're good to go and have the five different sets of notes from each of your classes you set out on the walk home
  88. >Tomorrow will be terrible
  89. >Who gets their ass kicked by an alp?
  90. >Your old crew would be ashamed of you
  91. >At least your head isn't pounding anymore
  92. >You're kind of pissed off though
  93. >If you see that alp again you're going to-
  94. >Turning the corner you nearly walk into her
  95. >She's just loitering there playing on her phone again
  96. >You step back a few steps as a precaution
  97. >"Hey, the fucks your problem?"
  98. >She looks up and glares venom at you
  99. "Piss off."
  100. >"Not till you tell me why you're such a bitch."
  101. "It pisses me off when people try and bully me! Oh, it's an alp! Pull her tail and hear her 'Kyaa!' Ruffle her hair and nibble her ears! Course I'll kick their ass!"
  102. >You're a bit speechless
  103. >Never met an alp that wasn't a stuttering faggot
  104. >Well, this one is clearly a faggot but she's not a stuttering faggot
  105. >You give a bit of a rude apology, and explain why you did it
  106. >She actually listens
  107. "What kind of shit plan was that?"
  108. >Obviously not good.
  109. >She reaches into her backpack and tosses you a can of soda
  110. "There, we're square now. See you faggot."
  111. >She isn't leaving
  112. >Expects you to leave
  113. >That's just rude
  114. >You crack that soda and lean against the wall next to her to drink it
  115. >She's scowling but not looking at you
  116. >"Waiting for your ride?"
  117. "Yep."
  118. >Bit of an awkward silence after that
  119. "I ain't gonna be your buddy."
  120. >"I ain't gonna be your friend guy."
  121. "I ain't a guy, faggot."
  122. >"And I ain't a faggot, pal."
  123. >She glares sideways at you
  124. >But cracks up a bit
  125. "Rides here, see you faggot."
  126. >"The names anon."
  127. >You watch the small beetle car drive up and stop in front of you two
  128. >Is that a fucking ushi oni driving that tiny car?
  129. "Have a good day at school sweetie?~"
  130. >This is too fucking much
  131. >Toni gets in the passenger side
  132. "Terrible."
  133. "Is that a boyfriend there?~"
  134. "Fuck no!"
  135. "You're so dishonest honey~"
  136. "Shut up mom!"
  137. >This is rich
  138. "What's his name sweetie?"
  139. "I don't know this guy!"
  140. >That's rude, you just said your name was Anon
  141. >The anguish on the alp's face from you joining in is priceless
  142. "Hello Anon!~ Don't let her attitude fool you, Toni is really a sweet girl deep down."
  143. >You really can't see it
  144. >Toni is banging her head on the dashboard
  145. "But she is! She does all her chores on time, helps take care of her little sister, and even helps take care of her father the day after the full moon~"
  146. >So she's a good girl at home
  147. "She isn't at school?"
  148. >Toni snaps up and glares at you with a clear threat in her eyes
  149. >Somehow they hadn't heard about today
  150. >You just grin
  151. >You can work with this
  152. >"I think so, it's a bit hazy..."
  153. "Hazy?"
  154. >"Like something hit my head this morning"
  155. >Oh that rage filled expression is great
  156. "Oh dear, that's no good! Hey, I have a great idea!~"
  157. "Mom, no!"
  158. "Why don't you come over to our house for dinner?~"
  159. >You'd be delighted
  160. >Toni is pounding her head again
  161. "If you keep doing that you're going to break the dashboard sweetie~"
  162. >You call your parents up and get the address from the ushi mother
  163. >Not that you need your parents there
  164. >It just will make it worse for Toni
  165. >Might be petty, but you'll feel better after this
  166. >Once you've passed the phone to Toni's mother so your parents can talk to her you slip into the back seat
  167. >Her abdomen has to lie on the back seat with two of her legs
  168. >Once you get your phone back the tiny, cramped car pulls away from the curb and takes you away
  169. >Normally you would never go to an ushi home, but this seems safe enough
  170. >Toni is just grumbling swears in the front seat while looking out the window all the way to their house
  171. >Stepping out, you get your first good look at it without ushi blocking the view
  172. >It almost looks like a dollhouse, painted pastel colors with a pink shingle roof and perfectly cut lawn
  173. >There is even a small garden under the windowsill with blooming flowers
  174. >"You live here Toni? Never would have guessed."
  175. "Shut it."
  176. >You wait for your parents to arrive on the lawn while Toni runs inside
  177. >Her mother stays outside, and a tiny five year old ushi skitters out with excitement to see the new person
  178. >While you amaze at how cute a tiny ushi can look getting ear scratches her mother starts talking about Toni
  179. >Was a guy up until the day before starting high school
  180. >Just alped in her room and ran out panicking
  181. >It was an exciting night according to the mother
  182. >You can't erase your smile imagining the scene
  183. "She probably hit you today, huh?"
  184. >Was it obvious?
  185. "She can get grouchy sometimes since she became a little princess. I think she just needs to find a nice guy!"
  186. >She sure has an interest
  187. >You mention the dick pics on the phone
  188. "Those? Oh, she takes those of guys that tried to bully her."
  189. >Wait, what?
  190. "Yeah, she runs into them a lot so after she's used her martial arts on the persistent ones she sneaks a photo"
  191. >This doesn't sound good.
  192. >You ask what she does with them
  193. "Nothing I know about. I think it's cute~"
  194. >You really don't understand women
  195. >Your parents arrive at just the right time
  196. >Your fathers gets out of the driver's side
  197. >And your hellhound mother gets out of the passenger side
  198. >She walks up to the ushi-mom without saying a word and they stare at each other
  199. >Before your mom laughs and she trades some secret looking handshake with the ushi
  200. >You asked about why she does that with strangers sometimes
  201. >She just grinned and said nothing
  202. >The three introduce themselves to each other and ushi-mom scoops the kid onto her abdomen for a nap
  203. >You're about to wonder what you're supposed to do when ushi-mom turns to you
  204. "Toni's room is upstairs on the right, why don't you two go hang out?~"
  205. >Alone with an alp?
  206. >What could go wrong?
  207. >You make your way upstairs and find her room
  208. >The door isn't pink with a frilly name sign on it like you expected
  209. >Just a normal door
  210. >You open it up and step inside
  211. >It almost looks like a boy's room
  212. >Nothing girly anywhere
  213. >But it's neat and tidy
  214. >Laptop on her desk, games sorted nicely on her shelf
  215. >Television hanging on the wall with a very sturdy bolt
  216. >Everything looks well secured actually
  217. >Right, ushi house
  218. >The basement is probably cracked beyond repair
  219. >Must be like an earthquake once a month
  220. >Toni is sitting with her back turned to you, playing something on the Rape U
  221. >Doesn't seem to have heard you open the door
  222. >This is just too tempting you little spadetail
  223. >You're sneaking up behind her when her mother calls up
  224. "Sweeetie! What do you want on your pizza?!~"
  225. "Whatever mom!" Toni calls back, turning towards the door
  226. >She sees you
  227. >Glares a bit
  228. >And goes back to her game
  229. >You sit down on the bed and look around for the spare controllers
  230. >Must be put away in a door
  231. >But first order of business is the pictures
  232. >"Your mom told me about the dick pics."
  233. "So?"
  234. >"You get mine?"
  235. "Didn't get a chance."
  236. >That would be a relief if you believed it
  237. >You ask if she's got a second controller
  238. "Course I do, I got a sister don't I?"
  239. >Can you play too?
  240. "Single player game."
  241. >Bit passive aggressive there
  242. >But at least she's not calling you a faggot
  243. >Even if she's playing a faggoty game system
  244. >But you're getting bored just watching her play
  245. >Something catches your eye from this angle though
  246. >That shirt she's wearing has exposed her small chest to you
  247. >Her small, perky little breasts
  248. >You decide to try and slip your phone out and snap a pic while pretending to send a text
  249. "Whatcha looking at faggot?"
  250. >She's looking right at you
  251. >No sideboob window either
  252. >Just tell her you were sending a text
  253. "I know you were looking."
  254. >"So you showed me on purpose then?"
  255. "Fuck no."
  256. >"Whatever you say princess."
  257. "Don't be a dick."
  258. >"Blow me."
  259. >She scowls at you
  260. >Bad joke
  262. "Like you could handle it!"
  263. >"Try me"
  264. "Fuck no."
  265. >"Scared?"
  266. "Don't be a faggot!"
  267. "Be nice to Anon sweetie!~ He's a guest!"
  268. "I don't want to mom!"
  269. "Do I need to come up there princess?!"
  270. "No mom!"
  271. >Toni pouts and goes back to her game while grumbling a bit
  272. >"So you don't wear a bra?"
  273. "So you were looking!"
  274. >"Yep."
  275. >There is a long pause, Toni just staring up at you
  276. "Did you like them?"
  277. >That's a smug grin
  278. >They were alright
  279. >You're wishing you went with that Jabberwock right now, this kind of sucks
  280. "I did take a picture you know."
  281. >What?
  282. "The nurse had to step out for a minute, took it then."
  283. >Yeah right
  284. >She takes her phone out
  285. >And shows you your dick
  286. >This is gay
  287. >"Faggot."
  288. "You're a faggot."
  289. >"You have dicks picks filling your phone."
  290. "And you were ogling an alp's chest!"
  291. >Like that proves anything
  292. "Wanna prove you're not a faggot?"
  293. >And how will you do that?
  294. "I'll show em to you again."
  295. >...What?
  296. >"You'll just call me a faggot if I say yes."
  297. "Maybe."
  298. >You can't help but get a bit curious
  299. >"Why would you even show me?"
  300. "You tried to bully me, but at least not to bully me."
  301. >That hardly makes sense.
  302. >Fuck it, you can always laugh at her later
  303. >"Go for it. Faggot."
  304. >Toni grins and slips her top off in one motion
  305. >Tosses it at your face
  306. >She's definitely a girl now
  307. >The scent and the curves don't lie
  308. >You take a good look
  309. "Faggot."
  310. >She's still grinning at you though
  311. >"You're the alp."
  312. "Sure am."
  313. >"Most are in denial."
  314. "I like dick. Just didn't feel like changing anything else."
  315. >Weird thought process
  316. >But you can't take your eyes off those little breasts
  317. >Round little lumps of faggot
  318. >She stands up and steps up in front of you
  319. >Exposing her upper body without shame
  320. "I can smell that wood Anon."
  321. >You don't know what she's talking about
  322. "This wood here!"
  323. >She reaches down and feels your half-erection
  324. >It's at full mast now
  325. >And you really don't know why
  326. "Want me to lose my shorts?"
  327. >Does it look like you're protesting?
  328. >She chuckles and backs up, turning around to slide her shorts down slowly and give you a good view down there
  329. >Damn it looks nice
  330. >Is this really gay?
  331. "Faggot~"
  332. >This bitch
  333. >"Not a lot to look at."
  334. "What was that?"
  335. >"You barely look like a girl."
  336. >That actually has her glaring at you again
  337. >This is an odd situation
  338. >At least for an alp
  339. "I'll be better when I'd gotten enough energy!"
  340. >"Getting any now?"
  341. >She doesn't answer
  342. >Just looks a bit angrier
  343. "Big talk for someone that got beat by an alp!"
  344. >"Big talk for a flat-ass."
  345. "I'll show you who's a flat-ass!"
  346. >Toni tackles you onto her bed
  347. >Are you about to get raped by an alp?
  348. >The loss of your pants and boxes says yes
  349. >You try and struggle but this alp has muscles and can keep you down
  350. >Toni is breathing heavier now
  351. >Can't fight her instincts anymore
  352. >Someone closes the door from the hallway
  353. >Oh shit what?
  354. >Like hell you're going to get raped by an alp!
  355. >You know what solves rape
  356. >More rape
  357. >Better rape
  358. >Alp rape
  359. >When she moves to reposition herself onto your hips you flip the pair of you down onto the floor
  360. >It knocks the wind out of her and stuns her
  361. >That moment is all you need
  362. >You ram yourself into her needy pussy
  363. >Her eyes go wide as she nearly ahegaos just from that
  364. >It's a struggle to keep her from turning the tables as you start pounding into her
  365. >She's a wiry little spade-tail
  366. >And damn she can squeeze tight
  367. >You can't stop yourself now
  368. >Her resistance fades along with her scowl as you wear her down with your powerful thrusts
  369. >By the time you plunge to the hilt to finish her face is flushed red and struggling to hide her lust-drunk look
  370. >Damn bitch nearly drained you dry
  371. >You catch your breath and start pulling out
  372. "Time for round two!"
  373. >Wait, what?
  374. >She flips herself up and spills you onto your back, your dick still stuck inside of her
  375. >Smug grin has returned to her face
  376. >This is supposed to be Alp rape!
  377. "Time for Alp rape anon!"
  378. >Toni begins to bounce on top of you and rough
  379. >Her heavy breaths come out amidst small moans as she enjoys dominating you
  380. >Fuck no, you're not losing this!
  381. >You grab her hips and force the tempo faster
  382. >Dear god this was a bad idea
  383. >It's only getting her more into it
  384. >That spade tail is whipping about behind her like crazy
  385. >She milks you painfully dry with the second shot, groan of mixed pleasure and pain coming from your throat
  386. >Toni just licks her lips and rubs her chest as they grow by half an inch
  387. "Looks like I can get plenty of spirit energy now Anon!"
  388. >She's starting again
  389. >There is no rest with the rapealp
  390. >She spins around on you to face away, giving you a good view as that ass lifts and slaps against you again
  391. >A second wind comes to you, and you manage to force your way up and her head down to the floor
  392. >You proceed to rape the alp into the ground
  394. >You wake up thirsty and with a distinct ache in your hips and associated areas
  395. >It's all sticky and muggy in the room
  396. >How many times did you two fucking do it?
  397. >And where did that stamina come from?
  398. >It was almost like someone slipped you something
  399. >With a groan you sit up on the floor
  400. >There is a brown alp sprawled out on your legs
  401. >She's gotten slightly larger in her womanly areas
  402. >Just seems to be bathing in the afterglow
  403. >You check the clock
  404. >Oh shit you've been at it for five hours
  405. >Damn you're parched
  406. >Could really use that pizza about now
  407. >You try and get Toni off of you
  408. >She snickers to herself
  409. "Faggot."
  410. >"Shut up Faggot."
  411. >You really wish you knew who won that little rape war
  412. >And really want a shower
  413. >Toni stands up and stretches her body, not caring that she's nude in front of you
  414. >The poor mast tries to stand but it has the will but not the strength
  415. "You're my faggot now."
  416. >What's this bitch talking about?
  417. "I've raped you, so now you're mine! That's how it works, mom said so!"
  418. >Of course an ushi-oni would think that
  419. >"You can't really believe that."
  420. "Says the guy that got raped by an alp."
  421. >"I raped you just as much."
  422. >That gives her pause
  423. "Then I'll just rape you more!"
  424. >Not happening now
  425. "Are you two kids done playing?~"
  426. >It's the ushi mom
  427. >She opens the door with a tray of refreshing liquid water and cold pizza
  428. "We'll finish this next time!" Toni huffs
  429. >She takes the try and puts it down next to you
  430. >For now, you two have a truce
  431. >But you're wondering if you'll survive the next time
  432. >You can't just get out of this, it's about dominance
  433. >If you succeed you can get a good position socially
  434. >Lose and you'll be a bitchboy
  435. >Too bad you have to 'fight' with this faggot
  436. >You think you'll call it the 'Faggot Wars'
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