Celestia/Luna Greentexts: End of an Era

Sep 19th, 2016
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  1. >The princess looked over the horizon, standing atop the peak of one of the many hills behind Canterlot.
  2. >The city's more urban, modern structure and colorful neon signs stood as a testament to how much it had changed.
  3. >She couldn't help but heave a mournful sigh, gazing on the progress her ponies had made.
  4. >The progress they will continue to make.
  5. >Without her.
  6. >With the sudden surge in technological advancements, it was something the sun princess had known would come to pass.
  7. >Typically, when a society's technology improves, so too does its ideologies and views, chiefly among other things.
  8. >Equestria was no different.
  9. >Celestia had watched, day by day, as ponies began to act differently, create differently, and think differently.
  10. >The buildings of Canterlot changed from their opaque, medieval architecture to blocky, urban designs.
  11. >Rarely did ponies rely on magic anymore, opting instead to rely on gadgets to assist them throughout the day.
  12. >This, regrettably, is where she had become involuntarily involved with her society's progression.
  13. >The less ponies relied on magic, the less they saw the need for it.
  14. >Machines had begun to regulate nature further, to the point that it became autonomous, rendering weather ponies pointless.
  15. >All but two aspects of nature were conquered.
  16. >Day and night.
  17. >Celestia and her sister's magic was the only thing capable of moving the sun and moon.
  18. >But the sisters knew that eventually, the time would come when they, too, would be replaced by machines.
  19. >Whispers of new forms of government helped in that case, as ponies further regarded the royal sisters as necessary tools rather than monarchs.
  20. >A rebellion had begun forming in Canterlot, a fact Celestia's ponies thought she was unaware of.
  21. >When the day of the Celestial Shifter's creation came, the sisters knew the time had come.
  22. >The sun and moon's independent movements did not go unnoticed by the sisters, the actions signaling the device's existence to them.
  23. >What few guards remained prepared for the incoming siege.
  24. >While Luna was slightly more willing to go down with the castle, Celestia calmly halted any preparation.
  25. >She was no tyrant, and she'd convinced her sister so as well.
  26. >Celestia could not bring harm to the ponies she cared so much for, even when they were ready to overthrow her.
  27. >Fighting back would bring unnecessary bloodshed and instill fear and hatred among her ponies.
  28. >The sisters reluctantly relieved the guards of their duties, this time permanently.
  29. >When the rebellion charged the castle, they were immediately greeted by the sisters solemnly surrendering.
  30. >Historians will likely call it a day of progress, of victory, and of justice.
  31. >Celestia and Luna will only see it as the day their ponies outgrew them.
  32. >After the sisters' surrender, the establishment of a new government had come swiftly.
  33. >It seemed the rebels had everything planned out, choosing to form a government based on a concept called "democracy".
  34. >But what came after didn't matter to the royals.
  35. >They had been tossed aside, like the concept of magic before them, by a more efficient way of living.
  36. >Their purpose had been served, some had said, and the ponies were ready to govern themselves without their aid.
  37. >As Celestia walked away from what was once her city, taking to the skies in search of a new home with her sister, she only hoped that they were right.
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