King's Quest VI 100% Route - updated

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  1. King's Quest VI 100% Route
  3. Press DELETE, OPTIONS, set DETAIL to lowest, SPEED to highest
  6. Beach: HAND plank, HAND ring, HAND coin, WALK north, NE, TALK guards, RING to guards, skip scene, WALK south, NW
  8. Alis Books: HAND door, HAND book (by door), HAND shelf (right middle), HAND page, HAND magic book, TALK Ali, HAND door, WALK NW, W
  10. Ferry: HAND door, TALK outside x1, TALK inside x2, HAND rabbit foot, HAND door, WALK NE, SE
  12. Pawn shop: HAND door, HAND mint, TALK shopkeep, skip scene, COIN shopkeep, HAND nightingale, HAND door, WALK SE, WALK NE, HAND pot (for ink), WALK SE, south, HAND map to sacred mountain
  14. Sacred Mountain: HAND flower, HAND feather, HAND map to wonder
  16. Wonder: WALK north, Flower, Nightingale, Mint, Rabbit's Foot, Ink (on Alex), SPLIT, HAND paper, TALK oyster, BOOK oyster, HAND pearl, WALK north, HAND milk, WALK west, HAND lettuce, HAND tomato, WALK south, south, east, HAND books (bookworm pops out), TALK spider, HAND bottom of web, HAND paper, WALK west, HAND map to beast
  18. Beast: TALK dangling participle, "Where" paper on him, WALK north, ICEBERG LETTUCE water, HAND lamp, WALK north, HAND brick, WALK south, south, HAND map crown
  20. Crown: WALK north, NIGHTINGALE on bird (sing-sing), WALK NW, NIGHTINGALE shopkeep, HAND flute, WALK south, south, HAND map to wonder
  22. Wonder: WALK east, PARTICIPLE on books (get riddle book), WALK west, north, west, FLUTE flowers, HAND hole in wall, HAND door, HAND scarf, SPLIT, WALK south, south, south, HAND riddle book, HAND map to crown
  24. Crown: WALK north, NW, FLUTE shopkeep, HAND tinder box, PEARL shopkeep (gets ring), HAND door, HAND alis books door, TALK Jollo, RING Jollo, RIDDLE BOOK Ali (gets magic book), WALK south, south, HAND map to mountain
  26. SPLIT
  27. Sacred Mountain: HAND wall, RISE, WALK cliffs,
  28. 1st puzzle: stick man, face, box, flying bird
  29. 2nd puzzle: 4, 1, 2
  30. 3rd puzzle: face, caterpillar, viking tower, snake game
  31. 4th puzzle: ASCEND
  32. WALK south (click on area above first step), WALK up steps, SPLIT, HAND cave, TINDERBOX cave, HAND hole, HAND peppermint, HAND hole, HAND hole, WALK north (winged ones cutscene)
  34. Labyrinth:
  35. N, N, E, E, N, Hand skull
  36. S, W, W, N, W, rose, rose, rose, scythe, crown, bird, skill, empty, WALK west
  37. N, hand shield, N, N, N, W, W, Hand grave
  38. E, E, S, E, BRICK gears, E, E, N, E, tinder box
  39. Wx5, Sx2, E, HOLE on wall, EYE hole
  40. Wx3, Sx2, E, S, Ex2, N, E, Nx2, HAND tapestry, WALK to minotaur, SCARF minotaur, SPLIT, HAND map to mists
  42. Mists: WALK west, HAND coal, HAND scythe, WALK south, HAND map wonder
  44. Wonder: WALK north, west, MILK babies, LAMP babies (middle right baby), VIAL lamp, HAND tiny bottle, HAND cup, HAND door, COAL to white queen, WALK south, south, CUP sludge, TOMATO bump, CUP slime on bump, WALK south, HAND map beast
  46. Beast: WALK north, north, SHIELD archer, WALK hedge, HAND rose, WALK north, WALK south, south, south, HAND to crown
  48. Crown: WALK north, NW, NW, ROSE Beauty, BEAST'S RING Beauty, skip scene, SPLIT, LAMP water, HAND magic book, CAST make rain spell, WALK south, HAND rose, WALK south, south, HAND map mist
  50. Mist: watch scene, SKULL embers, HAIR skull, EGG skull, WALK south, HAND map to mountain
  52. Sacred Mountain: WALK cliff, CAST 3rd spell on Nightmare
  54. Underworld: SPLIT, TALK ghosts, WALK east, TALK to woman ghost, HAND bone xylophone, HAND key, TICKET to guard in back, WALK north, HAND corpse, HAND glove, WALK straight up, then across, then north, CUP styx, COINS charon, HAND door, TALK door, LOVE, WALK north, GLOVE lord, MIRROR lord
  56. Crown: WALK north, NW, HAND pawn shop, TINDERBOX shopkeep, HAND paintbrush, HAND door, BOTTLE Alex, skip scene, HAND dooor, LAMP to old man, HAND second bottle from right, RING sing-sing, PAGE sing-sing, ROSE sing-sing, HAND ribbon, HAND letter, WALK NE, WALK NW, FEATHER cup, PAINTBRUSH wall, CAST magic paint spell, SPLIT
  58. Castle: HAND middle door, HANDKERCHIEF ghost, HAND door, WALK north, HAND armor arm, HAND hole, WALK upstairs, HAND hole, DAGGER Cassima, WALK west x2 (hold enter to go to next room), HAND hole, WALK north, HAND wall door, HAND box on round table, EYE paper, KEY chest, HAND paper, HAND closet, WALK south x3 (hold enter), WALK down stairs, HAND bottom wall x2, WALK east, HAND door, BOTTLE Jollo, wait 8 seconds after Jollo leaves, HAND door, WALK front west, HAND west door, TALK door, ALIZEBU, HAND sheet on table, EYE all 4 items, WALK south, east, HAND door at top of stairs, PAPER Saladin, WALK to group, skip scenes, WALK NE door, WALK up x2, BOTTLE Genie, HAND sword, SWORD Ali, SPLIT END TIME
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