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  4. ▎username: ssugardonut / call me qian !
  5. ▎birthname: moon jaeun.
  6. ▎other names: emily moon.
  7. ▎nickname(s): moomoo, emo princess.
  10. ▎slot: woman like me.
  11. ▎backup slot: i mean she's the only female ? and i have no choice haha
  12. ▎faceclaim: aoa's minah
  13. ▎backup fc: blackpink rose + red velvet yeri.
  14. ▎birthdate: 11.11.1999
  15. ▎birthplace: daeju, south korea.
  16. ▎ethnicity: korean.
  17. ▎nationality: korean.
  18. ▎height: 159 cm.
  19. ▎weight: 47 kg.
  25. ▎personality:
  26. ↳ rule breaker ; believing that she will only live once, jaeun likes to do things that people don't dare but not too the extreme where she will kill people. but instead, she likes to break rules because she just likes it. she likes to steal things that she likes and it has been a habit since then.
  27. ↳ runner ; she is good in acting and running away from police. she gets away from all her crimes. so she has mastered acting, running and changing to another outfit.
  28. ↳ hacking ; she loves to hack on other people's computer especially her boyfriend's if she could sense that he's being himself and she would hack it. she has learning hacking since young and it's one of her things that she loves to do everyday. trust me, she could hack into the president's computer. scary. but if you don't make her angry, she won't hurt you.
  29. ↳ pranking ; she loves to prank people no doubt and people will fall for her pranks, i don't why. but when she plays pranks with you, it means that she trust you and treasure you a lot. pranks that she would play are hacking because she knows people would be shock and scared if she hacks into someone's computer but would write 'it's a prank!'
  30. ↳ roasting ; she loves roasting people like a reaction. she gets very hot when she's getting sleepy and would reply to every message that pops out and would roast everyone thus, starting a roasting competition.
  31. ↳ careless ; she often gets caught because of her carelessness of leaving items that belongs to hers. if you know her, you would know if she hacks into your computer and account as she would leave marks.
  33. ▎background:
  34. ↳ she was born in daeju, korea. she has a perfect, happy family as she has an older brother to care for and her parents loves her to death. until when she was 8, her parents decided to split because of other reasons that her brother and her still don't know up to these day. they ended up following their father because her mother basically leave her own family behind for a richer and better family. since then, her father worked hard to raise up her brother and herself, but it brought them to deeper problems as her father started to drink a lot and would start hitting her brother and her. a few years later, her father married another woman who has 2 children making her having 2 more step-siblings but never really liked them. so she prefer staying with her older brother, she tend to break any rules that was given by her father and step-mother cause simply, she doesn't care.
  37. when her brother turned legal, he cut ties with his father and his step-mother and bringing his sister alone to seoul as he is also starting his model journey.  she would have a job at a cafe because she don't want her brother to get too stress about her own matters. but usually before or after her job, she would love to cause trouble as she can't stop herself. she manage to escape her crime at few times and everything when she gets caught, she would deny her crime and her relationship with her brother as she don't want to ruin him as well as she don't want to ruin her enjoy. so basically, she either acts or run.
  39. ▎family:
  40. O1 . moon jeonghan | older brother | 10/10
  41. O2. yoon miyeon | mother | 2/10
  42. O3. moon jeonkwan | father | 5/10
  43. O4. park jiwon | step-mother | 6/10
  44. O5. park / moon jihye | step-sister | 6.5/10
  45. O6. park / moon jisoo | step-brother | 6.5/10
  47. ▎trivia:
  48. ↳ her motto is 'fuck it, yolo !' because she don't trust rules and find it useless.
  49. ↳ she can hack very well.
  50. ↳ she loves her brother a lot and her brother is a model.
  51. ↳ she loves chocolate, spicy food and the colour black.
  52. ↳ she is a kpop stan.
  53. ↳ she is often caught because she's careless but will not admit her crimes.
  54. ↳ she loves to visit disneysea and land with her brother.
  55. ↳ she's done with everything (low-key) and would give a middle finger.
  56. ↳ she is good at making iced coffee but not those hot ones so she would be in charge of cold drinks.
  57. ↳ she loves watching running man and her favorite is yoo jaesuk.
  59. ▎love interest:
  60. ↳ (optional! from the slots)
  66. ▎playlist:
  67. ↳ O1 . dalla dalla by itzy.
  68. ↳ O2 . getting closer by seventeen.
  69. ↳ O3 . twit by hwasa.
  70. ↳ O4 . yes or yes by twice.
  71. ↳ O5 . i'm so sick by apink.
  72. ▎aesthetics:
  73. ↳ she must have a watch && oversized clothes.
  74. ▎social media username(s): yolocolateun [ chocolate + yolo + jaeun ] / queenbreakerjae ! [please pick one !]
  75. ▎layout: (profile pic & header, any ideas?)
  76. ↳ profile picture | [aoa's minah !] / ; [ red velvet's yeri !] / ; [ blackpink's rose ! ] / [  please make it black and  white ! i choose everyone because im not sure which one you will choose !]
  77. ▎tweets: (what kind of tweets will your character mostly tweet?)
  78. ↳ it's 3AM and im still crying about running man.
  79. ↳ oHMAI why is there suddenly a lipstick ? i pretty sure i stole it.
  80. ↳ message me now and i will roast you.
  81. ↳ blar blar blar, can't hear bitches. fuck me then.
  82. ↳ bitch becoming millionaire, kiss my ass.
  83. ↳ why would i hack your account my boo ? or i did ?
  84. ↳ yOo jAe sUk is my king, anyone disagrees i will hack ur account and delete it *dabs*
  86. ▎twitter bio:
  87. fuck it , you only live once ! /
  88. ur emo and troublemaker bitch is back
  89. to the game ! so please kiss my ass !
  95. ▎requested scenes:
  96. O1. some of them met up in real life and went to watch movie.
  97. O2. they saw jaeun go hack someone's account because they said yoo jaesuk sucks.
  98. O3. they went to watch her brother's model show.
  99. O4. met THINK ABOUT US and A.M once in her cafe but didn't knew their faces at that time.
  100. O5. she pranked everyone when hacking into their account and wrote 'bow down to the queen !'
  101. O6. they did a face reveal and they were all shook.
  103. ▎anything else: n/a
  104. ▎message to me: hello jade ! i hoped you like about my form ! it's low-key trashy, for that i'm sorry ! i made jaeun a little fluffier than expected because it's my first time writing this type of forms since it's 2O19 and new year new me right ? but please support my survival applyfic named ever after ! and i'm qian !
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