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  2. What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC? What is State Secrets?   
  3. Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth?  Rogers didn't want to participate in Obama admin's spying scheme and wanted make his loyalty known
  4. Was TRUMP asked to run for President? Why? By Who?  According to Alex Jones, break away Patriot groups within Special Forces and IC recruited both Trump and himself. source h/t u/MassSpies
  5. Was HRC next in line? 
  6. Was the election suppose to be rigged?     TPTB wanted Trump to run as a Pied Piper, thinking he could be propped up in the primary and tanked in the general
  7. Did good people prevent the rigging?    Probably
  8. Why did POTUS form a panel to investigate?  He knows the dems cheat
  9. Has POTUS *ever* made a statement that did not become proven as true/fact?  TECHNICALLY yes (he calls these truthful hyperboles in his book) but I would say for important things or promises he's made, no
  10. What is POTUS in control of?    Millitary
  11. What is the one organization left that isn't corrupt?   DoD or Military?
  12. Why does the military play such a vital role?   Military tribunals. They can bypass the corrupt judges, prosecutors & juries (who can be bought or are zombie leftists) h/t u/QuantumSquad
  13. Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals?   Having the military on your side prevents the possibility of a coup and gives power over the other 3 letter organizations. h/t u/nakedjay
  14. Who guards former Presidents?   SS
  15. Why is that relevant?   They are all connected to the swamp. h/t u/nakedjay
  16. Who guards HRC? SS
  17. Why is ANTIFA allowed to operate?   Trump could use them to declare Martial Law?
  18. Why hasn't the MB been classified as a terrorist org?   Why hasn't the MB been classified as a terrorist org?
  19. What happens if Soros funded operations get violent and engage in domestic terrorism?  They can classified as domestic terrorist group
  20. What happens if mayors/ police comms/chiefs do not enforce the law?    Send in the National Guard 
  21. What authority does POTUS have specifically over the Marines?  Can't prove it but I think he can order the Marines without Congressional approval or something like that.
  22. Why is this important?  because its the Marine Corps responsibility to to protect the president and Us dignitaries abroad . and technically the Marine corps doesn't really protect the president in a direct fashion that is up to the secret service security detail. the Marine Corps does however have the sole responsibility of transporting the president by helicopter to air force one or camp david or anywhere else he may need to go within reach of Marine 1 source
  23. What is Mueller's background?   Military? According to wiki, served in Marines from 1968-1971
  24. How can MI be applied to prosecute bad actors and avoid corrupt agencies and judges?    If the bad actors were ever a member of the armed services, an Executive Order President Trump signed last week allows him to call them back into service in the case of a national emergency. That'd make them subject to trial via court martial. source
  25. Why did Mueller meet POTUS 1-day prior to FBI announcement if Mueller COULD NOT be offered director due to prev term limits rule?   THEORY: Pres. Trump was interviewing Mueller to be his special prosecutor as he promised on the campaign trail.
  26. Why is Pelosi begging for a new special counsel?    She finally realized that she is in deep shit because Mueller isn't "their guy". h/t u/nakedjay
  27. What is Pelosi’s net worth?   $120M
  28. How was this obtained given salary as career official?   Bribes
  29. Why is Pelosi’s memory going?  A trick used to hope that they won't prosecute her or use it as a defense. h/t u/nakedjay
  30. Could it protect against prosecution?   Though not typically a defense by itself, amnesia is a factor courts can consider when determining whether someone is competent to stand trial
  31. What is the Mayo Clinic?    According to wiki, The Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit medical practice and medical research group based in Rochester, Minnesota. It employs more than 4,500 physicians and scientists and 57,100 allied health staff. The practice specializes in treating difficult cases through tertiary care. It spends over $660 million a year on research. However, some speculate it may participate in organ harvesting. source h/t u/QuantumSquad
  32. Who sits on the BOD there?  Barbara Bush, Dick Cheney, Cokie Roberts, Eric Schmidt, Walter Mondale, Ursula Burns (direct Obama connection), Alan Mulally (direct Obama connection)
  33. Why do D’s want to control the black pop?    Keep them voting D
  34. Why do they intentionally keep poor and in need?    Keep them voting D
  35. Why do D’s project racism on a daily basis against R’s?    Keep them voting D
  36. Why do black elected officials do the crazy talk on behalf of D’s?    So it's not a white D telling blacks how to vote. h/t u/nakedjay
  37. How do D’s cover the historical facts of forming the confederacy, KKK, and oppose all things pro black re: legislation?   They tell the lie that the parties switched.
  38. What happens if D’s lose the slave grip on the black pop? D's lose power forever
  39. Why do D’s, through the funding of the CIA, prop up and install Hollywood/media assets?   Another method of propaganda that gives them easy access to a large portion of the population. h/t u/nakedjay
  40. Does this fall within Operation Mockingbird?    Yes
  41. What were the historical advantages D’s gained by having MSM and famous people peddling narrative?    Control of propaganda and the narrative.
  42. Maxine W has a $4mm home and cash assets in excess of $6mm. How is that possible?   One example. Bribes
  43. Who did POTUS meet with yesterday?  Sessions, Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson, James Mattis. President Trump’s schedule for 10/30/17 11:00 AM Receive daily intelligence briefing – Oval Office 11:30 AM Meet with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson – Oval Office 12:30 PM Lunch with Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff SessionsPrivate Dining Room 3:30 PM Meet with Secretary of Defense James Mat
  44. Was AG Sessions there?  Yes
  45. How many MI generals were on the WH list to attend a separate meeting?    
  46. Could those meetings have been combined?  
  47. Why were certain rooms in the WH renovated? Clear bugs and tracking devices.   
  48. Where was the meeting on Monday?  
  49. Why aren’t phones allowed in this room (one of many). CIA can turn microphones on the phones to listen in. Source: Wikileaks
  50. What firm was contracted to conduct the renovations?    General Service Administration source h/t u/nakedjay
  51. Who controls the NG?    Normally the states 
  52. Why was the NG recently activated in select cities within the US?   The Posse Comitatus Act (PCA) prevents Army & Air Force troops from enforcing law & maintaining public order. The PCA does not technically apply to the Navy, but there are other regulations that accomplish pretty much the same thing, so the Navy can't do it either. NG troops ARE allowed to enforce laws and maintain public order. These are state troops (Title 32) so they are exempt from the Posse Comitatus Act. The President cannot call NG troops into service without Congressional approval. State governors can, so they did. Once in service, the President can take command of a state's NG, or federalize them, without Congressional approval. tl;dr: It's a loophole that puts military troops (NG), exempt from the PCA (so they can enforce laws and maintain order) under the President's direct command, without Congressional approval. source source source
  53. Where is Huma today?   
  54. Was she with HRC on her book tour?  She was but left early
  55. POTUS installed his people within each top spot at each 3 letter agency except 1 (good reason there as Adm R kick started this and scrubbed all POTUS nominations to verify oath). Do you think they aren’t in control of those respective agencies? 
  56. What is most valuable?  Information
  57. AG Sessions on leakers.Fire or prosecute?   Prosecute
  58. HRC’s mentor is who?  Byrd
  59. What happens if the truth about Haiti is released? Do D’s lose majority of the vote?  Haiti reif never went to haiti
  60. What was POTUS' last Tweet (prior to)?  Would very much appreciate Saudi Arabia doing their IPO of Aramco with the New York Stock Exchange. Important to the United States! 5:49 AM - 4 N
  61. To who was it addressed?    Saudi Arabia
  62. When was POTUS' Twitter taken down? Friday 11/3/17
  63. Why is this relevant?   One of the Saudi Princes arrested has 5% stake in Twitter
  64. What was POTUS' last Tweet (prior to)?  Giving speech in Japan?
  65. Who was it addressed to specifically?   Saudi King? Prince? Saudi Arabia itself?
  66. When was POTUS' Twitter taken down? Has this ever happened before?  11/3, has not happened before
  67. Why now?    Alotta Happenings Swamp Rats about to get rounded up, Podesta Pedo Ring in Saudi?
  68. Coincidence?   No
  69. How many times did the attack occur (secondary clean up)?   Once. First account, then followers, both restored
  70. What is the purpose of tracking?    To hunt and find something
  71. What is the purpose of disruption?  Cause Chaos and Disorder
  72. Why did POTUS have military guards (uniform) while in HI?   Possible Threat? Show of force?
  73. Why is this relevant?   Someone trying to Kill Trump? Intimidate someone?
  74. Do military guards (uniform) typically assist the USSS? No
  75. Why is this relevant?   Something unusual is going on
  76. What flying object was recently shot down?  Ballistic Missle from Yemen to hit Riyad in Saudi Arabia
  77. Why is this relevant?   Shows Saudi Strength? Think im missing something, but coming up dull
  78. How precise is geo tracking (non-public c-level pro)?   Inches
  79. Why is this relevant?   Trump is hunting something/someone?
  80. Alice & Wonderland. Trump went down Saudi Arabia Rabbit Hole? Trump went into Saudi Arabia Shit hole and cleaned it up and saved world from Evil Saudi (Whatever represents Red Queen)??
  81. What is 'State Secrets' and how upheld in the SC? What is State Secrets?    State secret privilege makes it so the president can refuse to present evidence if it's secret information that would harm national security or foreign relation interests. After 9/11 Bush expanded ssp so that evidence could be withheld and cases dismissed in U.S. couts.
  82. Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth? Rogers didn't want to participate in Obama admin's spying scheme and wanted make his loyalty known   Wiretapping
  83. Was TRUMP asked to run for President? Why? By Who?     According to Alex Jones, break away Patriot groups within Special Forces and IC recruited both Trump and himself. source h/t u/MassSpies
  84. Was HRC next in line?  Probably. Gore was ousted by Bush JR and HRC was ousted by BO.
  85. Was the election suppose to be rigged?     TPTB wanted Trump to run as a Pied Piper, thinking he could be propped up in the primary and tanked in the general.   The primaries were rigged in HRC favor.
  86. Did good people prevent the rigging?   Maybe some of it. Vote machines were hacked and there was mail fraud.
  87. Why did POTUS form a panel to investigate?     He knows the dems cheat
  88. Has POTUS *ever* made a statement that did not become proven as true/fact?     TECHNICALLY yes (he calls these truthful hyperboles in his book) but I would say for important things or promises he's made, no
  89. What is POTUS in control of?   Military
  90. How many MI generals have been in/out of WH in the past 30 days?   
  91. What is the common denominator in terms of >military backgrounds close to POTUS?   
  92. Why did Soros transfer the bulk of his ‘public’ funds to a NPO?
  93. Why is this relevant?  
  94. Who owes a lot to very bad actors?  Hillary
  95. How can she repay as payment was made under promise of victory.
  96. What cash payments occurred by BO during the last 90 of his Presidency to foreign states and/ or organizations?
  97. What slush fund did AG Sessions (through DOJ) put an end to?   
  98. How does Soros, Obama, Clinton, Holder, Lynch, etc all net many millions of dollars (normally within a single tax year).   
  99. What was negotiated on the tarmac between BC and Lynch?
  100. What if the wizards and warlocks tipped off a local reporter as to the supposed unscheduled stop?  
  101. What if the NSA under the personal direction from Adm R had this meeting miscat and logged under a false identity to prevent bad actors from locating while also verifying to said players all was clear _ no logs.
  102. What really happened when the wizards and warlocks revealed what they had? 
  103. Was Comey forced into the spotlight shortly thereafter not by choice? Right before the election no doubt which would cast suspicion?   
  104. would it blow your mind if I told you BO has been to NK and perhaps there now?  Yes. Although former president clinton had been there to retrieve the two vanguard journalists.
  105. Why did his administration do little to slow their nuclear and missile capabilities?    Because they wanted them to be nuclear capable.
  106. What deal was done with Iran under BO?  Iran Nuclear Deal. Scientist, Tech and Cash Payout
  107. Why was the deal sealed under top secret classification?    Because they didn't want it getting out.
  108. Why wasn't Congress notified?   They wanted it kept from the public
  109. Why after all BO left office, all of a sudden NK has nukes and the tech to miniaturize for payload delivery within the U.S.?   Because it was given to them by the Obama administration via the Iran deal.
  110. What about NSA, CIA, DI etc all confirming tech won't be in place for 5+ years (statements in 2016) The Intel Community was either Lying or wrong. If they were lying, they knew that NK would be armed and capable well before then. If they were wrong, they would still be committing treason via the deal itself
  111. Why is all of this relevant and what does it tell you?  That the Obama administration, along with the Intelligence community, armed an aggressive, rogue state with WMD's making it capable if hitting North America, NATO nations and East asian allies.
  112. Why is the information re: BarakObama important re: U1 and export approval to Canada to EU?
  113. Did BO and/or his admin ever make false statements that U1 would never be exported from the US?
  114. Who made those statements? 
  115. Who did they report to?
  116. Why is this relevant?  
  117. Who controls the narrative?
  118. Why are left wing organizations beginning to report on DNC/D corruption?   
  119. Does the CIA have operators inside the MSM?
  120. What happens if exposed?   
  121. What happens if tied back as 'knowing' to execs?   
  122. What does this have to do with 'leaking'?  
  123. What if it can be verified no sourced stories (made up) were in fact (and approved) to be published?   
  124. BarakObama could not and would not allow the military to destroy ISIS - why?   
  125. How was ISIS formed? When? 
  126. How has POTUS made such progress in the short time he's been President?
  127. What is Q clearance?   
  128. What hint does that explicitly refer to?   
  129. DOE?   
  130. Who would have the goods on U1?
  131. Does stating 'Q' refer that person works in DOE?   
  132. Who is the enemy?  
  133. What is being continually stated by all D's?   
  134. Russia is what?
  135. What did the Russia reset really provide?  
  136. Clearance/pathway to complete the U1 deal? 
  137. Why is the Canadian PM so important?   
  138. Why does Sen Grassley (one example) have a higher than normal amount of security detail?   
  139. Why is Grassley and others held in a secure location?  
  140. When did this start?   
  141. What has been different this week? 
  142. Have secret sessions been underway?
  143. How could this be discovered?  
  144. What must be reported even if filed under 'State Secrets'? 
  145. How did NK obtain Uranium?  Uranium one deal
  146. How did Iran obtain Uranium?    Uranium one deal
  147. Why the cash component? So the money could never be traced
  148. Was the hostage component a cover?  Yes. 
  149. For what?   An excuse to send them the money.
  150. could any of the cash component be handed off to other people   Of course
  151. How many planes carried the cash into Iran. there were 2 deliveries.
  152. Where did the planes carrying the cash depart from and land?    Geneva Switzerland departure
  153. Did all land in the same location   No.
  154. Why is this relevant?   The money wasn't sent to just one agent
  155. Who controls NK?    Kim Jong Un
  156. Who really controls NK? CIA
  157. Why is this important?  CIA is behind NK's geopolitical actions.
  158. What does this have to do w/ NK?    They received money for their nuclear agenda from this payout.
  159. Why is this important?  They're threatening people with war.
  160. Why are wars so important?  To cover up crimes, make money, keep the public preoccupied and rally favor
  161. Who benefits?   The CIA and ruling political establishment
  162. What does this have to do w/ SA/CF cash donations?  Part of the payout went to the Saudis as well
  163. What does this have to do w/ ISIS?  They were receiving logistical support from Saudi Arabia as well as Qatar.
  164. What does hostage refer to? Someone being used as leverage
  165. Who can be held hostage and controlled by NK having miniaturized nuclear weapons?   NATO and NATO allies. Anyone within striking distance of the delivery system.
  166. Where is BO TODAY?  Unknown. Presumably in NK, referring to your other statement.
  167. Where is Valarie Jarret?   Unknown. Presumably in Iran (She lived there for a time)
  168. What is the annual salary of a sitting US president?    $400,000
  169. What home(s) were just purchased by BO? 5.3 million dollar home in us. Another Home allegedly in Dubai costing over 4 million
  170. How does it reconcile?  He did not buy that money from his presidential salary, Received the funds elsewhere
  171. What is the net worth of Pelosi?    120million
  172. How doe sit reconcile?  She did not achieve that net worth from being a representative.
  173. What is the John M Institute?   A Charity founded by John McCain
  174. Notice any patterns relating to the CF? They seem to operate in a similar fashion.
  175. Where did John M obtain his surgery?    Mayo Clinic hospital
  176. Why is that relevant?   Dick Cheney is on the Board of directors (see above for other suspicious members)
  177. What surgery did he supposedly have?    Blood clot removed. Brain Surgery
  178. How many days until he was back in Congress and sitting on the OS comm? Less than 2 weeks
  179. What is John M's net worth? 21 million dollars
  180. ow does it reconcile?   He did not gain his wealth from his salary as a senator
  181. What is Maxine Waters net worth?    estimated at over 1 million dollars
  182. How does it reconcile?  Maxine Waters did not receiver her wealth from her position as a representative.
  183. What does swamp refer to?   Washington DC's corrupt element
  184. What does money buy?    Favors
  185. List out all who have foundations. 
  186. Why is this relevant?  
  187. How can donations be used personally?  
  188. Analyze the filings.   
  189. Who is charged w/ overseeing this? 
  190. IRS?   
  191. Corrupt?   
  192. Politically motivated? 
  193. How did SA welcome POTUS during his trip?  
  194. Why was this historic and not covered by mainstream media?
  195. How did SaudiArabia welcome BarakObama during his trip?
  196. How did SA welcome HilaryRodhamClinton during her trip?
  197. Why is this relevant?  
  198. Why has POTUS dedicated so much time into labeling the MSM as fake news?   
  199. Why is this relevant?  
  200. Where is John Podesta? 
  201. Where is Tony Podesta? 
  202. Did one or both escape the country and was let out?
  203. WHERE IS BarakObama?   
  205. What is the difference between commercial and private re: security clearance for departure?
  206. Who is the TSA head?   
  207. Which party did he contribute to?  
  208. What is of particular interest when researching?   
  209. How does HS interact w/ TSA?   
  210. What updated post 9-11 protocols were put in place to prevent/stop inbound/outbound C-level targets?   
  211. What local airports are in close proximity to DC?  
  212. What happened shortly after 9-11 (specifically with all aircraft)? 
  213. Who was authorized to depart? ONLY 1 PLANE was authorized during this 'mandatory forced grounding'.
  214. Who SPECIFICALLY authorized this?  
  215. What airport did the departure take place at?  
  216. Why is this relevant?  
  217. How does it tie together?  
  218. What fake news anchor will not be on air tonight?  
  219. Why is this relevant?  
  220. What was stated in the past?   
  221. Where did the $18b from Soros go?  
  222. Why?   
  223. Can it be used by bad actors (escape, bribes, rogue contractors, etc.)?
  224. Slush fund?
  225. Did the US gov't seize/stop/track other slush funds that prevent or create risk to operate?
  226. Why did JaredKushner travel to SA recently?
  227. What is SA known for?  
  228. Where do the biggest donations originate from? 
  229. Why is this relevant?  
  230. What else is relevant w/ SA?   
  231. Safe harbor?   
  232. Port of transfer?  
  233. Why was there a recent smear campaign against JK and POTUS?
  234. Why is the timing important?   
  235. Who released the article?  
  236. Where is HUMA? 
  237. Who is HUMA connected to?  
  238. What organization? 
  239. What is HUMA's family history? 
  240. How did HUMA meet HRC? 
  241. What did HRC say about HUMA that demonstrates how close they are?  
  242. Why are D's dropping HRC all of a sudden?  
  243. Were deals made w/ select D's? 
  244. Can we expose every crooked politician?
  245. How much money was donated to CF by SA?
  246. How much money was donated to John M Institute by SA?  
  247. How much money was donated to Pelosi Foundation?   
  248. How much money was donated to CS by SA?
  249. What other bad actors have been paid by SA (bribed)(Not just D's)? 
  250. Why did the Bush family recently come out against POTUS?   
  251. Who is good?   
  252. What are the laws in SA v. US (charged criminals)? 
  253. What information might be gained by these detainees?   
  254. Why is this important? 
  255. What force is actively deployed in SA? 
  256. NG?
  257. Who connects HRC/CF to SA?  Huma Abedin, she lived most of her early life in Saudi Arabia
  258. Why is this relevant?   HRC/CF have ties to SA, MB
  259. Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?  Bad players, with links, to many things, including drug trade, human sex and organ trafficking. MB are linked to helping overthrow Libya and Syria
  260. Who has ties to the MB? Huma Adedin and Imran Awan
  261. Who is Awan?    Imran Awan, lead player in the Awan Brother spy ring scandal of Congress and Debbie Wasserman Schultz
  262. What is the Awan Group? Imran Awan, his brothers, wives, and a friend or two. All linked to Congress spy scandal. Imran Awan links may go as far back as Anthony Weiner, when Weiner was in Congress. It appears Awan began with Weiner, Weiner lost his seat, so Debbie was passed the torch. Imran provided doped/hacked phones to members of Congress(among other things too). It is likely the Awan Group is referenced in an email from Hillary to Huma that says "Maybe one of Anothony's trusted staff could deliver secure phone?"
  263. Where do they have offices? Washington DC
  264. Why is this relevant?   It's DC
  265. Define cash laundering. obtaining money via illegal methods,and then making it appear the money came via legal methods. "Lauder the dirt away". This was the purpose of the Clinton Foundation.
  266. What is the relationship between SA and Pakistan?   "SA may have ties/control over Pakistani ISI. Allies. Pakistan agreed to send combat troops to SA in march. they're also partners in commercial and cultural aspects.
  267. "
  268. Why is this relevant?   Awan is a Pakistani national. Huma has Pakistani heritage. Huma has ties to MB and CF, who takes donations from SA.
  269. Who was Abdullah bin Abdulaziz? The former King of SA. Died in 2015
  270. What events transpired directly thereafter? Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud took the throne.
  271. How was POTUS greeted compared to other former US President's when in SA?   Way better. Barack got snubbed and bowed. Trump got a big ceremony. 
  272. Why is this relevant?   Because the Iran deal was not well received in SA
  273. What is the meaning of this tradition?  Trump was also at a ceremony celebrating the opening of the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology
  274. What coincidentally was the last Tweet sent out by POTUS?   “Would very much appreciate Saudi Arabia doing their IPO of Aramco with the New York Stock Exchange. Important to the United States!”
  275. Why is this relevant?   Large amount of money involved
  276. Was that an instruction of some kind?   Yes
  277. To who? The SA government?
  278. Why is this relevant?   This would be a return of the favour for …? A potential coup that the US helped undermine? The harsher stance on Iran?
  279. Where was POTUS when that Tweet was sent?   In Hawai. 12 hours later he tweeted to be landing shortly in Japan. It takes a good 8 hours to fly.
  280. Why is that relevant?   Pearl Harbor attack? 9/11 – Saudi terrorism connection 
  281. What attack took place in SA as operations were undertaken? Flying objects. Ballistic missile attack
  282. What US operators are currently in SA?  SoS Tillerson was in SA and met with the King on Oktober 22nd. Jared Kushner was there till Oktober 28th and was accompanied by deputy national security adviser Dina Powell and Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, was there two weeks ago and led a delegation to Riyadh to focus on combating terrorist financing.
  283. Why is this relevant?   Terrorist finances and people involved are being rolled up in Saudi Arabia
  284. What was POTUS' last Tweet (prior to)? 
  285. To who was it addressed?   
  286. When was POTUS' Twitter taken down?
  287. Why is this relevant?  
  288. What was POTUS' last Tweet (prior to)? 
  289. Who was it addressed to specifically?  
  290. When was POTUS' Twitter taken down?
  291. Has this ever happened before? 
  292. Why now?   
  293. Coincidence?   
  294. How many times did the attack occur   
  295. (secondary clean up)?  
  296. What is the purpose of tracking?   
  297. What is the purpose of disruption? 
  298. Why did POTUS have military guards (uniform) while in HI?  
  299. Why is this relevant?  
  300. Do military guards (uniform) typically assist the USSS?
  301. Why is this relevant?  
  302. What flying object was recently shot down? 
  303. Why is this relevant?  
  304. How precise is geo tracking (non-public c-level pro)?  
  305. Why is this relevant?  
  306. What is 4th Gen warfare?   
  307. How has the nature of combat changed?  
  308. Mobility? Asymmetry? Misdirection? 
  309. What did Millennium 2002 prove?
  310. What are Red Team's thoughts on the nature of modern warfare? The influence of money and static decision making? Scripted conflicts? Planned resolutions?  
  311. What did Schelling deduce about nuclear conflict? Was it ever a realistic possibility? What about Soviet nuclear strategists? 
  312. Was WW2 fought the same as way as WW1?  There were guns, tanks and bombs... but was it technologically/tactically similar? Different?
  313. What tools were used for WW3? Conventional?
  314. How is WW4 being fought? What role does information play?  
  315. What did Sun Tzu say is the best way to attack your enemy? 
  316. Who funds MS13  there are ties to Pakistani ISI (Inter Intelligence Service, the Pakistani CIA)
  317. Why did BO instruct HS & BP to release MS13 captures at the border? don't stop the drug runners
  318. What agency has direct ties to (2) major drug cartels?  Pakistani ISI
  319. Why is AG Sessions/POTUS prioritizing the removal of MS13?  MS13 brings in the heroin
  320. Why is AG Sessions/POTUS prioritizing building the wall?    because heroin is bad, and it's profits go bad players like Imran Awan and swamp critters
  321. Immigration?    Not exactly
  322. Drugs?  Yes
  323. Who do you hire for a hit?  MS13
  324. Who can be eliminated after that job is complete?   MS13
  325. Who was found dead (2) shortly after his (Seth Rich) murder?    Rafael Aguilar and Carmelo Marmolejo-Calixto, found in Myrtle Beach, SC, next day after Seth Rich's death
  326. What affiliation did they have? MS13
  327. What hotel did the 'reported' gunfire occur from?   MGM mandalay bay
  328. What floors specifically    32nd floor
  329. Who owns the top floors?    The Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal's family.
  330. Why is that Relevant    he received money from CF.
  331. What was the shooter's name?    Stephen Paddock
  332. What was his net worth  estimated 2 million dollars
  333. How do you identify a spook?   
  334. What can historical data collection reveal?
  335. Was there any eye witnesses?    Yes
  336. Who?    Jesus Campos
  337. Was he registered as a security guard?  No
  338. Why is MS13 important?  They're a military wing for the swamp. They run drugs, guns and slaves with no attention from the fake news.
  339. What doesn't add up?    Campos wasn't a guard. MS13 member, likely
  340. Was there only one shooter? No. multiple shooters
  341. Why was JFK released?   To show the public how presidential assassinations are planned by multiple groups
  342. What do the JFK files infer?   That Trump was going to be assassinated in the a similar fashion.
  343. Who was in LV during this time? President Trump was going to be in a few days.
  344. What was the real mission?  To wait several days in the hotel and then assassinate POTUS.
  345. Why are survivors dying randomly?   To cover the tracks of the assassins.
  346. What did they say?  That the official story is not true
  347. Were they going to form a group?    Yes
  348. Why is this relevant?   Because they were killed to keep the truth from getting out
  349. How did they die?   Car crash
  350. What CIA report was released by WK? The report showing how CIA can use cars to assassinate people. It was attempted on Vladamir Putin
  351. What can control a car?
  352. How did the (2) of the survivors die?   Car crash
  353. How does this connect to SA?   
  354. What just happened in SA?  
  355. Who owns the top floors of the hotel?  
  356. What happened today in SA? 
  357. To who specifically?   
  358. Was POTUS in LV that night?   
  359. Yes/no?
  360. Why was he there?  
  361. Who did he have a classified meeting with? 
  362. Did AF1 land at McCarran? 
  363. What unmarked tail numbers flew into McCarren that night?  
  364. Trace AF1 that entire day. 
  365. What do you notice?
  366. Who was the FBI director during the Haiti crisis? 
  367. How many kids disappeared?  
  368. How much money was sent to CF under disguise of Haiti relief and actually went to Haiti?    
  369. What countries donated big money to CF? SA?
  370. Why is this relevant?  
  371. Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?  Political party that has expanded through North Africa and the Middle East after the Arab Spring. Saudi Arabian and Wahabbi Sunni.
  372. Who has ties to the MB  Huma Abedin
  373. Who is Awan Pakistani national hired by DNC to do IT work. Tried fleeing the country and destroying evidence. Abused payroll laws as well.
  374. What is the Awan Group 
  375. Where do they have offices?
  376. Why is this relevant?  
  377. Why would SA provide tens of millions of dollars to US senior gov't officals?   To help them get elected to office.
  378. What does SA obtain in exchange for payment?    U.S. Support militarily and a near-monopoly on the oil market.
  379. Why is access so important?
  380. What happened when HRC lost the election of 2016?   SA and MB lost their connection to U.S.
  381. How much money was provided to the CF by SA during 15/16?   10-25million
  382. Does repayment of funds to SA occur? If so, how?   
  383. Why did BO Send billions in cash to Iran?   for hostages to be released and as payment for the Iran deal
  384. Why wasn't congress notified?   To hide details
  385. Why hasn't the MB been classified as a terrorist org?   Ted Cruz tried to in 2015 but the bill didn't pass. Michele Bachman tried to in 2012 but it didn't work because she claimed Huma was MB. Huma was defended by Pelosi, Ellison, and McCain.
  386. What is happening in SA today?  Their governing officials were arrested for corruption.
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