Sherlock Hacks Google - 17th March

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  1. [CENTER][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=7][B][B][B][Artificial Intelligence SEO] Technique Adopted By Sherlock to Rank in 2018[/B][/B][/B][/SIZE][/B]
  2. [B][SIZE=7][B][B][B][B][SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff0000][B]THE GREATEST RANK SHOWMAN 2018 Goes Live[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/B][/B][/B][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  3. [B][SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff0000][COLOR=#00ff00] [B]220+ Blasting Reviews in Last 3 Months[/B][/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]
  4. [SIZE=7][COLOR=#00ffff][B][B]Just Check Latest 5 Pages of to see How Sarkar is still Killing it in 2018[/B][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  5. [COLOR=#00ff00][B][SIZE=7] [B] One of The Fastest Growing Threads of BHW![/B][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  6. [COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=7] [B]46 Types of Premium Links With 200+ High DA Domains (Avg DA 55+)[/B][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  7. [COLOR=#ff0000][B][SIZE=7][B]Sarkar Presents...[/B][/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][/CENTER]
  9. [URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
  10. [SIZE=6][COLOR=#00ffff] [B]Bulk Order discount is available, PM me for details.[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  12. We will refund the amount if we are not able to deliver the work report with in 3 weeks from order date without any information. Custom orders are available.
  14. To order, and for payment details:
  16. [B]PayPal -[/B]
  17. [B]Skrill [/B]-
  18. Payza -
  19. [B]Bitcoin [/B]- You can contact me @ Skype/Email for BTC address.  We accept Major Crypto Currencies as well.
  21. [COLOR=#00ff00] [B]Information Needed:[/B][/COLOR]
  22. [LIST=1]
  23. [*]URL of the Site to be promoted
  24. [*]Main Keywords (upto 3)
  25. [*]LSI keywords (upto 7) (We will find out for you) (Not mandatory)
  26. [*]Email Id for delivery
  27. [*]PayPal Id
  28. [/LIST]
  29. [SIZE=6][COLOR=#4dffff] [B]Burning Hot Advantages of SHERLOCK HACKS GOOGLE[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  30. [B][COLOR=#4dff4d]Quality Traffic -[/COLOR] [/B]Most of the people who come to your site through your Web2.0/Articles/Edu Profiles/Social Media are potential leads. This is something we call quality traffic.
  32. [B][COLOR=#80ff00]SERP Traffic -[/COLOR] [/B] Strong back links from Articles/Web2.0/High DA Edu Links gives a strong boost in your SERP which gives you lots of traffic, It will give you long term benefit.
  34. [B][COLOR=#80ff00]Brand Image -[/COLOR] [/B]If you submit quality articles, you'll get recognized as a brand in your niche. And your visitors will start buying from you.
  36. [B][SIZE=6][COLOR=#4dffff]Frequently Asked Questions-[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  37. [/B]
  38. [COLOR=#80ff00][B]Q. How can SHERLOCK HACKS GOOGLE benefit my website?[/B][/COLOR]
  39. A. By using SHERLOCK HACKS GOOGLE v8 you can reach tens of thousands of potential prospects for your business over the short-term, and millions over the long-term with a consistent Social Media, article marketing and web 2.0 Campaigns..
  41. [COLOR=#80ff00][B]Q. Will you show me the articles written by you before submission?[/B][/COLOR]
  42. A. Yes, if required we will first confirm the articles with you and only then submit the same to the directories.
  43. [B]
  44. [COLOR=#80ff00]Q: Will the properties stick?[/COLOR][/B]
  45. Ans: Yes 100%,If you find any property missing, we will replace them for free anytime. Just drop a PM.
  47. [COLOR=#80ff00][B]Q. Do I have to pay before you start with the project?[/B] [/COLOR]
  48. A. Yes 100% upfront Payment.
  49. [B]
  50. [COLOR=#00ff00]Q. How can I order?[/COLOR][/B]
  51. A. Follow the "Click here to Order Now" button Then, you will be automatically re-directed to the Wufoo Form to fill the details, It will redirect you to payment page.
  53. [COLOR=#80ff00][B]Q. How many keywords I can give for one package?[/B][/COLOR]
  54. A. You can provide Total 14-15 Keywords (3 Main keywords, 10 LSI Keywords/Generic keywords and Naked URL). We do use some generic keywords if you don't provide generic keywords. It works after penguin update.
  56. [COLOR=#80ff00][B]Q. How many Articles do you write per package?[/B][/COLOR]
  57. A. We'll write 4 Unique High Quality Articles in this package (2-3 * 300-350 words + 2 * 450 words) and spun it heavily and submit into directories.
  59. [COLOR=#80ff00][B]Q. What Kind of report do I get?[/B][/COLOR]
  60. A. We will provide report in Excel sheet format. You will see different tabs of each phase.
  62. [COLOR=#ff0000][B]24/7 Support:[/B][/COLOR]
  63. [B]Email: [/B]
  64. [B]Skype:[/B] sarkarkumar09
  65. [B]Hangout: [/B]
  67. Please pm me or post any questions you may have on the service.
  69. [COLOR=#00ffff][B][SIZE=5]Moreover, this is what Sherlock Hacks Google can offer you:[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  70. [LIST=1]
  71. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Intelligently Optimized your keywords[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  72. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Leverage the Power of Social Media[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  73. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Apparently Predict Needs of Anchor diversity[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  74. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Social Strategy implementation[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  75. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Anchor diversity checking before building the links[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  76. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Proper On Page optimization for maximum results[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  77. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Caterers to the Specific needs of the User[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  78. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Keyword Characteristics[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  79. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Semantic Approval to Link Building[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  80. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Focus Strongly on Content Marketing[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  81. [*][COLOR=#ffff00][B][SIZE=5]Focus more on Brand Awareness[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
  82. [/LIST]
  83. [CENTER][SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff0000][COLOR=#00ff00] [B][Big Sale Is On] - Tire your finger out SHOPPING![/B][/COLOR][/COLOR]
  84. [COLOR=#ff0000][B]5 * 50% discounted Copies Available Now![/B]
  85. [B]10 * 45% discounted copies Available Now![/B]
  86. [B]20 * 40% discounted copies Available Now![/B]
  87. [B]30 * 35% discounted copies Available Now![/B]
  88. [B][COLOR=#00ff00]Coupon Code[/COLOR] - AI[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
  89. (50% discount on The Lion's Mane Package V9 and 30% discount on other packages)
  90. [URL=''][IMG][/IMG][/URL][/CENTER]
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