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Feb 24th, 2018
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  1. public key: 04085C6600657566ACC2D6382A47BC3F324008D2AA10940DD7705A48AA2A5A5E33A726DD7E88D4C03086E19122A8350F82CF7FFF16D8111B48FD82D9DBD07B374C or in PEM
  2. -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY-----
  3. MFYwEAYHKoZIzj0CAQYFK4EEAAoDQgAElqJRbkeq+e0WMdC3jOVhYsxoytErGkow
  4. qltLQNukso7F6JoqFKvMW3r7cPXNXH+0YKfMc2LSWFuQ9atAuEv7lw==
  5. -----END PUBLIC KEY-----
  7. signature: 3044022045D08719828FBD93E49C9223E63F4D2DAB2DE6C568E1FAA2CCCB33ADF2575D2C022003D91E45460147E40451B590485CF438606D3C784CF
  8. hash: 4EB4DCCD727E81315A9FF801C205EFC62635471CF8668E42C1C8AEBFB51500A3
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