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  1. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
  2. From: <>
  3. Date: Tue, Apr 30, 2013 at 3:55 PM
  4. Subject: Retirement of Claire McCarthy;Search for VP for
  5. Communications and External Relations
  6. >
  7. > April 29, 2013
  8. >
  9. >
  10. >
  11. > To:                   The Cooper Union Community
  12. >
  13. > From:               President Jamshed Bharucha
  14. >
  15. > Subject:           Retirement of Claire McCarthy, Director of Public Affairs
  16. >
  17. >                         Search for VP for Communications and External Relations
  18. >
  19. >
  20. >
  21. > I write to inform you that Claire McCarthy, Director of Public Affairs, who has served The Cooper Union with distinction over the past fourteen years, has informed me that she will be retiring at the end of this academic year.
  22. >
  23. >
  24. >
  25. > Claire McCarthy has been responsible for the development and implementation of institutional communications strategies, including media relations, publications, community/government relations and Cooper Union web site maintenance.  She has done an extraordinary job of raising awareness of and support for The Cooper Union.  Claire has been a very strong advocate for the institution and for its academic programs, its outstanding faculty and students and its historical and continuing contributions to the City’s and the nation.  Among Claire’s most notable achievements, she managed the community relations aspect of zoning application process in 2001-2002, redesigned content of the Cooper Union alumni magazine, At Cooper Union, increased media coverage of institutional and academic achievements and helped to developed the strategy to secure government funding for 41 Cooper Square.  Most recently, she co-chaired, with Brian Cusack, the website redesign committee with stunning results.
  26. >
  27. >
  28. >
  29. > In addition to Claire’s upcoming departure, the Office of Public Affairs also experienced staff attrition over the past two years.  Those positions remain unfilled.  Jolene Travis, former Assistant Director of Public Affairs, who did an exceptional job of elevating the quality and frequency of Cooper Union media placements, both print and electronic, left the Cooper Union in January to pursue another career opportunity.  Furthermore, in July of 2011, the Assistant Director of Community Relations position was vacated, leaving the Office of Public Affairs with increasingly limited resources.
  30. >
  31. >
  32. >
  33. > It is absolutely essential for the institution to ensure strong leadership in communications, media relations, government and community relations and other public affairs functions.  With the departure of Vice President for External Affairs, Ronni Denes, back in 2011, I asked Claire McCarthy to assume this leadership role.  Given Claire’s departure I believe it is now time to launch a national search for a Vice President for Communications and External Relations.
  34. >
  35. >
  36. >
  37. > Please join me in thanking Claire for her passion, commitment and service to the Cooper Union.
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  43. >
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