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  6. |image=
  7. | caption=Owen Shroyer presenting Infowars in December 2017
  8. | name=Owen Shroyer
  9. | birth_date          = 1989
  10. | birth_place             = [[St. Louis, Missouri]], U.S.
  11. |occupation=
  12. |website= []
  13. }}
  15. '''Owen Shroyer''' (born 1989) is an American activist associated with [[InfoWars]].<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Milo Yiannopoulos to Tomi Lahren: the faces of America's young alt-Right pack |publisher=Evening Standard |date=December 8, 2016 |accessdate=December 15, 2017}}</ref> He posts videos from protests where he acts as a provocateur. He promotes various conspiracy theories.
  17. Shroyer was born and raised in the city of St. Louis, where he attended the [[Christian Brothers College High School]], before studying Psychology and Media at [[Missouri University]]. He started his career as a radio host and sports reporter.<ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Radio host protests 'police state' in Ferguson |publisher=St. Louis Post-Dispatch |date=August 13, 2014 |accessdate=December 13, 2017}}</ref>
  18. ==Publicity==
  20. In July 2016, Shroyer stopped [[CNN]] presenter [[Van Jones]] in the streets of Cleveland and attempted to engage him in an unscheduled on-camera debate. Jones participated willingly, and put forward well-constructed arguments, leading Shroyer to admit his opinion of Jones had changed favourably following the encounter.  <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Rising right-wing star tries to take down Van Jones — but gets taught an epic lesson instead |publisher=Raw Story |date=July 24, 2016 |accessdate=December 13, 2017}}</ref> <ref>Jason Jay, Gabriel Grant (2017). ''Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World'', Berrett-Koehler Publishers. {{ISBN|1626568952}}.</ref>
  22. On September 2nd, 2017, while covering a pro-immigrant rally that took place in Austin, Texas for InfoWars, Shroyer repeatedly asked questions to protestors in an attempt to emotionally provoke them. He started to question a young teenager, Olivia Williams, about her views, who in return called him a "fucking idiot", leading to international coverage of the incident. <ref>{{cite web|url= |title=Girl Swears Out Infowars Reporter |publisher=Salon |date=September 7, 2017 |accessdate=December 13, 2017}}</ref>  
  24. ==References==
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