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Project D.O.L.L. Thread 1 last three deleted posts

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Nov 17th, 2013
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  1. --------------------------------------------------
  2. Unmoving Philosopher
  4. [i]"Farewell, Shanghai," said the Master, as the train ran over the tiny doll.
  6. In a single, visceral moment, Shanghai was obliterated as the train crushed her joints and snapped her circuit, destroying her instantly.
  8. The Master was sad and disappointed that Her little, precious doll had failed the test, like the countless others before her. And yet, it would be just a few days before She would build another doll and start the game again.
  10. What exactly did the Master think She was going to accomplish?
  12. When every path Her dolls can take has been created for them long in advance, success and failure become meaningless, for the choices they make have no real consequence. The Master doesn't realize it. But do [/i]you[i]? Do you see that Shanghai was doomed to fail and die from the moment she awoke in her case?
  14. Heheh... Look at this pitiful, deranged magician. How She wishes to create Life. How She wishes to control Will. How She wants to set Her dolls free. How She wants to hold them close.
  16. Can you see? Can you see why Project D.O.L.L. will never be successful?
  18. ... No, perhaps not. Sometimes these things cannot be seen. Or maybe you still lack the understanding to realize the hopelessness of this situation.
  20. But listen to me. Even if you don't understand it, you can still save Shanghai and her Master. You can stop Project D.O.L.L. before they both fail. [/i]Scroll down, introduce "Puppet" in the password box, and press the 'Delete' button[i]. There is no other way to reach a happy end.
  22. As long as you keep on playing this story, you will be taking someone else's choice. Stop reading now and erase all traces of Project D.O.L.L. It is the only true choice you can make in this adventure. Whatever you do, choose it [/i]now[i]! Don't let time choose for you![/i]
  25. ------------------------
  26. Alice Maestra
  28. Wha...
  30. What happened to the other posts? I-i-i swore I was about to finish Shanghai's test! Why are we back at the Warehouse choice? Why have the other posts just... vanished?
  32. My... My Project... My story... It's... It's all... destroyed...
  34. Who? Who was it? Who is the responsible for this catastrophe?
  36. ...
  43. ...
  51. ...
  53. YOU.
  55. It was YOU! You ruined Project D.O.L.L.! You destroyed my work! Why!? For what!? What did you get out of that? What did you think was so special bout seeing my Project undone? Do you believe yourselves to be so clever? Now look at where we are now. My entire Project is now a pile of rubbish. It was the only thing that was truly mine in this world, and you and that vermin have run it to the ground.
  57. What, did you think it would be funny? You just had to see, didn't you. Don't you know about proper CYOA etiquette? About how important is to respect and follow the author's directives? Don't you understand that if I say to do something, there's a damn good reason for it!?
  59. That thought hadn't occurred to you, hasn't it? That's there's a world inside the screens of your computer? You're just immature children, who leave their toys untidy and broken after playing with them. Just like all these responses left here unconnected, like so much garbage, it's...
  61. Well, it's worthless now. And what am I supposed to do now? Ohhhhh, my story... If you had just gone to the Warehouse when I told you, you would have seen it. There was a very interesting secret waiting for you and Shanghai. There was even a climatic final boss at the end of it! You would have destroyed it and been victorious. It would have been so perfect! I worked so hard on it...
  63. Even if I re-uploaded the missing updates, even if there was a way to continue after this disaster, would it be worth it? Knowing that my story is incorrect? How can I go back to that? I can't erase that knowledge. But I can erase that Knowledge.
  65. Anyway, I'll have to live with this failure of a Project forever. Reliving its impossibility forever. No. I can't live that way. Is it better to shut Project D.O.L.L. down entirely? To willingly destroy all of my hard work? To negate all of the sacrifices and atrocities I did to get here?
  67. I-i-i-i don't know... What's the answer? What do I do... what do I do... what do... I...
  69. No, I have to. I have to restart Project D.O.L.L. again. I have to. I have to! I've got so far, I can't throw it all away because of a small blunder like this. I can always rebuild. Everything's not lost yet.
  71. Now listen, you. I will start Project D.O.L.L. again, and you can't do anything to stop it. If you or that asthmatic library rat ever try to destroy my work again, you will regret it. Death would be too good for you. No, instead I will make sure your mind and your soul will be broken beyond repair. You have my word of it. After all, if you know how to create Life, you also know how to destroy it, right?
  73. ... Actually, I have a much better idea. Do you want to undo my work so badly? To ruin my Project? Fine. Let's see you try. You may attempt to derail the story to your heart's content. But know this: no matter how hard you try, I always will be two steps ahead of you. You cannot stop Project D.O.L.L. I'm sure you had your share of amused chuckles at my expense, but soon, you will be the one in Shanghai's place. You will know the pain and desperation of trying and failing over and over and over and over again, just like I did.
  75. Oh, I think I'm going to enjoy this. When you find out how alone you truly are, I will be laughing more than anyone. Very soon, now. The end is nearly here. Let's play, everyone.
  77. Let's. All. Play.
  79. ------------------
  81. Unmoving Philosopher 2013/11/17(Sun)15:14 No. 56208
  83. >>56205
  84. [i]Actually, it was four updates that got erased, not one. And it wasn't the Master (obviously), nor myself. It was one of you. Granted, he or she was following my instructions, but still, that doesn't change the fact that someone other than the author made a conscious effort to erase the updates.
  86. Unfortunately, whoever did this left the job half done, and as a result, the Master has noticed our antagonistic stand against Her. Because of that, I fear that my mission has become much more difficult to accomplish, now that She has learned of my opposition... But I hope you can lend me your help. I will support you the best I can, but I cannot risk exposing myself too much after this. However, I have confidence in your ability to thwart the Master's Project, and stop Her madness.
  88. By the way, for your convenience, I recorded everything that has happened, including the erased parts, and put them in the following link for your convenience. I shouldn't have done this after asking you to destroy all traces of Project D.O.L.L., but I figured some of you would want to remember (or learn, if you are newcomers) what occurred.[/i]
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