Classics post #2

Nov 2nd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. <div style="background-image: url(''); width: 580px; border: 1px solid #ffffff;">
  2. <div style="background: #dbddf7; margin: 13px 13px; font: 12px Georgia; color: #6f5293; text-align: center; padding: 15px; border: 1px solid #ffffff;"><img src="" alt="Examples" />
  3. <p>Here are some examples, all reverable:<br />[waja thumbnail id=5664450]<br />BELLY<br />BELLY/SSE<br />BELLY/WIND<br />BELLY/STAR<br />BELLY/BOOTS<br />BELLY/TABBY MARKINGS<br />BELLY/ ZEBRA<br />BELLY/SOCKS<br />BELLY/TIGER<br />BELLY/CHEETAH<br />BELLY/OCELOT<br /><br />[waja thumbnail id=796148]<br />HUSKY<br />HUSKY/OCELOT<br />HUSKY/ZEBRA<br />HUSKY/SSE<br />HUSKY/WIND<br />HUSKY/STAR<br />HUSKY/BACKSWIRL<br />HUSKY/TRIBAL</p>
  4. <div>HUSKY/JAG<br /><br />[waja thumbnail id=1404054]<br />PANDA&nbsp;<br />PANDA/WIND<br />PANDA/STAR<br />PANDA/ RAGING WIND<br /><br />[waja thumbnail id=7672146]<br />RAINBOW<br />RAINBOW/WIND<br />[waja thumbnail id=5450509]<br />ZEBRA<br />ZEBRA/STAR<br />ZEBRA/WIND<br />ZEBRA/TRIBAL<br /><br />[waja thumbnail id=4104881]<br />WIND<br />WIND/STAR<br />WIND/TRIBAL<br /><br />[waja thumbnail id=8964138]<br />"Missing Link"<br />Marks are: Husky, Belly, Ocelot<br /><br />RAGING WIND/KITSUNE<br /><br />[waja thumbnail id=1691437]<br />"BTS"<br />Marks are: Belly, Tiger Stripes, SSE<br /><br />Husky/Brindle<br />[waja thumbnail id=4133066]<br />Belly/Brindle<br />[waja thumbnail id=3164479]<br />Husky/Belly<br />[waja thumbnail id=4511118]<br />Tribal/Wind<br />[waja thumbnail id=1930115]<br />Belly/Back Spots<br />[waja thumbnail id=1563379]<br />Giraffe/Okapi<br />[waja thumbnail id=4951053]<br />SSE/Wind<br />[waja thumbnail id=3445727]<br />(Three markings but still very retro!!)<br />Stars/Raging Wind/Celestial<br />[waja thumbnail id=2385434]<br />Stars/Tribal/Leg Stripes<br />[waja thumbnail id=2515566]<br />Side Stripe/Raccoon/Giraffe<br />[waja thumbnail id=3976091]<br />Belly/Socks/Raging Wind<br />(Apparently was called a Raging Fox)<br />[waja thumbnail id=4842569]<br />Belly/Back Spots/SSE<br />[waja thumbnail id=394534]<br />Tiger Stripes/SSE<br />[waja thumbnail id=729251]<br />-Zeba/SSE<br />[waja thumbnail id=5259139]<br />-Wind/Belly<br />[waja thumbnail id=5027128]<br />-SSE/Half Belly<br />[waja thumbnail id=2870837]<br />-SSE/Stars<br />[waja thumbnail id=4264621]<br />-Belly/Back Swirl<br />[waja thumbnail id=413644]<br />-Tiger Stripes/Belly<br />[waja thumbnail id=4607892]<br />-Belly/Ocelot<br />[waja thumbnail id=1908827]<br />-Tribal/Tiger Stripes<br />[waja thumbnail id=6923354]<br />-Rainbow/Tiger Stripes<br />[waja thumbnail id=313222]<br />-Belly/Jag<br />[waja thumbnail id=6868197]<br />-Belly/Blaze<br />[waja thumbnail id=799241]<br />-Large Dorsal Streak/Zebra<br />[waja thumbnail id=3346459]<br /><br />Please feel free to let me know if I've missed any/you would like one added!</div>
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