Mary's Ass

shimetsukage Sep 16th, 2018 66 Never
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  1. Mary's Ass
  5. I want a piece of Mary’s ass
  6. Before the reaper comes to pass
  7. I want her body naked bare
  8. When my prick plunges in her lair
  10. I want her nipples bold and stiff
  11. When my cock fucks her molten quiff
  12. I want her mons bereft of hair
  13. Just like a new born baby bare
  15. I’ll use my tongue to lick her clit
  16. To suckle it as I see fit
  17. I want dear Mary filled with lust
  18. When in her cunt my nuts do bust
  20. Between her legs my cock will thrust
  21. I’ll hear her cry, “Your love I trust!”
  22. My penis will her cervix tease
  23. And she may cry, “Don’t ever cease”
  25. She’ll wrap her legs about my waist
  26. While at her nipples I do taste
  27. My plunging prick she takes in stride
  28. Real soon I’ll get a cowgirl ride
  30. She’ll sit upon my stiffened prick
  31. Her cunt will take in my whole dick
  32. Then up and down her ass will plunge
  33. Bare titties to my mouth will lunge
  35. My hands will clasp her pounding ass
  36. My fucking Mary is first class
  37. Love juices from her cunt now flow
  38. Something she said I had to know
  40. The slit between her legs is fine
  41. I want it to be often mine
  42. I need to fill it full of cock
  43. Then feel our bodies roll and rock
  45. We call it cunt and pussy too
  46. But ‘tis vagina through and through
  47. Made to fuck and to give birth
  48. For just like gold is what its worth
  50. She’ll treat it well and keep it wet
  51. I’ll fuck it often, not beget
  52. I’ll fill with hot sperm her dear womb
  53. And in there sperm will meet their doom
  55. For Mary is no more fertile
  56. Nor does she ever wear a girdle
  57. Her tits are bare, her cunt is mine
  58. I will fuck her time after time
  60. And if my prick is no more stiff
  61. My thumb will screw her waiting quiff
  62. I’ll drive it in to cervix deep
  63. And make her loving cunt to weep
  65. I’ll add a finger up her ass
  66. She will be a two hole fucked lass
  67. Some others fuck her anal cunt
  68. And in there do orgasm hunt
  70. I’d love to fuck her ass hole too
  71. Just like she allows others to
  72. So maybe if she sucks my cock
  73. In her bare ass it might well rock
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