My Dad Kain't Be Such a Wacky Reference Collector

Jan 28th, 2013
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  1. [12:09:54] <Kain> Last time on Kaingame, the meeting with the pseudo-Renegade had started coming to a close, with Theta departing to check out this archive thing that’s been burning a hole in his pocket since forever. As Ammy’s leaving the library herself, however, there’s a sharp ‘kweh!’ from her scarf, and the little chocobo pokes its head out. Without another peep, the little chick seperates from
  2. [12:09:55] <Kain> the group and dips off of the second floor, fluttering downstairs, the opposite way of Theta.
  3. [12:10:21] <Kain> ...That chocobo is all sorts of trouble, isn’t it?
  4. [12:11:06] * Natalie is more trouble fyi winknudge
  5. [12:11:32] <Kain> Nat is actually capable of defending herself, mind you.
  6. [12:12:13] * @Amaryllis is too sober for this shit. "Wait!" She calls out at it as she shuffles over to the railing on the second floor, watching as it descends.
  7. [12:12:40] * @Lenore is, boringly, not all that much trouble. Except for when she is.
  8. [12:13:02] <Kain> The chick seems to be making a beeline for a set of stairs leading down from the first floor.
  9. [12:13:51] <Kain> The basement, maybe? Didn’t Lenore say there were all manner of dangerous things down there? But it -should- be locked, right?
  10. [12:16:16] <Kain> Either way, the chick seems to be heading down and not responding to your call. D:
  11. [12:16:18] * @Amaryllis frowns as she walks over to the stairs leading down to the first level, leaning down and resting her head on the banister. "Lenore, I do not suppose this house has sentient suits of armor that could retrieve that bird, does it?"
  12. [12:17:11] * @Lenore tilts her head and brings a finger to her cheek in thought for a couple seconds, before perking back up to normal with a "Nope! Don't think so! We should go after the birdy outselves!"
  13. [12:17:20] <@Amaryllis> Er, resting her head on the handrail. Silly cast, banisters are the support columns for those.
  14. [12:17:38] <Natalie> Nat's been clingy to Lenny and distracted as fuck- a little disappointed-looking too for some reason? "Bird... huh? Oh, why couldn't you just ask me for help? Yeah, let's do it!"
  15. [12:19:03] * @Amaryllis starts shuffling down the stairs with a sigh.
  16. [12:19:14] <@Amaryllis> Chasing things is not her forte.
  17. [12:19:17] * Natalie starts leaping down the stairs. All of them at once.
  18. [12:19:44] <Natalie> *cats*
  19. [12:20:03] <Kain> You head down a set of stairs that spiral around, leading down to a pair of reinforced double doors some good distance down... that happen to be wide open. ...oh dear.
  20. [12:20:46] * Natalie gives negative fucks and leaps in without asking any questions.
  21. [12:21:20] * @Amaryllis is probably too slow to catch up with whatever shenanigans Nat gets up to as she leaps down anyhow.
  22. [12:22:21] <Kain> The area down here appears to be a lot more sturdy than the rest of the house. Almost kind of like a nuclear bunker, built to protect - or contain- its contents. The things down here are tidy, if dusty in some places, and everything seems meticulously labeled, unlike the upstairs. Maybe Renegade actually expected his kids to break in or something.
  23. [12:22:49] <Kain> No sign of the bird at first, but a number of odd things do stick out.
  24. [12:23:36] <@Lenore> "Hmmmm, never been here, but be really careful, okay?"
  25. [12:23:48] <Theta> (RELEASE THE KRAKEN)
  26. [12:24:06] <Natalie> "'Kay! Don't worry, we just gotta find the bird, right?"
  27. [12:24:41] <@Lenore> "Mmhmm! Hopefully it hasn't gotten into anything dangerous!"
  28. [12:25:29] <Kain> There’s a pitch black stone on a pedestal, emitting some kind of black particles that aren’t quite smoke. Maybe some kind of energy? A pair of red eyes open from within the darkness, watching you as you pass. This is labeled “Dimensional Vortex Anchor”.
  29. [12:25:52] <Kain> (Going to be naming a number of things so bear with me as I type)
  30. [12:27:21] * @Amaryllis is not quite as energetic as the others, so she arrives in the room after them, leaving just enough time for Nat to do some unsupervised shenanigans for her to deal with upon entering the doorway.
  31. [12:27:47] <Natalie> That's a given!
  32. [12:29:29] <@Lenore> "Hmmm..."
  33. [12:30:50] <Kain> There’s a mirror that seems to reflect the scenery as normal, labeled “Unknown properties, beware”. As Nat and Lenore pass in front of this one, they seem to be reflected as a short girl with purple hair and pigtails, and a short-haired mage with pink and white hair wearing a colorful outfit.
  34. [12:31:34] * Natalie totally stops and stares at that one, because I mean, it's a mirror.
  35. [12:31:46] * @Lenore also stares. "Huh? Weeeeird."
  36. [12:32:00] <Kain> The beings in the mirror, despite clearly not being you guys, sort of mimic your movements, but something is a liiittle bit off.
  37. [12:32:05] <Natalie> "Nnn... Lenny, who ARE those people?"
  38. [12:32:19] <@Lenore> "I have no idea!"
  39. [12:33:00] <Natalie> "Uh...." The ruby's exposed justincasethatmatters. "Hi! Have you seen a bird around here?"
  40. [12:33:32] <Kain> The girls in the mirror remain silent, though the girl with purple hair moves her mouth at the same time as yours, as if asking a question.
  41. [12:33:45] * Natalie does that thing that happens in all media where this sort of thing that occurs, involving making a bunch of movements to see how parroted they are.
  42. [12:34:25] <Kain> The other girl does the thing of parroting your movements as they occur.
  43. [12:34:33] <Natalie> "... I don't think they're gonna help."
  44. [12:34:48] * @Amaryllis scoots in about now. To her relief (but to the player's disappointment!), Nat has not unleashed an eldritch horror or blown up the whole place in her absence.
  45. [12:34:51] <@Lenore> "Yeah, they seem just as confused as we do!"
  46. [12:35:21] * Natalie springs off to do more birdsearch. "Wonder how they got down here anyway..."
  47. [12:35:31] <Kain> As Ammy walks up next to you, a man with short, dark blonde hair and a goatee walks up to the others.
  48. [12:36:58] <Kain> Weird as hell.
  49. [12:37:41] <@Amaryllis> "Did you find him?" Ammy gives the mirror an odd look and leans in slightly. She doesn't reach out and touch it though. Wouldn't that be foolish?
  50. [12:38:02] <Natalie> (MAN WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT)
  51. [12:38:26] <Natalie> "He's gotta be over here!" Natty already ran off to some other corner of the place by now.
  52. [12:38:29] <Kain> The man in the mirror is the first to break the series of mimicries as he moves his hand up to his chin while inspecting the mirror. All at once, the image within sort of blanks out.
  53. [12:39:40] <Kain> A little off to the side, you can see a pair of odd machines that seem to consist of two, covered platforms with some extra doodads between them. The notes here read “Teleportation platform, possible temporal interference”
  54. [12:40:13] <Natalie> (Wow, I just realized 'Renegade' and 'Lucca' only share like... one letter with each other)
  55. [12:40:37] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, please slow down." Ammy shuffles off to monitor the girl, now almost more worried about Nat triggering something horrible here than the chocochick. She stoops down to look underneath any tables or whatnot that are here as she goes.
  56. [12:40:38] <Kain> You hear a cheep somewhere close by, and then you see the chocobo chick! It’s... flitting a little ways in front of a pedestal with some sort of strong force field in front of it.
  57. [12:40:48] <Kain> On the pedestal is some sort of... bladed weapon shaped like a chocobo wing.
  58. [12:40:54] <Kain> The sign here is labeled simply “Chocobo Weapon”
  59. [12:41:18] <Kain> ...Weird that he used a force field HERE and not in front of all the other shit.
  60. [12:41:55] * Natalie headshakes at Ammy and beckons her over upon reaching the chick. "There you are! Only I'm supposed to make Ammy worried, you know?"
  61. [12:42:46] <Kain> Chick: “Kweh!” the chocobo chick is recovered, a bit indignantly. It tries to get to the blade, but can’t. :<
  62. [12:42:48] <@Amaryllis> "Really. I do not believe it is a weapon for chocobos, you know." Ammy tugs out her scarf, beckoning it back toward her. "How did you even know this was here?"
  63. [12:42:56] <Kain> “Kweh!”
  64. [12:43:09] <Natalie> "What, um... IS it supposed to be?"
  65. [12:43:13] <Kain> The chick eventually flits back over to Ammy’s scarf, sadly.
  66. [12:43:15] * Natalie reaches out to poke the force field.
  67. [12:43:22] <Kain> Zzzzzap
  68. [12:43:32] <Kain> The forcefield crackles and shocks Nat a bit as she touches it.
  69. [12:43:34] * @Amaryllis squint at the chocochick. "I swear you spoke earlier."
  70. [12:43:40] * Natalie winces a bit and steps back.
  71. [12:43:48] <Kain> “Kweh” :> the chick says, knowingly.
  72. [12:44:28] * @Lenore bends over to inspect the forcefield. "Huh, makes you wonder just how dangerous it is!"
  73. [12:44:39] <Kain> One more thing nearby, on a similar pedestal with no forcefield or sign, is a plain leather book.
  74. [12:44:40] <@Amaryllis> "Careful, Nat." Ammy turns back to the chocochick again and squints harder.
  75. [12:44:54] <Kain> The chick winks.
  76. [12:45:00] * Natalie is the one with ranks in thievery and snatches up the book, flipping it open.
  77. [12:45:16] <Natalie> "Maybe this explains what it is?"
  78. [12:45:28] <Kain> ...Weird. It has a bunch of drawings in it of creatures you’ve never seen before.
  79. [12:45:40] <Natalie> Flip flip flip.
  80. [12:46:30] <Kain> Things that kind of resemble moogles crossed with giant rabbits, lizard people, human-like women with digitigrade feet and bunny ears, short, squat pig and dog-like people... there’s a sort of narration in here, too.
  81. [12:46:30] <@Amaryllis> (on a total tangent guys, Google Translate's British reading voice is actually pretty damn good)
  82. [12:46:51] <@Amaryllis> (proof:'s%20a%20sort%20of%20narration%20in%20here%2C%20too.)
  83. [12:46:58] <@Amaryllis> (yes I've been using this all session)
  84. [12:47:11] <Natalie> (god damn)
  85. [12:47:49] <Kain> Seems to be some sort of novel about the adventures of different people.
  86. [12:48:07] <@Amaryllis> "How did you know this was here?" Ammy gives the chocochick one last squint before shuffling over to Nat and peering at the book.
  87. [12:48:33] <Natalie> Though, don't some of those exist in Gaia? Nat looks at them warily and then shrugs, handing it to Ammy since she seems more interested. "Just looks like a story."
  88. [12:48:36] <@Lenore> "Neat!" She leeeans in to get a good look at the book.
  89. [12:49:10] <@Lenore> (holy shit this is good)
  90. [12:49:10] <@Amaryllis> "Just a story?" Ammy takes it.
  91. [12:49:12] <Kain> Notably it has more than one main story, and some asshole wrote his name in the book at the beginning of one of them. “Luso Clemmens”, definitely some kid’s handwriting.
  92. [12:49:55] <Natalie> "Well like... it's a story but it isn't what that thing is."
  93. [12:50:24] <Kain> After a moment you realize the pedestal you took the book from isn’t there anymore.
  94. [12:50:28] * Natalie glares at the weapon some more, circling the pedestal with the force field.
  95. [12:50:49] <Kain> The Chocobo Weapon still gleams there tauntingly out of your reach.
  96. [12:50:54] <@Lenore> "Um, Natty, I don't think you should have touched that book..."
  97. [12:51:02] * @Amaryllis goes to put the book back down, but then..."Oh bloody hell, what have we done now?"
  98. [12:51:11] * @Amaryllis continues reading it.
  99. [12:51:29] <Natalie> "Oh um... hehe, that means he'll never know it's gone, right?"
  100. [12:51:37] <Kain> One common thing seems to hallmark these stories, though. They all take place in the same world, a fictional “Ivalice”.
  101. [12:51:40] * @Lenore glaaaare.
  102. [12:52:03] <@Amaryllis> "Lenore, should we be worried?"
  103. [12:52:08] * Natalie would whistle to taunt Lenore's player but hey, she probably lost that with amnesia too. Whoops!
  104. [12:52:21] <@Lenore> "Ummm...I have no idea!"
  105. [12:52:33] <Kain> It’s about now that Theta realizes there’s no one upstairs.
  106. [12:53:04] <Natalie> "Well we could just leave it on the floor and apologize..."
  107. [12:53:10] <Kain> Everyone downstairs, awareness check?
  108. [12:53:10] <Natalie> "(But that's no fun, right?)"
  109. [12:53:17] <Natalie> 2d6 lol
  110. [12:53:17] <@Lenore> 2d6+4
  111. [12:53:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+4: 13 [2d6=3,6]
  112. [12:53:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, lol: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  113. [12:53:20] <@Amaryllis> (the flat way the British reading says 'whoops' is fantastic)
  114. [12:53:31] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  115. [12:53:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=5,2]
  116. [12:53:37] <@Amaryllis> 2d6+5 chocoroll
  117. [12:53:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, chocoroll: 13 [2d6=2,6]
  118. [12:53:57] <@Lenore> (I agree, Cast <3)
  119. [12:54:57] <Kain> Lenore and Ammy spot something move in the shadows behind a case containing a pair of matched amulets. A humanoid figure of some kind darts away quickly.
  120. [12:55:12] <@Lenore> "Eh!? What was that?"
  121. [12:55:37] <Natalie> "What was what?"
  122. [12:55:48] <@Amaryllis> "We are not alone." Ammy shuffles over and checks the label on the case.
  123. [12:56:33] * Natalie spends a moment headtilting and ?ing, but gets into a light battle stance. Protect Ammy etc etc.
  124. [12:57:14] * @Lenore also goes along with Ammy to check the label!
  125. [12:57:30] <Kain> “A pair of enchanted amulets that swap the minds of the ones wearing them. Extremely dangerous.”
  126. [12:57:48] * @Amaryllis backs the fuck away
  127. [12:57:57] <@Lenore> (HAHA OH FUCK)
  128. [12:58:20] <Natalie> (I love everything)
  129. [12:58:48] * Natalie drops stance and doesn't check the label, picking one of them up much like the book. "Huh, what're these?"
  130. [12:59:10] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, don't do that!" Ammy warns as Nat reaches out, but it's probably too late.
  131. [12:59:20] <@Lenore> "No! Natty don't!"
  132. [12:59:43] * Natalie totally already did. "Hmm...?"
  133. [13:00:09] * Theta_ looks around the first floor confused where everyone went until he wanders upon the open basement door presumably.
  134. [13:00:20] <Kain> Theta wanders in and sees these shenanigans.
  135. [13:00:37] <Kain> Nat feels the very bizarre sensation of swapping minds with herself.
  136. [13:00:56] * Natalie sniffsniffs it. "... I don't get what's wrong with it, but okay."
  137. [13:01:19] <Natalie> Plop, back down on the pedestal it came from. Such is the way of a world where nobody has GUTS.
  138. [13:02:12] <Natalie> Er, case, whatever.
  139. [13:02:46] * @Amaryllis briefly considers the hilarity and combat applications of bodyswapping Ayane and Mr. Prickles next time they meet, but the overwhelming sense of danger stops these thoughts from being more than just thoughts.
  140. [13:03:00] * Natalie takes this time to read the label. "Ohh."
  141. [13:03:03] * Theta_ looks to Ambrosia. "You -sure- you didn't sneak up from the basement earlier? Odd."
  142. [13:04:05] <Kain> The doll tilts her head at Theta, questioningly.
  143. [13:04:18] <Kain> But in any case, Theta does find the others.
  144. [13:04:19] <Natalie> "... Huh. Why don't we just borrow these and use them on Not-Me? I mean it's not like it'd seem THAT different..."
  145. [13:04:32] <Theta_> "I guess you wouldn't know, hrm." He approaches the others casually.
  146. [13:04:34] * Natalie cuts herself off to wave at Alpha as he comes in.
  147. [13:04:35] <Kain> Theta enters in with a strange girl with long, silvery hair, dressed in plain clothes.
  148. [13:05:20] <Natalie> "Oh hi, Mr. Mu! We came down here to find... something... and uh, got lost and... ... who's that?"
  149. [13:05:34] <Natalie> "Lenny, since when did you have a sister?"
  150. [13:05:45] <@Amaryllis> "Greetings. I do not believe we've met." Ammy turns with a bit of surprise. She glances askew at Lenore. Is this a sibling she didn't mention?
  151. [13:06:02] * @Lenore tils her head, almost mirroring the dolls tilt. "Um...I've never seen her before..."
  152. [13:06:30] <Kain> The girl seems a bit confused more than anything. She almost parrots Lenore. “Never before.”
  153. [13:06:39] <Kain> Her voice is quiet, barely above a whisper.
  154. [13:06:43] * Natalie notices her forehead's totally exposed and nervously brushes her hair down, not really making a big deal of it though.
  155. [13:07:16] <Theta_> "She was in the attic, but...well, sleeping. Renegade described her as similar to my own people but not of the same origins. We'll call her Ambrosia for now."
  156. [13:07:18] <@Lenore> "What's your name~?" Lenore's energy contrasts with the doll's quiet soooo much.
  157. [13:07:43] <Kain> “He calls me ‘Ambrosia’.”
  158. [13:08:34] <Kain> She definitely doesn’t resemble anything you’ve seen in the attic before, Lenore.
  159. [13:09:04] <Theta_> "Also said she had been in the basement. But that doesn't really make sense to me considering I found her...well, deactivated."
  160. [13:09:14] <Kain> Though now that you notice, there’s a completely barren spot int he room nearby that she looks over towards. There’s a sign reading “Artificial Lifeform of Unknown Origin”
  161. [13:09:16] <Natalie> "Ambrosia... so 'Amby' for short, right? Nnnn, but that's so close to 'Ammy'..."
  162. [13:09:38] <@Lenore> "In the attic? Weeeeird..."
  163. [13:10:00] <Kain> There’s movement in the shadows again, and something flits out behind Theta, too fast for details to be noticed.
  164. [13:10:02] <@Amaryllis> "An artificial lifeform?"
  165. [13:10:27] <Kain> ...and out the door it went.
  166. [13:10:34] <Theta_> "It seems since whatever I did awoke her he's entrusted her to me."
  167. [13:10:36] <Natalie> "Artificial...? Oh, trying to hide it is silly then!" Bangs, unbrushed.
  168. [13:11:09] <Kain> She just headtilts again at Nat.
  169. [13:11:25] * @Amaryllis shuffles to the door with an "excuse me" and peers out, trying to follow the shadowy figure.
  170. [13:11:28] <Kain> “I can’t recall anything...”
  171. [13:11:33] <Natalie> "I like her already." Nat extends a hand to her, beaming. "Hi, I'm 3Carb4u3ncle! Let's be friends!"
  172. [13:12:01] * @Lenore also follows after Ammy. "Sorry, gotta' hurry!"
  173. [13:12:11] <Kain> Ambrosia: “What is a friend...?” She looks at your hand, then takes it limply like she expects to be led around.
  174. [13:12:15] <Natalie> "I can't remember things eith- ... huh, what's going on?"
  175. [13:12:30] <@Amaryllis> "You saw it as well, Lenore?"
  176. [13:12:41] <Kain> Lenore and Ammy tail the... thing to the front door, where-
  177. [13:12:43] <Kain> Oh dear.
  178. [13:12:48] <@Lenore> "Yeah I did! I dunno' what it is, bu-"
  179. [13:12:57] <@Amaryllis> Shuffle shuffle.
  180. [13:12:59] * Natalie :Ds again. Amnesiac buddy? Amnesiac buddy! "A friend is um... someone you want to be around and protect all the time, no matter what! ... Even if you forget them."
  181. [13:13:27] <Natalie> And of course, she DOES lead Ambrosia, dragging her upstairs with the others. "C'mon, let's go see what's going on!"
  182. [13:13:33] <Theta_> "Where exactly did Renegade ask you and Ammy to investigate, Nat?"
  183. [13:13:45] * Theta_ follows then :B
  184. [13:13:47] <Natalie> Pause. "Oh um... some ruin... something something South Gate?"
  185. [13:13:55] <Theta_> "It seems that's where he found her."
  186. [13:13:56] <Kain> It’s smaller than a human, even shorter than Nat, really, but appears to be human-like except for the large pair of insect wings flittering on his back. He’s trying to fiddle and get the front door open.
  187. [13:14:35] <Natalie> "Oh... oh! I get it! He wanted me to go there so I could meet more friends, then!"
  188. [13:14:40] <Natalie> "I'll have to tell him thanks later~"
  189. [13:14:44] <@Lenore> "And where do you think you're going, huh?" A bunch of sparks jump off Lenore for added effect!
  190. [13:14:46] <@Amaryllis> "Halt! Who are you?"
  191. [13:14:51] <@Lenore> (C-can I roll Force for Intimidate?)
  192. [13:15:08] * Natalie goes up the stairs at Thetapace instead of dashing, brushing her bangs down yet again.
  193. [13:15:10] <Kain> Ambrosia: “I see...”
  194. [13:15:12] * @Amaryllis raises a finger to Theta, signalling she'll explain Renegade's task in a minute.
  195. [13:15:25] <Kain> Ambrosia is dragged along since she never really let go of Nat.
  196. [13:15:46] <@Amaryllis> There are 1,1half-fae catboys with faerie wings to investigate first.
  197. [13:16:04] <Kain> You all see this strange kid trying to get the door open. At Ammy and Lenore yelling at him though, you can hear an audible “Eeek” from him and he sort of... pops, reducing in size to about a foot tall before trying to fly up and away.
  198. [13:16:10] <Natalie> 1,1He never said cat you goof, I was so close to making that crack too
  199. [13:16:21] <@Amaryllis> (shut up)
  200. [13:16:38] <Kain> (You can try, Aori)
  201. [13:16:49] * Natalie lets the doll go. (Pssst can I roll finesse to try to catch him?)
  202. [13:17:03] <Kain> (Let’s wait and see this result first)
  203. [13:17:11] <@Lenore> 2d6+5 "What are you doing in my Dad's house, why are you trying to escape, and why were you in his basement!?"
  204. [13:17:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, "What are you doing in my Dad's house, why are you trying to escape, and why were you in his basement!?": 16 [2d6=5,6]
  205. [13:17:23] <Natalie> (... good call)
  206. [13:18:12] <@Lenore> "You come over and explain this right now!"
  207. [13:18:17] <Kain> The thing latches on to a nearby grandfather clock, quivering. “I-I don’t know! I woke up down there, none of my magic works right, I just want to go home!”
  208. [13:18:17] * @Amaryllis draws a hand up to her mouth as she mutters a spell under her breath. Sleepy vapors rise up from her...and then poof as she stops chanting and lets Lenore handle reprimanding the creature.
  209. [13:18:53] * Natalie takes the most catlike 'I'm gonna grab you' pose you can possibly imagine in case Lenny's plan goes awry.
  210. [13:19:32] <@Lenore> Now that the thing's stopped, she does an "ahem" to clear her voice, and then starts again, in a softer tone now. "Who are you, let's start there, huh?"
  211. [13:20:07] <@Amaryllis> (British reader doesn't handle stuttering very well :<)
  212. [13:20:28] <Kain> The thing peeks down a bit nervously. “I’m Fimble... a pixie. Are you... humans?”
  213. [13:21:34] <Theta_> "Well, those two are," he points at the interrogators
  214. [13:21:35] <Natalie> "Oh um... not really. Where's your 'home' if it isn't down there?"
  215. [13:22:13] <Kain> Fimble: “Oh, well... I’m from the Sprite Cave at Feymarch...” :<
  216. [13:22:14] <@Lenore> "I'm a human, yeah! My name's Lenore, and this is the house of my Dad, Renegade. How'd you get here?"
  217. [13:22:28] <@Amaryllis> "Does Renegade make a habit of collecting living creatures as well for his research...?" Ammy glances between Ambrosia and Fimble.
  218. [13:22:49] <Kain> Fimble: “I don’t know how I got here... I took a nap in a circle of stones, and woke up here!”
  219. [13:22:56] <Natalie> "Fey... march." Nat takes the second part literally and starts marching around the pixie.
  220. [13:23:27] <@Amaryllis> "Feymarch. I wonder if I have ever read of such a place." Ammy furrows her brow and thinks.
  221. [13:23:46] <@Lenore> "Fey...march...? Hmmm..."
  222. [13:23:55] <Kain> That’s what the Renegade labeled the Outer Continent as on that one bookshelf.
  223. [13:24:17] <@Amaryllis> (yeah I was trying to find my notes on which were given which names. :V Thanks)
  224. [13:24:50] <Natalie> "Waking up from a nap and not knowing things... nnn, I know how that one feels."
  225. [13:24:53] <Kain> The pixie flutters down after a moment, after deciding you’re not going to hurt him.
  226. [13:25:04] <@Amaryllis> "Do the words 'Outer Continent' mean anything to you?"
  227. [13:25:13] <Kain> The pixie shakes his head.
  228. [13:25:21] <Kain> Ambrosia just stares at the fairy absently.
  229. [13:25:26] <Theta_> "Just how long -have- you been trapped in that basement?"
  230. [13:25:35] <Theta_> "I swear none of its residents can recall."
  231. [13:25:50] <Kain> Fimble: “Umm... a few days. I ate a few weird mushrooms and they did funny things to me.”
  232. [13:26:06] <@Amaryllis> "What about Madain Sari or Iifa Tree?"
  233. [13:26:26] <Kain> Fimble: “No, those don’t sound familiar, either...”
  234. [13:26:27] <Natalie> "Um, what about... 'Eidolon' in general? He's gotta know that, right?"
  235. [13:26:47] <Kain> Fimble: “Oh, yeah! There are eidolons everywhere back home!”
  236. [13:26:53] <Natalie> "WHAT"
  237. [13:27:21] <@Lenore> "Huh?"
  238. [13:27:30] <Natalie> "Everywhere like um... there're stories and stuff, you mean, right?"
  239. [13:28:17] <Kain> Fimble: “It’s sort of a big community of eidolons and mythical creatures, under the leadership of King Hades and Queen Asura...”
  240. [13:28:23] <@Amaryllis> "Madain Sari was once a city populated by many Eidolons as well as their Summoners, but he has not heard that name before."
  241. [13:28:43] * @Lenore tilts her head. "Um...oh!"
  242. [13:28:54] <@Lenore> "Uh, what year was it, when you last remember?"
  243. [13:29:11] <Natalie> "Ah..." Natbuncle's trying to take all this in, with a familiar 'why can't I remember this' sort of posture Ammy's probably used to.
  244. [13:29:11] <Kain> Fimble: “Year? I don’t think we ever adopted human calendars...”
  245. [13:29:41] <Kain> Fimble: “But I remember the humans almost all got wiped out because of the terror from the sky, that was a big deal.”
  246. [13:29:49] <Kain> Fimble: “That’s why I was surprised to see you!”
  247. [13:30:06] <Natalie> "Hades, Asura... they don't SOUND familiar, but..."
  248. [13:30:25] <Kain> Fimble: “When that red moon appeared...”
  249. [13:30:47] <@Lenore> "Whaaaa?"
  250. [13:30:48] <Natalie> (Imagining everyone doing a Jojo-style !! here)
  251. [13:31:40] * Theta_ has no preconcieved motions of madan sari so just nods along as the others jackiechan all over this
  252. [13:31:49] <@Amaryllis> "This sounds quite alike to the fate of another community of Eidolons and Summoners I know of. Explain further?"
  253. [13:32:18] <@Amaryllis> (psst wasn't it King Leviathan?)
  254. [13:32:38] <Kain> Fimble: “Well... the red moon appeared next to our normal blue moon, and that’s when the land began to change. The humans, and most sentient life got wiped out. Even our community was talking about moving underground...”
  255. [13:33:01] <Kain> Fimble: “I must have appeared in one of places the survivors got to...?”
  256. [13:33:47] <Natalie> "So you want to go home, but you don't know if there's a home to go back to? That's..." Droopycat.
  257. [13:34:08] <Kain> (It was king leviathan in FF4)
  258. [13:34:16] <Kain> (But check the eidolon page again)
  259. [13:35:19] * Theta_ takes note, lesson learned: avoid mushrooms
  260. [13:35:44] <Kain> Fimble: “Everyone’s probably really worried about me...”
  261. [13:35:54] <@Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  262. [13:35:58] <@Lenore> "Do you think maybe..."
  263. [13:36:02] <Natalie> "Um..."
  264. [13:36:04] <Kain> Fimble: “It took everything I could do just to get those doors open, my teleport magic wouldn’t work right.”
  265. [13:36:06] <@Lenore> "He was around from before the merge?"
  266. [13:36:07] <@Amaryllis> "All this passed only a few days prior?"
  267. [13:36:18] * Natalie gives Ammy a glance.
  268. [13:36:19] <@Amaryllis> "At least, from your perspective?"
  269. [13:36:25] <Kain> Fimble: “Yeah!”
  270. [13:36:51] <Theta_> "That's what I'm confused on. It seems this was more than just a few days ago?"
  271. [13:37:06] <Natalie> "Maybe he was taking a REALLY LONG nap?"
  272. [13:37:23] <Kain> Theta - roll me a Lore (History) check
  273. [13:37:37] <Theta_> 2d6 wot m8
  274. [13:37:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_, wot m8: 9 [2d6=3,6]
  275. [13:40:11] <Kain> You seem to recall something from the terran archive mentioning the world being devastated on the failed merge of Terra and Gaia.
  276. [13:40:48] <Kain> But that had to be... at least five thousand years ago?
  277. [13:41:07] * Theta_ nods. "Right. That event happened nearly 5,000 years ago."
  278. [13:41:20] <Kain> Fimble panics. “W-what?”
  279. [13:41:41] <Theta_> "Which...would be...I have no idea how fairy years work."
  280. [13:42:18] <Natalie> "Nnn... okay, Mr. Omega, lemme try something."
  281. [13:42:55] * Natalie approaches the fae butterflyboy with resplendent wings. "Um, you said there were eidolons everywhere, right? Have you ever met a Carbuncle before? Or a Phoenix, or a Titan?"
  282. [13:43:11] <@Amaryllis> (/me shakes tree)
  283. [13:43:17] <Natalie> (lel)
  284. [13:43:23] <Theta_> "Is 1.9 undercutting it? Or is it more like 'half a fae year.' "
  285. [13:43:28] <@Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  286. [13:43:31] <Theta_> (1.9 trillion*)
  287. [13:43:50] <Kain> Fimble thinks. “Titan lived nearby, I think...?”
  288. [13:44:34] <Kain> He just ???’s at Theta, as that is a completely descriptive description of what he does.
  289. [13:44:57] <Natalie> Nat handhips, beaming, excited to be almost getting somewhere. "Titan was definitely here, and I'm looking for him! So if he came from the place you came from, that means there're probably more... right?"
  290. [13:45:02] <@Amaryllis> "Can you show us where in the basement you first awakened?"
  291. [13:45:21] <@Lenore> "Yeah, maybe that's a good place to start..."
  292. [13:45:57] <Kain> He doesn’t really know how to answer Nat, but he nods at Ammy and leads you back into the basement.
  293. [13:45:58] * Natalie grabs Ambrosia's hand again with a big 'isn't this exciting?' face. Like emphasizing how ADVENTURE their everyday lives are.
  294. [13:46:05] <Kain> Ambrosia: “It is?”
  295. [13:46:35] <Kain> aaand the pixie just points at the weird teleporter platforms.
  296. [13:46:45] <Natalie> "C'mon!" Dragdragdrag.
  297. [13:46:54] <Kain> The girl is draaaaagged.
  298. [13:47:05] <@Amaryllis> "Temporal interference. Of course." Ammy mutters something about Time Mages.
  299. [13:47:07] <Natalie> She's really heavy too, right?
  300. [13:47:20] <Kain> Nope, she’s actually unusually light.
  301. [13:47:29] <Natalie> 1d2 bridal-style or no
  302. [13:47:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, bridal-style or no: 1 [1d2=1]
  303. [13:47:46] * Natalie totally gets tired of having to drag her and carries, then.
  304. [13:48:25] <Kain> She just sort of rests there, incredibly and utterly confused, but goes along with it.
  305. [13:48:35] <Kain> Fimble: “What’s that mean? When can I go home?”
  306. [13:48:47] <Kain> ...pop. He returns to a few feet tall in size.
  307. [13:49:15] <Theta_> "So it really WAS a couple of days? Huh."
  308. [13:49:23] <Natalie> ... But they arrive anyway. "Um well... I was gonna say 'let's find Titan and ask him' but I thiiiiink he kinda lost his memories."
  309. [13:49:33] * Natalie sets her down of course. That was fun.
  310. [13:49:57] <Kain> Ambrosia stares at Natalie a moment, and then attempts to pick her up the same way.
  311. [13:50:11] * Natalie is also fairly light, hopefully!
  312. [13:50:20] <Theta_> "If I understand that correctly it seems you were sent into the future?"
  313. [13:50:58] <Natalie> (man you have created the perfect waifu here)
  314. [13:50:59] <Kain> Fimble looks uneasy. “Grandma always told me really bad stories about time travel. It never ends well, she said. I didn’t think they were true, though...”
  315. [13:51:30] * Natalie happily and gigglily leaps into the doll's arms at this attempt in fact, unless it turns out she has no lifting capacity or something.
  316. [13:51:34] <Kain> Ambrosia seems to handle Natalie’s weight well enough, but the entire situation with those two is just odd.
  317. [13:51:42] <Natalie> Oddly adorable.
  318. [13:51:46] <@Amaryllis> "It means," Ammy pauses to see what state the teleporters are in. "It means home for you is likely thousands of years removed from now, I'm afraid. I'm sorry."
  319. [13:52:07] <Natalie> "Hehehe!" At least they're off in their own world now and away from all the SAD.
  320. [13:52:13] * @Amaryllis tries her best to ignore the strangeness right next to her between Nat and Ambrosia.
  321. [13:52:49] <Kain> They don’t seem to be hooked up or have power to them.
  322. [13:53:24] <Natalie> "Nnnn okay... put me down, I wanna see something."
  323. [13:53:40] <@Lenore> "Hmmm..."
  324. [13:54:19] * Theta_ seems more interested in Ambrosia's attempts at mimicry than Nat's shenanigans, but this silly pixie's sad situation is equally interesting.
  325. [13:54:54] <Kain> Fimble: “Oh noooo... “
  326. [13:55:24] <Kain> Fimble: “Am I stranded in the future then? Is the entire world a wasteland full of rugged survivors with lax future morals? I don’t want to be eaten!”
  327. [13:55:39] * Natalie wiggles in Marion- I mean Ambrosia's arms a bit.
  328. [13:55:41] <Kain> The pixie seems to be getting hysterical.
  329. [13:55:56] <@Lenore> "Uh, wasteland is inaccurate! People are fine!"
  330. [13:56:12] <Kain> Ambrosia placidly holds Natalie, and after a moment looks over at Theta, tilting her head.
  331. [13:56:13] <@Amaryllis> "No, the world is quite civilized. Though what we understand to be civilization started developing long after yours perished."
  332. [13:56:17] <Theta_> "I can't really comment on the second part of your inquiry."
  333. [13:57:06] <Natalie> "Uhh that's not what I mean, it's more like..." It suddenly ocurs that she has no clue how to demonstrate putting someone down, despite having done it herself a few seconds ago.
  334. [13:57:11] <Kain> Fimble: “Oh... okay.” he just nervously shuffles in place for a moment.
  335. [13:57:13] <@Amaryllis> "With the exception of the Eidolons, who have been around ever since. But just twenty years prior, something very similar to your catastrophe happened, and the Summoner tribe was killed, the Eidolons scattered."
  336. [13:57:20] <@Amaryllis> ( btw)
  337. [13:57:20] <Kain> By the way, fimble’s hair is tomato red.
  338. [13:57:52] <Theta_> "I think she wants you to drop her, Ambrosia."
  339. [13:57:56] * Natalie nodnod!
  340. [13:58:10] <Theta_> (I was hoping for dikimbe oh no)
  341. [13:58:14] <Natalie> (^)
  342. [13:58:14] <Kain> Ambrosia just lets Natalie go, then. Right onto the floor.
  343. [13:58:21] <Natalie> WHOMP. "Oof!"
  344. [13:58:30] <@Amaryllis> ( this is even better)
  345. [13:58:44] * Theta_ chuckles, expecting that to have happened
  346. [13:59:04] * Natalie lands uncomfortably and spends a moment reeling, but then sticks her tongue out at the doll. "I'll um, show you how to do it right later."
  347. [13:59:31] <Natalie> "Anyway!" Brushed off, Nat leaps onto one of the teleport squares and drammatically spins. "GO!"
  348. [13:59:34] <Natalie> -m
  349. [13:59:40] <Kain> ...
  350. [13:59:43] <Natalie> ...
  351. [13:59:44] <Kain> Nothin’.
  352. [13:59:46] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, they're not active."
  353. [13:59:48] <Natalie> "Yep, doesn't work!"
  354. [13:59:56] <Theta_> (I woulda lol'd so hard at "Nat disapeers")
  355. [14:00:00] <Natalie> (^)
  356. [14:00:00] <Theta_> (RANC)
  357. [14:00:13] <@Lenore> "Awwww."
  358. [14:00:32] <Natalie> "So Fimby, you lived with lots of Eidolons, right? Does that mean you are one too?"
  359. [14:00:43] * Natalie sniffsniffs, trying to do that 'detectodolon' thing Kujata did.
  360. [14:00:59] <Natalie> Or... no I guess he just detected summoning potential, WHATEVS
  361. [14:01:10] * Theta_ looks the device over. "Did Renegade USE this to go back in time, and you just happened to be laying around? I'm confused at the logistics of this."
  362. [14:02:06] <Kain> Fimble: “Um... no, I don’t think... I’m just a Pixie. Some of us around Feymarch had to relocate there because the humans hunted us.”
  363. [14:02:18] <Kain> Fimble: "I just woke up here!"
  364. [14:02:36] <Natalie> "Ohhh.... weiiiiird."
  365. [14:02:49] <Theta_> (we should just stick him with walt's poker and then ditch town :3)
  366. [14:03:02] <Kain> (Mean)
  367. [14:03:20] <Natalie> (let's leave HIM with the BMGs so we can take Amby as our packmule)
  368. [14:03:41] <Kain> Ambrosia leans over at Theta and sniffs, like Natalie was doing.
  369. [14:04:04] * Natalie stifles a gigglefit. "Ammy, what should we do?"
  370. [14:05:03] <Kain> Fimble: "I woke up here, tried to get out for days, had to eat a bunch of weird things lying around to stop being hungry... and when I managed to get the doors open all sorts of scary people were stomping around. ;_;"
  371. [14:05:29] <@Amaryllis> "I have heard of communities of pixies only in story. I would not know where to lead him."
  372. [14:05:50] <Natalie> "Well we can't take him home, but we can't just leave him here, right?"
  373. [14:05:58] * Theta_ seems a bit confused by this but figures it's just her trying to figure out how to interact with people. "Heh. I think you'll find being with the others at my own home interesting."
  374. [14:06:27] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Am I staying there?"
  375. [14:06:42] * @Amaryllis looks over to Ambrosia. "What is the earliest memory you have? The place you were found is apparently quite the dangerous locale." Ammy pulls out a rolled up map and hands it to Theta. There's a burned in circle around the forested mountains near South Gate.
  376. [14:06:55] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Recalling..."
  377. [14:07:03] <@Lenore> "What kinds of scary people?"
  378. [14:07:12] <Kain> Fimble: "You guys!"
  379. [14:07:15] <Theta_> "For now, yes. And Renegade found her at the location he asked you to investigate, Amaryllis."
  380. [14:07:17] <@Amaryllis> "He means us."
  381. [14:07:32] <Theta_> (Oh I misread that)
  382. [14:07:34] <Theta_> (oops)
  383. [14:07:38] <@Amaryllis> "Yes, I overheard."
  384. [14:07:40] <Kain> Ambrosia: "I recall the word 'mannequin'."
  385. [14:07:51] <Natalie> "Nnn... maybe she's better at remembering things than me and would know something if we took her there with us?"
  386. [14:08:00] <@Amaryllis> "There should be evidence of her creators there - an ancient civilization long-past."
  387. [14:08:05] <Kain> Ambrosia: "I recall..."
  388. [14:08:08] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Clouds."
  389. [14:08:09] <Natalie> "After all, we're totally tough enough to keep her safe, right?"
  390. [14:08:17] <Theta_> "It's how Renegade described her as well. All he knows is she might not be -too- far off from the Genomes and Dolls. But it's hard to say, he doesn't know much more on it than I do, surprisingly."
  391. [14:09:04] <@Lenore> "Oh. Huh."
  392. [14:10:18] * Natalie spends this time scooping the doll up and demonstrating how to lightly set her down.
  393. [14:10:56] <Kain> Ambrosia reacts about as passively as possible to this.
  394. [14:11:02] <Natalie> Max kawaii.
  395. [14:11:53] * Theta_ looks back to Fimble. "I am really not sure -what- to recommend to you at the moment. Though I would recommend staying around this city for a bit in case there IS a way this thing."
  396. [14:12:12] * @Amaryllis walks back to the label meant for Ambrosia in the basement and smirks. "Renegade claims to be sending us there for mere entertainment, but it is clear enough that he wishes to learn more of the place through us. I cannot fault him however. It is merely a quid pro quo, hidden behind his veil of pride." Ammy suddenly really hopes that Renegade realy does only have the library enchanted.
  397. [14:12:14] <Kain> Fimble: "Well... okay."
  398. [14:12:20] <Natalie> "Maybe there's a quiet place with lots of food and... WITHOUT scary people nearby?"
  399. [14:12:28] <Natalie> "Like um..."
  400. [14:12:31] * Natalie ponders forever.
  401. [14:13:03] <Kain> Ambrosia takes some turns picking you up and setting you down, very gently this time.
  402. [14:13:13] <Natalie> "Good!" Nat gives a thumbs-up.
  403. [14:13:28] <Kain> She tilts her head, and returns the thumbs up.
  404. [14:13:38] <@Lenore> "Uh, there's the King estate!"
  405. [14:13:39] <Natalie> (brb heart attack)
  406. [14:14:05] <Theta_> "I am not entirely sure she is related to the quest he sent us on, Amarlylis. I mistook her for a porceline doll at first. She was like...well, a puppet without strings. I am not really sure what triggered her awakening, other than perhaps that one bit..."
  407. [14:14:25] <Kain> Fimble: "A king's estate?"
  408. [14:14:40] <Natalie> "Well that's why we shoudl bring her, Mr. Zeta! Maybe she has friends there?"
  409. [14:14:52] <Theta_> "I was poking around that Terran Hard Drive I had, and an odd message appeared." He repeats the quote in white text that the player cannot recall verbatum at the moment.
  410. [14:14:55] <@Lenore> "Oh it doesn't BELONG to a King, it just belonged to someone with the NAME King!"
  411. [14:14:58] <@Amaryllis> "No, what I mean is," She jabs at the words 'unknown origin', "that he claims to know much more about the civilization that once lived there than he does."
  412. [14:15:18] <@Amaryllis> (er, the ragnarok quote?)
  413. [14:15:24] <Theta_> (right)
  414. [14:15:39] <Natalie> (oh, that one said something about fenrir too, didn't it)
  416. [14:16:06] <Natalie> (fuck you beat me)
  417. [14:16:25] * Natalie freezes up at the mention of Fenrir then, and starts furious diaryflipping.
  418. [14:16:29] <@Lenore> (I like the caps, I can't imagine it without a screaming lunatic voicing it)
  419. [14:16:38] <@Lenore> (...voicing.)
  420. [14:17:11] <@Lenore> (Huh, the british guy is pretty nonchalant about it)
  421. [14:17:15] <Theta_> "I suppose you could stay at my estate for the moment as well until we think of a solution to this, yes." @ Fimble.
  422. [14:17:24] <@Amaryllis> "Ragnarok the Eidolon-weapon lies broken in Glutton's mansion, Odin was born of Baron's exploits, Eiko commands the Eidolon Fenrir, the lightning god is undoubtedly Ramuh, and the world tree serpent...must be Terrato. A warning of apocalypse?"
  423. [14:17:27] <Natalie> "That doesn't sound right..." Natty withdraws the sapphire.
  424. [14:17:29] <Theta_> "...Perhaps we should leave this basement though before something else awakes."
  425. [14:17:57] <@Amaryllis> (What is a 'Thor'? NEver heard of that Eidolon :V)
  426. [14:18:15] <@Amaryllis> (...unless I have in which case hurr)
  427. [14:18:19] <Theta_> "I imagined it could also mean the Ilfa Tree. Roots are much like a serpent as well."
  428. [14:18:29] * Natalie gives the amulets one last glance but nods at Theta, opting to carry Ambrosia out. Piggyback this time!
  429. [14:18:30] <@Lenore> "Huh. Weeeird."
  430. [14:19:12] <Natalie> "But Fenry's all amnesiafied like me, right? Um, at least that's what it says here..."
  431. [14:19:32] <Kain> Speaking of things awakening, as you go to leave... the eyes within the darkness of the "Dimensional Vortex Anchor" stone near the entrance speak. "I will be watching, and waiting." and then it goes quiet, eyes vanishing and all.
  432. [14:19:46] * @Lenore JUMPS.
  433. [14:19:48] <@Lenore> "Aaaah!"
  434. [14:19:50] <Natalie> "Okay, we'll see you!"
  435. [14:19:56] * @Amaryllis briefly glances at the amulets as well, contemplating for a moment the hilarity of 1,1slipping them onto Theta and Lenore while they're sleeping, but she is not Cait Sith, and she dismisses the thought.
  436. [14:20:00] * Natalie waves at the vortex and heads upstairs.
  437. [14:20:06] <Kain> Good idea!
  438. [14:20:21] * Natalie was dead serious about swapping with her evil clone to fuck up the Glutton's plans, but nobody else listens auuuuuuu
  439. [14:20:32] * Theta_ pauses at the vortex anchor does that, then fucking bolts nopenopenope
  440. [14:20:35] <Kain> Ambrosia rides just as nonchalantly, passing off the weird talking stone thing too.
  441. [14:20:41] <Natalie> bros 4lyf
  442. [14:21:02] <Kain> Fimble glances at the thing and follows quickly.
  443. [14:21:07] * @Lenore SLAMS the door behind everyone, locks it if she can!
  444. [14:21:12] <Kain> Click.
  445. [14:21:24] <Theta_> "I can see why he locks that door now."
  446. [14:21:29] <Kain> The door begins to hum as sealing magicks take hold again.
  447. [14:21:30] * @Amaryllis sticks around a moment to further examine the vortex. Does she get locked in? D:
  448. [14:22:00] * @Lenore waits for everyone to get out you silly
  449. [14:22:10] <Kain> Well, it's certainly not openable easily from the inside if Fimble is any indication but what Lenore said.
  450. [14:22:21] <Kain> The black stone goes inert after the unnervingly deep voice spoke from it.
  451. [14:22:33] <Kain> It sounded certainly otherworldly.
  452. [14:23:16] * Natalie headtilts at why everyone's freaking out so much but carries the cutest doll upstairs, to the door.
  453. [14:23:20] <@Amaryllis> Against all better judgment, Ammy carefully places a hand on it, starting fingertips first and tries to figure out what the fuck it is and what just happened.
  454. [14:24:25] <Kain> For a moment, you briefly see a room filled with stars and a shadowy demon watching from the darkness, simply waiting as four brightly colored crystals surround it, floating. There's a bit of laughter, and you're cast back into the basement.
  455. [14:24:47] <@Lenore> (Holy SHIT Chaos can see into Renegade's basement)
  456. [14:25:10] <Kain> (1,1wrong demon)
  457. [14:25:18] <@Lenore> (Oh.)
  458. [14:25:32] <Natalie> (Zemus you dumbface)
  459. [14:25:45] <@Lenore> (Ooooh.)
  460. [14:26:12] <@Amaryllis> "Why the bloody hell does he keep the chocobo weapon behind a forcefield but not this?" Ammy considers taking the stone with, but seeing everyone else's hysterical reactions, she leaves it alone.
  461. [14:26:58] * @Amaryllis shuffles out.
  462. [14:27:31] <Kain> and as the door seals back up you realize no one put the book back down in there.
  463. [14:27:33] <@Amaryllis> "Theta, could I perhaps ask you to translate more of the story and lore in the archive you found later?"
  464. [14:27:38] <Theta_> (You know I never did get why the hell those giant monsters in 7 were called 'weapons' it gets silly confusing)
  465. [14:27:43] <@Amaryllis> (yeah Ammy took it)
  466. [14:27:49] <Natalie> (they weren't, they were Weapons)
  467. [14:27:52] <Kain> Received key item: Gran Grimoire
  468. [14:28:22] <@Amaryllis> In all fairness, Ammy is planning on putting it back in Renegade's library...sometime.
  469. [14:28:25] <Kain> (No, they were WEAPON)
  470. [14:28:32] <Theta_> (This solves nothing)
  471. [14:28:35] <Kain> (Get it right plebs)
  472. [14:28:38] <Natalie> (Oh, maybe they were)
  473. [14:28:58] <Theta_> "It would a large undertaking."
  474. [14:29:12] <Kain> (And they were called weapons in 7 because they were the planet's defense system, the planet's own weapons)
  475. [14:29:20] <Theta_> "It's an archive of an encyclapedia. A rather large one."
  476. [14:29:23] <Kain> (even though the practice started with atma but fuck iiit)
  477. [14:30:05] <Kain> In any case.
  478. [14:30:05] <@Amaryllis> "Even better." Ammy has spent hours transcribing books she does not know the meaning of tedium.
  479. [14:30:37] <@Lenore> "Well, glad we're out of there..."
  480. [14:30:45] <Kain> Leaving?
  481. [14:30:46] * Natalie sets the cutedoll down by the front door.
  482. [14:30:47] <Kain> (The house)
  483. [14:30:56] <Natalie> "So we need to walk back now, 'kay?"
  484. [14:31:12] <Kain> Ambrosia just tilts her head. "I don't understand, why have you been carrying me?"
  485. [14:31:40] * @Amaryllis shuffles upstairs for a moment to retrieve all her stuff and the other books she left up there when chasing the chocochick, then returns to regroup with everyone else.
  486. [14:31:49] <Natalie> "Oh, because it's easier that way! And I haven't seen you run or anything..."
  487. [14:32:22] <Kain> She considers that quietly
  488. [14:32:39] <Kain> By the way
  489. [14:33:02] <Kain> I am terrible and forgot to set up the shops like I promised, so for all intents and purposes the available equipment in Treno at the moment is the same as Daguerreo
  490. [14:33:25] <Natalie> (well then)
  491. [14:33:33] * @Amaryllis visits the synth shop to get her paperslayer.
  492. [14:33:56] <Kain> Shopping can be handled offscreen this time, where would you guys like to go now?
  493. [14:33:59] * Natalie follows Ammy around and intends to lead Cutebrosia with unless stopped.
  494. [14:34:20] <Kain> She follows whoever's grabbed her hand.
  495. [14:34:28] <@Amaryllis> (well, there goes having money for armor :D Ammy is the best at good life choices)
  496. [14:36:07] * Theta_ would rather redirect her back to his estate than be carried around on a shopping venture at the moment, but either way retires back there for now given they are seemingly leaving in the morning.
  497. [14:36:42] <Kain> No other outstanding business, then?
  498. [14:36:55] <@Amaryllis> (old equips sell for half book price, right?)
  499. [14:36:57] * Natalie is totally open for a heated argument on who takes her, but really just wants to show her around town.
  500. [14:36:59] <@Amaryllis> (I should clear out my inventory some)
  501. [14:37:02] <Kain> Yep.
  502. [14:37:32] <Natalie> (oh, maybe I can sell the imp knife for FUCKING NOTHING now)
  503. [14:37:36] <@Amaryllis> ( there pumice at the auction house?)
  504. [14:37:48] <Natalie> (diamonds plz)
  505. [14:37:57] <Kain> 1d100 Let's play the auction raffle
  506. [14:37:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Let's play the auction raffle: 66 [1d100=66]
  507. [14:38:01] <Natalie> nice dubs
  508. [14:38:06] * @Lenore doesn't want to argue, she'd rather share Amby with Natty~
  509. [14:38:14] <Kain> 1d6 if 6, pumice available
  510. [14:38:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, if 6, pumice available: 1 [1d6=1]
  511. [14:38:31] <Natalie> (looks like we're doing triple lth tonight)
  512. [14:39:12] * @Amaryllis looks for a Moogle - she has a rather large package and a letter to send off to Noah. (I'll get you the full contents of that once I'm done writing)
  513. [14:39:56] <Kain> Nope, the current items on sale at the auction house are Fairy Earrings, a Mini-Oglop Samurai, and a Snow Muffler.
  514. [14:39:59] <@Amaryllis> (I'm tempted to ask Tree if you'll lend me armor money, but that's a LOT to potentially lose if Theta fails the synth check, and we have no workshop)
  515. [14:40:17] <Natalie> (I will consider lending you armor money once I find out how much fairy earrings are going for)
  516. [14:40:45] <Kain> The bid starts at 5,000 gil
  517. [14:40:51] <Natalie> (sure take the armor money)
  518. [14:41:06] <@Amaryllis> (it's 3100 though)
  519. [14:41:15] <Kain> (All of my rage because fairy earrings ALL THE TIME in FFIX)
  520. [14:41:20] <@Amaryllis> (are you sure?)
  521. [14:41:35] <Natalie> (I have 4,711, what am I going to do with it in this world without diamonds and/or emeralds?)
  522. [14:42:11] <Natalie> (... you should take 500 more actually so I can have 1,111)
  523. [14:42:37] <@Amaryllis> (hrm, okay, if no workshop is available, the DC's 6 on 2d6 once all skill bonuses and faith are added in)
  524. [14:43:51] <Kain> MEANWHILE
  525. [14:44:12] <Natalie> ATE? ATE? ATE? ATE? ATE?
  526. [14:44:13] <Kain> Mr. Prickles seems to have returned by himself once Theta gets back to his place.
  527. [14:44:15] <@Amaryllis> ( though you saaaaaaid zoof could have one workshop if he wanted guilt guilt guilt ;_; )
  528. [14:44:16] <Natalie> ATEATEATEATEATEATEATEATE?
  529. [14:44:42] <Kain> That's unusual, usually he's hanging with Celina.
  530. [14:45:13] <Natalie> (Did we all come together or did monkeyman go home alone while we shopped?)
  531. [14:45:13] <Theta_> (I woulda built one if I had the option to and made space for one but hasn't happened yet I guess, sorry.)
  532. [14:46:05] <Kain> Let's say this is when you're all together after your shopping binge.
  533. [14:46:07] <@Amaryllis> (I'm just confused on that whole thing cause when I asked before you did the house thing he said you could make a workshop covering a single synth skill)
  534. [14:46:15] <Kain> though maybe Theta doesn't want everyone in his house
  535. [14:46:33] <@Amaryllis> (yeah are we all gathering there or elsewhere on the King estate or what?)
  536. [14:47:14] <Theta_> (If Kain says I didn't have the resources or time to build one not much I can do on it. He woulda brought Ambrosia there though and I don't see why he'd boot you all out.)
  537. [14:47:18] <Kain> (I said forever ago Zoof could build a single workshop, I thought it was Theta who decided not to)
  538. [14:47:32] <Theta_> (No, i asked you about it and you dodged the answer Kain. :B)
  539. [14:47:50] * Natalie totes barges in, Ambrosia in tow, with a loud "Hi!" though. Stop arguing you silly kiddies.
  540. [14:47:55] <Kain> (Well, sorry. Decide which one you want)
  541. [14:48:09] <Kain> Ambrosia stumbles in, being dragged still by the hypercat.
  542. [14:48:30] <Theta_> (We'll go with the armor workshop then.)
  543. [14:48:33] * @Amaryllis walks in carrying a comically large pair of scissors.
  544. [14:48:48] <@Amaryllis> (Sweet thanks :D can I has an armor roll then?)
  545. [14:49:04] * @Lenore also barges in~
  546. [14:49:16] * Theta_ looks to Mr. Prickles. "Oh, good day. I guess the servants at the King Estate suggested you stop by here..?"
  547. [14:49:30] <Kain> Mr. Prickles shakes his head.
  548. [14:49:32] <Natalie> Not pictured: Adorable scene where Nat snags the scissors and practices using her legs to wield them, giving up after a few snips and being confused as to why Ammy would waste her money on such a horrid thing.
  549. [14:49:37] <Theta_> 2d6+8 armor synth for Amaryllis
  550. [14:49:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta_, armor synth for Amaryllis: 16 [2d6=3,5]
  551. [14:49:52] <Kain> Prickles speaks up in slow english. "...I came to deliver some news."
  552. [14:50:28] * Natalie greets all the BMGs and plops down near Prickles, maybe on a- wait, he has a head?
  553. [14:50:39] <@Amaryllis> "Yes, Mr. Prickles?" Ammy snatches back the scissors from Nat.
  554. [14:50:46] <Kain> He just sort of shakes his entire body left to right.
  555. [14:50:49] <Natalie> Oh, that was WHILE they were shopping, not here. Goof.
  556. [14:52:00] <@Amaryllis> (silly Nat, scissoring doesn't use actual scissors)
  557. [14:52:07] <Natalie> ( l e w d )
  558. [14:52:29] <Kain> Prickles: "...Ms. Celina has decided to go her seperate ways." he says, a bit sadly. "She wanted to come here in person to tell you all but in the end, she couldn't bring herself to do it, and she apologizes."
  559. [14:52:42] <Natalie> "Wait what? What happened?"
  560. [14:53:22] <@Lenore> "Huh?
  561. [14:53:23] <Natalie> "Weren't we going to... um... somethingsomething, somethingsomething..." Flip flip flip.
  562. [14:53:25] <@Lenore> "
  563. [14:53:30] <Theta_> (I'll admit I had a hard time viewing her doing what you were describing in any fashion other than hipthrusts with it like fastened near her waiste like a hoolahoop)
  564. [14:53:52] <Theta_> (Which is p lewd)
  565. [14:53:58] <Natalie> (I was imagining it with the handle part on one leg, swinging it around to bring it apart and together... kinda hulahoopy I guess yeah)
  566. [14:54:19] <@Amaryllis> "Why?"
  567. [14:56:38] * @Amaryllis was on her way up to check on Theta's progress with the armor, but this is pretty shocking news.
  568. [14:56:57] <Kain> Prickles: "She became increasingly worried about Odin with Ms. Lenore's brother Blade apparently in pursuit of it. She wanted to avoid an eventuality where she would have to attack Ms. Lenore's brother, and she also didn't wish to slow down your quest. She's gone to join the Returners, and try to unite them as a force against Odin before Blade has a chance to make a pact with the eidolon.
  569. [14:56:57] <Kain> She also wants to avoid further unpleasantries with Ms. Amaryllis and Mr. Theta... She was also afraid of what Ms. Natalie's reaction might have been to her decision."
  570. [14:57:23] * @Lenore nods. "Mmmm, I see..."
  571. [14:57:45] <Natalie> "What, you mean, like, she thought I'd follow her?"
  572. [14:57:56] <Kain> Prickles: "No, she thought the two of you would argue."
  573. [14:58:19] * Natalie rubs her ruby, pouting a bit. "Oh, well duh I would! That's STUPID. What about our teamwork strategy?"
  574. [14:58:45] <Theta_> (I actually have no idea what sorta armor I'm making here hahaha)
  575. [14:58:53] <Natalie> (1,1bikini armor)
  576. [14:58:55] <Theta_> (I don't think you ever actually mentioned what it was you wanted)
  577. [14:59:00] <@Amaryllis> "Stories have many comings and goings, Nat."
  578. [14:59:45] <@Lenore> "I'll miss her...hope I can see her again sometime soon!"
  579. [14:59:50] <Kain> Prickles: "Perhaps she believes she's helping you more at the moment by not slowing you down to pursue her own agenda."
  580. [14:59:51] <Natalie> "I... guess, yeah. Maybe what she's trying to do might work, but it's pretty sudden, isn't it?"
  581. [14:59:54] <@Amaryllis> (hrm, well, it'd be heavy armor, but I dunno how to fluff it in a way to minimize the being a big hunk of metal aspect of it. Maybe something similar-ish to Saber's armor but with a different color scheme? It's fire-proof btw, so you can fluff that bit as you want, or I can come up with an idea)
  582. [14:59:57] <Kain> Prickles nods.
  583. [15:00:30] <Kain> Prickles: "She came to her decision after speaking with Sir Fratley about Odin and what she knew. She hopes to be able to keep in contact with letters, but..."
  584. [15:00:52] * Natalie sighs a bit and stands up triumphantly. "Well, I'll just have to give her my blessing! Uh... imaginarily. However that's supposed to work."
  585. [15:01:11] <Natalie> "I guess as long as she believes in me who believes in her she'll be okay, right?"
  586. [15:01:29] <Kain> Prickles nods. "She does believe in you, I know that much."
  587. [15:01:30] <@Amaryllis> "If they were to pursue Odin," Ammy gives a sideward glance at Lenore, "would it not benefit them to have the aid of a strong lightning mage?" Ammy shrugs. "I still do not understand the Returners' motives completely here, but if she is going to try to keep in touch, then that may be explained to us yet."
  588. [15:01:40] <@Amaryllis> (Tree you are shamefur)
  589. [15:01:43] <Natalie> (<3)
  590. [15:01:49] <@Lenore> (Oh u)
  591. [15:02:19] <Natalie> "Well, I guess if we split up that kinda works too. I just hope I'll remember who she is next time we meet," she sort of trails off at that last bit.
  592. [15:02:35] <Kain> Prickles: "She mentioned that, actually..."
  593. [15:03:00] <Kain> Prickles: "She said to me, 'Give this to Lady Carbuncle to remember me by.'"
  594. [15:03:15] <Kain> Prickles produces the ribbon Celina had been using to fight with.
  595. [15:03:21] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, once we fulfill Renegade's request, I would hope you have no trouble remembering anything of this adventure..."
  596. [15:03:44] * Natalie does a Jojo-style !! now. "But.. oh, right! She was using the other thing, huh?"
  597. [15:03:56] <Kain> Prickles: "She also returned the Hand of Tantalus."
  598. [15:04:01] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  599. [15:04:15] <Kain> Prickles: "She insisted she would be fine, though."
  600. [15:04:19] <@Lenore> "Wow...I would've let her keep it, but if she insists..."
  601. [15:04:22] * Natalie takes the ribbon a bit more warily, snuggling it just a bit. "I guess it's pretty hard to forget this. It's totally her colors."
  602. [15:04:45] <Kain> Prickles: "She made sure to get herself a better weapon synthesized before she left."
  603. [15:05:29] <Theta_> (Yeah I'm stumped that's tricky to think of along with fire-proof)
  604. [15:05:31] <Kain> Prickles: "But she wanted you to have that."
  605. [15:05:43] <@Amaryllis> (Salamander scales was Kain's suggestion)
  606. [15:06:00] <Kain> (That was one of several things I threw out wasn't it)
  607. [15:06:24] <Theta_> (But then comes the added complication of not making it overly armory but STILL fire proof )
  608. [15:06:50] <Kain> Actually change Prickle's line about a better weapon to "She made sure she was well-armed before she left."
  609. [15:07:01] <Natalie> After dicking around trying to find ways to wear it 1,1incoming outfit change, Natty reaches out and pats Prickles on the head. "Thanks a bunch. If I find out where she is I'll write her a thanks letter... uh, maybe with Ammy's help, I kinda forgot how."
  610. [15:07:05] <@Amaryllis> (um. hrm. 'it's magic I don't gotta 'splain shit?' :D)
  611. [15:07:16] <Theta_> ('ammy gets a dragon scale thong.')
  612. [15:07:17] <Kain> Prickles nods.
  613. [15:07:25] <@Amaryllis> (D:)
  614. [15:07:26] <Kain> Ambrosia picks up the little cactuar, to his surprise.
  615. [15:07:47] <@Lenore> "So what now~?"
  616. [15:07:50] <Natalie> "Oh yeah, we should probably um... where are the others, anyway?"
  617. [15:07:50] <Kain> Ambrosia: "...Cute."
  618. [15:07:59] * Natalie does some BMGsearch while the player nosebleeds
  619. [15:08:04] <@Amaryllis> (okay just say it has fire-proofing magical runes set into it or something?)
  620. [15:08:17] <Kain> The blackmage girls are on the second floor.
  621. [15:08:19] <@Amaryllis> (That would make the most sense considering my intended use of the armor - which is to negate Melt damage to myself)
  622. [15:08:38] <Natalie> (1,1munchkin)
  623. [15:08:50] <@Amaryllis> (s-shut up)
  624. [15:08:56] <Kain> Fimble on the other hand, is raiding Theta's kitchen - though there's not really all that much there yet is there? Joke's on him./
  625. [15:09:01] <Natalie> Nat runs up to bring all the BMGs down, then- or maybe bringing everyone else up?
  626. [15:09:12] <@Amaryllis> There's probably leftover pizza!
  627. [15:09:13] <Kain> The girls come down and holy shit there are a lot of people
  628. [15:09:18] <@Amaryllis> Everyone loves leftover pizza.
  629. [15:09:37] <Kain> Fimble regards the pizza with suspicion. It looks like someone threw a bunch of different foods on bread and called it a day.
  630. [15:09:52] <@Amaryllis> "I shall certainly try." Ammy says to Nat, regarding the letter writing.
  631. [15:09:54] * Natalie circles around behind Ambrosia and pushes her forward. "Okay, say hi to everyone!"
  632. [15:10:04] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Hi to everyone."
  633. [15:10:11] <Natalie> "Good work~!"
  634. [15:10:30] <Kain> Savannah: "Kyaaaa! Where did you find her? She's cute!"
  635. [15:10:33] * @Lenore tries to contain her squeals. And fails. "Eeeeeeeeeee~ You're so cute~" Tacklehug
  636. [15:10:36] <Kain> Vivian: "Oh, who is this?"
  637. [15:10:52] <@Amaryllis> Fimble is lucky he is not audibly voicing his heretical thoughts on glorious Lindblum pizza. Ammy regards Ambrosia with a small measure of pity, wondering if the girl will get dragged into impromptu pillow fight.
  638. [15:11:04] <Natalie> "Her name's um... Ambrosia, right? I still don't like 'Amby' 'cause it sounds so much like 'Ammy.'"
  639. [15:11:05] * Theta_ returns with a box of armorments. Most the more noticable pieces - breastplate, shoulder guards and such, have a mix of the dragon scale exteriors and dark leather patterns. Doesn't look quite like armor as much as a fancy accessory. "Probably not exactly what you were expecting or hoping for but it's a dificult task. Also included this."
  640. [15:12:33] <Theta_> He pulls out an emerald cloth cloak with much of the same patterns.
  641. [15:12:39] <Natalie> "She's a... uh... something something artificial something an immortal old fart found exploring a ruin-place we're about to go to." She pauses to ponder how that was phrased. "... I think that about covers it, I think?"
  642. [15:12:49] * Natalie suddenly shuts up and stares why did you have to say emerald
  643. [15:13:11] <@Lenore> "M-my dad's not a fart!"
  644. [15:13:20] <Natalie> "Oh! Sorry."
  645. [15:13:27] <Natalie> "For some reason I just felt like that sounded right..."
  646. [15:13:50] * @Amaryllis looks absolutely delighted. "This armor looks wonderful, Theta. So this is what you spent your days at Black Mage Village creating?"
  647. [15:14:03] * Theta_ takes over the introduction then. "Everyone, this is Ambrosia. I don't think she's quite the same race as us but her heritage is similar. Ambrosia, meet Vivian, Savannah, Luna, T89 and T404. You'll be staying with them for now on, alright?"
  648. [15:14:11] <@Amaryllis> (also I have to point this out again because I am so mad at myself right now >green hair >pizzas)
  649. [15:14:22] * Natalie scratches herself with a leg. Yep, here we go. "I guess he's probably younger than me, huh."
  650. [15:15:06] <Kain> Ambrosia blinks for a moment, before putting her hands in front of herself and bowing.
  651. [15:15:06] <Theta_> "Mostly just...simple leather and light metal pieces for hunters, and arrow fletching and such. Sometimes a sword or a bow."
  652. [15:15:36] <Kain> T404: "Oh, wow! Okay, we'll take care of you~"
  653. [15:15:47] <Theta_> "And...That's Fimble. He's, uh, lost."
  654. [15:16:00] <@Amaryllis> "Did you simply lack in materials to make this kind of work, or was it not needed?" Ammy picks up the pieces of armor one by one, turning them over in interest.
  655. [15:17:03] <Theta_> "Both. The hunters aren't very fond of flashy rather than reliable equiptment."
  656. [15:18:35] <@Amaryllis> "Well, if remaining hidden on the hunt is a priority, then I suppose I cannot be surprised. It is a shame. Artisanal work is much valued elsewhere. Otherwise the synthesists of Daguerreo would not make as much gil as they do with their odd designs."
  657. [15:18:38] <Kain> Luna looks over the pixie with some interest. He hides behind a slice of pizza, having reverted to a foot tall.
  658. [15:19:24] <@Lenore> "Soooo, are we going out now?" She can barely hold her excitement~
  659. [15:19:27] <Kain> T-89 nods at Ambrosia.
  660. [15:19:37] * Theta_ then flops into a chair and sorta sighyawns as he looks around. Longday.
  661. [15:19:48] <Natalie> "But... we still need to teach Amby stuff she doesn't know and see if she has a chance of remembering something at that ruin place, right?"
  662. [15:19:55] <Kain> Vivian frowns. "She seems... distant almost, doesn't she... poor thing."
  663. [15:20:09] <Natalie> "So, we'll totally just take her for a short trip and see if something happens, then bring her back when we meet Renny again!"
  664. [15:20:15] <Kain> Ambrosia tilts her head. "2.3 meters is distant?"
  665. [15:20:26] <Natalie> (my heart can't take this)
  666. [15:20:34] <Theta_> "She is in a manner newly born, Vivian. Something I did awoke her."
  667. [15:20:38] <Theta_> "I think she just needs time. We all did."
  668. [15:20:43] <Kain> Vivian nods.
  669. [15:20:50] <Theta_> "Or...well, I suppose you five may not have as much."
  670. [15:20:59] <Natalie> (ouch)
  671. [15:21:12] <@Amaryllis> (well that got morbid)
  672. [15:21:53] <Kain> (No, he means the black mage girls started with more of a personality than typical)
  673. [15:22:00] <Kain> (He wasn't making a lifespan comment)
  674. [15:22:00] <Theta_> (yeah I don't get it)
  675. [15:22:04] <@Amaryllis> (oh)
  676. [15:22:14] <Natalie> (oh, yeah that... did not come out like that)
  677. [15:22:35] * Natalie turns to Ambrosia, having her own conversation. "You're okay with that, right? I'll protect you!"
  678. [15:22:53] <Kain> Ambrosia: "A trip?"
  679. [15:23:12] <Theta_> (made sense to me 3:)
  680. [15:23:20] <@Amaryllis> "Are you sure that is wise, Nat? The place is dangerous. And she knows little of the outside world. I question if she can adequately judge whether or not she wishes to accompany us on this particular adventure."
  681. [15:23:30] <Natalie> "Mhm! It's like... he told us to bring back... proof of an ancient civilization or something? OBVIOUSLY that means you have some kinda siblings there!"
  682. [15:23:36] <Theta_> "I can't really agree with that either."
  683. [15:24:21] <Kain> Ambrosia is quiet, thinking.
  684. [15:24:31] <Natalie> "Well... it's just sad to think that there may be some kind of clue about what she really is there, and she'll miss it. I know I wouldn't be happy if there was a place with clues about me and I got left behind!"
  685. [15:25:29] <@Lenore> "
  686. [15:26:00] <Kain> Ambrosia: "I... would like to remember."
  687. [15:26:08] <@Lenore> "Hmmmm...I can see where Natty's coming from! But just because it's ancient, doesn't mean it has something to do with her, so we might be exposing her to unnecessary danger..."
  688. [15:26:19] * Natalie gives Theta puppy dog eyes. Kitty cat eyes? Whatever.
  689. [15:27:01] <Natalie> "I think I've got enough of me back that she shouldn't need to worry about magic, and um... what if she has some herself and just doesn't know it?"
  690. [15:27:15] <@Amaryllis> "We can bring her remnants of the civilization. I simply believe she should better understand the possible dangers of the world before you ask her to make a decision for which she may not know enough to form a proper judgment."
  691. [15:28:31] <@Amaryllis> "We can judge for ourselves the danger of a situation because we have traveled throughout much of the world now and encountered much. I doubt she has many memories, if any, of danger and mortal peril by which to make an informed decision. In short, we have the benefit of our tales and stories, and she does not."
  692. [15:29:09] <Natalie> "So can't we just tell her when to do things or not? She's been learning things by watching them, so maybe if she watches us fight..."
  693. [15:30:43] <@Amaryllis> "I am saying, Nat, it is insensitive to ask someone to decide whether or not they wish to face a dangerous situation when they likely have no understanding of what that danger means." It's a rare moment of vehement disagreement with Nat for Ammy.
  694. [15:31:28] <Theta_> "I'm not entirely comfortable thrusting her into something like that after just coming to a few hours ago. I know I myself when I was in her shoes would have had a very poor judgement of this, and the precautions Mayor Mikoto went through to help us."
  695. [15:32:12] <@Lenore> "Hmmmm..."
  696. [15:32:37] <Natalie> Nat gets all anime-pouty, indeed. "Fine! Then why don't I go ask Renny myself? HE'S the one who's been there before after all. And I don't think she should just be kept from it because she doesn't know!"
  697. [15:32:59] <@Lenore> (Heehee, Renny and Lenny)
  698. [15:33:05] <Natalie> (yeah I did that on purpose)
  699. [15:33:06] <@Lenore> (1,1And Bernie)
  700. [15:33:37] <Theta_> "I understand your confusion very well, Ambrosia, but I think what would be best is this: Let us look into it, and bring back what we can that might help. And later when you're ready for yourself, you and maybe the others here if we aren't present could venture there yourselves."
  701. [15:33:50] <Kain> (Elenny)
  702. [15:34:00] <Kain> The mage girls huddle for a moment, talking.
  703. [15:34:16] <Kain> Ambrosia: "...okay."
  704. [15:34:57] * Natalie stands up. "Don't just agree to that! It's the same thing, you don't even know what it MEANS. I'm going there to get help with my memory and you want yours too, right?"
  705. [15:34:59] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, you may not remember, but I made a similar decision for you when I first found you devoid of memory. It took time before I was willing to bring you into dangerous situations, and I kept you from them until you once more knew and understood enough to make that kind of judgment for yourself."
  706. [15:35:14] <Natalie> "... R... eally?"
  707. [15:35:52] <Natalie> "But then how did..." She whips out the diary and starts flipping through the earlier pages, pseudo-defeated.
  708. [15:36:20] <@Amaryllis> "It is not a matter of the danger itself - you can go ask Renegade about that, but I doubt he would tell you anyway. It is simple. I wanted you to know enough about the world to make a decision for yourself on whether you were willing to risk injury and death. I would ask the same right be given to Ambrosia."
  709. [15:37:08] <Natalie> "Nnnng. But we have... and like, I..."
  710. [15:37:16] * Theta_ nods and headpats her. "Alright. You might not understand now but will one day. If there -is- anything of merit you do recall at all, though, it might help us in figuring out what might be worthwhile to bring to you."
  711. [15:37:37] <Kain> Ambrosia tilts her head, trying to recall.
  712. [15:37:45] * Natalie stomps the ground and heads out the door. "FINE. I'll go take a walk or something, okay?"
  713. [15:37:50] <@Amaryllis> "You did not start that diary until past the point I was comfortable with how much you understood of the world and its dangers, even if all you seemed to retain between memory blanks was an intuition of danger."
  714. [15:38:05] <@Amaryllis> "Nat." Ammy shuffles to follow the girl.
  715. [15:38:16] <Theta_> (dat catnigga mad)
  716. [15:38:23] <@Lenore> "Sorry Amby, but you can't come with us, okay? Maybe next time!"
  717. [15:38:32] <Kain> Ambrosia: "....Etiquette." she says after a moment of thinking.
  718. [15:38:53] <Theta_> "Hrm..."
  719. [15:39:07] <Natalie> "Maybe I would've been happier NOT being protected like that, Ammy? I bet I WAS mad before I forgot about it!"
  720. [15:39:38] <Theta_> "I did notice your bow earlier, perhaps your heritage is related to a higher class of sorts. A decent clue."
  721. [15:40:07] <@Amaryllis> "You did not understand enough to BE mad. You were incredibly suggestible in that state, much as Ambrosia is now. Can you really not see how it is irresponsible to push her toward this choice when she does not understand what that even means?"
  722. [15:40:51] <Natalie> "I get what's bad about it, but what if she never gets another chance? What if what we find there ends up being something we can't bring back?"
  723. [15:41:18] <Kain> Fimble: "...she's mad, huh." he says, watching Ammy and Nat leave.
  724. [15:41:20] * Natalie pauses for a second. "Incredibly suggestible..."
  725. [15:41:27] <@Lenore> "Very mad, yeah."
  726. [15:42:25] <@Amaryllis> "Then she can visit herself later. The place has been explored before, and what remains there would be only that which can stand the test of time." Ammy sighs, obviously finding this conversation difficult to have. "I spent many a day telling you tales of dragons, of the knights who fought them, of murderers in dark alleys and the noble guards who brought them to justice."
  727. [15:42:39] <@Amaryllis> "You carry with you, even if not in direct memory, at least an imprint, an intuition, granted by those stories."
  728. [15:44:11] <Natalie> "Nnnng... I can't beat you, Ammy. Fine, we can leave her, but I'm gonna say 'told you so' when it turns out she's important or something, okay? It's STILL pretty dumb that you're not even giving her a chance."
  729. [15:45:18] * Natalie armcrosses and walks away from the building. "I wanna be alone, tell the others I'll be back later, okay?"
  730. [15:45:37] <@Amaryllis> "The question is not whether or not in the end you or I are right. The act itself of bringing her there would be morally irresponsible."
  731. [15:46:00] * Natalie completes the act of stomping off.
  732. [15:46:56] <@Amaryllis> "Your giving her a chance is as if you were asking someone whether or not they wished to visit a hostile dragon when they do not comprehend the meaning of the words 'hostle' or 'dragon'. It is simply a flip of the coin whether or not they make the right choice for themselves." Ammy shuffles after Nat. She's going to have to make a more willful attempt if she wants to leave Ammy behind.
  733. [15:47:08] * Theta_ shrugs. "She'll be over it tomorrow," totally matter-of-factly.
  734. [15:48:33] <Natalie> "I SAID leave me alone! I've never felt this before and it's totally weird, just... go back, okay?" Nat turns around and fumes before leaping off in some other direction.
  735. [15:49:06] <@Amaryllis> "Nat, do you remember the last time you left me behind?" Ammy stops. "Because I do. And it hurts."
  736. [15:49:33] <Theta_> "In the more immediate...hrm should you be given your own room or put in one of the joint rooms with the othes."
  737. [15:50:09] * Natalie stops and turns around with a deep breath. "... I actually don't."
  738. [15:50:23] <@Amaryllis> "I know." Ammy says quietly.
  739. [15:51:04] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Given... a room?"
  740. [15:51:55] <@Amaryllis> "How cruel it is. I thought we had both learned our lesson then. But I must remember while you forget."
  741. [15:53:11] * Natalie droops in place. "I think... I think I'll remember someday. I'll remember all the stupid things I did all at once, and that's what you want, right?"
  742. [15:53:55] <Theta_> "Your own place. With a bed and all. Would you prefer to be with others or on your own?"
  743. [15:54:20] <@Amaryllis> "If this is a lesson you must learn again for yourself, then I will bear it. I have always allowed you to make your own choices once you understood what it meant to make them. And that has meant making your own mistakes as well..." She continues, still quiet. "I want you to remember all the times we had together. The good and the bad. Both happiness and suffering are necessary to a good story."
  744. [15:55:05] <Natalie> Sniff. "... Ammy, I hate it."
  745. [15:55:13] <Kain> Ambrosia: "Why would I need a bed?"
  746. [15:55:33] <Theta_> "Do you...not sleep?"
  747. [15:55:42] <Kain> Ambrosia: "...I am done sleeping."
  748. [15:55:44] <@Amaryllis> "So do I." Ammy hesitates, then takes a few steps toward Nat.
  749. [15:55:51] <Natalie> "I just don't wanna see anyone else go through what I went through, no matter who or what they are. Or... still going through, I guess? Phoenix and Titan, I want to save them too."
  750. [15:56:36] <Natalie> "Without your help I'd probably..." Nat sniffles a little oh wow eidolons actually cry huh and takes a step forward herself.
  751. [15:56:41] * Theta_ frowns, not quite understaing what that means. "Where would you prefer to be then?"
  752. [15:57:00] <Natalie> Nah fuck 'sniffle' she's actually bubbly as fuck.
  753. [15:57:09] <Kain> Ambrosia: "...the house." she tilts her head.
  754. [15:57:21] <@Amaryllis> "As do I, Nat."
  755. [15:57:37] <Kain> Savannah: "You don't want to share our room?" :<
  756. [15:57:48] * Natalie steps close enough to where she can just lean forward and cry all over Ammy's chest.
  757. [15:59:44] * @Amaryllis had a big speech continuation typed up, but it seems inapproriate now, so she just pulls Nat in close and pats her on the back reassuringly.
  758. [16:00:04] <Theta_> "I don't think it's that Savannah as much as the sleep bit. What would you do when the others were sleeping then?"
  759. [16:00:15] <@Amaryllis> (er, the player had that typed up. Ammy had it ready in her mind. Unless she's a tiny robot pixie typing away in robot Ammy's head)
  760. [16:00:20] <@Lenore> "She should read books!"
  761. [16:00:39] * Natalie pulls back after a good while and wipes her face. "I promise I won't forget this time."
  762. [16:00:43] <Natalie> "... Let's go back."
  763. [16:01:15] * @Amaryllis nods and takes Nat's hand, leading her back to the house.
  764. [16:01:48] * Natalie takes it in silence and probably re-enters looking more like a moody teenager than ever!
  765. [16:02:13] <Kain> Ambrosia: "What do you want me to do?"
  766. [16:03:39] <Theta_> "What would make you happiest or most comfortable."
  767. [16:04:59] <Kain> Ambrosia: "...What is happy?"
  768. [16:05:44] <Theta_> Welp now you stumped him. He ponders that himself.
  769. [16:06:49] * Natalie takes a deep breath before BARGING through the door. "Sorry 'bout that, all better now!"
  770. [16:07:07] <@Lenore> "It's when things are good! When things are in a way you want them to keep going! Something like that!"
  771. [16:07:38] <Kain> Ambrosia looks over at Nat when she re-enters.
  772. [16:07:41] <Natalie> "Happy is whatever you want it to be!" ... And slams the door closed after Ammy shuffles in. "As long as you decide you want to be happy you can, that's how I've always done it."
  773. [16:07:51] <Kain> Though she remains silent.
  774. [16:07:55] <Natalie> "You need a reason to be sad. You don't need a reason to be happy!"
  775. [16:08:17] * @Amaryllis quietly takes a seat again with a small smile. Unlike Nat, she still seems rather exhausted and affected by their argument, so she watches on in silence.
  776. [16:09:19] <Natalie> "I was sad and a little mad just now, but I don't hafta be because we're gonna fix it. That's all there is to it!"
  777. [16:12:25] <Kain> Ambrosia nods. "Okay."
  778. [16:13:57] * Theta_ gets up and stretches. "Suppose we should sleep soon if we are to leave in the morning then..."
  779. [16:14:31] <Kain> Prickles has gone quiet, sipping a tiny mug of water.
  780. [16:14:38] <Natalie> "Exactly. Naptime!"
  781. [16:14:45] * Natalie POMFs right there on the floor, curling up.
  782. [16:15:10] <Kain> Ambrosia watches Nat for a moment, then goes to get a small blanket, tossing it over her.
  783. [16:15:54] * Natalie earned 'Loved by Artificial Humanoids' title!
  784. [16:17:27] <Kain> The artificial doll quietly says "oyasuminasai" to the rest of you before you go to bed, but hell if you know what that means.
  785. [16:17:36] * Theta_ looks over the other guests. "There -should- be sufficient room here to say if you do not feel like going back to the King Estate. I myself am going to retire for the night however."
  786. [16:17:39] * @Amaryllis tiredly stands up, then walks by Nat, stooping down and waving a hand over the blanket and casting a spell of continual warmth over it as if it were an electric blanket. She sighs and stands again.
  787. [16:20:54] <@Amaryllis> "I think I shall read a bit more before sleeping." Ammy plops back down on a chair and pulls a book out of her bag. She puts on her reading glasses and begins to immerse herself in the tome.
  788. [16:21:21] * Theta_ nods, heading upstairs himself with a final good night to everyone.
  789. [16:21:33] <@Lenore> "I could use a nap, I guess~"
  790. [16:22:38] <Kain> And everyone went to sleep.
  791. [16:22:53] <Kain> Save your progress?
  792. [16:23:12] * Natalie doesn't save because this is a no-save playthrough, LIVING ON THE EDGE
  793. [16:23:20] <Kain> (Haha that's cute he's doing the crystalsoflight thing what a Kain)
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