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  1. ╰Username: viriditae-
  2. ╰Password: I guess, Pick me?
  4. ╰Name: Hwang SinRi
  5. ╰Age: 16
  6. ╰Birthday: 02/10/01
  7. ╰Birthplace: Cheongju, South Korea
  8. ╰Hometown: Cheongju, South Korea
  9. ╰Nationally: Korean
  10. ╰Height: 168cm
  11. ╰Weight: 47kg
  12. ╰Company: Source Music Ent.
  13. ╰Backup: Jung Yerin
  14. ╰Training period: 2 years and 4 months
  15. ╰Likes: Bungee Jumping, Reading books, Harry Potter
  16. ╰Dislikes: Horror and Bugs.
  17. ╰Trivia:
  18. - Former, Bighit Trainee
  19. - Special Talent is Singing and Acting
  20. - May look cold outside but childish and kind inside
  21. - Laughs Hard and Loud
  22. - Can't control laughter even with the serious moment
  23. - Can act but she keeps laughing, but in the end, she's a great actress
  24. - Has a older brother
  25. - Her favorite color is Black, White and Red
  26. - She's a fashion model, she knows about fashion.
  28. ╰Face claim: GFriend Sinb
  29. ╰Backup: Jung Yerin
  30. ╰Predicted ranking: 7th
  32. ╰Why did you audition: To become a succesful kpop idol.
  33. ╰Message to other trainee: Hi! I hope we can be friends!
  34. ╰Message to national producer: Annyeong! I’ll show and prove that I can be a kpop idol.
  35. ╰Message to family: Annyeong, Appa, Omma. This is all for you.
  36. ╰Your greeting: Hello! Your dancing machine╰Rate your skill:
  37. Vocal: 9
  38. Dance: 10
  39. Rap: 7
  40. ╰Extra thing about you: None.
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