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Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. Disappointing Daddy
  3. ‘Missy?’ Jack called out for his teenage daughter as he came through the front door. Getting no reply he called another couple of times, then checked her room… nothing. Good, he thought, she was at one of her friends’ houses for the evening. Changing out of his suit and tie, Jack settled down in front of his home computer in just his bathrobe, socks, and slippers, a six pack of beer at hand (even though he couldn’t find the cooler), and a box of tissues and bottle of hand cream at the ready, just in case. Reminding himself not to forget to clear his browser history later on, Jack logged on to the website Phil from accounts had mentioned to him:
  5. The site came up and, skipping reading the legalese bullshit these sites always had to cover their asses, Jack clicked on the ‘enter’ button. He was pleased to see that Phil had been right on the money as pictures and video clips of good-looking jailbait girls doing all sorts of freaky shit filled up the screen. The girls looked about eighteen, Missy’s age, and Jack smiled to himself as he wondered if any of his daughter’s little friends were on there. That’d be a real treat. He’d watched most of them grow up, but nowadays when they came round the house and flaunted their pert little teenaged bodies in their skimpy outfits right in front of him, calling him ‘Mister Carmichael’ with their lips painted whore-red… well, no hot-blooded man could fault him for cracking one off in the bathroom as soon as he had the chance, right? He’d had women since Missy’s mother had left them both and run off with her dentist, of course, and was banging Clara, the big-boned Black woman who cleaned for them twice a week, but that was hardly the same thing.
  7. Clicking on a few images and clips at random, Jack soon got the hang of what the site was about. As far as he could see it was spoilt little rich girls who did sick things to themselves in order to get back at the daddies they were mad at. One image showed a pretty blonde thing with the letters ‘WH’ and ‘RE’ tattooed either side of her mouth, so when she formed her lips into an ‘O’ it spelled out ‘whore’; the accompanying text explained that daddy hadn’t given her permission to get a tattoo because ‘it would make her look like a whore’. There was rating system, and Jack gave that one four out of five stars… or little pink lipstick kisses as the graphics on the site declared the overall ratings. A video clip showed a cute, petite, redhead with hardly any breasts to speak of getting fucked in pussy, ass, and mouth all at the same time by three Black guys. The girl paused between sucking the one guy off, to explain to her daddy that it was because he’d yelled at her from bringing a Black guy home. The title of the clip was ‘Banged by Gangstas’, but Jack thought the guys looked more like average middle-class guys the girl’s own age, not some street punks, so only gave that one a three out of five, despite the fact it was still pretty hot watching the redhead take three Black cocks. Jack felt himself getting nicely turned on, but it wasn’t until he clicked on a clip entitled ‘Why wouldn’t you buy me a pony, daddy?’ and watched an Asian girl sucking off a horse that he reached for the hand cream and tissues. When the horse-cum hit her face… five out of five…
  9. Navigating around the site a bit, Jack glanced through various images and videos in the archives, then clicked on the ‘new princesses’ button which took him to a listing of the latest uploads to the site. He looked at a few, rating them as he went, slowly whacking off as he did so, taking his time and sipping his beer. Then he spotted a new video entitled ‘Stop bugging me about college daddy’. Jack chuckled – the number of times he’d had to lecture Missy about the importance of getting into a good college, about making something out of her life… well, he almost felt sorry for the guy who’s ‘little princess’ made the video. He clicked on the link…
  11. … And felt his heart skip a beat and the blood drain from his face as, after a moment or two of shaky camera-work, the image went steady and the smiling face of his own daughter, Missy, moved into view…
  13. ‘Hi daddy!’ Missy gushed in her happy, sing-song, voice, giving a little wave to the camera, ‘You know I hate it when you bug me about college, so…’
  15. Missy stepped back a bit, to reveal she was wearing what looked to be her old plaid school skirt from a few years back – now way too short for her, white ankle socks and those damned pink-sequined ‘street-walker’ high-heels he’d ordered her to throw away. On top she was wearing a white cotton T-shirt, again a couple of sizes too small, and quite obviously no bra, as her nipples were clearly erect and doing their best to press through the thin fabric. To Jack’s added horror on the T-shirt was neatly and clearly printed the message: $1oo per blowjob. Her blonde hair was up in girlish bunches, secured with tacky plastic hair bands shaped like little pink hearts, and she’d plastered her eyes with mascara and eye-shadow, painted her lips pink, and applied a little blush to her cheeks. Turning her back to the camera, Missy bent forwards, legs together and knees straight, and Jack got a clear view of his daughter’s panties-free rear.
  17. The camera was angled down at what appeared to be a patch of grass next to a grey concrete wall – it could have been anywhere for all Jack knew. Missy was bending over to arrange a couple of items on the ground: his missing cooler, and a shoe-box, on which was written in black felt-tip, in Missy’s hand-writing, ‘Missy’s college fund’. The box lid was decorated with glitter hearts and stars. Picking up the shoe-box, Missy straightened and turned back to the camera with a smile,
  19. ‘Now, daddy, I know you’ve been putting money away for my college fund… you’ve told me so enough times… but I thought…’ she stopped and glanced off-camera, then turned back, looking both nervous and excited, and said, ‘… I better explain later, daddy: someone’s coming over!’
  21. With that Missy angled the camera down a bit more, turned to face to the left of the screen, and sank to her knees. The bottom half of a man – suit trousers and smart black shoes – stepped into view in front of Jack’s kneeling daughter. She was smiling up at the guy as Jack heard a man’s voice – somewhat muffled and distant, since the camera microphone was angled at Missy, not him – ask,
  23. ‘Is this for real, kid?’
  25. ‘Oh yes, Sir,’ chirped Missy back at the guy.
  27. ‘A hundred’s a bit steep, you know…’ the anonymous man replied. Missy looked a little crestfallen, and Jack sat forwards a little, clutching at the straw that maybe she wouldn’t go through with it.
  29. ‘I am new to this,’ Missy admitted, looking down at her own T-shirt, ‘but I hope to give a lot of blowjobs today, so I can get better really quickly. Daddy always says perseverance is so important to a young lady, “practice, practice,practice” he says,’ she wagged her finger and scowled as she did an impression of Jack chiding her, ‘and “study, study, study – that’s what good girls do”, and I do so want to be a good little girl!’
  31. ‘I still think it’s a bit much…’ the man retorted. Missy pouted and gave the guy the same puppy-dog eyes she gave Jack whenever she wanted something out of him,
  33. ‘Would it be okay if I gave you the blowjob first, and we discussed the money afterwards?’ she asked. Jack could hardly believe what he was hearing – was she that desperate to do this? The man sounded more cautious than Jack reckoned he’d have been in his place,
  35. ‘Hmmm… Okay, then… but this better not be some scam, kid.’
  37. ‘Oh no, Sir,’ Missy seemed eager to convince the guy, ‘like I said, I want to be a good little girl.’
  39. ‘Fine.’ The guy started to undo his belt and pants, but Missy reached out and stopped him,
  41. ‘Can I do that, Sir? Please? I’d really like to get some hands-on experience, Sir. Pretty please with sugar on top?’
  43. ‘Hey, kid,’ came the reply, with a chuckle, ‘knock yourself out.’
  45. ‘Oh, thank you, Sir!’ Missy gushed, as she set to work unfastening his belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, and fishing his cock out into view. Jack shuddered to see his baby-girl’s slender fingers on the guy’s already semi-erect cock. He noticed she’d painted her nails in that sparkling pink nail polish she liked. Jack couldn’t force himself to look away, even as she stared at the man’s cock with obvious admiration in her eyes, and started to massage her fingers up and down the shaft.
  47. ‘Get a little spit on there, kid,’ prompted the man, ‘a bit of lubrication.’
  49. ‘Sorry, Sir,’ Missy blushed, then lent forwards, parted her pink-painted lips, and lapped up the underside of the guy’s shaft. He was obviously stiffening, even as Missy pulled a face,
  51. ‘Tastes funny,’ she muttered. The man laughed,
  53. ‘Tasted many cocks, have you?’
  55. ‘Never, Sir,’ she replied, looking up at him, ‘daddy wouldn’t like that…’ she glanced at the camera and winked.
  57. ‘Well, if you don’t like the taste of that, then you’re not going to like what comes later,’ the guy laughed. Missy put on a serious expression,
  59. ‘I’m sure I’ll get used to it, Sir,’ she retorted, ‘I am planning on sucking a lot of cocks today.’
  61. ‘So you said,’ came the reply, ‘but how about you start by getting on with this one?’
  63. ‘Yes, Sir,’ Missy gave the guy a bashful look, ‘sorry, Sir.’
  65. With that, Jack watched as his little princess got back to sliding her tongue up the guy’s shaft, coating it with her saliva. Soon enough it was slick with her tongue-juices, and she began to slide her small fist up and down the now fully-erect length of the thing once more,
  67. ‘That is easier,’ she marveled, looking up at the guy she was servicing, ‘thank you, Sir!’
  69. ‘Great, kid,’ came the muffled reply, ‘that’s nice and all, but I’ve not got all day here… how about some actual sucking?’
  71. ‘Oh, yes… of course, Sir,’ Missy responded enthusiastically. Lowering her head again she lapped at the guy’s cock-head with her tongue a little, before slipping it between her lips. For a moment she suckled on just the guy’s head,
  73. ‘That’s it, kid,’ he prompted, ‘good… but your tongue doesn’t have to take a break in there you know…’
  75. Missy said something muffled by her mouthful of cock, then slipped it out, blushing,
  77. ‘Oh God!’ she exclaimed, ‘That’s so rude of me – daddy always says I shouldn’t speak with my mouth full!’
  79. ‘So don’t speak then, kid,’ came the guy’s reply, ‘just get on with it.’
  81. ‘Yes, Sir, sorry, Sir,’ Missy pouted a little, but dutifully dipped her head down again to resume the blowjob.
  83. With the unseen guy coaxing her, Missy slowly took more and more of his length into her mouth, until she’d got it in up to the hilt and started to gag. Pulling herself off the cock, she panted and spat onto the grass,
  85. ‘You need to sort out that gag reflex,’ the guy observed. Missy nodded, one hand still working away on his cock, her eyes watering, running her mascara a little,
  87. ‘Yes, Sir,’ she agreed, ‘I promise to work on it.’
  89. Her choking fit over, Missy went back to work, her pink-painted girlish lips sliding up and down the guy’s shaft, faster and faster, as his cock ploughed in and out of her mouth. Jack was near tears as he watched the video… but also hard himself. He wondered what he’d done so wrong to force his little girl into this, what sort of a monster he was to be getting turned on by it… but there was nothing he could do to stop it now, and he just had to know what else happened, had to know what Missy had done…
  91. Eventually the guy came in Missy’s mouth. His load spurted out of her lips, around his cock, and dribbled down both her chin and his shaft as she coughed and spluttered, little bubbles of spunk forming on her lips, and sticky, glossy, white strings of the stuff stretching between his cockhead and her lips,
  93. ‘Damn it, kid!’ the man growled, his face still unseen, ‘You’re supposed to swallow!’
  95. ‘I am?’ Missy asked, sounding surprised, ‘I… I’m sorry… I didn’t know…’ she started to cry, her mascara running more, and Jack felt his heart breaking – no matter how sick the circumstances, he wanted to hold her and hug her and tell her it’ll all be alright.
  97. ‘Oh for fuck’s sake,’ the guy cursed, ‘just… just clean it up would you, kid? I need to get back to work.’
  99. Missy sniffed and looked up at the guy,
  101. ‘I… I didn’t bring any tissues or…’
  103. ‘Just lick it up, kid,’ he retorted, ‘lick me clean.’
  105. ‘Oh… yes…’ Missy answered, sniffing a couple more times even as the tears stopped flowing, ‘… I… I can do that.’
  107. True to her word, Jack watched as his daughter bent to the task, slurping up and guzzling down the guy’s seed, licking his shaft clean, sucking any remainder out of the end of his cock, then licking and sucking the sperm off her own fingers, as if it were cake mix. She put the guy’s cock back into his pants, and straightened up his clothes, then wiped the cum off her chin, once more licking her fingers clean. Some had dripped down onto her tight white T shirt, leaving little stains in patches.
  109. ‘So, kid,’ the guy was saying, ‘about the cash… I don’t have a lot on me and…’
  111. ‘Oh, yes, Sir!’ Missy exclaimed brightly, with a cheery smile, ‘I’m such an air-head to forget! Daddy always says I’d forget my own head if it weren’t screwed on!’
  113. Picking up the shoebox, Missy opened it up to reveal stacks of bank-crisp hundred dollar bills. Taking one, she handed it to the guy she’d just blown,
  115. ‘You…’ the guy sounded as confused as Jack felt watching the video, ‘… you’re paying me?’
  117. ‘Of course, silly!’ Missy exclaimed in her sing-song voice, ‘What did you think?’
  119. ‘I…’ the guy began, then seemed to think better of it, and instead folded up the hundred and slipped it into his pants pocket, ‘… no, of course. Good doing business with you, kid. Say, will you be here long? I’ve got to go to work, but I can be back in an hour or so…’
  121. ‘You’d let me suck you off again?’ Missy asked, ‘That is so nice! Yes, I think I’ll be here for a while… I’ve got this whole box of money to spend on blowjobs, and so far you’re the only taker…’
  123. ‘I’ll be sure to spread the word about what you’re… um… buying here, kid,’ the guy answered.
  125. ‘Oh, thank you, Mister!’ Missy gushed happily, ‘And the name’s “Missy”!’
  127. The guy in the video finally left, and Missy turned back to the camera,
  129. ‘You see daddy,’ she explained, a happy glint in her panda-eyes, ‘I went to the bank and took out all that money you keep telling me is in my college fund so that I could spend it on this instead, isn’t that great?’
  131. Jack was already opening another window on his computer to check the balance of the account… cleaned out that morning and closed…
  133. ‘I spent some on a plane ticket to Japan,’ Missy was adding, ‘since I talked to a nice man who runs a blowjob bar in Tokyo, and he said I could have a job, but only if I got myself there. I want to be the best I can be at my job though, daddy, like you always said I should, so I want to get as much practice in as possible before I leave.’
  135. There was a sound of voices, and Missy turned to look off-camera again,
  137. ‘Oh, here come some more gentlemen,’ she exclaimed, ‘I’ll talk to you again later, daddy, but right now I’ve got some blowjobs to buy.’
  139. Jack glanced at the timer on the video, his world collapsing even more as he saw it was nearly two hours long. Sitting, mesmerized, sickened, yet to his eternal self-loathing also turned on, he watched as his little girl went about sucking cock after cock, learning how to suck balls, how to take one in her throat, how to swallow a load or take one in her face, how to let a man grab her bunches or the back of her head and actively fuck her mouth; giggling as she played with and gulped down strings of cum, thanking the men who used her, and paying each a hundred dollars of Jack’s hard-earned money for the privilege. Jack wasn’t sure when, but at some point he lotioned-up and started beating himself off: after all, he told himself as he sobbed and watched and masturbated, he might as well get something out of it…
  141. Eventually, all the men were done, and Missy, exhausted but smiling, her lipstick smeared across her face, her mascara a clown-like mockery, slick, dried, and drying cum all over her face and in her hair, turned back to the camera. She pulled her T-shirt out a little and looked down at it, covered in cum-stains, and grinned,
  143. ‘I’ve still got a few notes left in my shoebox, daddy, but I’m sure I can buy another few blowjobs at the airport… maybe even the taxi driver will sell me one as he’s driving me there?’ She frowned for a moment, looking thoughtful, then slapped herself on the forehead, ‘I’m such an airhead!’ she declared. As Jack looked on, Missy brought his missing cooler on front of the camera, opened it up, and withdrew what appeared to be a used condom,
  145. ‘Recognize this, daddy?’ she asked the camera, ‘It’s the one you were wearing when you and Clara were “moving furniture” in the bedroom the other day.’ She felt the full bubble with her hand, ‘It’s warmed up nicely while I’ve been spending my college fund, daddy. You know how whenever I come back from having fun with my friends you always make that same joke, daddy: “well, at least you didn’t get yourself pregnant”? Well, guess what?’ Missy reached into the cooler once more and brought forth a turkey baster. With great care and diligence, she used the kitchen implement to suck Jack’s preserved sperm from the used condom then sat on the grass, angling the camera down to better frame herself again, and spread her legs wide. Smiling, she blew a kiss, ‘I love you daddy!’ she announced, even as she slid the turkey baster up deep inside her teenage pussy and squeezed the bulb. Jack screamed, falling to his knees in front of the computer screen, surrounded by used tissues, but Missy still had a few seconds of video left. Neatly packing up the things she’d brought, the camerawork went shaky again as she took it off its tripod,
  147. ‘Oh, daddy?’ her voice came from behind the camera, ‘just in case you’re wondering where this was filmed…’ the camera view shifted, zoomed, and refocused until it revealed the building Missy had been kneeling behind all that time… Jack’s own office. Missy’s still sperm-coated face appeared before the camera one last time,
  149. ‘You work with the nicest men, daddy! I’ll make sure they all know the site where I’m going to upload this video. Bye daddy, and thanks for everything!’
  151. In a daze, Jack clicked to rate the video – five little pick lipstick kisses out of five – then shut down his computer, and went to find the keys to his gun cabinet…
  153. It was about a year after Jack had first logged on to, and he’d only been moved into general population for about a week. So far he’d lucked out: the story of his ‘going postal’ rampage at his place of work – what with the multiple murders and mass castrations with a letter opener – had been enough to keep even the hardened inmates a little distant from Jack ‘The Castrator’ Carmichael, and no one had messed with him yet. Still, even though he didn’t know who he was waiting in the visiting room for, whoever it was, it had to be better than watching his back in the yard.
  155. To say that he got the shock of his life when he looked up and saw Missy walking towards him wouldn’t be true… that particular ship had sailed about a year beforehand… but it certainly was a shock. She was dressed in a tight white leather micro-mini skirt with more open slashes than skirt, was obviously without underwear, her fishnet stockings had holes in them, she had white-leather ‘fuck-me’ boots on her feet, and her breasts – which now appeared huge and fake – were crammed into a tiny strip of tight white spandex which sported the words ‘daddy’s little whore’ in pink across the front. Her navel was pieced with a metal ring, and he couldn’t fail to notice more metal between her legs as she sat down. She wore heavy eye make-up and pink lipstick on her puffed-up collagen lips. Her hair was still in bunches, but was died bright pink. Understandably, the inmates at the other tables all turned to watch Jack’s little princess… The baby she was carrying was just the cherry on top…
  157. ‘Hi daddy,’ chirped Missy in a friendly manner, ‘meet your daughter / granddaughter. We named her Jacqueline , after you, isn’t that neat? By “we” I mean me and Takashi…’ she nodded out of the barred window to where Jack could see a slick-looking Japanese guy leaning against a hired car in the visitor’s car park, smoking a cigarette. Stunned, Jack had a hard time finding any words, and just slipped into auto-pilot,
  159. ‘So… ah… Missy, is he your… husband? Boyfriend?’
  161. Missy laughed,
  163. ‘Don’t be silly, daddy! Takashi is my pimp! I’m one of his stable of bitches! Oh, you’re such a silly daddy!’
  165. ‘What?!’ Jack couldn’t take much more, ‘What the fuck, Missy!’
  167. ‘Language, daddy!’ chided Missy, covering her daughter’s ears, ‘Takashi’s a good pimp, he even brought me to the States to visit you… and all I had to do was to agree to stop whining about having to do the act where I suck off the dogs twice a night instead of just once… Isn’t that kind of him?’
  169. Jack was finding it hard to breathe, but even so managed to say, between gritted teeth,
  171. ‘Missy, that man… you can’t… he’s using you…’
  173. ‘Don’t worry, daddy,’ replied Missy, with a sweet a smile as her new blowjob lips could manage, ‘you’ll always own my heart… but Takashi branded my butt – want to see?’
  175. ‘No! For God’s sake, Missy!’ Jack broke down and started sobbing, knowing that it wouldn’t go well for his image in front of the other inmates, but finding it impossible to control. Missy sighed, stroking her hand across Jack’s thinning hair,
  177. ‘There, there, daddy… perhaps we’d better leave now… you don’t seem in the mood for visitors.’
  179. Jack knew he should say something, knew he should ask her to stay, ask her why she’d done what she did, what he’d done to her that was so bad as to make her the way she was, but all he could do was slump in his chair, defeated, sobbing to himself. As Missy headed out, one of the other inmates caught her attention,
  181. ‘You’re The Castrator’s little girl?’ he asked. Missy giggled and gestured towards Jack,
  183. ‘No silly, I’m Jack Carmichael’s little girl: Missy… although my name was legally changed to “cum guzzler” – two “zees”, no capitals.’
  185. ‘Nice,’ the inmate replied, then added, ‘you’re the one from the web site, right? That video which made him go nuts? I’ve seen that clip a hundred times, Miss… er… cum guzzler, and I’ve got to say, you suck cock and swallow cum beautifully.’
  187. ‘Why, thank you,’ beamed Jack’s little girl, who used to be called Missy, ‘that is such a nice thing for you to say! I’d give you a freebie right here, but the guards told me that wasn’t allowed… big meanies… Still, here’s the card of the club I work at: if you’re ever in Tokyo look come visit and I’ll suck you off as much as you want,’ she looked around the room and announced, ‘that goes for all of you gentlemen: any friend of my daddy is welcome to visit me to get his cock sucked for free; but you should really thank my daddy – I learned everything I know from him!’
  189. With that, she was gone… and Jack tried to ignore the dirty looks and blown kisses his fellow inmates began to throw his way…
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