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  1. Diminutive Doxxing
  3. “Team. Team!” Kyrm shouted into his mic. Another night meant another twelve or so rounds of his latest first person shooter addiction. Hanging upside down from his perch, the bespectacled brown bat tapped away at his mouse and keyboard, intently watching the screen from his unorthodox position, though one he was quite used to by now. “Am I the only one playing?” he asked moments after his character died once again. “Goddamn idiots,” he grumbled.
  5. “Hey, I’m trying,” another voice responded in-game, someone going by the username Theory88. Kyrm’s eyes darted over to the scoreboard:
  7. Theory88 – 0 kills, 0 assists, 8 deaths.
  9. “No, no, no,” Kyrm replied. “See, you’re supposed to be helping our team, not theirs.”
  11. “Alright, tryhard,” Theory88 jabbed.
  13. As anyone who has been a part of an internet argument might know, neither party in the ensuing sling of insults took the sensible route of simply ignoring the other player and enjoying the game. While the match dragged on, Kyrm’s arguments and insults retread the same, tired ground in a way that only those of a pissed off nerd truly could. Everybody else in the chat seemed to remain silent as the two players went at it, the bat growing more and more aggressive.
  15. After a particularly scathing remark, one perhaps too impolite to be repeated, Kyrm seemed to have finally cowed Theory88 into silence.
  17. MATCH LOSS. The words came up in red on the screen.
  19. “Great game, fucking idiots.” Kyrm grumbled, exiting to the game’s menu.
  21. A minute or so later, a message from the game’s chat client popped up, one from Theory88.
  23. Theory88: hey, kyrm, right?
  24. Bigbat3: Yeah.
  25. Bigbat3: Idiot.
  26. Theory88: calm ur ass down my dude hahaha so mad
  27. Bigbat3: I stream from time to time – maybe you should watch me play a few games so you don’t make yourself look like a moron in every match you play.
  28. Theory88: LMAO you’re a micro
  30. Kyrm paused. How the hell had he known that? Then he looked back at the chat log. He’d been so distracted by his game loss that he hadn’t even realized something was off from the start of their brief conversation. Theory88 hadn’t called him by his username, the simple title “Bigbat3,” which was certainly not compensating for anything size-related. Instead, he’d called him by his real name.
  32. Still, he wasn’t about to let someone so awful at this game have the last laugh.
  34. Bigbat3: Big enough to kick your ass.
  35. Theory88: we’ll see~
  37. Before Kyrm could reply with another insult, he received a notification that the user had blocked him. That just made him grumble even more – Kyrm always liked getting the last word. He sighed, flapping away from his hanging perch by the computer. When losing riled him up this much, he knew he had played enough for the day.
  39. As he landed in his kitchen to dive into his repository of ramen, he thought back to Theory88. How had he discovered Kyrm’s name so quickly? And how had he known he was… vertically challenged?
  41. Either way, Kyrm wasn’t too worried. There were a lot of ways to enjoy a safe existence, even when you were a part of the furred population that stood only ankle-high to the rest. He lived in a miniature suburb, one of many secure towns made for people his own size. The homes were propped up on a series of reinforced steel stands several feet high, almost resembling a model house display. In a way, he supposed the houses in this neighborhood were models, presented in such a way that they were just waist-high to normal visitors, almost like a gallery. The supporting platforms were sectioned into “streets” spaced far enough apart that any large visitors could comfortably move between them.
  43. An interconnecting series of miniature electric drawbridges allowed the town’s small residents to navigate their community, and if any norms got too close to the bridge, it would automatically rise, giving them room to pass.
  45. Most important of all, the community was gated. If you stood taller than a foot, you’d need to be invited in by one of its residents and then approved by security.
  47. Needless to say, despite being a bit inflammatory on the internet, Kyrm was never particularly worried about any oversized visitors who might have gotten angry at his remarks.
  49. Of course, he should have been.
  51. Days passed, and Theory88’s cryptic threat had been buried in Kyrm’s memory underneath wasted hours clicking through the internet, playing games, and binging on caffeinated drinks. It was a new day, and Kyrm intended to waste it like many others: online. Though his terrible sleeping habits had moved Kyrm away from the natural nocturnal sleep cycle of his species, he still preferred the dark, so the shades of his home were closed to shield his sensitive eyes from the sun’s rays. Beyond being a private person, he was a shut-in, and so enjoyed spending his time in the dark of his single-story home.
  53. Even with his house essentially barricaded from the outside world, it wasn’t hard to tell when a normal-sized visitor had lumbered into town. Though the neighborhood’s buildings were built on very sturdy supports, a nearby norm was still enough to cause the faintest of tremors – and it was happening right now.
  55. “Bunch of brutes,” Kyrm grumbled while he clicked through a website. “Shouldn’t even be allowed in here at all.” He waited for the stomping to pass, but to his surprise, it seemed to be growing closer. His eyes squinted, looking around his room. Slits of sunlight invaded his home through whatever minute cracks they could find – the edge of a window shade, the tiny opening underneath the door. He could tell a norm moved around outside by the way the lights would blink in and out, blanketed by the passerby’s enormous silhouette.
  57. He heard loud muttering outside and rolled his eyes – typical, norms getting lost looking for someone. Soon enough, he’d start asking aloud in a voice that could be heard around the neighborhood. Instead, however, he heard an affirmative murmur, and all at once the lumbering norm had stopped.
  59. Kyrm froze. There was no light coming into his house, meaning the norm must have stood right outside.
  61. Then, from his door came the definite sound of someone too large trying to offer a gentle knock that sounded more like a pounding. Tentatively, Kyrm flapped to the door, not looking forward to telling someone fifty times his size that he had the wrong place. Sighing, he lowered his clawed hand to the knob and turned it.
  63. The sunlight was mercifully dimmed by the upper torso of the titan who stood before Kyrm, waist-high to the supports that held his neighborhood aloft, but it was bright enough that he still had to shield his eyes. The first thing he made out was a tight-fitting pair of jeans boasting a slight bulge that may have gone unnoticed to other norms, but seemed obscene at Kyrm’s height. His gaze scaled the figure, clad only in a tank top covering a skinny body covered with short, grey fur.
  65. A rat, Kyrm realized, one about his age, maybe a little younger, was looking down at him.
  67. Now, Kyrm had seen several norms in the neighborhood before – people visiting their smaller friends, but that had always been in passing. Being an already skittish person, he often avoided interaction with norms altogether, considering the fact that they could crush him without even realizing it.
  69. So to have one casting his long shadow over his house, blotting out the sun itself, was enough to make him a little weak at the knees. However, there was another reason for that sudden wooziness, and it was the deep-seated shame Kyrm felt when in the presence of norms, mainly because, and he would never admit this except to his internet browser, he found their size to be very attractive.
  71. Moreover, if he was forced at gunpoint to admit it, the rat at his door struck his fancy.
  73. “Hi. Are you Bigbat3?” the rat asked.
  75. Kyrm had almost blurted out, “Wrong house,” unused to having norm visitors – or visitors of any sorts, for that matter. But he hesitated. The rat hadn’t called him by his real name, he had used Kyrm’s online handle.
  77. His mind raced, but he couldn’t even consider who this might be. “Um,” he paused. “Yeah.”
  79. “I’m sorry,” the rat replied, bending forward. Kyrm took a step back as the rat’s muzzle dominated his miniature yard. “A tiny bit hard to hear.” Warm breath blasted over him, fogging up his glasses a little. He wanted to tell the guy off just for that, but it was a little difficult to do that when he was just barely fighting the urge to run inside, slam the door, and hide under his bed. “Are you Bigbat3?”
  81. “Y-y, er, ah,” Kyrm had a hard time choosing which of the rat’s vivid, blue eyes he was supposed to look at as he tried to stammer out a response, but seeing the amused expression that played across the oversized rat’s face, he suddenly thought to reply with: “No.”
  83. The rat raised a single brow. He stood up again, hands on his hips, long, pink tail swinging behind him. “Oh, I might have the wrong house then,” he said, looking up and down the neighborhood. Kyrm followed his gaze as he swept the streets, which were strangely empty. “Maybe you know him by his real name – Kyrm,” he said. “Brown bat. Stands about, oh, yea high…” The rat extended a single hand that could sweep Kyrm right up, raised flat at the level of Kyrm’s forehead as if to provide him with an approximate height.
  85. Neither Kyrm nor the rat said anything. From the look of smug satisfaction on his face, he obviously knew it was Kyrm, who was now struggling to figure out how the rat knew him. Was this one of his friends? Someone who neglected to tell him that he lived nearby? He thought through the list of his online acquaintances, but no one came to mind.
  87. “Well…” the rat said, stretching his arms upward, making him appear even taller. In the shadow of the midday sun, he looked practically god-like – if gods were denim-clad rats that wore breezy tank tops. “If you see any brown bats named Kyrm, could you tell him I’m in town? My name’s… well, he probably wouldn’t know my actual name, but he definitely knows me by my username online…
  89. “It’s Theory88.”
  91. Kyrm’s eyes went wide with the realization, if the rat truly hadn’t known it was him, his reaction now would have been a dead giveaway. Kyrm bolted back into his house and slammed the door. Booming laughter rang just outside. A powerful finger tap-tap-tapped at his door, just hard enough to make it shake on its hinges.
  93. “What’s the matter?” The voice seemed to come from all around his house. “I figured you’d be excited to meet someone you’ve played with before – you said you were a streamer, right?”
  95. Now down on all fours, Kyrm crept through the living room towards his window. It was still dark outside, so Theory was obviously still there casting his shadow. Peeking out into his yard, Kyrm let out a strangled cry, stumbling backwards as an enormous eye peered back at him through the same window.
  97. “Boo!” the rat yelled before laughing even more. “You know, I’m glad I stopped by. I was thinking a lot about all of the things you called me.” Fingers drummed on Kyrm’s ceiling, kicking up traces of dust throughout the house. “Then when I looked you up and saw that you were bite-sized, well…” He chuckled, a sound Kyrm did not like to hear. “I thought I might as well stop in and see how you were doing.”
  99. He had to get out of here.
  101. Kyrm stopped listening to the rat’s monologue, instead making a break for the back door, which he threw open before running onto the back porch. He kicked off the ground and spread his wings, flapping madly without looking back.
  103. Seconds later, he was enveloped in the crushing grasp of Theory88.
  105. “Shit,” Kyrm groaned, the air practically being squeezed out of him.
  107. “Pretty quick with those wings, pipsqueak,” the rat observed, bringing Kyrm level with his muzzle, which opened to reveal rows of teeth threaded with strands of saliva. “Too bad I could just outwalk you.”
  109. Face to face with Theory’s maw, Kyrm took the only option left:
  111. “Help!” he yelled. “Someone, send for help!” He pushed his hands against the giant’s grasping fingers, as if he could somehow pull them away.
  113. The rat simply stood there, watching Kyrm as he continued to yell. While his high-pitched cries rang throughout the neighborhood, he looked down to the nearby houses from Theory’s hold, as if half-expecting some other micros to come out of their homes. He spotted some curtains rustling just across the street, but nobody did anything. No alarms were being sounded, and no normal-sized enforcer seemed to be on the way.
  115. “What, did you really think I was just some crazy guy who just happened to get in here?” Theory shook his head. “My parents are rich! After your stupid little rant, I decided to look you up. Lucky for me, it turns out you only lived a few hours away… In one of my father’s housing developments! How lucky is that?”
  117. The revelation hit Kyrm hard. He stopped struggling as he looked up into those blue eyes once more. Maybe this wasn’t legal, but if the housing development really was owned by Theory’s father, well, it’s not like anyone was going to come to his aid. The help line was directly linked to the neighborhood’s security, and if they knew their boss’s son was in town, what were they going to do, stop him?
  119. Kyrm was beaten in stature and status, and, to his surprise, that made him feel more than a little angry, even in the giant’s presence. This rich kid was probably used to doing whatever he wanted to whoever he wanted without repercussion. The irony wasn’t lost on Kyrm, considering that’s exactly what he did online, but this guy was taking it to another level.
  121. “Now, what have we learned?” Theory teased.
  123. “Kiss my ass,” Kyrm hissed.
  125. “Wow.” The rat snorted. “That was a really poor choice of words.”
  127. Though used to flying, Kyrm found the experience of being manhandled through the air to be a completely different one. He was driven straight to the ground, pinned first by Theory’s hand and then, soon after it lifted, his long, pink tail. Kyrm looked over to his enormous captor, whose back was turned to him while he started to hum a little tune.
  129. The bat saw him wave to someone in the house across the road, and the curtains quickly fluttered. He wondered how many people were watching his humiliation while hiding in fear within their own homes. He flushed beet red, a fact mercifully concealed by his brown fur, and he must have turned even redder as he saw why the rat needed both of his hands free.
  131. Theory dropped his jeans, leaving Kyrm staring at a wide ass clad in a tight pair of white underwear. Kyrm let out a started cry as the tail that had him pinned began to curl its tip underneath him, like a coiling serpent or the finger of someone even larger than the rat. Soon, he was tightly wrapped in pink tail, his lower body squeezed just uncomfortably enough to make breathing a chore.
  133. Theory used his tail to move Kyrm closer, effortlessly smooshing him against a soft wall of white underwear, tinged with the faint smell of the rat’s sweat. Kyrm sputtered, instinctively trying to push away from the flabby wall of fabric-clad cheek.
  135. “Stop doing – mph!” Kyrm couldn’t even get the words out. Whenever he tried to say something, he just had his head pressed against white fibers. “You stupid – ack!”
  137. “Finally quieted down?” Theory asked, and Kyrm had – instead choosing to sulk in front of the wall of rump. “Good…” Theory lowered a hand to pet the top of Kyrm’s head like he was some kind of pet or, if the tight squeezing of his tail was any indication, a stress toy. “Now, I know you politely suggested otherwise, but how about you kiss my ass?”
  139. Kyrm growled at the thought. “Just let me go,” he called up. “I’ve learned my lesson.”
  141. “Have you?” The rat shifted his legs a little, sending his backside jiggling ever so slightly, the fabric near Kyrm brushing up against his face. “And what might that be?”
  143. He sighed. “Don’t mess with people online. There – got it. You’ve certainly made an impression. Now, please – mph!” Kyrm was suddenly pressed against his captor’s underwear, Theory seeming to take great pleasure in slowly rubbing his face up and down the doughy cheek.
  145. “Wrong!” Theory boomed overhead. “The lesson, which you clearly haven’t learned is that no matter how good you are at something, no matter how smart you think you are, you’re still just some puny twerp who I have enough money to pretty much own.”
  147. He gave Kyrm some air once more, keeping him just close enough to the underwear that he still had to take in the sweaty scent of the rat.
  149. “Now, like I said, kiss my ass.”
  151. Kyrm had a momentary debate with himself. Not much a war, so much as the minor, mental protestation that he was about to do something incredibly shameful in public. Of course, when the tail wrapped around him tightened a little, he didn’t hesitate to lean forward and plant his lips on the underwear-clad rump.
  153. “Well? I’m waiting.” Kyrm looked up to see that Theory wasn’t even looking at him, just standing there with his back turned and arms folded.
  155. “I did it!” Kyrm cried up. Another tight squeeze from the tail and he leaned over to kiss Theory’s backside again. “Fat ass,” he grumbled.
  157. Thankfully, Theory didn’t hear him. Unfortunately, he also didn’t seem to feel either of the two kisses. This time, he swiveled his back so that he could watch Kyrm. “I’m going to give you one more chance, you dumb, little bat. Kiss. My. Ass.” The last three words were punctuated by Kyrm being pushed up against Theory’s rump.
  159. Kyrm sighed – he’d done it twice already, what was one more? He leaned over and kissed it. Before he could say anything, a wicked smile played across the rat’s muzzle.
  161. “I see the problem!” he exclaimed. “My underwear is in the way – no wonder I didn’t feel it. Hold on.”
  163. Kyrm’s heart sank as the rat bent over again, and he was given a front row seat as the underwear concealing Theory’s backside was pulled down, leaving the rat bottomless in the middle of his neighborhood, his huge, round rump on full display. His crack ran deep enough that Kyrm could easily nestle himself right between the rat’s cheeks, which were both easily taller than himself and markedly wider.
  165. The scent that had been hinted at from the confines of his underwear was now in full force. Not necessarily a foul smell, but the trapped scent of someone who had walked a long distance – a strong, masculine fragrance. One Kyrm might not have minded under other circumstances. Of course, he had little choice but to take hitched inhalations of the rat’s odor thanks to the stifling tightness of the tail around his midsection.
  167. “Well. Now it should be really easy to feel you. Go ahead, Romeo.”
  169. Kyrm’s “Juliet” wobbled in front of him, and just wanting to get this over with, he leaned over and gave it a quick peck.
  171. “How cute,” Theory said from above. “But that’s hardly a kiss…”
  173. “Come on, I did – mph!” Kyrm was interrupted as he was pressed right against the rat’s mammoth cheek. He was dragged side to side, his muzzle buried in the left cheek, then between the cleft of Theory’s sweaty crack, and finally the right cheek, which Kyrm was held directly in front of.
  175. “Look, tell you what – I know you’re really itching to go back inside and talk shit to a bunch of other people who are bad at video games… So, let’s get this done. You’ve gotta really get in there, though, okay? Take some handfuls, give it some tongue. I want you to make it very clear to me, and to yourself, just how much you love to kiss my ass.”
  177. Kyrm stared at the indomitable hill of cheek in defeat. All this because he’d mouthed off in a game? He wondered what cosmic entity had decided this punishment befit his crime, but wonder as he might, the reality of the situation still jiggled before his very eyes.
  179. “Fine. Fuck it,” Kyrm growled. He took two handfuls of pliable flesh into his hands, like he was seizing the sides of a lover, then, closing his eyes, he brought his muzzle in close to the cheek and started to nuzzle and kiss it.
  181. “That’s the spirit!” Theory encouraged him while using his tail to press him deeper into the cushioned wall of fat and fur. “Just keep going… Think of it as your seven minutes in heaven.”
  183. Even with a tail wrapped tightly around his lower body, Kyrm continued his make out session while butterflies formed in his stomach. Despite being in public, and despite this huge idiot forcing him to fondle his sweaty ass, he was starting to get hard. How couldn’t he? He was kneading handfuls of ass while being made to practically worship every inch he could get his little muzzle on. The fact that he had no choice drove him mad, but also turned him on like nothing else.
  185. As the tightness formed in his pants, a nervous thought occurred to Kyrm. The thought that his captor might feel something poking his tail, a fact he was sure to broadcast to the entire neighborhood before doing who knows what. But Theory seemed content to keep him there while he dragged his tongue across the sweaty surface of his cheek. Seven minutes in heaven? He’d be lucky if he wasn’t hard as a rock by the one hundred second mark.
  187. Thinking fast, Kyrm did the dumbest thing he could have possibly done. Using those sharp, pointed bat teeth, he took a mouthful of rat ass and bit down. Hard.
  189. The way he saw it, there were two outcomes – either the tail that was wrapped around his body squeezed so tightly from surprise that his ribcage broke, or, what he was banking on, the tail would loosen and give him a chance to run.
  191. “Ow, shit!” Two huge hands surged back to clap Theory’s bitten backside. Luckily for Kyrm, the tail did loosen, allowing him to pull out and flap away from the rat. What Kyrm didn’t count on was the fact that, having been squeezed so tight, actually taking flight was too hard for his sore torso. The best he could do was glide onto the walkway in front of his house.
  193. “Shitshitshitshit,” Kyrm mumbled to himself as he saw Theory’s shadow moving overhead. His huge hand dove downward, but Kyrm leapt forward, pressing himself up against the front door before turning the doorknob and slipping inside.
  195. “You really don’t learn, do you?” Theory’s voice echoed through the rooms of his house. Kyrm heard the sound of the rat moving his massive body. Running to his window, he peered outside, discovering that Theory had clambered up onto the platform. From this frontal position, Kyrm had a full view of the rat’s penis, which he was surprised to see stood partially erect. He gulped, realizing that the sadistic giant must have been enjoying all of this even more than he thought.
  197. He could only watch as the giant straddled his house, two long legs stretching out on either side, his balls resting on the front step while his erection pressed against the front door.
  199. “You know, when we were having our nice little chat online…” Theory began, “I think you definitely said a thing or two about the size of my dick.” Kyrm watched as the giant began to stroke himself in front of his house, not even bothering to look for the diminutive bat. “Something about it being half the size of yours?” He chuckled as his ministrations allowed his member to fully engorge. “I don’t think that’s quite right.” Theory released his erection, and Kyrm shuddered as his house shook from two hands being rested on top of it. “Maybe you meant half your size?” He saw the rat scooting himself back a little, his erection directly facing the front of Kyrm’s home. “But I think you’ve got the measurements all wrong.”
  201. Just then, Kyrm stumbled backward as hips with the strength of a bulldozer crashed against his house. A wall of gray inner thigh shattered the window he had been peeking out, and the front door shuddered.
  203. Kyrm looked around the house, trying to think of any way out of this situation, but as he searched, another thrust sent him to his knees. He looked to the front door, buckling underneath the size and sheer force of Theory’s erection. Kyrm gulped, bracing for a third impact.
  205. This time, the erection smashed right through his front door, knocking it off its hinges as his living room suddenly filled with a rat dick the size of his own body. He watched as it dragged along the carpet and effortlessly knocked his coffee table aside.
  207. Theory let out a rumbling laugh as his pulsing cock rested nearby. “You could’ve just opened the door, you know.” He dragged his cock against the carpet as Kyrm rose to his feet. The rat still didn’t know where he was, but he didn’t seem to care. Having given his wings some rest, he decided to try the back door again – flight might have been his only option. He threw the door open and let out a strangled as he nearly ran headlong into two huge calves that were interlocked around the back of his house, which Theory had completely encircled with his legs.
  209. Not even bothering to close the door, Kyrm turned back inside to see that the giant rat had started humping the entrance to his home. Theory seemed to enjoy the friction offered by the bat’s plush carpet, as the engorged penis was sliding in and out of the door – rather than being squeezed by the doorframe, it seemed to be making its own room, thin cracks in the door’s sides turning into a penis-shaped hole that he could effortlessly slide his erection in and out of.
  211. Kyrm could only watch as his belongings were scattered to the floor, his computer monitor falling to the ground in one room while a bookshelf spilled its contents in another. Mercifully, the humping seemed to stop when a hint of pre started dribbling from the rat’s shaft.
  213. “You know, this isn’t quite as fun when I can’t see you freaking out,” the voice said.
  215. For a moment, Kyrm thought that may be a good thing, but then, the roof of his house started to rumble. Flecks of plaster started to come raining down from the ceiling, and threads of sunlight peeked through newly formed cracks as the giant’s fingers worked their way into his house.
  217. In a state of panic, Kyrm thought only of hiding. Half-flapping, half-running to his bedroom, he dove under the bed he rarely used, preferring to hang from the simple, metal ring he hung from the ceiling, now displaced and lying on the ground. He tried to keep himself calm from underneath the bed, curled up into a ball and trying to seem as small as possible.
  219. With a satisfied, “Ah,” Theory lifted the roof off, causing sunlight to flood Kyrm’s normally dingy home. His heart pounded as he heard the almost deafening laughter from above. He could hear his belongings being rummaged through by Theory’s gigantic hands. He shuddered at the sound of shattering glass and tumbling furniture.
  221. “I’ve got to admit, it’s a lot more fun this way,” the rat remarked. “Like a game of cat and mouse. Where could you be hiding, runt?”
  223. “The kitchen?” Kyrm heard pots and pans crashing to the floor, followed by the loud THUMP of his refrigerator. “No.” The hand migrated across the threshold of his bedroom door – adding to the insult, the giant was “walking” his hand through the hallways on two fingers as if they were legs. “Oh, here’s where you keep your computer!” Kyrm’s heart sank at the sound of the computer being crushed. “Sorry, kept your computer.”
  225. The hand continued thudding from room to room, knocking furniture aside as the rat continued to taunt the trapped bat. The light thump, thump, thump of Theory’s fingers across the carpet finally led the hand to his door. Kyrm couldn’t help but be reminded of a cheap horror movie as he watched the two fingers plod closer to the bed.
  227. Then, in one motion, it was completely overturned, the bed smashing against the wall and leaving Kyrm completely exposed. The sunlight shone in like a beacon, illuminating him to the laughing rat. He looked up past the ruin of his torn roof to see Theory leering right back down at him.
  229. “Gotcha!” he said. “Why don’t you come on back to the door – I’ve got a friend I want you to meet.”
  231. Defeated, Kyrm walked through the ruins of his home like it was a bad dream, the godlike gaze of the rat following him through the house like it was a terrarium. In the living room, Theory’s cock poked through, no longer as monstrously erect before, but still nearly as tall as Kyrm and certainly wider than him.
  233. The rat reached down, raising his cock up a little. “Come over here,” he ordered. Kyrm moved up to the cock without protest. “Lie down on your back.” He did just that. “Now, if only you’d been this smart earlier.” With that, Theory let go of his erection and allowed it to plop right down on Kyrm. He could still see out from under it, the tip resting just underneath his chin, and he looked up from his helpless position to see that the rat was now holding a cell phone.
  235. “You said you streamed, right?” The rat didn’t even bother to look at him while he flipped through the contents of his phone.
  237. “Y-yes,” Kyrm stammered.
  239. “Y-yes,” Theory imitated him, rolling his eyes. “Yep, here you are. Bigbat3.” He let out a “tsk” sound. “Pretty small viewer count, but I guess that fits someone of your stature. It’s alright, though. I think I’ve got an idea that will boost your viewer count.”
  241. “How?” Kyrm had found his voice again, and he didn’t like where this was heading.
  243. “Well, first you’re going to have to tell me your password.”
  245. “You’re going to use my account?” Kyrm balked. Somehow, in spite of everything that happened, this felt like the most fundamental violation to his life.
  247. “I’m going to stream from your account.” Theory corrected, pressing down on his cock, which in turn pressed down on Kyrm.
  249. “B-but what are you going to stream?”
  251. “Probably a bat being trapped under my huge dick,” he said, nonchalantly.
  253. “H-hey, come on…” But Theory didn’t budge. The half-erect cock pinned Kyrm to the carpet while a single finger pressed down to make sure it had just enough weight so that the little bat couldn’t go anywhere.
  255. Kyrm considered his previous tactic, but surmised that any biting now might end with him not living through this encounter.
  257. “Your password?”
  259. Kyrm sighed. This was embarrassing in its own right. “Qwerty12,” he spelled out each letter.
  261. The rat let out his first genuine laugh. Kyrm was surprised at how nice it sounded – there was no malice, just the amusement of someone who sounded like he just heard a stupid joke. “Is that all your micro brain could remember? The first few letters on your keyboard?”
  263. Kyrm didn’t dignify the jab with a response, he simply waited underneath his blanket of cock while the abusive rat entered his password.
  265. “There we go. Let me just send out a few notifications that we’re streaming…” He muttered this to himself, using one hand to fidget with his phone. “Could you stop squirming? There’ll be plenty of time for that once we’ve started recording.”
  267. Kyrm laid completely still. Minutes passed awkwardly trapped underneath the rat’s dick, with its warm tip resting underneath his chin. At the bottoms of his feet, Kyrm felt a fuzzy pair of balls that were the size of bean bag chairs to him. He spent this time trying to think of anything other than the fact that a giant had him pinned underneath his cock, though that did little to help, and, slowly but surely, he found himself growing hard.
  269. “And hello, everyone!” Theory boomed overhead with the intonation of an announcer. “You may not recognize me, as I’m not your usual host Bigbat3, but not to worry, this is a two-man stream. My name is Theory88, and I’ll be a part of today’s streaming session. Might not be a very long one, as you can see, this isn’t a face cam – we’re streaming live and in-person from Bigbat3’s – or, should I say, Kyrm’s little neighborhood.”
  271. Theory moved his finger from off of his penis, giving Kyrm a little relief, the member overlaying him now nothing more than a warm and heavy pillow. Even freed from this pressure, Kyrm didn’t dare move as he looked up past the open roof to see a cell phone pointing directly down at him.
  273. “Say hi, Kyrm!”
  275. Kyrm only looked at the camera from his partially concealed position, mouth slightly agape as he wondered whether it might be better to hide underneath the rat’s penis at this point, just so he couldn’t be seen. After a few moments, he settled on a half-hearted wave while he tried to deal with his overwhelming embarrassment.
  277. The phone was turned back to Theory’s perspective. He grinned. “You know, I think your usual viewers are a little surprised over all of this, Bigbat. A lot of them didn’t have you pinned as a micro. Well, don’t worry, friends, Kyrm is in capable paws. Or. Well. Capable something. Isn’t that right, Kyrm?”
  279. After a few moments with no response, Theory gave a little chuckle to the camera, “He’s just speechless that one of his biggest fans came to pay him a visit, and with such a great idea, too.”
  281. Kyrm watched as the cell phone was turned to face him once more, angled better so that the viewers might get a clear shot of him lying underneath Theory’s cock.
  283. “You see, after Bigbat3 decided that I wasn’t quite as good as him at video games, he decided to mouth off to me, so I decided to stop by his house.” He pressed on his penis once more, causing Kyrm to wince. “After we had a bit of a heart to heart…” He moved the camera around Kyrm’s home, showing off the wreckage. “We both came to the conclusion that micros just can’t measure up. They’re too small, too weak, and definitely too stupid compared to us normal folk.” He paused. “Isn’t that right, Kyrm?”
  285. Kyrm just looked at the camera. He wondered how many micros might be watching at this very instant. He could tell the overgrown rat off right here, live in front of who knows how many people.
  287. Before he could decide on what to say, Theory added to the insult: “One kiss for no. Two for yes.”
  289. After his previous “make out” session with the rat, Kyrm didn’t need to ask what kind of kissing Theory meant. He looked down at the cock tip as big as his own head, half-erect and certainly prepared to get longer. Was he really about to do this while being broadcast to the world? And, in spite of everything, was he still getting hard at this entire situation?
  291. The answer, as it turns out, was “Yes,” to both questions.
  293. Kyrm gave a quick peck to the cock tip, feeling it stir as his lips pressed against it. Then, with another kiss, he felt it starting to inch up from his chin, encroaching on his face.
  295. “See? Straight from the bat’s mouth – er, lips. But don’t worry, everyone, we’re going to have some fun today. Maybe not the games you’re used to seeing on this channel, but something I hope you’ll find just as entertaining.”
  297. Theory moved the cell phone overhead, mounting it inside Kyrm’s house, directly behind the bat, blocking the way from the living room to the wrecked kitchen.
  299. “Sit tight, little bat,” Theory practically cooed, “And let me do the work.”
  301. With that, Kyrm saw the rat raising his torn roof into the air – he must have had it resting next to the house until he needed it. Steadily, like the roof of a dollhouse, he lowered it back on. Obviously, it wasn’t a perfect fit. Jagged cracks where the roof had been ripped off still formed, but the house was darker than before, and now that Theory wasn’t leering down at him, he was left alone with the grey rat’s erection.
  303. The cell phone was monolithic – a slab of sleek glass and plastic that rose up behind him. The artificial light from the camera shone like a spotlight on the small bat and the slowly stirring erection that kept him pinned to the carpet. Theory had been so polite as to use the front camera, allowing Kyrm to also catch a glimpse of the chat screen.
  305. is this some kind of prank?
  306. LMAO micro getting wrecked
  307. Really big bat amirite
  308. his dick is in a house!!
  309. this is kinda hot
  312. The messages went on and on, and Kyrm’s heart sank as he saw the viewer count soar. A few of the usernames he recognized as people who he’d talked with in-stream before, people who now joined in with their own demeaning messages while the rat’s erection slowly overtook his view of the screen.
  314. As his cock hardened, Theory began to slide it in and out the broken entryway, the friction from Kyrm’s body seeming to make it grow even harder. Each time the erection pulled away from him, it gave Kyrm a momentary view of his ruined house and the jeers from his ever-increasing audience.
  316. “Put your hands into it!” he heard Theory order from outside.
  318. Start licking!
  320. this can’t be legal…
  321. he’s a big guy
  322. MODS, MODS
  323. This is where every micro belongs
  324. God I wish that were me
  326. Kyrm watched the comments roll in one more time before reaching out to cling to the erection that continued to drag him across the carpet. He could hardly even wrap his arms around the sides of the warm, pulsing shaft. He tried his best to provide his own friction, while struggling for air as the cock head vied for space in front of his face, which occasionally forced him to sputter as a wad of pre dribbled down the tip and ran across his face.
  328. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t convince himself otherwise.
  330. Kyrm was enjoying this.
  332. He was terrified, no doubt. His heart pumped faster than ever before in his life. He had no idea what this disgruntled, wealthy rat had in store for him, but to be demeaned like this in his own home, in his neighborhood, in front of countless people online while everyone in the town peeked timidly from their windows as they watched the relatively giant rat hump his house with him in it… Not to mention the slick, warm shaft that continued to slide over him, and the subtle scent of arousal that must have now saturated every inch of his house.
  334. All of these things stirred up strange, aroused feelings in Kyrm.
  336. As the rat’s humping intensified, Kyrm couldn’t help but be caught in the sudden throes of the giant’s own arousal. He could hear moaning from all around him, while blood rushed to his head as he put his species’ ability to cling tightly to good use. He held on, ignoring the viewers and wreckage of his house, swallowing his fear and instead choosing to take in those mouthfuls of pre, his muzzle making out with the throbbing, leaking cock tip, urging it to greater heights of stimulation.
  338. Kyrm’s heart thundered as Theory’s bobbing dick became almost like a roller coaster ride, the horny bat’s back thudding against the carpet with each increasingly erratic motion. Unable to hold on any longer, he let go as Theory’s cries reached a crescendo of arousal.
  340. Hot, ropy threads of cum spurted outward, soaking Kyrm’s living room and spraying all over the rat’s phone. It flooded through almost every other part of his house. He could hear it splashing against furniture and carpet, completely wrecking any chance of a renovation.
  342. The light from the phone still shone, though the screen itself was obscured by a veneer of sticky seed. A rumbling overhead signaled that the roof was being pulled off once more, revealing the bat’s tired, cum-coated form to the rat, who gave a satisfied smile as he leaned over and plucked his phone off the ground.
  344. He ran his fingers over the cum-slicked screen to clean it off. “Hm, not bad.” Theory turned the phone toward Kyrm, who looked up, peering past his cum-stained glasses to the phone’s screen.
  346. Ten thousand viewers.
  348. Once it was clear from Kyrm’s flustered expression that he had seen the viewer count, Theory disabled the stream. Pulling his still spurting erection from the house’s wreckage before sliding off the neighborhood’s platform.
  350. Kyrm struggled to his feet. He was too damp with cum and exhausted from the brutal, erotic ride to even consider flapping away now.
  352. “You know, if you need someplace to stay…” Theory grinned. “My house has plenty of room for a little guy looking to get back on his feet. Until you find somewhere else to live, that is.” He shrugged. “Maybe we can do some more streaming while you’re there. It seems I really helped your viewer count, and your little tongue certainly helped me along at the end.”
  354. Kyrm tried to stammer out an excuse for his licking, but could only look on as the rat turned away from him and bent over. He was in the process of pulling his underwear and jeans back on, showing off his broad backside that could have easily done just as good a job destroying Kyrm’s house simply by sitting on it. By the time he had pulled his tight jeans on and zipped up, Kyrm made a rash, hormone-addled decision.
  356. “Okay,” he said.
  358. Theory turned to look down at him. “Huh?”
  360. “I’ll, um, I’ll come along for now.” Kyrm paused. “You did wreck my house, so I need somewhere to stay.” He scratched the back of his head, looking a little sheepish.
  362. “Oh, I was just joking about that, but if you really want to…” Before Kyrm realized what was going on, he was snatched up into the rat’s grasp. Though he would never, ever admit it, there was something exhilarating about being handled like that.
  364. Without another glance at him, Theory pocketed the small bat, who was still soaked with cum and caked in flecks of plaster from the wrecked ceiling of his home. The grey rat didn’t spare him another word, he simply started whistling while he walked.
  366. Trapped within the confines of the jean pocket of a giant he didn’t even know the real name of, back pressed against a warm wall of moving thigh, and finally away from any spectators, Kyrm did the first thing that came to mind: he closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh.
  368. Then, he did the second that came to mind:
  370. He started masturbating furiously.
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