Sonic Channel Wallpaper Commentaries 2021

Jun 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Sonic & Tails
  2. The fastest and greatest duo!
  4. When Tails was feeling depressed because he was being bullied about his two tails, Sonic ran in front of him at the speed of sound and whizzed away.
  6. "Th-That's so cool!"
  8. In an instant, Tails's gloomy feelings were blown away, and he began idolizing him, and before he knew it, he was following him on many adventures.
  10. Through his many adventures, he has gained confidence and courage, and even now, when he helps Sonic, Tails still admires Sonic as the coolest person in the world.
  12. For Sonic, Tails, who adores him, is a cute little brother and also a dependable sidekick. Tails accelerates by spinning his two tails like propellers, and he can even fly...! He manages to keep up with Sonic's speed, and sometimes he can even save him from a pinch with his flying abilities.
  14. And Tails's mechanic skills and smarts help Sonic in many ways.
  16. Sonic puts a lot of trust in Tails, who expands Sonic's range of activities and sometimes lights the way for him to go.
  18. But the most powerful thing that this duo possesses is the "bond of the heart."
  20. Sonic is convinced that with Tails, and Tails is convinced that with Sonic, they can overcome any obstacle.
  22. They don't have to say anything to each other to know what the other needs. There may be something between them that goes beyond trust.
  24. These two will surely continue to run through many adventures in the future. As the fastest and greatest duo!
  27. Sonic & Knuckles
  28. The fighting buddies who will be there for each other when they need it!
  30. Knuckles is a powerful red echidna.
  32. As his name suggests, he has two powerful fists, and he lives alone, guarding the mysterious floating island called Angel Island, which was left behind by an ancient civilization, and the Master Emerald that resides there.
  34. It seems that he had already been assigned to guard this island for as long as he can remember. He didn't know how it happened, his roots, or even the details of the Master Emerald he was supposed to protect, but he had spent his life as a guardian, honestly and without questioning his mission... that's what Knuckles is all about.
  36. If Sonic is the ever-moving "wind," then Knuckles is the unmoving "mountain."
  38. Knuckles's encounter with Sonic was a shocking one...!
  40. Knuckles, tricked by Eggman into thinking Sonic was the bad guy, suddenly attacked him and caused him to fall over.
  42. At that time, Sonic was in his "Super Sonic" state, using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds.
  44. Even though it took him by surprise, Knuckles's power to stop Sonic in this state is something to behold...!
  46. They had such a dreadful encounter in a sense, but in the end, the misunderstanding was cleared up and together they crushed Eggman's ambitions in the story of "Sonic the Hedgehog 3" - "Sonic & Knuckles."
  48. Because of their first impressions and their competing personalities, they did not become "good friends," but after several adventures, they have become the kind of people who always come to each other's rescue when they are in trouble.
  50. They may exchange quips and complain to each other, but when it comes time to act, they are in perfect harmony. Small details aside, they know what's really important. Such is the bond that exists between the two of them.
  52. They're rivals, they're fighting buddies... In the sense of a relationship that "requires no holding back," it may be as close as Tails.
  54. The two of them will continue to show their many activities during adventures. All while they occasionally fight...!
  57. Sonic & Amy
  58. It started with love at first sight, then a reliable partner! And then...?
  60. When she decides to do something, she will go as far as she can! Amy Rose is a single-minded and energetic hedgehog girl.
  62. Although she's a girl who has a crush on Sonic, she's also a strong girl who can carve out her own path with her immense energy and powerful Piko-Piko hammer. Well, if she didn't have that kind of power, she probably wouldn't be able to keep up with Sonic.
  64. The first time Sonic and Amy met was in the game title "Sonic CD".
  66. By the divine message of the cards, Amy meets Sonic and falls in love with him at first sight, and just as she begins her fierce attack... she is kidnapped by Dr. Eggman's elite robot, Metal Sonic.
  68. ...And of course, it was Sonic who rescued Amy from that crisis.
  70. As is usual for many, Sonic disappeared after the case was solved, but Amy has been in love with him ever since and has been chasing him ever since. Sonic is overwhelmed by her enthusiasm.
  72. When she first met Sonic, Amy was more of a "princess who must be rescued" kind of girl, but as she chased after Sonic, Amy grew (?) more and more into a girl who was as active and strong as Sonic.
  74. In the "Sonic Drift" series, she races in a car, and in "Sonic the Fighters," she fights with all her might with a Piko-Piko hammer in her hands...! She is becoming more and more tomboyish.
  76. Finally, in "Sonic Adventure," she herself played a major role as a "hero/heroine," saving her friends.
  78. On the way, she was confronted by Sonic, but Amy didn't flinch, and she vented at him, causing Sonic to trust her to take a step forward if she insisted.
  80. It may have been Amy's spirit at the time, but perhaps a certain bond of trust had grown between the two of them through their past adventures and competition. In fact, they've known each other for a long time, and surely they have a deep understanding of each other.
  82. Since then, Amy has become a reliable partner for Sonic as well as a solo adventurer.
  84. In "Sonic Advance 3", the two played together as the "lovebirds? pair." Sonic's expression in the paired image is a bit dicey, but the combination in the actual gameplay was perfect!
  86. ...Still, there's still a lot of subtle progress to be made regarding their, other relationship, but what could it really be?
  88. Sometimes it starts with Amy's fast-paced attacks and Sonic's cold reactions... such a bumbling relationship between the two may not make them seem on the best of terms...
  90. It's probably the charm of the relationship between Sonic and Amy that makes outsiders wonder about things like this. We can't wait to see what they do and where they go from here!
  93. Sonic & Vector
  94. With an on/off groove, they can surprisingly hit it off?
  96. A huge mouth and brawny arms. At first glance, he looks aggressive... But in fact, he is a kind and gentle man with a good heart and moral compassion. This is Vector the Crocodile.
  98. There's something a little bit different about him than Sonic, Tails and the others... Rather than the fully handsome image of a so-called "hero," he is more like both handsome and fun?
  100. He is adored by everyone for his big-brother nature and surprisingly caring personality, and is loved for his charm and character... This rough, unpretentious image of a hero is what makes him so appealing.
  102. He usually has a casual and rough style, but as the head of the Chaotix Detective Agency, when he's ready to get to the truth with his deductions, he has a bit of a crude coolness, and such a disparity is nice to see.
  104. Vector's first title was "Chaotix," a title for Sega's famous hardware machine of the past, the 32X!
  106. It was an action game where he had a great adventure with Espio and Charmy, who are still his teammates.
  108. In this title, he fought together with Knuckles rather than Sonic, and he used the peculiar "ring power" to rush his way across the "Island of Tracks".
  110. Sonic Heroes is probably his biggest adventure with Sonic.
  112. In fact, as a detective, he took a different approach to helping save the world from danger than Sonic and his friends, but in the last fight, he rushed to Sonic's side and stepped out to a final all-out battle!
  114. So what is the relationship between Vector and Sonic?
  116. Vector seems to have a good eye on Sonic's abilities, and Sonic trusts Vector (or rather, all of Team Chaotix) to do what he wants when he wants, even if he's sometimes confused by Vector's antics, and it doesn't look like he dislikes them.
  118. By nature, Sonic loves freedom and being unstrained. At times, they can surely hit it off with each other in a casual, man-to-man way.
  120. In this story, the two of them admit and learn about things they didn't expect from the other... that was the event that unfolded this time.
  122. Even though they usually work in different places and situations, when the time comes to join forces, they turn on their power to get serious and become one of the most reliable friends. Sonic and Vector will continue to hang out together as friends who can play casual pranks in relaxed off-line instances!
  125. Sonic & Cream
  126. Everyone's cute little sister and a big brother to play with her?
  128. She has a small body, big ears and a curious mind. She is loved by everyone for her politeness and friendly personality, and she even respects bad guys. That's Cream the Rabbit.
  130. She can even fly with her big ears, and she used that ability to save Sonic and his friends more than once!
  132. Another feature of Cream is her age: she's six years old! In the Olympic series of games, she plays the role of a facilitator or service assistant, and she comes off as having much more of a hold of herself than an unskillful adult, so we tend to forget that.
  134. On the other hand, she seems to treat her friend Chao "Cheese", who is always with her, vaguely like an older sister, which we consider another cute thing about Cream.
  136. Cream and Cheese's first appearance in the game was in "Sonic Advance 2"! Together with Cheese, they ran through the speedy action stages and were very active in fighting off Eggman's mechs. Cheese's "Chao Attack" was really powerful!
  138. ...So how can we look at her relationship with Sonic?
  140. The two met in a rescue mission. In Cream's first appearance in "Sonic Advance 2," she was captured by Eggman's mech and was about to be kidnapped, but Sonic saved her.
  142. After the rescue, Sonic quickly went on his way and Cream was in a hurry to go on, so they didn't have a deep exchange, but she seemed to have left an impression on Sonic as a small but very polite girl.
  144. After that, she went on a big adventure with Sonic and other older brother and sister figures in the sequel "Sonic Advance 3." From then on, she was more often with her older sister figures such as Amy and Blaze, but she still relied on him whenever she met him, calling him "Mr. Sonic," and there was no doubt that she adored him.
  146. After all is said and done, Cream loves adventure and fun because of her own curiosity. Her older brother and sister figures, such as Sonic, who play with her and can be counted on to help her in her adventures, are like true siblings to her...
  148. Maybe Sonic is also feeling protective of this little sister figure of his, as if he can't help it.
  151. Sonic & Metal Sonic
  152. Similar but dissimilar. A "fated" relationship that cannot be reduced to "rivalry."
  154. Metal Sonic, one of Dr. Eggman's best robots, was created for the purpose of defeating Sonic.
  156. One of the characteristics of Metal Sonic is that he looks just like Sonic.
  158. But even though the silhouette and parts of the robot are similar to Sonic's, there is still a definite sense of dissimilarity... This may also be a characteristic of Metal Sonic.
  160. Sonic, who enjoys life freely and with adventure, and Metal Sonic, who is obsessed with a single purpose, cutting out all waste. Although they are the same "speed-of-sound hedgehog (+type robot)," they are looking at completely different worlds.
  162. The first time Metal Sonic met Sonic was in the game title "Sonic CD." Starting with a shocking appearance, he and Sonic fought a "race to the death" using the entire stage.
  164. This battle ended with Sonic's victory, but the relationship between the two... or rather "fate," began.
  166. Then, in "Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II," the game told the story of how the defeated Metal Sonic was resurrected.
  168. Since then, Metal Sonic has appeared in a number of game titles as a powerful enemy that stands in Sonic's way.
  170. Each time, he stands as a great threat to Sonic and his friends, and although he is defeated, he always rises up and awaits Sonic as an even greater threat the next time...
  172. Metal Sonic is the eternal and strongest assassin who is bent on defeating Sonic.
  174. ☆ ★ ☆
  176. There are many rivals to Sonic, but Metal Sonic is in a bit of a unique position.
  178. That is, as a rival, he has "speed" as a particular point of conflict. Of course, he is a tremendous threat as a fighting robot, but it can be said that he has a higher ratio of commitment to the "speed game" than the other rivals.
  180. As long as he was made to resemble Sonic, it would not be a true victory unless he overwhelmed Sonic's trademark "speed"... That may be the logic at work.
  182. On the other hand, Sonic calls Metal Sonic "Metal," and even though he is a tough opponent, he seems to be enjoying the fights with him as a worthy rival.
  184. Only Metal Sonic is so obsessed with speed that he challenges Sonic to settle for superiority. Even though he is an enemy, there must be a part of him that acknowledges him as a speed enthusiast.
  186. Metal Sonic will surely continue to appear in front of Sonic's eyes as a fearsome enemy and challenge him to battles. Please look forward to the cool and passionate battles and feuds between Sonic and Metal Sonic!
  189. Sonic & Shadow
  190. A rare up-close-and-personal relationship
  192. Shadow is an ultimate life form with formidable power and speed, created by Dr. Eggman's grandfather, Professor Gerald.
  194. He's a black hedgehog that looks exactly like Sonic. However, the only similarity is in their silhouettes. Their personalities and tendencies are completely different.
  196. The first game that the two met was "Sonic Adventure 2." There was a heated battle between Shadow, who appeared from the past as the enforcer of revenge against the world, and Sonic and his friends, who were trying to stop him. "Chaos Control" also came from this title.
  198. They both clashed with each other in fierce opposition over the emergence of a rival who might be more than an equal, and in the end, they reached a point where they at least recognized each other's abilities. ...Of course, they would never admit that to each other.
  200. The story of Shadow in Sonic Adventure 2 is a journey to discover the true reason why he was created. This is in stark contrast to Sonic, who has been living his life freely, following his heart's desire, without thinking about anything too difficult.
  202. On the other hand, as Shadow continues his adventures in "Sonic Heroes", "Shadow the Hedgehog", and "Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)", it seems that he is facing up to the shackles of his past, such as ties, fate, and memories, and is reaching a point where he can "do as his heart desires" in his own way... or at least, it looks like it.
  204. However, the situation that Shadow is trying to reach from the dark depths of his struggle is completely different from Sonic's in both history and quality.
  206. Now, what is the existence of Shadow in relation to Sonic and Sonic in relation to Shadow?
  208. If there is one thing that can be said about them, it is that they are the rare ones who can get up close and personal with each other.
  210. Because of the high performance of both Sonic and Shadow in terms of their physical abilities and their thoughts, there are not many who can keep up with them.
  212. Fewer still are the ones who, despite their rejection, are able to persist, to offer opinions, to meddle, or to stand in their way and try to stop them.
  214. In fact, perhaps Sonic is the only person who can get so up close and personal with Shadow and say something to him that reaches his heart (though it often doesn't).
  216. In a sense, his kind of presence is troublesome, but it is also one of the most important ones.
  218. However, while Sonic is receptive to hearing things that strike a little close to home, from Shadow's point of view, Sonic must be a real pain...
  220. From now on, Sonic and Shadow will continue to be active as their "hearts desire," bumping into each other every time they meet, passing each other, and sometimes even dividing into friend and foe.
  222. We hope you will continue to enjoy the tense interactions between them!
  225. Sonic & Rouge
  226. First of all, let's talk about the rough sketch for this wallpaper illustration!
  228. At the time of the rough drawing, the outline was almost the same as the finished version. They are exchanging conversations with each other without letting their guard down, and they are enjoying it.
  230. As the story side progressed, Rouge's point of view was adjusted to focus a little more on Sonic, and this is the finished version. It appears to emphasize the mysterious vibe that there seems to be something behind the scenes and the sense of confrontation between the two.
  232. The way Sonic and Rouge grimace at each other to see how the other will react creates a unique relationship.
  234. ——————
  236. The Character of Rouge the Bat
  237. One minute she's a brilliant spy, the next she's a treasure hunter specializing in gems...
  239. A female bat of many mysteries who always plays an active role on both sides of the truth in many global affairs. That is Rouge the Bat.
  241. Rouge's appeal is very complex, but it's not too far off to describe her as an elusive, mysterious, and mature woman who is true to her desires.
  243. She pretends to know nothing but gets closer to the heart of the matter than anyone else; she shows lax behavior but manages to conduct delicate research; she is on the enemy side but becomes a reliable ally; and in the end, her goal is to take the jewel...
  245. Suddenly, she takes off her veil to reveal a dramatic new side. This unpredictable and mysterious aspect of Rouge may be her appeal.
  247. Rouge's first title was "Sonic Adventure 2."
  249. She teamed up with Eggman and Shadow, who were planning to take over the world, and confronted Sonic and the others. Of course, it's hard to say if she was completely on the "dark side" at this time...
  250. She showed off her skills as a capable spy, repeatedly toying with the people around her and eventually getting closer to the truth before anyone else.
  252. Since then, Rouge has appeared in numerous Sonic titles.
  254. There are times when she confronted Sonic as a member of "Team Dark," which was temporarily formed with Shadow and Omega in "Sonic Heroes" and continues to be an undesirable but inseparable relationship, and there are times when she seems to be a freelancer, but in reality, she is receiving requests from some organization...
  256. Her elusiveness is still going strong.
  258. ——————
  260. Dependable Suspect vs. Shrewd Guy?
  261. Now, regarding how Sonic sees Rouge... "Dependable suspect" is a relatively close way of putting it.
  263. He has great confidence in the accuracy of the information Rouge brings to him and her ability to search for it at all times. However, Rouge often hides "more important information" or "real purpose" from him, so he must be on his guard.
  265. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but if he's careless, he might end up having his information pulled out of him without him even knowing it, or he might end up being taken advantage of by Rouge.
  267. And Sonic never seems to be uncomfortable with the "suspect" part, but seems to enjoy it as a "thrilling appeal" of Rouge.
  269. In fact, the conversations between Sonic and Rouge are often "probing," camouflaged by jokes, but Sonic loves to joke and talk lightly, and Rouge is a sarcastic person. There is no doubt that they both enjoy this horse-trading a lot.
  271. Maybe that's why the conversation scenes between Sonic and Rouge usually feel a bit adult at times, don't you think?
  273. On the other hand, from Rouge's point of view, Sonic is "shrewd."
  275. It's not often that Rouge maliciously tries to deceive Sonic. However, there are times when she can't help herself, such as when she wants to cheat, take advantage of, or steal something from him...
  277. In such a situation, Sonic is the one guy that cannot be outsmarted.
  279. For Rouge, who is confident in her resourcefulness and art of conversation, Sonic must be a real nuisance and "shrewd" at times like this.
  282. Not Exactly Friends...?
  283. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that both Sonic and Rouge think of each other as people they can rely on in times of need. That's a fact that they've proven to each other in their many adventures so far, and there's no need for any bargaining.
  285. However, the relationship is not that of collusive "friends," but that of a "dependable suspect" with appropriate levels of trust and caution.
  286. *And of course, let's not forget the good-natured rivalry between them that they enjoy playing out in conversation!
  288. Rouge will continue to appear at turning points in the story like a phantom, bringing new developments to Sonic and his friends.
  290. At such times, who knows whether or not her words, actions, and positions have an ulterior motive! We hope you will enjoy the stories and pay a little attention to these points.
  293. Sonic & Wisps
  294. Let's start with the rough sketch of this wallpaper illustration!
  296. At the time of the rough sketch, the types of Wisps that would appear and their placement were already decided. The imagery was settled on Sonic and the Wisps skipping about and having fun.
  298. In the finished version, Sonic's left fingertip is pointing to the sky in a moment of joyful motion, but in the rough drawing, he's posing while pointing at the Jade Wisp.
  300. It's like a snapshot taken about 0.2 seconds after the rough sketch has become the finished version... It's kind of interesting to look at them side by side!
  303. The Colorful, Cheerful Wisps!
  304. Mysterious aliens that live on a planet far away from Sonic's home planet. These are the Wisps.
  305. Just like the color of their bodies, there are many different kinds of Wisps, each living in harmony with the others.
  307. Bright, energetic, and pure of heart, they get along with everyone (except bad guys)... that's the kind of good-natured guys Wisps are.
  308. Rather than aliens, with their floaty movements, they're more like fairies.
  310. The first game in which Wisps appeared was Sonic Colors.
  312. The Wisps actually had a mysterious and formidable superpower inside their bodies. Eggman took notice of this as a "resource" and captured the Wisps to absorb their power.
  314. Eggman used their power to create "Egg Planet Park" and various other facilities and weapons, and tried to use it for the same old nefarious tricks.
  316. The main storyline of "Sonic Colors" was to rescue the Wisps and work together with them to defeat Eggman.
  318. Among the Wisps, the exchange with Yacker who first befriended Sonic and had trouble communicating through language was interesting!
  320. After that battle, some Wisps who liked Sonic and his planet decided to stay there, even after Eggman was defeated and the planet they lived on was liberated, as shown in the main story of the "Wallpaper Cover Story."
  322. They have been living happily on Sonic's planet ever since.
  324. ...Since then, the Wisps have appeared in numerous Sonic titles.
  326. In every title, their superpower, "Color Power," gives Sonic colorful powers and skills that make them a powerful assistant.
  328. Wisps also help Sonic's friends by offering their Color Power as weapons.
  330. These weapons are called "Wispons," and they have a variety of amazing functions that have helped Sonic and his friends a lot.
  332. ...Like the Color Powers, the Wispons are activated by the cooperation of the Wisps, so they can't be used by users the Wisps don't like!
  334. The "White Wisp" for boosted acceleration, the "Cyan Wisp" for laser light speed travel, and the "Yellow Wisp" for unrestricted movement underground and underwater...
  336. These wisps have many color powers, but which is your favorite?
  339. They Love Each Other!
  340. To Sonic, the Wisps are "good-natured playmates."
  342. Wisps love to play, and Sonic loves to have fun as well. There's no reason why they shouldn't get along, right?
  344. In addition, the Wisps use their "Color Power" to make Sonic's runs faster, more fun, and more varied.
  345. They're also fun to run with, so there couldn't be any better playmates.
  347. To the Wisps, Sonic is their "hero," "comrade-in-arms," and "best friend."
  349. He's the hero who freed them from Eggman's clutches, and they love him dearly, but he's also their comrade-in-arms who fought with them against Eggman with their "color power"...
  351. And after the battle, they are best friends, playing together when they meet and rushing to the aid of each other whenever something happens. They may not be able to communicate without a translator, but they can always communicate with each other in their hearts.
  353. ...They're short of simply saying out loud that they love each other!
  355. So, Wisps and Sonic have a very good heart-to-heart relationship.
  357. The Wisps will continue to live happily and peacefully on their home planet and on Sonic's planet, and will be of great help to Sonic and his friends when things get less peaceful.
  359. Stay tuned for more colorful, varied, and wonderful adventures and runs of Sonic and the Wisps!
  362. Sonic & Silver
  363. Let's start with the rough sketch of this wallpaper illustration.
  365. Here is the first rough draft. The position of the left and right sides is different from the finished version. At this stage, there was no story plan yet, just a pure two-character illustration plan by the illustrator, Mr. Uekawa. (It was already done in December last year!)
  367. We started thinking about the story afterwards, but as soon as the story writer (Toyoda) saw this image, he came up with the introductory part of the story, and we decided to go ahead with the composition as it was in the rough draft.
  369. Even Sonic was not expecting to be caught with Silver's super powers. The squeamish expression on his face shows how close they are in their competence, and yet the scene itself is not too brutal. We think this vibe is very typical of them, but what do you think?
  372. Silver the Hedgehog
  373. Silver is a silvery-white hedgehog from the future, at least 200 years after Sonic's time.
  375. He controls powerful psychokinesis and sometimes calls forth great power without mercy, but at heart he is a straightforward, kind man of justice.
  377. But to say that he is a man of justice might be a bit of an exaggeration. This is because his wish is to maintain peace, not to eradicate evil.
  379. The first game title that Silver appeared in was "Sonic the Hedgehog" (2006).
  381. In order to eliminate the disaster in the future, he traveled back in time to Sonic's era, which was in the past for him, and came to eliminate the cause (Iblis Trigger). He even attacked Sonic in the process, you know?
  383. Eventually, the elimination of the cause was accomplished, but the resulting change in history caused Silver, and indeed everyone else in the world, to believe that all subsequent events and memories had "never happened" in exchange for future happiness.
  385. "Do we have to sacrifice something in order to gain something?" This proposition, which is also asked in the story, will remain in the minds of those who enjoyed the game and watched the story to the end.
  387. If we consider half his lifetime as part of Silver's story, in which he struggled in the midst of the calamity of the future world filled with despair, and was almost cornered while resisting, then his lighthearted activities after the historical change are both a joy and a bittersweet sentiment.
  389. His way of life energizes people and makes them want to watch over him and cheer him on forever... Perhaps that is part of Silver the Hedgehog's appeal.
  392. Something They Don't Have
  393. Now, what kind of person is Silver to Sonic?
  395. There's no doubt that Sonic values Silver's character because of his abilities and his positive mental attitude. In addition, if we had to put it another way, one could say that he's a reliable person who has something that Sonic doesn't.
  397. Sometimes Silver tends to deal with things too head-on because of the strength of his feelings, or he tends to take everything on himself, but this is an aspect of his purity and an endearing virtue.
  399. It's a quality that Sonic doesn't have, as he's always calm and cool and free to act as he pleases, but surely he recognizes the appeal of it.
  401. On the other hand, Sonic from Silver's point of view would also be the same.
  403. He seems to be doing as he pleases (and he is), but he doesn't forget to provide support on the situations around him, and he makes it so everything turns out fine. Even though he doesn't think he's capable of acting so freely himself, surely Silver is still relying on him.
  405. They haven't had many adventures where the two of them spend a lot of time together, but when they do team up, we think they'll be good buddies who can make up for each other's shortcomings, just like in this cover story.
  407. We hope you will continue to support and look forward to the activities of the free-spirited Sonic and the straightforward Silver!
  410. Sonic & Blaze
  411. Before we introduce the characters of Sonic and Blaze, let us first introduce the rough illustration for this wallpaper image.
  413. This time, there is almost no change between the rough and the finished version, but there is a big difference, even if it is only a slight one. It is Blaze's gaze.
  415. It's only different by a few strokes or so, but the Blaze on the rough picture has a slightly more serious look to her.
  417. The highlighting of the eyes also has a big impact, but a small difference really can make a big difference in impression.
  419. The background is "Coral Cave" from Sonic Rush Adventure. The light shining in from above made for a very mysterious stage.
  422. Blaze the Cat
  424. Blaze is a princess cat from a different world than Sonic's, a nation called the "Sol Empire."
  426. In particular, she's the "imperial princess" who has the right to inherit the throne, and should be in a position of considerable power... but even so, she's able to escape the castle and act rather freely and independently.
  428. Leaving aside the fact that she is so strong that she doesn't need guards, one can't help but wonder if she has that much discretion, or if the imperial household of the Sol Kingdom is broad-minded. (The way they treat the common people is also rather friendly, isn't it?)
  430. On the other hand, Blaze has the power of fire in her body, and she also carries the heavy responsibility of being the guardian of the miraculous stones, the Sol Emeralds in this world.
  432. As a princess, she is also a shrine maiden in a sense... It is admirable, but she seems to be very busy.
  434. Her motto is "My power is to protect the smiles of my people."
  436. Her stoic personality is a perfect example of the Noblesse Oblige (duties and responsibilities associated with a noble position) spirit, as she is very busily occupied with her official duties, but still tries to do her best for everyone's peace.
  438. Because of her lineage and her stoicism, she is sometimes too distant from those around her, but that is also the flip side of her good nature.
  440. ...That said, meeting Sonic, Amy, and Cream has mellowed her out considerably.
  443. Different and Therefore Reliable
  445. So, what does Blaze mean to Sonic?
  447. The first thing one can say is that she is a strong and powerful person.
  449. The power of the flames she wields is incredible, and the power of the Burning Blaze, powered by the Sol Emeralds, is comparable to that of Super Sonic. Her own uncompromisingly calm judgment and unyielding spirit are also qualities that can be counted on.
  451. However, one's impression of her may be that she is a person with differences that can be respected.
  453. Because of her sense of responsibility, Blaze tends to push herself to solve things on her own, but Sonic doesn't stop her from doing so any more than necessary.
  455. It may be that he respects her freedom to do what she wants, but he also seems to respect her personal principles of doing the best she can with pride in the position she's in, which he doesn't have.
  457. This may be the source of Blaze's strength, and it may also be what makes her so appealing.
  459. And it's because Blaze is like that that Sonic is able to trust and cooperate with her when the time comes.
  461. From Blaze's point of view, Sonic is also a reliable and capable person, which is a great difference.
  463. After going through several adventures, Blaze saw Sonic's ability to do what he said he would do and his ability to perform at the critical moment, and in a sense, she began to listen to him. It can be said that she has come to recognize his abilities to a certain extent.
  465. On the other hand, we can say that there is a difference between "free" and "stoic".
  467. Sonic's way of life is so different from Blaze's, as he acts freely and even enjoys the hardships of the world as a stage for adventure.
  469. But even if you are free and easy, you can only enjoy it if you have your own unbending rules, and without a strong and flexible mind, nothing will feel like an adventure. It doesn't just mean being lax.
  471. And it's with this perspective that Blaze has been able to achieve some of the results that are nothing short of admirable, bringing smiles to many people's faces...
  473. It appears that Blaze respects Sonic's way of life to a certain extent, because he has a different perspective and approach, but also produces results that overlap with the direction she is aiming for.
  476. A Sense of Distance As a Stranger
  478. In addition, the situation of living in each other's different worlds also affects the relationship.
  480. Fundamentally, since they both live in different worlds, it is best that they can take care of their own world. Because it is their world.
  482. While respecting and honoring that, they also cooperate with each other in times of real trouble. This is a difficult balance to achieve, but so far it seems to have been adjusted to some extent by the guidance of the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds.
  484. And the fact that Sonic and Blaze are the ones who are responsible for this is another interesting aspect of their relationship.
  486. ——————
  488. Surely Sonic and Blaze will continue to meet and overcome difficult situations together through "guidance" when the time comes.
  490. Please keep your eyes peeled for the unique combination of the two that maintains the perfect distance and tension between them!
  493. Super Sonic & Eggman
  494. Sonic's eternal nemesis is the evil genius scientist Dr. Eggman! Let's take a look at the initial rough illustration of the wallpaper image first.
  495. At first glance, this rough illustration looks almost identical to the finished version. However, there is a big difference here. It's the facial expressions of the two characters.
  497. In the rough stage, both of them have serious expressions on their faces, but in the finished version, both of them have smiles on their faces.
  499. Rather than a "serious battle of fate," we decided to go with a situation where both sides are smiling with the excitement of winning the battle by putting their full power into it, even though it is a fight fought in earnest.
  501. Don't you think it fits the scene of the final battle in this cover story?
  504. Dr. Eggman
  506. Eggman is a long-time nemesis who has appeared in Sonic's previous games all this time.
  508. He is a self-proclaimed evil genius scientist who is extremely fond of mechs...
  510. He is a true genius, especially in the field of robotics, and has made a huge profit by mass-producing robot weapons, building related facilities, and even running his own company.
  512. And yet, his dreams and ambitions are to "conquer the world" and "build an ideal world, Eggmanland"... Ambitious, but excessive.
  514. Ordinary people like us don't know what kind of world he sees from his "genius horizon," but surely confidence and motivation are tremendous.
  516. The first game title he faced Sonic in was, of course, "Sonic the Hedgehog".
  518. He attacked the South Island with his overwhelming scientific power, aiming for the Chaos Emeralds, and quickly conquered most of the island.
  520. It seems that Sonic and Eggman had squabbles before that, and knew each other well. We'd like to see more about their adventures in that area sometime.
  522. After being beaten to a pulp by Sonic, Eggman would appear again and again in Sonic's game titles as his arch-enemy.
  524. Eggman is a truly awful man, causing terrible incidents that put the world in danger, and turning animals and the world's inhabitants into robots, but for some reason he is not completely detestable.
  526. This may be due to his personality, which is strangely "human" despite his love for robots, such as his faithfulness to his desires and his occasional outbursts of childlike emotion.
  529. So, what does Sonic mean to Eggman?
  531. This question has been asked before in other cover story commentaries, but the relationship between Eggman and Sonic... is surprisingly difficult to explain properly.
  533. Of course, Eggman hates Sonic, who has crushed all of Eggman's ambitions. He despises the mere sight of him, and if there's anything for him to be happy about, it's when he can attack him unilaterally.
  535. One thing is for sure, though: Sonic, who has crushed Eggman's every plan, is no longer the only thing Eggman has in mind for his overthrow.
  537. If he wanted to conquer the world, he would have to defeat Sonic first.
  539. Of course, he doesn't want to go out of his way to find him and duel him, but that's why when Sonic shows up at a crucial moment in Eggman's plan, Eggman seems to be somewhat enjoying himself while toying with him.
  541. Sonic, who brings out Eggman's full power and crushes it, may be one of the few people who can make Eggman really enjoy himself.
  543. ——————
  545. On the other hand, from Sonic's point of view, Eggman is first and foremost a "handful."
  547. Every time he tries to take over the world, he causes a huge panic on this planet, and every time he gets his hands on something dangerous, he fails...
  549. Eggman can be considered an annoying and troublesome old man who inflicts terrible things on Sonic's animal friends and destroys beautiful cities and nature.
  551. On the other hand, Eggman is the kind of guy that Sonic is willing to go toe to toe with. This is true not only in battles, but also in verbal exchanges such as insults and witty quips.
  553. When Eggman calls Sonic a "filthy hedgehog," Sonic calls him a "shiny mustached egg"... The sarcastic banter between the two is always a highlight of every installment, isn't it?
  555. To Sonic, Eggman is "the one who brings adventure."
  557. Every time, he causes a major incident that the world has never seen or heard of before, catches everyone off-guard, and challenges them without hesitation to call himself a villain.
  559. He's a nuisance, and in fact Sonic won't admit it, but perhaps this is one aspect of Eggman that Sonic finds appealing.
  561. Also, if "adventure" can be replaced with "ambition", then Sonic is also something of the sort for Eggman...?
  563. Perhaps that's one of the aspects of the relationship between true sworn enemies.
  565. Somewhere in the world or in outer space, the two of them will continue to clash with each other in a full-force battle of ambition and adventure.
  567. Stay tuned for the next battle between Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman!
  569. The End
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