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  1. Q: If I wanted to buy land in the country and put a tiny house on it...could I?
  3. Craig Race (Toronto architect, sustainable housing activist and founder of Lanescape): Usually, if there are wheels supporting your living structure, it’s a no-go. It’s a no-brainer if you put it on concrete blocks or even temporary things like that — it satisfies the requirements of building codes and bylaws. As soon as it’s on wheels, there’s usually bylaws prohibiting that. So it’s a really fine line between what’s allowed and what’s not. The beauty of being somewhere like cottage country is that being off grid and using rudimentary service connections is very common. Most cottages are on septics, they use solar energy or they harvest their own rainwater. Things like that are actually already in place for cottages and can be applied to tiny homes very easily in those areas.
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