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  1. Windows Components/Delivery Optimizationhide
  2. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  3. Download Mode   Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  4. Download Mode:  LAN (1)
  5. Windows Components/Windows Updatehide
  6. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  7. Automatic Updates detection frequency   Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  8. Check for updates at the following
  9. interval (hours):   4
  10. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  11. Configure Automatic Updates Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  12. Configure automatic updating:   4 - Auto download and schedule the install
  13. The following settings are only required and applicable if 4 is selected.
  14. Install during automatic maintenance    Enabled
  15. Scheduled install day:  0 - Every day
  16. Scheduled install time: 14:00
  17. If you have selected “4 – Auto download and schedule the install” for your scheduled install day and specified a schedule, you also have the option to limit updating to a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly occurrence, using the options below:
  18. Every week  Enabled
  19. First week of the month Disabled
  20. Second week of the month    Disabled
  21. Third week of the month Disabled
  22. Fourth week of the month    Disabled
  23. Install updates for other Microsoft products    Enabled
  24. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  25. Configure auto-restart reminder notifications for updates   Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  26. Specify the period for auto-restart reminder notifications:
  27. Period (min):   60
  28. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  29. Configure auto-restart required notification for updates    Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  30. Specify the method by which the auto-restart required notification is dismissed:
  31. Method: 2 - User Action
  32. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  33. Display options for update notifications    Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  34. Specify the update notifications display options :  0 (default) – Default OS Windows Update notifications
  35. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  36. Enable client-side targeting    Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  37. Target group name for this computer Workstations
  38. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  39. No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations  Disabled    WSUS - Workstations
  40. Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations  Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  41. Wait the following period before
  42. prompting again with a scheduled
  43. restart (minutes):  30
  44. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  45. Specify deadline before auto-restart for update installation    Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  46. Specify the number of days before a pending restart will automatically be executed outside of active hours:
  47. Quality Updates (days): 7
  48. Feature Updates (days): 7
  49. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  50. Specify deadlines for automatic updates and restarts    Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  51. Specify the number of days (up to 30 days) that a user has before updates run automatically, regardless of active hours, with no ability to reschedule.
  52. Quality updates (days): 7
  53. Feature updates (days): 7
  54. Specify an auto-restart grace period (0 to 7 days), from the time a restart is required until the device automatically restarts. Devices will restart regardless of active hours, with no ability to reschedule.
  55. Grace period (days) 2
  56. Don't auto-restart until end of grace period    Disabled
  57. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  58. Specify intranet Microsoft update service location  Enabled WSUS - Location
  59. Set the intranet update service for detecting updates:  http://hbserver.stratis.local:8530
  60. Set the intranet statistics server: http://hbserver.stratis.local:8530
  61. Set the alternate download server:  http://hbserver.stratis.local:8530
  62. (example: http://IntranetUpd01)
  63. Download files with no Url in the metadata if alternate download server is set. Disabled
  64. Policy  Setting Winning GPO
  65. Turn off auto-restart for updates during active hours   Enabled WSUS - Workstations
  66. Active Hours
  67. Start:  9 AM
  68. End:    6 PM
  69. Preferenceshide
  70. Windows Settingshide
  71. Registryhide
  72. Registry item (Key path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings\RestartNotificationsAllowed, Value name: RestartNotificationsAllowed)hide
  73. The following settings have applied to this object. Within this category, settings nearest the top of the report are the prevailing settings when resolving conflicts.
  74. RestartNotificationsAllowedhide
  75. Winning GPO WSUS - Workstations
  76. Result: Success
  77. Generalhide
  78. Action  Update
  79. Properties
  81. Key path    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings\RestartNotificationsAllowed
  82. Value name  RestartNotificationsAllowed
  83. Value type  REG_DWORD
  84. Value data  0x1 (1)
  85. Registry item (Key path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings\RestartNotificationsAllowed2, Value name: RestartNotificationsAllowed2)hide
  86. The following settings have applied to this object. Within this category, settings nearest the top of the report are the prevailing settings when resolving conflicts.
  87. RestartNotificationsAllowed2hide
  88. Winning GPO WSUS - Workstations
  89. Result: Success
  90. Generalhide
  91. Action  Update
  92. Properties
  94. Key path    SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UX\Settings\RestartNotificationsAllowed2
  95. Value name  RestartNotificationsAllowed2
  96. Value type  REG_DWORD
  97. Value data  0x1 (1)
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