Manly Not-Knight x Angry Dragonhating Viking C

Mar 1st, 2013
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  1. [16:19:27] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> Pfft. Timid girls aside, Lord Maximus Hydromimus IV, noble heir to a noble house (and currently a runaway), is just hanging out outside his tent, whistling and sharpening his axe. His shirt is hanging over a washing line, along with his coat. His brigandine would be there, but that's not how you clean armor, which is more properly scoured by rolling it around in a barrel of sand, but that's boring so nobody cares. Checking the edge, he tests it with his thumb, frowns, and picks the grindstone back up, "Ah man, another nick? How many thick-skulled jerks are in the world, anyway? Can't enemies of justice just for once have nice, soft heads and save me all of this work?"
  2. [16:27:56] <Haldis> "It's not like a weapon as ill-refined as an axe becomes all that less effective when worn down." The voice preludes the presence of Haldis, your friendly neighborhood Sentinel, a totally average Nordic-type of woman, relatively tall and blond, hair bound tightly behind her head so as not to get in the way of her favored past-time of filling things with holes. "Now, if you used a more refined weapon..." She holds her lance upright proudly. "...maybe then you'd be permitted to complain."
  3. [16:44:07] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Ah, that's just not true, little girl. You need a good edge to chop down a tree, or a man." Maximus smiles, still looking down at the weapon, checking his reflection in its silver edge and adjusting the round, rimless spectacles on his nose. Even sitting, he's very tall, his hair a thick scarlet mane bound into a long braid, bound in a spiked, steel clip heavy enough to serve as the head of a morningstar, "I'm not afraid to do that up close, spears are for people who keep everyone at a distance. A blade or an axe, now, that's for an open-hearted man."
  4. [16:49:14] <Haldis> If the manly man were to be checking anything other than his own reflection, he'd notice a slight frown pass her lips. "Yes, I suppose the discipline inherent in the axe does leave it easy for a blade to open your heart."
  5. [16:51:52] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> It's a big enough axe to reflect two people, "An edge is not enough to kill a man, it needs an arm strong enough to do the deed. I've met all too few of such warriors." He grins an easy, carefree grin, "Maybe I'll meet a few more, soon."
  6. [16:52:45] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Besides." He shifts on the cot, to show off the scabbard at his hip, "I've got this."
  7. [16:53:14] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> (Basically "I kill swordsmen enemies with this axe all the time and don't give a fuck")
  8. [16:58:24] <Haldis> Another frown, though this time for having clearly misjudged him. "I suppose if you're still alive now, that should be testament that your methods, no matter how uncouth, certainly do that light, you may view the notches of your weapon as victories." She gives a curt bow and turns to leave.
  9. [17:02:09] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Besides...a heavy axe like that can cut through a spear. Hey, hold on a second! What's your name, again?" He doesn't keep good track, at all. Not in any of the time he's been in this army. People have acquired nicknames based on hair colors and personality traits, by this point.
  10. [17:04:55] <Haldis> "Haldis." Seriously, what kind of idiot doesn't memorize the names of his comrades?
  11. [17:07:56] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Hal-dis. Hal-dis. Haldis." He rolls it around his mouth, "Ah, it sounds like some sort of tasty roast with parsley and garlic. I might be able to remember it, or I might just need to go hunting later."
  12. [17:09:47] <Haldis> "...I...have to go now." She resumes her departure, not entirely certain what to make of being likened to food, tasty or not.
  13. [17:10:23] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Ah, why? What's so important?"
  14. [17:12:02] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> He hunts with a throwing axe, actually. Everyone has probably seen it at least once by this point. Everyone's moving along, someone spots a majestic buck or a family of quail, and then THWONK. He gets plenty of food, though.
  15. [17:12:39] <Haldis> "Um...I have to..." Rather than fumble around for an excuse she just leaves anyways. It's not considered being cold when you're from the north, right? Right. ...right?
  16. [17:14:18] <Maximus_Waltrude_Hydromimus_IV> "Huh, they're weirder than I thought up north." He shrugs, squints at his axe, and resumes sharpening out the nicks.
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