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  1. He poured his glass half-full with soda. How long had he been here? A few hours? I didn't matter, he still had to wait for the cloning machine to finish printing the dna-encoding from the subject. Then it had to form the materials into the finished product. It's a long tedious process as the technology just arrived. He took a sip from the class, the soda was colder than he thought. It was nice to have something bringing his thoughts away from the job and laboratory. The same old laboratory with all white floors, white walls, white ceiling and off-white lamps. The same tables, glass-containers, tools. Day in and day out. The only thing making this day different was the fact that they had gotten one step further.
  3. He stood up from his chair, raised his arms and stretched his back. He looked down on the dashboard. The same green light was blinking. Just as it had done the last few hours. The machine was just the same, a few lights blinking with the same constant rhythm. He did the usual round of checking up on the equipments they had. The only unusual thing that was added this day was an alarm button and a gun. The button placed on the desk and the gun in the drawer. He couldn't figure out why, and what made this day so special, that it required those two items, but the light still kept blinking it's rhythm.
  5. A few more hours had passed and he was nearly dousing off, but a thump woke up him. It was coming from the machine. Yet another thump. Again. Yet again, but this time more of bang. With yet another, more loud than the previous, bang the door flung open and a hideous humanoid creature slowly walked out. The cloning had obviously failed.
  7. It hadn't noticed him yet, so he rushed to get the gun out of the drawers, but when he looked up and raised the gun, the creature was already walking over. He cocked the gun and fired a shot. It hit the left shoulder. The creature staggered backwards a few steps, but quickly regained balanced. He shot a few more shots, this time aiming for the chest, still only a few staggering steps. Then he remembered the button and quickly pressed it. But it was too late, the creature had already reached him. It raised its arm and he covered his body the best he could while closing his eyes.
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