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  1.  - Takes surprisingly long to start up (5secs between clicking the .exe and the window opening)
  2.  - Apparently I can not override the game's calculation for visual settings
  3.  - I can not drag any edges of any screen to resize anything when prompted to do so
  4.  - In the visual options menu, changing the resolution is not possible. The values reset to 800 and 600 respectively
  5.  - Alternate keys should be clearable to avoid overlapping and not having to choose useless keys instead
  6.  - Leaving the options menu has now cause the window to resize in height. I have now realised how to change resolution. This way can not be intended and should be fixed. Enter one number, press enter, leave options menu to apply change, go back and do the same for second part of resolution
  7.  - "-" leads to Steam page. Wouldn't mind an indicator of that; this way just makes me think you are an asshole
  8.  - Class selection could use the same type of selector as skills do
  9.  - Locked skills should display a lock like they do in the selector when selected
  10.  - Music has stopped playing a long time ago
  11.  - Instead of just a UI tutorial, you really need a gameplay tutorial
  12.  - Apparently I look at items on E and have to press E to interact with something, but releasing E works just as well
  13.  - Needs more colours to compare weapons
  14.  - The fact that I can inspect by using the inspect key as well as the two "use item" keys is very confusingds
  15.  - I picked up pants and a shirt, but it seems they aren't good enough for my inventory
  16.  - When inspecting stuff, the windows with the item discription obscure the items available for inspection in the radial menu. This is confusing
  17.  - Music keeps the same tune no matter the circumstances. Alarms make no sound. Stuff like this makes fighting guards seem like an unintended situation
  18.  - Trying to click stuff in the GUI around the main window leads to ammo waste. It would be helpful if one didn't shoot when the mouse is not inside the main window
  20. Overall it's not an experience I expected it to be. The feedback the game provides is sometimes inconclusive, picking up loot is more a task than getting a reward.
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